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How to root and flash custom ROMs on Galaxy S2 without incrementing flash counter -
Rooting and flashing without incrementing flash counter - Jeremy Franklin
Jesse Stay
@jeremyfranklin "A happy, healthy worker is a good worker. Good for competition too" - that's a bit bigoted against diabled don't you think?
Way to take the quote out of context. Full quote "Very simple. Invest in people. A happy, healthy worker is a good worker. Good for competition too." - Jeremy Franklin
That's an even more bigoted response Jeremy. If you're hiring only those that don't have pre-existing conditions you're excluding a very valid workforce. It's not simple. - Jesse Stay
Did I ever say hire? Read closer. - Jeremy Franklin
Jeremy I don't know what you're saying - Jesse Stay
I never said only hire certain people. You are assuming I did. - Jeremy Franklin
So you're saying you won't discriminate against workers during hiring, but once you have hired them, if they aren't healthy, they aren't good? Makes a whole lot of sense. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I am saying invest in your workers. Look at the original quote above. - Jeremy Franklin
What if happy, healthy workers are good workers... as are happy, cared for workers? I also don't see healthy as excluding all disabilities. I think you can be healthy, happy, disabled, and a good worker. - Heather
I still don't understand what Jeremy is saying, and how is this a solution to people with pre-existing conditions starting their own businesses? - Jesse Stay
I'm not sure where the "solution to people with pre-existing conditions starting their own businesses" comes in, but Jeremy's full quote sounds valid to me. If your company invests in it's workers, both in furthering their career skills, training, and also offering benefits such as a good health-care plan and medical leave programs then you're going to end up with happy workers who are... more... - Lindsay
I was typing something but Lindsay said it way better. - Heather
I thought Jeremy's quote was in response to my Tweet about people with pre-existing conditions starting their own businesses. I don't know what this conversation is about any more. - Jesse Stay
I still don't get what this has to do with that. - Jesse Stay
So how is that good for entrepreneurs? - Jesse Stay
How? - Jesse Stay
Ken, is it really? That seems to be the suggested frame of thought, but that is questionable, without seeing it in action. There simply isn't any empirical data to support that sentiment. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Sick people don't work as well as cared for people? I really don't see how it wouldn't be good to care for people's health. - Heather
Heather, define "sick" - my father-in-law doesn't have joints in his knees. Does that make him sick? My mother-in-law has Diabetes - does that make her sick? The new healthcare reform makes starting a business more expensive for them, not less. - Jesse Stay
I still have no clue what this conversation is about though - Jesse Stay
My dad has had knee surgery (both his knees) and spinal surgery. He would be a lot less capable if we didn't have insurance to help pay for those things. My mom takes high blood pressure medication and she would be less healthy without it. I have chronic heartburn, asthma and allergies. I would be much more sick without medication. Health care is how we are more capable, happier, and healthier to be more productive people. - Heather
Heather ask him if he could ever afford to start his own business under this new bill though. If he thought it was expensive to run his own business before this bill, just wait until after it passes. - Jesse Stay
Moot point, he was self employed and never interested in making it a bigger business. Also, how do you know what will happen? There's 4 years from now until anything goes into effect and republicans love to yell about small businesses. I doubt small business owners will be completely ignored. As my situation is, I couldn't afford to work for a small business that doesn't provide... more... - Heather
Heather, never play the "how do you know if" game - once a bill has been passed it's even harder to get it unpassed. Obama sure is hinging his next election on this, though, as are many of the Democrats voting for it. I think it's political suicide, personally. - Jesse Stay
All I'm saying is that it's difficult if not impossible to know how the bill will function if it passes in it's current state or if any legislation will go through after to modify it's effects on small businesses. And all that is based on the assumption you know the details of the bill. I don't and I think few people do. - Heather
Jesse, due respect, the bill does absolutely nothing that would impede someone from starting a business. The employer-related provisions (that they have to offer employees coverage or pay a fee of $2000 for each employee who relies on gov't sponsored coverage) don't apply to businesses with fewer than 50 employees. So, unless you know people who start a business with 50 employees on day 1, that's just a red herring. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Kevin, do you have a link to where it says that? If that's the case, you're probably right. I haven't had anyone able to show me where the benefits to small business are, though. - Jesse Stay
Don't swaet the details kids - this bill will never be repeales but like Social Security and Medicare and hundreds of ungoing federal programs it will be amended changed revised endlessly at least annually - WarLord Paragraph 2 of the "Nearly $1 Trillion Cost" section explains the effect on businesses and explicitly states the part about not requiring business under 50 people to insure their employees. - Chieze Okoye
Pretty much every story that covers the provisions mentions the under 50 employee exemption. As someone who has worked for and helped manage small businesses for the past 23 years, I can tell you how it helps small business. In my current company (~25 people) our 2nd largest cost, behind salaries, is health insurance. We've had years where our rates have gone up 20-30 percent because 1... more... - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
One final comment, Jesse. I think it's interesting that you were OK suggesting the bill was bad for small business without even understanding one of its most basic provisions. That's kind of emblematic of the entire discussion around health care reform. Opponents have repeated the made-up criticisms that it's "bad for business" or "socialism" or "takes away choice" so often that even smart people like you buy them, when the evidence to the contrary is right there in black and white. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Might want to read this story, too: - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Kevin, thanks for that - it's the most thorough article I've seen thus far - Jesse Stay
+1 Kevin. - Michael R. Bernstein
Sam, I think you're letting a semantic distinction distract you from the larger issue. Insurance companies use the "preexisting condition" excuse to deny coverage to *healthy* people and not pay claims for things that should legitimately be covered. For example, people have had claims denied for major illnesses because they "failed" to disclose preexisting conditions like acne. I am not making this up. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
There's a percentage tacked onto that, so it's $750 or x%, whichever is greater. It's not that easy. - Jesse Stay
Otto, the reform goes further than just outlawing the abuse because in a system like that, policing for the abuse then becomes costly, there are always edge cases, and a *lot* of lobbying effort would be expended on shifting the boundary in favor of the insurance companies (which, in effect, is how we got the current situation). Simpler, and cheaper, to just do away with the issue entirely. - Michael R. Bernstein
You actually read the bill, Samuel?? *wow* - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Sam, that's not how insurance works *in a for-profit insurance model.* The key issue here is that the profit motive has always come before the imperative to ensure that people have the chance to be healthy. And that's why our system doesn't work for so many people. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Robert Scoble
I am sitting with CEO of Sonos and he is debating me about which mobile platform they should support next. What do you think? (After iPhone)
Android all the way - Robert Burgin
I say Android too. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Great minds think alike lol - Robert Burgin
Zune. - Andru Edwards
WebOS and the Palm Pre. - Jonathan Ezor
What Android phone? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
HTC Hero - Robert Burgin
Palm Pre, then port it to the rest via phone gap. - Luke Kilpatrick
WebOS - Rodfather
As a Sonos user, I can assure him that Blackberry comes after iPhone. What other choice is there? - Michael Krigsman
They should hit Windows Mobile, in all honesty. Just from a penetration standpoint. Of course, I have no idea how feasible that is. But they should definitely go with Android over WebOS so they don't tie themselves to ONE device on the market. - Andru Edwards
Android. - Jeff
Michael: blackberry users don't do much other than email. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Andru: Palm will have more devices out with webOS by the end of the year, I predict by the middle of 2010 every carrier will have webOS devices. - Luke Kilpatrick
Symbian Please! - Peter Kelley
No other platform offers the freedom that android does IMHO - Robert Burgin
However, more important than platform, they should allow the desktop application to play synched music with the Sonos system. Sure, there are technical reasons militating against this, but they should figure it out. - Michael Krigsman
Or Java - Peter Kelley
