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RT @strataconf: New Scalable Solutions for #DataAnalysis with R: Address in-memory limitations & scalability with @Teradata Aster R
Photo: Neat Michael Hayden light sculpture in O’Hare airport
It's been great week at #oscon and #pyohio -- now I'm heading back to @OReillyMedia's headquarters in Sebastopol.
RT @MemphisPython: Guess whose got #pyohio swag to give away at the MEMpy meetup.
RT @caycicayci: I so enjoy the small, homegrown conferences. Thank you @pyohio, and also @pytennessee. You've made a Pythonista out of me. :)
Random number generator for the #pyohio raffle
RT @pyohio: Lightning talks are kicking off with TDD testing wisdom. PyOhio need organizers. Join the DO-ocracy! PyTennessee needs volunteers, Feb 15th.
RT @skimbrel: slides from my #pyohio talk on Flask-RESTful are up at and video will be posted shortly!
Anyone at #pyohio need an O'Reilly beer pitcher?
RT @davidblewett: My #pyohio #zmq slides: (self-signed cert).
RT @poweredbyaltnet: Here is the shortened link to the notebook for my NLTK talk at #pyohio. Thanks again to everyone who was there!
RT @linuxpoetry: @pyohio The ws server framework from my lightning talk in case anyone wants to contribute. readthedocs page otw:
Don't forget #pyohio attendees--there's a free ebook certificate in your bag. Let me know if you have questions.
RT @mw44118: If a speaker rocks your world or even just shows some tiny useful trick, walk up and thank them! You will make their day. #pyohio
RT @fheisler: code from my @pyohio data analysis presentation is now available here!
RT @bkmontgomery: My #pyohio slides: Warming up to Graphs
RT @Skillcrush: How To Make Your Weekends Insanely Productive | Skillcrush
RT @andrewtorkbaker: Thanks to all who attended my @docker tutorial! I had a great time!! Slides and tutorial:,
RT @bshaurette: Yesterday's Young Coders class went so well - when kids are that excited/engaged they're a joy to teach. Thanks for the opportunity @pyohio!
RT @drocco007: Hey #pyohio! Here's code from my talk for push notifications from Postgres to the browser using a WebSocket relay
.@andrewtorkbaker's Docker talk is standing room only at #pyohio
RT @wam: fyi, there is a #pyohio IRC channel over on for chatting and such
Ordering a Fire Phone? Get the hands-on guide to its new features for just $.99 #FirePhone: Out of the Box
RT @jasonamyers: Thank you so much to everyone who endured my #pyohio talk. Slides are at
In the land of #wafflehouse once again--Columbus, OH
RT @scitesy: The Pandas talk is packed. People are standing and sitting in the isles. #pyohio #python
RT @sarawinge: Design for how the world should work: Much food for thought from @globalmoxie & @timoreilly in this @radar podcast.
RT @YouTooCanBeGuru: I love the power tips. RT @Carol_Stephen: LinkedIn: Top Ten Tasks (and Power Tips)
RT @skimbrel: Minneapolis #pyladies group is working on a project to scrape Meetup for stats on women participants in tech groups. Neat! #pyohio
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