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RT @jeremyhfisher: Send your sexts to my friend @jennydeluxe
BOOKMARK'D RT @phoebedoris: Sunday night Twitter: please invest.
the moon looks so swole
just remembering the glory of yesterday, when i recreated a moment in rihanna's ''we found love' video
RT @Jezebel: Women's group teams up with Twitter to create harassment reporting tool
New life goal for 2015: To be a 'clearly' girl, as defined by @virgilabloh >>>
FKA Twigs = my favorite Sim character
the anthem for today
RT @rembert: the internet needs a quarter quell
my aura, for those curious
i've worked "i got my aura read recently, and" into so many conversations this week
Feat a cameo by yours truly RT @collier Crucial omission from the Catcalling video? BROWN SKIN LADIES Y'ALL:
RT @KaraRBrown: .@collier's response to that Hollaback video includes women of color and is excellent
super proud of the Times for this hella nonchalant reference to Kel + Good Burger
RT @zara915: yo everyone is freakin out about #BeySway but I know she is thinking of the next Get Me Bodied in her head so ima let Bey do Bey.
Beyoncè r u ok girl
Right. Today the day Twitter discovered 'fleek'
I always forgot how amazing the grandmother in Eve's Bayou is #youainttoobigtobeat
"No one can find Banksy because they are looking for, or rather assuming, a man is Banksy."
"I don’t mind when a man says hello. I detest “You should smile more,” but I’m not mad at “Hey beautiful.”
YES RT @fromedome Most surprising about iPhone 6 is how normal it feels. Picked up iPhone 4, feels like a Matchbox.
i would watch a reality show about TSA workers
RT @nytimes: Beyoncé wants to introduce you to some new things and upgrade you to a new "Beyoncé" album
"A beautiful thing about babies is that they're just babies." Would read @laura_june on Zelda + motherhood forevs
Readers Debate Online Piracy and the Future of Digital Entertainment -
RT @Joan_Rivers: I love World Cup soccer! They play the game the same way Rihanna is working her way through show business: kicking balls!
RT @jbouie: Twitter doesn’t seem to understand why people like Twitter.
RT @womeninclothes: Nice photo of yours truly (this is the book talking) grammed by @jennydeluxe
Twitter is a very strange place right now
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