Yes, Robert. An application written for the HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1 should work on the HTC Magic/T-Mobile myTouch 3G. As for the HTC Hero and other non-Google Android forks, applications *should* be able to work, I think. Not completely sure, though; so correct me if I'm wrong. - James Rishabh Mishra
That is not true at all, Robert. I know many, many people who buy BlackBerry as a consumer device nowadays. The iPhone has changed that perception of smartphones. - Andru Edwards
Robert: hmmm....and Blackberry users do not use Sonos systems? - Michael Krigsman
And in case I didn't make it clear enough, I totally want Android support. - James Rishabh Mishra
Anyway, glad we are having the same debate they are having internally. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Luke, I know. But right now, there is just one device, with nothing else announced. It makes more sense to go where the users are. - Andru Edwards
Sonos has a cool controller coming out tonight, by the way. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I had the Curve and my G1 blows it away just my experience though - Robert Burgin
Android. Given enough time, I think the number of andoid handsets is going to radically outnumber all the others. Jus a hunch. - mikepk from iPhone
We Sonos users do not need whiz bang coolness -- we need solid functionality that works. - Michael Krigsman
How about their own? I'd really like smaller, less expensive remote. Also, *any* level of control with a Logitech Harmony remote would be fantastic. - Kevin Fox
I am putting together all of our assets on the new controller right now. Check out Gear Live in 90 minutes for all the news ;) - Andru Edwards
The iPhone controller is excellent: well-designed and makes use of existing hardware so no additional cost. That's superb. - Michael Krigsman
Palm Pre. New apps are hugely popular now. - Jon Winters
Android...duh - Jeremy Franklin
By the way, the Sonos PR mgr. sent me a Sonos t-shirt after I twitter positively about the product. I liked that a lot. - Michael Krigsman
Public API. Let a thousand apps bloom. - Kevin Fox
Palm Pre. - David Chartier
I think it's great that they went after the iPhone first. No flies on these guys. - RobinDotNet
Holden: That's my point. But just because it makes the most sense, doesn't mean everyone recognizes that! They do. Smart guys. :-) - RobinDotNet
None. Ok, maybe Google Android. - Jose Alvear
I took the plunge and finally joined FF just to tell you to support Android. You know in your heart its the least evil of the platforms. - Neeraj Kumar Agrawal
Get him to cut his hardware costs in half so that his stuff is affordable... - Buzz Bruggeman
I second the Public API. It not only would benefit all the phone platforms, but soooo much more. - Ward Mundy
Robert: If you are still with the Sonos team - Please ask when the new controller will be available in other Markets? Australia? Thanks. - Clifford Kennedy
I third the vote for an API. There are some hacky UPNP Apis but a formal API would open up many new apps- - Tom Wentworth from iPhone
Why only one more platform? Seriously, they should do a few. Android and WebOS to start with. - Cyrus Lendvay
I love my Sonos, but can you please ask him why I should get a new smaller controller for $350 when I could get an iPod Touch that does the same thing and more for less money? - Kevin Fox
Kevin - the new controller is something you can leave in a common, shared area, has much better screen resolution, replaceable battery, etc. - Andru Edwards
Andru: Do I need a resolution better than the iPod Touch in order to control a Sonos? If my iPod Touch only has the Sonos app on it, what's the concern of leaving it in a common area? It's a home, not a dorm after all. Lastly, when would it possibly be better for me to replace a battery than to put the controller back in a charging cradle? - Kevin Fox
Blackberry would reach more users. Android 3rd - LANjackal
Kevin, it's not for eveyone, but it gives you the option. I have an iPod touch, and an iPhone, both with the Sonos controller on them. But what if I don't want you, or any other guest, using my iPhone and possibly seeing my text messages or other alerts that come through on those devices? Obviously, those devices can be rich with personal info, that I don't want shared. If I hand you my... more... - Andru Edwards
I concede some of your points. It's also nice to have an integrated bundle with a single-purpose remote. For my own needs (and I may not be the target demographic) I already have a Sonos system and am considering an additional remote. My point is that buying an iPod Touch to be used exclusively for controlling the Sonos makes more sense for me. It's highly responsive, can easily sit in... more... - Kevin Fox
Yeah, I don't know WHY they price is that high - but it is cheaper than the older one, with more features. Also, the older one is going to be very heavily discounted until it sells out, so there's that. One other benefit, which may or may not be attractive to some, is you pick up the controller, and it is ready immediately. No pressing of the home button, sliding the screen, finding the app, waiting for it to connect to network. - Andru Edwards
WebOS: any professional Web developer working today can start developing for it right now, without learning anything they don't already know: HTML, CSS, Javascript. - .LAG liked that
Here are some images of the new Sonos Controller 200: - Andru Edwards
Zune HD? Xbox 360? - Mike Nayyar
I've had 5 Sonos units for the last 5 years, very very was actually the "THING" that made my change jump from a HTC Windows Phone to an iphone, it was the deciding factor. They were nice enough to offer to replace the controller after my pup got a hold of it: - Jacob Shea
CrackBerry obviously - Daniel W. Crompton
Android - Leonardo Saraceni from twhirl
I say the Xperian T3 phone is the next big Android release. - Amani
Android. - mjc
Android - prasanna gautam
So what was the verdict? How's that webOS app coming along? :-) - Steve Lemke
Android! (w/ HTC sense) - Clemens Orthacker
Android! - Jeff Watson
I would suggest Android, however choose which mobile OS has the largest market share. - Wayne M
Android. One good open source project deserves another! Since this post originated, a pretty good, independent Android app for Sonos has appeared in the Android Market: Andronos. - Ward Mundy
Android Please! - Jeremy Cave
Phones with an Android operating system outsold iPhones in the first half of the year. There is other software that can take care of the different phone specifications. Andronos is quite good though. - Jeremy Cave
Robert Scoble
I wonder if Mike Arrington will need to make changes to CrunchPad because of Google's new OS?
CrunchPad looks pretty similar to Google's OS, very simple, very web centric. I wonder how Google shipping netbook OS will affect Arrington's plans? - Robert Scoble
Are there pics of the Google OS? - Jeremy Franklin
Mike is gonna bring out the first Google OS powered hardware ? - Swaroop
Geoff: yes, but maybe CrunchPad 2.0 would shift because of it? - Robert Scoble
I don't think the compelling feature of CrunchPad is its OS - it's the form factor. He won't lose anything by putting it on the CrunchPad as soon as it's released. - Matt M (inactive)
hmm, thought that u have 2 plug into the USB and doesn't have much memory on its own? I may be wrong cuz I didn't get much info. - polou/indigo_bow
I am looking forward to both launching. CrunchPad has a great form factor as well. We haven't seen anything from Google OS yet. - Louis Gray
Swaroop: I doubt it, because CrunchPad needs touch features. - Robert Scoble
well it will be open source, so I wouldn't be surprised if the innovations flow both ways - my understanding of the crunchpad is it is also based on Linux - so you might see features merge between both platforms... - Shannon Clark
Shannon: yeah, I wonder if the CrunchPad OS could be ported to the Google OS? If so, that could be a big win for Mike. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Browser == Java script == Capture Mouse movements == Integrate with Crunchpad hardware ? - Swaroop
I bet it could, because CrunchPad OS is built on Linux and I bet it won't take much porting work to move it to Google OS. - Robert Scoble
@All - May be Crunchpad emulator on Google OS :) - Swaroop
crunchpad is silly and only gets press because its Mike Arrington's baby. - Zac Bowling
Robert - my point is that potentially as well Google may be porting features from the Crunchpad - the beauty of OS platforms... - Shannon Clark
Ah, I do like crunchpad much better perfect 4 my Canadian-ness eyes. - polou/indigo_bow
Zac: I disagree. I want a CrunchPad. It looks interesting to me as a coffee table computer. A poor man's Microsoft Surface. - Robert Scoble
In any case, I bet Michael's time spent on Crunchpad just went from 75% to 100%. Or at least it should. Getting caught slacking while an opportunity awaits is no good. - Sam Dodge
Zak from the photos & features descriptions, I'm pretty darn interested in buying a Crunchpad - seems like a very useful formfactor and device - Shannon Clark
my initial reaction is: "do we need another OS?" even more to the point, Chrome browser is still quite a ways from done (mostly plugin problems) and i've not seen a lot of progress in this area. my suspicion is that the OS will go the same route. big splash on the easy 80%, but slow going on the remainin (difficult) 20% i remain optimistically skeptical. - MikeAmundsen
I'm pretty sure I'm going to pick up a freelance gig just to purchase a Crunchpad. If only to support Mike and his team as they take a huge leap from reporting on tech to making tech. - Sam Dodge
Robert: Curious to what's on the coming monday. - Swaroop
Swaroop: I can't tell you until Monday. - Robert Scoble
Robert: *Waiting...* - Swaroop
OS define by Google isn't really an OS at all its like going 2 7-11. Anybody agree or disagree? - polou/indigo_bow
Oh, you are a tease Robert! Do tell, we won't pass it on, promise! ;) - Technogran
