Salus Shop Small Business Saturday -
Salus Shop Small Business Saturday
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya - Dropkick Murphys -
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya - Dropkick Murphys
Where is the Original Birth Certificate? | Obama official reelection announcement coming as soon as Monday
Ron Paul's raises more than any other GOP ~ $3M pot of gold - Andy Barr -
Who does the Fed Benefit? | Foreign Banks Tapped Fed’s Secret Lifeline Most at Crisis Peak - Bloomberg #EndTheFed
GOP says 5,000 non-citizens voting in Colorado a 'wake-up call' for states - #Colorado #RedCO #CoGOP #DNC
Ground operation in Libya could start in April - Russian intelligence #WAR #Libya #USA
My Condolences | Geraldine Ferraro Dead at 75 | NBC New York } She led the way for many women into politics
For all my Lucy (aka Republican) voting friends ...its the same old, same old, song and dance!
For all my Lucy (aka Republican) voting friends ...its the same old, same old, song and dance!
EPA fines small business $30,702 for failing to hand out lead-paint brochure to potential customers #SmallBusiness
RT @tjholthaus: Planned Parenthood showdown could reveal true nature of tea party -
RT @Reenit: #HonorVets @jerell (USMC) @jerryhaines (Navy) @jerry3741 (Army•Nat'l•Grd) @Jesse0352 (USMC) Thank You For Your Service! & God Bless You.
Economic Terrorists: That’s You #GlennBeck (Judas Goat Glenn Beck doesnt get it) #Economy #tcot
Obama: No U.S. Forces on the Ground in Libya . . . Except for Those Guys. - By Jim Geraghty - National Review Online
Pay to Poo | Seattle unrolls toilet paper tax - #tax #tax #tax #tax #tax #tax #tax #tax
Armed Beauty Queen Fatally Shoots Intruder in Florida Home Invasion - #FireArms #Guns #Protection
Cops: 92-Year-Old Shot At Man Who Wouldn't Kiss Her - News Story - WFTV Orlando via @AddThis
Portugal braces for govt collapse over debt vote - Yahoo! Finance
Mouse-pig and super-fish seek approval for human consumption | Canada | News | Toronto Sun via @AddThis
Kucinich: Obama could be impeached for attacking Libya | #ImpeachObama #NoWar #tcot
Statism is Statism | N.J. town proposes limiting mating of roosters 10 days a year | #Chicken
Smith Optics customer service ROCKS! Im impressed with their warranty and customer service. Im a customer for life now! #Smith @SmithOptics
Wars Should Be Debated and Declared by Congress, Not Merely Launched by Presidents | The Nation #War #Obama #DNC #GOP
Smart | Why i am never going to own a home again: Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance
RT @ManitouBnB: Cabins and Cottages near Colo Springs at Pikes Peak - Manito... via #constantcontact reserve now!
Supreme Court Lets Fed Bailout Records Release Stand - CNBC- #EndTheFed #r3VOLution
Bankrupt USA Spends More Money it doesnt have | BBC World Service to sign funding deal with US state department #Fail
Thanks Jerell - we need to stop the free fall. - Terri McCormick
Today another President started a war, without a constitutional war declaration from Congress. #ImpeachObama Our Constitution is dead
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