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Elliot Webb
Yesterday I earned $160!!, which to some is not that big, but to me its huge!;), it just goes to show that if you keep trying, keep learning, then it can happen just like it did for me!, so a big huge thanks to all at 30DC!!.
brilliant work Elliot! - Allison
Thanks, all that hard work and getting up at 5am is starting to pay off;)) - Elliot Webb
Awesome Elliot!!! - Peter Gibson
Wow. Excellent! Congrats. - Buff Toast
Way to go Elliot. Celebrate the singles! More to come.... - Gregg
Well done. Thanks for sharing. - Rosie Peters
Proud of you bud! No one can say you haven't worked hard for it! I am glad you are being rewarded! - Michael Roberts
Though I didn't have a day like yours...I am proud to say, one of my sites made $16 in one day! Thank you Dan, Ed and Frank Kurn! - Michael Roberts
Congratulations Elliot and Michael! :) - Art Y.
wow that is huge great work! - Mitja MG
wooohoooo - that IS a lot of money to me to. Congratulations - Elizabeth
To me that's huge too!! Many congrats Elliot! - Isha (Marysia)
And congrats to you too Michael Roberts! - Isha (Marysia)
Great stuff Elliot! It's so exciting when you see the fruits of your labour!! - Helen Palmer
congratulations, Elliot! - Amy Boyack
congratulations Elliott! - Wayne Brewin
Awesome job Elliot, this is positively brilliant! - Jenny
Good job Elliot - it would be huge for me too. And its a good start. - Janelle Cranston
Thanks for all your support you are all great!!:)), yep it was a great day, and one step closer to that apple imac;) - Elliot Webb
That is great!! Means your buying lunch, right? ;) - Sheryl Loch
Lunch!, forget lunch!, lets go right for the drinks;)) - Elliot Webb
Way to go Elliot - JuneM
I am guessing you have put in a lot of effort to get that far.... I would imagine hundreds of posts, and tens of pages, and articles. Not easy, but very worth it! Well done - Tim Brennan
Nice work Elliot! Make sure you frame that first $100 note and put it up in your "office". Will inspire you all the way to your first million :-) - Ritesh Lal
Awesome job, I'm on Day 30 and (sadly) sitting at a big zero. But, I'm not deterred, only more motivated to try harder! =) - David Rogers
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