I think that Google Chrome OS lowers the barrier so that a lot of other companies can deliver their own pads. As such it is not a great news for Mike but it also validates the vision so may be a competitor might be interested in acquiring CrunchPad - Edwin Khodabakchian
Robert: We won't let Google index what you say. nofollow - Swaroop
Edwin: will CrunchPad ship with a "Google inside" sticker on it? :-) - Robert Scoble
Time to market is everything.... - Chris Reichow
Robert would they need a chip maker lol - polou/indigo_bow
Robert: we had something like CrunchPad inside TI when I worked there a few years ago. not a resistive touchscreen but it was pretty cool. concept device to pitch the OMAP processors to the hardware vendors we designed in house. Nokia bought into it and created the 770, N800, and N810 devices from that tech. - Zac Bowling
man i hope he uses it on the crunchpad instead! - sean percival
With that form factor, it needs a wacom tablet and windows 7. - Rodfather
I think that the bigger opportunity for the crunchpad is to enable other media companies (not Techcrunch) to buy the technology and create their own pads (everyone wants to replicate the Kindle model for their own content). The problem of Google OS is that it slice the Crunchpad in the middle. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Mashable have an article on: will Google kill Windows?, seriously, we need more competition not killing them off!!! - polou/indigo_bow
Rodfather: I disagree. There's a new opportunity to get rid of installable software and go completely with Internet platforms. That's why CrunchPad, Jolicloud, and Google's OS are so interesting. - Robert Scoble
Google won't kill Microsoft. They don't need to. They need to open up new opportunities. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I am still scared to put personal data out on the cloud. Is it time already ? - Swaroop
Robert they need to use cloud, therefore still would not solve the problem of storage. - polou/indigo_bow
I still want the option :) GoogleOS will run on anything. So it'll naturally make it there. - Rodfather
They do not need to kill Microsoft but they need to change the terrain of the fight from search to productivity apps and OS and they are doing a good job at it. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin, I disagree, what is interesting about the Crunchpad is delivering a form factor that is better for many people than the Kindle (or at least a much better price point) I'm going to get one to use for lots of digital reading. Swaroop - pretty much all of my personal data is already in the cloud - and more secure there than on my computers in an earthquake zone - Shannon Clark
is there the reason why there r SSL ways 2 purchase or other ways to keep data safe @Swaroop - polou/indigo_bow
@Shannon. Form factor is cool but that is a pure hardware business, mostly outsourced to asian manufacturers and very thin margin. The software is where the barrier to entry and business models will be. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Shannon: My confidence is shaken when a lot of personal data/docs get exposed due to flaws in software. We just need a "skynet" kind of bot to auto check for vulnerabilities. - Swaroop
@edwin the software is open source - which means that anyone can use it. the margins, though thin are real if you do hardware right. Sure outsourced, but high design & a competitive price can equal very large sales so small margin still equals decent profits (and sustainable business) - Shannon Clark
@shannon: so do you mean that Google Chrome OS will not reduce the barrier to entry for companies wanting to create their own XXX pad? - Edwin Khodabakchian
no I mean the Crunchpad & the GoogleOS are both based on Open Source, so the competitive advantage of the crunchpad is hardware design, not software (as far as I know from what I've read) - Shannon Clark
polou/indigo_bow: Yes data transfer and storage could be encrypted. We need better identity management too - Swaroop
yup current identity identification issues r not my favorite, OpenID not all perfect even though I am a big fan of it. Its so hard to work with, grrr @swaroop i could say more but thats all 4 now. - polou/indigo_bow
unless they have already licensed some of the patents covering the more popular touch idioms using GoogleOS would give them a broad-base multi-touch API to work with that has deeper pockets to fight the patent battles - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
well this may sound strange - but I suspect more than a few patents could (potentially at least - I'm not a lawyer) be invalidated by prior art in the form of movies like Minority Report (and likely other earlier but less popular SF series & movies) which showed multitouch type of interfaces - Shannon Clark
more copyrights problems cuz of the mighy $$$. that left the big boys again, isn't it? - polou/indigo_bow
No mention on price...I wonder if google will go for the free + ads model. Imagine ads running on the desktop, along with annon. usage statistics, how much more will google know? - Thomas Hunsaker from Android
@thomas why assume they will run ads in/on the OS - I'd guess that like Android they offer it for free (or for a very marginal cost) to OEM's, bundled with a bunch of default links to Google properties (esp Google search as default) and profit from expanding the number of people & devices connected online. Add in revenues from selling cloud based packages such as Google Apps for Domains and they make money w/o ads on the desktop or privacy issues - Shannon Clark
Thomas: why wouldn't Google Chrome OS be free? - Robert Scoble
Thomas: You would have it Google Chrome OS Beta under Google Apps. And yes there will be a lite version where you can only run a single process :) - Swaroop
Great discussion. I think Mike should not adopt Chrome OS for crunchpad to begin with. I don't even think Chrome OS would be polished by the time he plans to launch crunchpad. I think Crunchpad launch could set the bar and direction for what Google Chrome OS should/could be. In terms of usability, we still don't know how Google Chrome OS could play out. I think different initiatives such as Chrome, Crunchpad and Jolicloud will help this ecosystem,. - Akshay Dodeja
CrunchPad and ChromeOS are fundamentally distinct, seeing as they run completely different browsers (Firefox and Chrome, respectively). They will be able to share apps, though, as Google has stated that apps will work in any HTML 5 browser. - Vezquex
Vezquex: why is the CrunchPad limited to Firefox? When I saw the CrunchPad I saw nothing that would limit it like that and that dependency, if it exists, is probably easily worked around. - Robert Scoble
Robert - my guess is that as Firefox is one of the only browsers currently available for Linux that is what Vezquex is thinking - however with this announcement I suspect we can guess that Google will be announcing Chrome for Linux rather soon (which likely means for Mac OS as well) - Shannon Clark
Thought I read the crunchpad has a webkit browser ... Not firefox - at least not by default. - Jonathan Greene from iPhone
I agree with the browser as the OS but why would I want a pad that I have to lift my knees up to see when I can have a lap top that I can tilt the screen to fit any position I fell like stretching out in? The price point is going to have to be low, low, low for this form factor to take off. - Stephen Pickering
Scoble, Why you want to discuss this, when we have other worries. Running adobe in chrome, UI etc - Michael_techie
Hello…? reality check. Is there a CrunchPad on the market? Is there a $249.95 CrunchPad on sale? Quit talking of it as it it were a done deal. It it anything but, and the promiseware may yet end up in TC Deadpool before it has shipped a single unit. Takes a bunch of geeks on FF to discuss implications of porting "CrunchPad OS," hell, emulating it even, on Chrome OS, before either has passed into the domain of the real. - ianf ⌘
@Shannon Clark [suspects that] "more than a few patents could (potentially at least - I'm not a lawyer) be invalidated by prior art in the form of movies like Minority Report (and likely other earlier but less popular SF series & movies) which showed multitouch type of interfaces." - you are confusing Hollywood with Real Life, which I suggest you get a dose of, the latter. - ianf ⌘
It's all Linux, and I suspect that crunchpad if it even has an OS uses it too. Swapping out one Linux for another is relatively easy if you've got the source and the hardware information. <3 the Linux Virus, an OS that runs on almost all known hardware, and even as a x86 BIOS for instant ON. - rob
I wish Mike luck with the pad but it's just not the right form factor for me, just a little too big from what i can tell. My ultimate would be like a 6" screen. With a device this size you have to decide if you are going to finger or thumb type. Anything in between is going to be awkward. - Keith James Designs
actually no. If a work of fiction depicts an innovation (especially stuff like UI) that could certainly be prior art. The point of a patent is to be INNOVATION - prior art, even in fiction, is just that - earlier examples of someone else having the same idea. And in the case of Minority Report - a LOT of people contributed to build those interfaces & design ideas - see - Shannon Clark
Shannon, you win. Please be sure to report back here (minority- or majoritywise, either will do) on any patent application contesting case, where fantasy GUIs cooked up for film-clarity reasons –it's never an easy thing to show off on a cinema screen– are entered as exhibits of "prior art," therefore either invalidating, or denying a patent. I'll wait by the computer until next Tuesday, do we have a deal? - ianf ⌘
Robert Scoble
How much faster is the new iPhone 3GS? It keeps up with friendfeed's realtime feed and the old one didn't. My son noted that 3G web pages are a lot faster too.
