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Jennifer Spencer

Jennifer Spencer

Social media & community mgr for @perkstreet, food obsessed, all-around delightful young woman. These tweets, and my current love of pickling, are my own.
RT @JustinNXT: Resetting all my passwords, then resetting them again, after forgetting what I reset them to. Again. #resetitandforgetit
! "@WNCN: FBI rescues Wake Forest man from kidnappers in Atlanta #WakeForest #ncnews"
Awesome. cc @NCSFA "@susantran: Why you should not park in front of a hydrant. #EastBoston #7News"
Awesome. cc @NCSFA "@susantran: Why you should not park in front of a hydrant. #EastBoston #7News"
RT @apinther: Spring cleaning closets? Donate and save via @JrLeagueRaleigh Drop & Shop this weekend @CameronVillage.
Thinking lots of thinks about stuff like work vs. jobs, parenting, food, farms, wealth, exercise and hardwood floors. #allthethinks
RT @RaleighDLA: Are you registered to vote in the May 6 primary election? Voter Registration Deadline is this Friday.
So many friends at Fenway right now... #jealous @jeffisbell @MaryMallard @derjue @CarissaO @davidgallant
This is fantastic and true. RT @gintautasd: Jon Lovett on the "culture of shut up"
No, but seriously, these pretzels are making me thirsty.
"Go into the woods and forage for nuts and berries. Do not go back to college." Losing it over here.
So good, right? "@pricharm: One-pot pasta experimentation. #dinner"
Feeling out of sorts today. I hate that feeling. Hoping yoga and sunshine can fix it. And maybe some froyo. #cranky
Dear Raleigh parallel parkers: PULL UP. Leave room for others. Geez.
I can't stop. RT @JennyMack: Our suite has discovered Patatap. Farewell, Friday productivity.
Wait, on 3 or after 3? #playball #pitchperfect
STOP. I can't even right now. WHAT.
So much Boston happening on my computer right now, my "Enter" key is now "Entah, kid!"
We're going to see @senatorjohn run onto the field, too, right?
Crying at my desk. No big. #RedSox
Morning meeting, left early but still got priority projects done before deadline. Damn it feels good to be a gangster.
*waves hi* RT @1918: Killing a couple hours before our presentation at #ncmainst2014 in New Bern.
Blink. Blink blink.
Just passed @SolaCoffee and my toddler said, "We're going to get donuts!" Sorry, little guy.
RT @RDUbaton: One of my favorite aspects of this area is the diversity of food options... I LOVE to eat. Today @jennalyns and ...
This is a no brainer, right? Businesses and community should have a say in signage changes: #raleighsigns
My bday! RT @gadaboutfood: Make reservations today! @The_Umstead is hosting a @FoggyRidgeCider dinner on April 17th!
Trader Joe's for dinner. We may have gone a touch overboard.
.@TheBloggess "Mama let's read it together!"
My grandmother and husband loved Nebraska so much I'm showing them Sideways tonight. This is so fun.
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