On the non-iPhone site? - Obayoo
Can you make a video because not all of our feeds are as fast as yours. - Jeremy Franklin
I just wish there was more to it feature wise, or else it would be a no-brainer upgrade for me. - Obayoo
Just about everything - from reboots to app launches to page loads etc, is much, much faster :) - Patrick Jordan
When you say it can keep up with the realtime updates. Are you testing this in Safari or through some sort of Friendfeed client? - Alex Knight
Alex: Safari. I don't like any of the clients. - Robert Scoble
I am on the standard site with my 3GS and it is rocking!!! - Drew Lucas
I am loving my new 32gb black 3GS ... the S really does mean Speed!! :) - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Yes, it does. Really like the 3g s. - Jeremy Franklin
Robert - Wifi or 3G when you were testing? - Alex Knight
BuddyFeed is much better on the 3G S than the 3G - LPH™ and his dog P™
I'm a bit surprised at how much faster it is. It chews through every app I've got. - Bryan Bartow
I just downloaded a new app and it was installed in only a few seconds ... wow - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Alex: both. Battery life seems just slightly better but I need more days to know for sure. - Robert Scoble
The battery life on mine seems the same -- - LPH™ and his dog P™
I'm getting slightly better battery life on my 3G with just the 3.0 update. I was hoping the 3GS would have substantial battery improvements though. - Alex Knight
Battery life test posted in FF room earlier - - Mike Bracco
One of the many impressive ways it's shown off its speediness to me was on app updates. I had 12 waiting for me when I synced the 3GS first time to my Mac. I never, ever let it try to 'Update All' on the 3G because it usually took a long time just doing one at a time. Yesterday I gave it a go with the 12 updates - just over 1 minute - boom - done. - Patrick Jordan
How are you accessing FF on the iPhone (I have a 3G)? What's your recommendation? - Scotty Perkins
Scotty, BuddyFeed is the best app for the iPhone so far. AlertThingy is coming along nicely. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Scotty: I am sitting on my couch talking with you on my iPhone just using the web browser (Safari) set to the standard FriendFeed site. I refresh often. :-) - Robert Scoble
LPH: I have BuddyFeed and love but today I was typing a long comment and got a call in the middle of it and then when call was done my message I was typing was completely gone...I don't understand how the app would not save the message in that case...absurd! - Mike Bracco
Do any of the iPhone apps do real-time updates yet? - Jesse Stay
Mike, I've had similar things happen. I've lost pictures that way too ... - LPH™ and his dog P™
LPH: yeah seems like a huge design flaw, I guess I'm so used to apps on iPhone just working so I was really surprised by behavior. - Mike Bracco
Excellent, thanks. Will try those. I'm still getting my feed under me with FF. - Scotty Perkins
Jesse - don't think so, if you mean any of the native FF apps and FF real time updates that is. - Patrick Jordan
Try Google Earth - which was barely usable on the older models. It screams on the 3Gs - benefits from the CPU, gpu, and ram improvements - it's more responsive than my MacBook pro (though obviously I have a much larger screen on that). - Robin Barooah
This is great news. I can justify buying one if it's substantially faster than the 3G. - RobinDotNet
Robert: I have a 3Gs since yesterday. I did not have the old 3G but sometimes I grabbed my friends' ones. I can tell you is faster and that the 's' is a good descriptor. - Eduardo Loyola
Did you mean OS 3.0 or OS 2.x on the 3G didn´t keep up with FF realtime feed ? - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
It blows that you have to go to the regular FF site to get the realtime updates. The iPhone site is much better adapted to the size of the screen but you still have to refresh. Do you think this is because of speed concerns? - Wim Mulder
Wim: yes. Realtime was useless on old iPhone. Even on new one I keep it off most of the time. - Robert Scoble
Is there a concern that developers might start building apps that won't work/are too slow with the older models? - Obayoo
Obayoo: that almost is a certainty. Games, my son says, are much better on the new hardware. - Robert Scoble
Jeff Atwood posted a link to a great video from the iPhone Blog that compared side by side the 3g with the 3gs and it was pretty well twice as fast. - travispuk
iPhone provides me tools for work and leisure that have me very excited about modern (social) media. - Dave Blankenship
Jesse Stay
I'll be broadcasting in the next few minutes at - come chat here on FriendFeed:
Come watch and discuss here on FriendFeed to discuss the Facebook Vanity URLs - Jesse Stay where are you? - Suburban Oblivion
I'll be on shortly. I'm finishing my cake and ice cream from my daughter's b-day. - Jesse Stay
For now talk amwongst youwselves - Jesse Stay
Ahhh..thought maybe we were just to enjoy the view of the countdown through your monitor. Is there such a thing as living vicariously through someone's online life? Deep thoughts for a Friday night. - Suburban Oblivion
i want cake and ice cream! - Allen Stern
Allen come on over and you can have some! - Jesse Stay
It is fine. - wwwdeveloper
Distortion. :( - That's So CAJ!
too loud! - wwwdeveloper
good for me. - wwwdeveloper
good - wwwdeveloper
Plz don't take this the wrong way---this is one of the geekiest things I have ever seen. I mean this in a complimentary way. Wow. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Pouring my glass of Pinot Noir now, Jesse - headed over to join you. Thanks for hosting. You de man. :) - Mari Smith
The Aerobics sound track adds to the vibe..big time! - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Envy! - Michael McKean
Any one know what the Facebook URL is that shows the countdown? - Antoniu
Thank you. - Antoniu
No, I'm not listening. - Ken Sheppardson
crap - did I miss this? - Jannifer @wordsforliving
So exciting - Mike Hartman
@Jannifer: Not yet, it's in 6.30 minutes. - Antoniu
First I've heard of it - Mike Hartman
Someone needs to start hosting antisocial media events, that's more my speed - Mike Hartman
Stuck in front of a computer on a Friday night...ugh...oh well - Jeremy Franklin
I'm sure - Mike Hartman
See, if it was 8am here I wouldn't be able to do it - Mike Hartman
I'm going to see if I can get "Jesse" - Ken Sheppardson
So's Mike - Mike Hartman
^-- kidding - Ken Sheppardson
Ohnoes the world is going to end! - Antoniu
but full name is better for me anyway - Mike Hartman
Wow, it let me in to get mine when you were still around 20. - Mike Hartman
AH HA HA HA HA - Mike Hartman
My guess is folks are going to squat on stuff. - Ken Sheppardson
(Guess they got sick of you complaining about Jesse being taken) - Mike Hartman
That's odd that it doesn't bring up a page. - Ken Sheppardson
I have a four-letter name and Facebook requires five letters. Fail. - Antoniu
shelisrael - Ken Sheppardson
I was kidding. I wouldn't mess around. This is the biggest non-event since the twitterpocalypse earlier today - Ken Sheppardson
1938media's available :-) - Ken Sheppardson
I'm sure. - Ken Sheppardson
I did the same thing, got her name locked down - Mike Hartman
There's no way you can do more than one, right? - Ken Sheppardson
they said not - Mike Hartman
go leet - j3ss3 - Mike Hartman
Well, I got kshep... would like to just grab kensheppardson too... hm... - Ken Sheppardson
I have a vanity url I can use but not the one I really want. Curse you Hartmann luggage and your concern for typos!! - Mike Hartman
Did you do that on *her* account, Jesse? I don't seem to be able to change mine now.. - Ken Sheppardson
How do you change it? - Ken Sheppardson
I'm pretty sure the blog said you can't - Mike Hartman
Yep. Yer right, Mike "Think carefully about the username you choose. Once it's been selected, you won't be able to change or transfer it." - Ken Sheppardson
Which is odd - you'd think the primary id would still be the existing numerical one, so why would it be so tightly coupled you can't easily change it? - Mike Hartman - Mike Hartman
katholik - Ken Sheppardson
popehat - Mike Hartman
better yet, popemobile - Mike Hartman
I kind of want that one now myself - Mike Hartman
catholic.schoolgirl? - Mike Hartman
That's got to be pretty high on the keywords - Mike Hartman
Aren't baptists a subset of protestants? - Mike Hartman
Just wondering why there were two different "we ares" - Mike Hartman
My brain just tried to intepret your facebook apps as a venn diagram and crashed - Mike Hartman
baptistas is available - Mike Hartman
urgh - Mike Hartman
You need to exploit the fact that you run all these "opposing" pages/groups by posting something that starts some kind of flame/holy war. People will sign up in droves. - Mike Hartman
Couch it like a membership drive. - Mike Hartman
Jesse Shill 1 - "Let's show them how many of us there really are" - Mike Hartman
Jesse Shill 2 - "We can't let them think they're in the majority, can we? They'll think they're right!" - Mike Hartman
foodporn is available? Shocking! - Mike Hartman
someone should get rule32 - Mike Hartman
LOL KEN - Allen Stern
I love this music. "Pahty stahtah!" - Mike Hartman is still available - Ken Sheppardson is still available - Ken Sheppardson is still available - Ken Sheppardson
I can see why they wouldn't let you just create a ton of pages/apps and give them all names, but 1000 followers seems like a pretty high bar. - Ken Sheppardson
You need a "we are atheists" just to play fair - Mike Hartman
If I were you I'd probably shoot off an email right now to Facebook with the URLs you'd chose for apps like SocialToo, and point out that the name is available as of the time you sent the email. - Ken Sheppardson
You'd think that for the apps they would give # of users equal weight to # of fans - Mike Hartman
Jesse, I confess that I hadn't joined SocialToo until this evening, but now that I have, my Facebook page is available via both the and URL (for my blogs). Nice! Now that I've joined, I definitely want to check out the Twitter auto-unfollow feature (Twitter auto-follow doesn't really interest me). - John E. Bredehoft
Yep. should go to the FriendFeed app... not some unrelated user. - Ken Sheppardson
I don't understand why they have a minimum letter requirement anyway - Mike Hartman
I heard someone joking how it would be funny if Twitter got fail whale because everyone was tweeting about facebook - while facebook stayed up..haha - Mike Bracco
Re: SocialToo, go here, Jesse: - Ken Sheppardson
Just checking out the help page here - - Ken Sheppardson
Mike Bracco, see Louis Gray's tweet - John E. Bredehoft
John Bredehoft: Thanks for reference. that is classic haha - Mike Bracco
I don't know if this is a squat or legit, but the displayed name for is "Jack Johnny" - John E. Bredehoft
Thanks guys! - Jesse Stay
on a side note, is amazing. If someone mentions my full name in FF I get an email within a couple minutes referencing the comment. Really great tool for monitoring. - Mike Bracco
Loic says he got is 4 character URL? - - Mike Bracco
Mike, yeah - I wish I could get stay if he can have loic - Jesse Stay
what about.... ? - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Sweet do I get a prize for helping you with the name? :) It does have a nice ring to it though. - BRҰANSAҰS
BTW - "All Pages created after May 31, 2009 or that had less than 1,000 fans on that day will be eligible to claim usernames on Sunday, June 28, 2009." - Ken Sheppardson
sweet got mine. bryanlee was already taken. Typically asian name :) - BRҰANSAҰS
What a FUN FUN FUN night!!!!! = my bright shiny new FB URL for my fan page. (same as /mari.smith. Periods make no diff, eh). And got /maris for personal profile. Wonder if that 5k limit will get lifted like @Scobleizer said couple months back. - Mari Smith
Great to see you tonight Mari! I'm hoping on it. I'm getting closer to the limit. - Jesse Stay
Are we going to go through this again on June 28 when all the new users and <1,000 follower pages get to pick names? :-/ - Ken Sheppardson
Thanks, Jesse!! You are a social media leader my friend. :D - Mari Smith
Jesse Stay
I'm starting a new podcast tomorrow. I need help deciding on a name - please discuss here:
The StayCast - Allen Stern
I have Stay N' Alive, of course - Jesse Stay
My personal brand has been The "Social" Geek - I own, so that could be a good one, but it could get confused with Social Geeks - Jesse Stay
However my Ustream channel has been - Jesse Stay
I also own - that would limit it to Social Media only though, and not sure I want to go that direction - Jesse Stay
Or, I also own - I've always thought that was a cool name - Jesse Stay
Should I Stay, or should I Go - DJ Stevie Steve
What is it about? - Jeremy Franklin
Hey Jolie! Nice to see you here. Yes, it's going to be a focus on Early Adopter technologies, Social and Real-time web, and whatever we feel like talking about essentially. :-) - Jesse Stay
just you or you & guests? (could do something like a play on "stay with me") - Shannon Clark
Louis Gray will be on the show with me tomorrow - it may be a regular thing with him. We're still discussing details. The local Salt Lake Fox News Tech Reporter, Kirk Yuhnke, who just got a new Palm Pre is going to guest tomorrow. We'll be bringing in more guests on future podcasts. - Jesse Stay
I like Shannon's "Stay with Me" but unfortunately that does not reflect the purpose of the podcast - Vinko
Stay Around Podcast - Jeremy Franklin
I'll broadcast each one live on, and we'll release a nice recording at the end of each week. Tomorrow will be an interesting first run. - Jesse Stay
I have been kicking around the name "appdeavors" a discussion forum around applications and other technology adoption for creative problem solving. If you like it and can put the domain to use earlier you can have it. - Rob Jensen
one small suggestion - whatever you decide to name it, record a short bumper with the name, URL etc (potentially sponsors when you get them) and be sure to lead in and/or close with it so that the file itself always has that info in it - podcasts which just start up without a quick intro can be hard to refer back to if you are listening to a bunch of things in a row (or if they get crossposted somewhere) - Shannon Clark
Rob, interesting. I'm still trying to figure out the full focus. I'd like it to be kind of a bridge between the technical and less technical audiences though, which is sort of what I do on my blog. More than anything, I mostly want to just have fun and keep it relaxed, to the extent it's still entertaining. - Jesse Stay
Shannon, that's why I'm recording - I'll be using GarageBand to put something interesting via audio together. If it's video I'll also be recording it all in iMovie so we can make it either a video or audio podcast. I agree, intro is important. - Jesse Stay
What time around is it streaming? - Jeremy Franklin
Jeremy, I'm shooting for around 8:30pm MST tomorrow. I'm still getting confirmation from all involved though. I'm going to post all confirmed details on shortly. - Jesse Stay
Of course, the other idea is to brand it with the SocialToo brand and do kind of what DiggNation is doing. - Jesse Stay
Since you previously mentioned this on Facebook, I've been thinking that Stay N' Alive may have its own issues. For people who have never heard of you, the first thing that they will think about when they see that name is the Bee Gees song. - John E. Bredehoft
Looking forward to more information and sounds like a great project. Branding through SocialToo is an option however if you are going to have rotating seats for guests it sounds like it could be more confusing to me. - Rob Jensen
Perhaps another route might be to create a new brand by emphasizing your first name, which would add a personal touch to the podcast, and combine it with your expertise. For example, "Jesse's Face." Or something. - John E. Bredehoft
John, I'll be hosting, but I'd like to allow the others on feel as much a part of it as I am though. For instance, Louis Gray has an open invitation to attend each podcast he wants to join, and if it has my name I can't give him as much credit as he deserves. - Jesse Stay
"Nama Stay" - Josh Haley
What about "The Social Geek"? - BRҰANSAҰS
Swaying with Jesse Stay! - joebrooks
A better idea, if you can live with having one show without a branded name. Set up some type of contest (perhaps using a prize of a book as an incentive) to solicit a name. I'll grant that's what you're doing now, but perhaps the contest, rather than just soliciting name ideas, could require the participants to do something creative to submit their entry - create a Facebook page for their proposed name, for example. - John E. Bredehoft
He Josh, I like that - Jesse Stay
Bryan, I'm edging towards that - there is already a "Social Geeks" podcast though, which might become confusing. I've already got everything set up for though if we go that way. - Jesse Stay
What are some of the topics of your podcast? - BRҰANSAҰS
Bryan, tech in general, but mostly early-adopter technologies. Tomorrow we'll be talking about the Pre and WWDC - Jesse Stay
Jolie, hmmm... - Jesse Stay
Not available any more :-) - Jesse Stay
Jesse but what will be the hook that separates you from the ton of other geek podcasts. Just curious. - BRҰANSAҰS
Jolie, still not sure if I'll use it, but at least I can now :-) - Jesse Stay
Bryan, hopefully quality of guests, focus on early adopter technologies, expertise and knowledge of the industry. For now I'm doing this for fun, so I guess it doesn't matter until we really want to compete. :-) - Jesse Stay
Jolie, enjoy. I've got a post or two I've got to do as well. I'll talk to you later. - Jesse Stay
Keep the ideas coming though! - Jesse Stay
Geek Trends - BRҰANSAҰS
Sid, appreciate that. I'm trying to avoid locking us into just talking about Social Media though. I own so we could use that if we wanted to go that route. - Jesse Stay
Marmalade - Bwana ☠
New Media Innovators - BRҰANSAҰS
FFundercats - Ken Sheppardson
Oh, wait... no... - Ken Sheppardson
Funk station - Bwana ☠ from IM
Might not work for a podcast, but if you ever do a half hour sitcom about growing up in the 50s, you should call it "Leave it to Stay" - Ken Sheppardson
Queens of the New Age - BRҰANSAҰS
Hey Ken I like that one - FFundercats...maybe I'll use it :-P - Jesse Stay
The Juice - Bwana ☠ from IM
Bryan not sure that one will work :-) - Jesse Stay
Who would you talk to about licensing "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" for a theme song... - Ken Sheppardson
Ken I'm not sure, but that would be an awesome theme song. Or Lisa Loeb's "Stay" - Jesse Stay
Stay Awesome - Bwana ☠ from IM
Stay Classy - Bwana ☠ from IM
I think Bwana's on a role :-) - Jesse Stay
Stay Awhile - Ken Sheppardson
Stay Real - Jesse Stay
Stay Rhapsody - Ken Sheppardson
Nevermind - Ken Sheppardson
A Stay On Tech - but that sounds negative - Bwana ☠ from IM
the jesse show - Tyler Gillies
Stay on Topic - Ken Sheppardson
The Show With No Name - Bwana ☠ from IM is taken - Jesse Stay
The No, My Brother is Awesome Show - Jesse Stay
"Stay out of my Facebook" - BRҰANSAҰS is taken - Jesse Stay
Stay Late... but then you'd have to, like, record it at night. - Ken Sheppardson
BTW ever use for find domain names? Its my fav. - BRҰANSAҰS
bustaname is cool - Tyler Gillies from IM
Sid LOL but then I'd never get Scoble to join us :-) - Jesse Stay
I like Best Geek Show - BRҰANSAҰS
scoble is black? - Tyler Gillies
Bryan, Best Geek Show is in my top contenders right now - Jesse Stay
lol luke - Tyler Gillies
Best Damn Geek Show - Tyler Gillies
My favorites so far: Best Geek Show,,, SocialMediaCast, Jot Mob - Jesse Stay
better buy them before someone will try and sell them to you for $10K - BRҰANSAҰS
Bryan, I own them all already :-) - Jesse Stay
Stay Up to Date - Ken Sheppardson
Stay Current - Ken Sheppardson
Time to move away from "Stay _____" yet, Jesse? - Ken Sheppardson
Yeah, let's move away from the Stay names for now, unless you think it's *really* cool :-) - Jesse Stay
Well done, Sid - Jesse Stay
Much better - Jesse Stay
This Week in Stay - Ken Sheppardson
Dohh Leo would kill you. - BRҰANSAҰS
Luke, gotta stay away from the Uncle Jesse name -, last I checked, was a porn site. - Jesse Stay
Yes, bets on how long before we get a Cease and Desist on that one? - Jesse Stay
JplusStay? - Jesse Stay
Stay in the Know - BRҰANSAҰS
I totally need to get that Twitter user @jplusstay - Jesse Stay
Stay On the Air - Ken Sheppardson
Don't Call Me Shirley - Bwana ☠ from IM
Ken that might sound a bit desperate - Jesse Stay
Stay with Tech - BRҰANSAҰS
Frontline - Ken Sheppardson
Stay N Tech - Jesse Stay
See And Say With Stay - Bwana ☠ from IM
Wanna Play With Stay - Bwana ☠ from IM
Ken wins - I'll go with Frontline ;) - Jesse Stay
Another Day With Stay - Bwana ☠ from IM
Fresh Air - Ken Sheppardson
You guys are cracking me up - Jesse Stay
This is gonna put you in the "Best of the Day" on FriendFeed. - BRҰANSAҰS
Stay In The Best Of Day - Bwana ☠ from IM
The Howard Stern Show with Jesse Stay - Ken Sheppardson
Stay You Stay Me - BRҰANSAҰS
Blame Scoble. - Robert Scoble
ROFL yes. Blame Scoble. - mjc
Stay Informed - Bwana ☠ from IM
Stay On Top Of Tech - Bwana ☠ from IM
Robert you win - Jesse Stay
STOT - Bwana ☠ from IM
Dang -'s taken - Jesse Stay
blame scoble is BS ;) - Tyler Gillies
The StayGang - Ken Sheppardson
STAY = (S)peaking (T)echnology (A)lways for (Y)ou - Bwana ☠ from IM
StayNation - Ken Sheppardson
bwana: bing = ? ;) - Tyler Gillies
Someone Stay - Bwana ☠ from IM
Please Stay - Bwana ☠ from IM
STAY = Social Technology And You - BRҰANSAҰS
Just bought :-) - Jesse Stay
You need to find some permanent cohost with a good name that fits "Stay and ___" - Ken Sheppardson
Stay and Company - BRҰANSAҰS
...what's Christomer Martin up to? - Ken Sheppardson
Permanent Stay'n - Ken Sheppardson
I like Social Technology And You (STAY) - Bwana ☠ from IM
Me too :) - BRҰANSAҰS
I like that too - trying to think of a good domain that can go with it though. All the "Stay" domains are taken, and expensive. - Jesse Stay - Ken Sheppardson - Bwana ☠ from IM
staypodcast - Bwana ☠ from IM
Mystay - Tyler Gillies
Staypod Marshmallows ... sorry need some sleep - BRҰANSAҰS - Bwana ☠ from IM
STAY with Jesse - Ken Sheppardson
Marmalade - Bwana ☠ from IM
Twitter - Ken Sheppardson
Stay and the Gang - BRҰANSAҰS
Stay for Free - Ken Sheppardson
free jesse - Tyler Gillies
Stay On Point - Bwana ☠ from IM
I like that one - BRҰANSAҰS
StayCrunch - BRҰANSAҰS
Hmmm...I like stayshow for Social Technology And You - Jesse Stay
This one may sound weird, but it does make sense, "Stalk the Web". - Zachary Collins
StayNTalk? StayPod? - imabonehead
Stay Wars - Ken Sheppardson
The Staytrix - Ken Sheppardson
The Stay Report. - imabonehead
Ken, lol - Jesse Stay
Luke, no, Jesse is your nephew - Jesse Stay
Already own - Jesse Stay
Jesse's Grill - Ken Sheppardson
Luke no, that would be Uncle Randy and Aunt Becky - Jesse Stay
Well I'm brainstormed out. I think I like some variation on "Social Tools/Technology and You", STAY with Jesse, etc. - Ken Sheppardson
Don't call me Shirley - Bwana ☠
"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit Twittering" - Ken Sheppardson
...and you could change it every week - Ken Sheppardson
"stay social" - Know the ins and outs of how to stay social online.. Jesse Stay - Jordan Brown
JesseMedia - imabonehead
well, can't help on the name, but please do a episode on how you got this many comments - Beth Kanter
Beth: That's easy... give people an excuse to be flippant and silly :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Beth LOL - it's just the nature of the post. The "discuss here:" does it, along with an opportunity to help name a Podcast. - Jesse Stay
And what Ken said - Jesse Stay
I think the fact that it's a weekend night also contributes - Jesse Stay
Good luck on the new show. I just don't know what subjects you would have tomorrow though ;) - Eric - Final Countdown
Also, have 3500 subscribers - Ken Sheppardson
Eric thanks - we'll be mostly talking about the Palm Pre and WWDC. It will be Louis Gray, myself, and a local Tech Reporter who got the Pre yesterday that's going to talk about it. - Jesse Stay
Woah - do I really have 3,500 subscribers? - Jesse Stay
Or how about JePoday... - imabonehead
Hello Holland here, what's the podcast about? - Debbie
wish comments were timestamped - Tyler Gillies
I agree tyler horrible.. - Jordan Brown
Be sure to take the SocialToo SocialSurvey: - Jesse Stay
Robert Scoble
I made a promise years ago to never use PowerPoint in front of an audience again. So, how do I organize a presentation? Mind Manager.
It's magic. Frees your mind from the stupid bullet list that bores audiences to death. Every time I see a PowerPoint deck my brain turns off. - Robert Scoble
I have used this for years, great communication tool - Mel Buckpitt
i prefer personalbrain. not as easy to use as mind manager but powerful nonetheless. - Daniel Langendorf
Robert, as a former highschool teacher, I can assure you that Powerpoint is the evil enemy of learning...and yet every school insisted teachers started using it because the schools thought PP "was" technology...yikes. Advice? Tell stories with passion and understanding. - Daniel Kenney
Daniel: I totally agree. The way schools teach technology just makes me ill. - Robert Scoble
anyone ever try it's a bit different-- much more visual - Ted Curran
So instead of Powerpoint™, use a real presentation platform that allows interactive data and tactile response to both you and your audience. - Eric Martindale
i have been working on a new keynote /powerpoint method I can - Ted Curran
PowerPoint is only a problem in that it makes it way too easy to just make lists of bullet points. They almost force you to go down that path. If they could somehow turn that off, and just provide the functionality to create a series of slides, each of which had a line or two of text, an image, etc... I don't think it'd get such a bad rap. - Ken Sheppardson
*call "Attention Method"-- it's a way to use PPT or Apple Keynote not in the way the program wants to be used but in the way people's minds work - Ted Curran
similar to other software noted is my favorite.. Big Mouth - Daniel Kenney
What makes Mind Manager the first platform to come to mind? I have never heard of it until right now. - Amani
I agree Daniel Kenney :( - Mohammad Abdurraafay
Amani: I saw Buzz Bruggeman give a talk with it and was mesmerized. - Robert Scoble
Try Prezi, and if you have some time to devote to it, Keynote. Both are really pretty impressive. - Ivan
I came across last month, worth a look. It has sort of a tv commercial look, like the 2-d Ford pickup commercials. - Tanner Powell
I kind of like Prezi too. Very visual. Depends on the situation I suppose. - Kim Feraday
Keynote. - Jeremy Franklin
I don't want to get into a PowerPoint bashing thing here, but I agree it's bad. Another thing I've noticed is that the boring speakers usually have the most elaborate PP presentations. Yikes. - Christopher Harper
I'm a big fan of MindManager as well. Once you're done conceptualizing your presentation, Powerpoint (or any other presentation tool) can obviously be used as an effective tool. Powerpoint isn't innately evil, it's just too easy to miss-use. If you want to try a different tool give a try. (but I'd stick with Mindmanager) - Jason Goldberg
Well that's two programs I had no idea existed 15 minutes ago. - Dean Clark
Do you use iThoughts iPhone app? I use it every day and they just upgraded to allow Mind Manager export - Dave
Prezi is too difficult to learn for anyone - it is supercool but if you want to get right down to working, forget it - I wish I could use it - for mindmaps to me nothing beats MindMeister both for presentation materials as well for organizing ideas and tools - it is much easier and immediate than any other mindmapping tool I have tried, including having a full revisions history, working... more... - Robin Good
In the end the vote of PowerPoint chastity should really be targeted at avoiding making the "types" of PowerPoint slideshows that are so bad. Bad choice of images, too much text, and you reading them as you show them. It is not the tool so much, but the culture we have built around it. Whether with PowerPoint, Keynote, Sliderocket, OpenOffice or GoogleDocs the power of your presentation... more... - Robin Good
I wholeheartedly agree with you..PP is horrible! I refuse to use it and I've made a point to reject ppt files that colleagues send me with slides re design changes. I'll have to give MindManager a try..sounds great. - Sufian Siddiqi from fftogo
Prezi does look cool. I definitely need to take it for a spin. - Alexander Grundner
Chalk board & elaborate hand gestures - sofarsoShawn
The issue with powerpoint (and keynote) is that the flow of the presentation is completely locked in, and the presentation environment is unchanging. Mindmanager (or Freemind) allows branching, and the ability to store extra content for questions (only use as needed). Powerpoint or equivalent is good for building a screen when you want one that can dynamically build. An alternative way... more... - Alistair Nicholson
I used to use personal brain for the same purpose. I stopped when I moved to multiplatforms (Mac and linux as well as Windows). I just checked back at the site to find that it is now available cross-platform (haven't checked that the data files are yet tho). I might be remaking contact with an old friend! I liked the easy way one could use local files or web resources. By... more... - Alistair Nicholson
@alistair: It is possible to branch PowerPoint -presentations with hyperlinks that jump from slide to another. Never considered it, but interesting idea. For example, after determining audience level, it could skip slides that explain basic things for experienced audience. - Jemm
I like Mind Manager. Wish i had a reason to use it. - Rodfather
Mind Manager rocks on a tablet pc - Mel Buckpitt
Definitely. That was the last time I used it. It integrated with OneNote well too. - Rodfather
Check out the free pptplex from Office Labs which is an add in for PP that gives you a similar zooming interface as Prezi. - Jamie
Alistair: That is exactly how I use PersonalBrain. I have it set up in Dropbox and am able to access it with any computer. It's worth a look-see again. It's also worth using to flesh out ideas for presentations, too, no matter what tool you end up using. - Daniel Langendorf
Use Prezi at! ;) or - Csaba Mad
I am adoring Prezi - just the freshness of the look gives you a 50% boost in new biz meetings, and I really haven't found it at all hard to learn to use - Jamie
Last week i was thinking how lame PP is and actually did a presentation at college bashing it. The tool i've used for that was, the one mentioned by a lot of ppl in this thread. You should give them some love, definetely a great worth a look tool. - Diego Sana
I got tired of trying to find the perfect presentation technique and ended up developing my own not perfect, but it works for me. - MLx
Daniel & Jemm - thanks for that. I've just installed personalbrain on the Mac and opened some old brains done in the PC (aahh nostalgia). I really missed it as a tool. I've been using freemind, which does have some very good features, but personalbrain is still a better tool for this sort of work. Thanks. - Alistair Nicholson
Jemm - in some cases I will just generate one or two slides using ppt or similar. By exporting them they become individual objects that I can mix and match - or call on as I need, without having to consider how to jump to them within the powerpoint package. Powerpoint (or keynote) then becomes a graphic slide authoring tool that just generates some components or objects I use in my... more... - Alistair Nicholson
I have presented for many years with MindManager. Its great for interactive presentations. Tomorrow I will use it present to a conference of independent financial advisers on the subject of mind mapping and mind mapping software. I humbly suggest they will remember my hour more than the 5 other hours of PowerPoint. This is web version summary. - Andrew Wilcox
Final Cut...create a video! - Michela Cimnaghi /cimny
Powerpoint is a time sink - whenever I have had to use it I ended up using more time fixing the presentation than focusing on the message. Can't remember which company took powerpoint off the systems and said they measured a productivity increase... or if it is a digital legend... but from my experience I can believe it. - Iphigenie
"It's a poor workman who blames his tools" -- old proverb - Karim
Meh. Powerpoint is a tool to put stuff on screen. As long as you're not just reading off it... - Yuvi
Just convert powerpoint slides into pdf and present pdf to the audience.Although I am not a great fan of PDF or for that matter any powerpoint like software. - Ashish
ashish: you're not getting it. There's nothing worse to do to an audience than to present a standard powerpoint deck to them. The format is NOT what makes that boring. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Flash is the answer but it's a pain to learn and expensive to outsource, but that's the answer I think. Besides that, Mindjet MindManager is a fantastic peice of software - Brandon Hall
You're right, it's not the format, nor is it Powerpoint. It is not using it to in an engaging way. - Dennis Beatty
Robert,Sorry for misinterpreting your question. This one is a really tricky question. - Ashish
I often find slides take away from the message - people are reading the slide text instead of looking at and listening to the speaker, and the speaker is looking at the slides instead of at the audience. I wouldnt mind the speaker looking at the screen if he was demonstrating something (or writing, in the old blackboard style) but in a way slides which were supposed to support the presentation end up taking away from it. Too passive? - Iphigenie
prezi is pretty amazing mark. i also use Free Mind but have never used it for a presentation... - Morgan
wishing for 2nd like or something to bump this up higher amongst my likes and discussions - metalerik
I have a talk tomorrow morning at my kids' school about technology in education. I was brainstorming it in Curio and Keynote, but I bought Prezi Pro just cuz it looks so cool. It's a little quirky, a little buggy, and not as flexible as, say Keynote, but it sure is a unique look. Mindmapping + Presentations. - Leo Laporte
Nothing wrong with Powerpoint, it's just a tool. I do just fine with it and Keynote. Sounds like it's a presenter issue if you're bored - Bwana ☠
I love mindmanager, but its license is toooo stupidly and insanely expensive!! - Mohamed Salem Korayem
yeah I love using xmind for organizing talking points but I don't normally use them to present - most audiences don't grok them ime - mike "glemak" dunn
I'm sorry, trying to learn. I have a 30 slide presentation (+-10) that i present to customers around the world usually in a room of about 10 people. What could Mind Manager do that PPT isn't doing? - Steve C, Team Marina
For everyone looking to learn more about using MindManager for presentations, I have written up a number of posts on the Mindjet blog that talks about how to do it, some best practices and sample maps. The most popular post in the series was from PresentationCamp SF, "Become a Presentation Superhero": while other posts covered using images, colors, and fonts within your mind maps. Check'em out or contact me if you have questions! - Michael Deutch
thx michael, bookmarked. - Steve C, Team Marina
ah, michael good to see you here - for those who don't know him michael is mindjet’s chief evangelist & one of the hardest working community engagement folks on the net - i use xmind because i test lots of open source tools but have been a customer of mindjet for years & love mindmanager :) - mike "glemak" dunn
I find using a Mind Map a lot easier for people to follow and sparks a lot more collaboration from the group. - Jim Lavin
Robert try Prezi: - Dean Kakridas
If you hate Powerpoint, Robert & friends, then you have to check out Edward Tufte's essay "The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within." It's brilliant. And the cover still cracks me up: - Alan Mairson
Funny thing for me is that I've always made fun of PP style presentations and have been known as someone who really gets groups interacting, etc. (check out this clip of a game I led at Seattle Mindcamp - BUT, just recently, I've discovered that for my type of improvised, interactive, often scattered, creative style --powerpoint is actually a good (much needed!) balance. So I've been upping the KeyNote. MultiModal is the way :) - Leif Hansen
Robin Good: great comment on - is a very interesting app to keep track of, if you are doing a lot of online presentations. I use Skype screen share (Mac) for Coaching and presenting ways and methods to use applications. - Jan Friman from Nambu
How about having a standard cheaper version of mindmanager. I dont use all the awesome features version 8 - Mohamed Salem Korayem
Jemm and others - I'm back having been in the most boring presentation today that I have experienced in a very long time - powerpoint slides of the most horrible structure, plus given over a video conferencing tool where the presenter didn't read any of the questions in the typing area! Thebrain has a free version. What I've found is that because I use tiddlywiki (also free) to organise... more... - Alistair Nicholson
just a quick reaction to the person who suggested video - what can video add if you are there in person? - Iphigenie
@Joelle a video is a way to engage the audience and let the main messages be reminded. Your role there is to give the right introduction to the video and then open and manage the discussion after it. People will partecipate more to teh discussion. That's my personal experience by the way! - Michela Cimnaghi /cimny
Joelle (thanks Michela) another use of video is short interviews or contributions. For example case studies with a manager from the customer explaining their problem, a business analyst explaining their technique around a specific problem, a web designer talking about how they 'imagine' the personality of a site, demonstration of an experimental technique with a patient. It creates... more... - Alistair Nicholson
I also meant to draw attention to Lief's comment about multi modal and how sometimes a powerpoint slide can present the underlying structure or main points of the presentation. I still believe there can be a place for dot points - so long as they are not the sole content. I believe there are few that would suggest Steve Jobs' presentations are boring, for example. Always worth a watch and they can be found on youtube. Other exemplars are the top rated talks on gives me something to aim for. - Alistair Nicholson
FreeMind is very useful and Open Source. Give it a try! - Nicola Junior Vitto
just got into Amode 4 project mgmt. same company @MindSystems. imports @MindJet. - Courtney Engle
IMHO, my best tool is a whiteboard, and second place, a notebook with squares to plan a sort of storyboard. When I switch back to analog planning, I started to get my best results back on PowerPoint (I love 2007 version). Cheers, - Rolando Peralta
Wow, what a great thread! I explored some best practices for presentations and wrote the following posts on the Mindjet blog. They could apply for any type of presentation but they're primarily focused on mind mapping...The first: 10 Steps to Great Presentation Maps -- - Michael Deutch
Next, How to Make a Great Presentation: Mapping Your Content -- This one applies to using mind maps to 'think through' your presentation content, regardless of what tool you select for the actual presentation: - Michael Deutch
Your use of colors will impact the audience. Use them well! The Secrets of Using Colors in Maps - - Michael Deutch
What’s a Picture Worth? Here's a post about incorporating images into mind map presentations. -- I saw an interesting tweet from Andrew Wilcox earlier today where he suggested placing large images inside 'topic notes'. - Michael Deutch
Prezi reminds me of microsoft photosynth. - Ashish
And finally, here are a couple of posts about fonts in your mind map presentations: 10 Fixes for Font Foibles! ( and More Fun for Font Fanatics ( - Michael Deutch
michael: constructive suggestion - you should setup a mindmap group here on ff so these suggestions can be feed in separately and others can participate, they're just going to get lost inside this thread... - mike "glemak" dunn
Wow what a great discussion. I have never heard of Prezi before and I will have a very imortant presentation to one of MNO next week. I prepared with PP, but now consider to do from scratch via Thanks guys! - Jacque
Robert, do you have anything that you can share that you've used Mind manager for? Do you actually use it in presentations or do you use it as a thought organizing tool? Thanks for answering if you have the time! - Gregg Morris
i was blown away by a preso done in tried it out, the UI takes some getting used to, but w/ patience the zoom in/out approach yields great presos. worth checking out some of the demos. I saw a preso done w/ it that all took place inside the dot of a question mark (that was the reveal at end of preso). cool. - Adrian Chan
re. TiddlyWiki: should I mention, that there's also a true presentation version?... - schilke
Or you could emulate Carrot Top and use props from a great big trunk. Problem is you need to be a) really pumped up and b) certifiably nuts. - bob corrigan
Schilke - thanks for the link to tiddlywiki presentation version. I've bookmarked that and visited the example. With tiddlywiki each 'tiddler' has a specifically adressable URL so that pages can be individually linked from mindmapping software. That way a complete subtopic can be created as a 'deck' but not invoked in the presentation unless we choose to go there. Back to the 'horrible'... more... - Alistair Nicholson
A cool MindMapping alternative is XMind. - Martin Seibert
Daniel Brusilovsky
Hello from Verizon MiFi! Airport is off - MiFi is on! This thing rocks!
Can you post a speed test? - Jeremy Franklin
MG Siegler
Beard has almost moved beyond itchy stage. Didn't really intend to grow a beard, just forgot to shave.
Shannon Clark
anyone missing the last 40+ mins of Tweets?
well good that's it not just me - bad that Twitter died (Idol?) - Shannon Clark
Leo Laporte
Live now: This Week In Tech - volunteer edition. Call in via Talkshoe +1-724-444-7444 or visit Watch at Or Discuss here...
I am the first hahaha - Charbax
first - ralphsaunders
Woot - Arawak
hehehehe - ralphsaunders
fail ralph - Matthew
you peeps were fast! - Phil Essing
I won - Charbax
Evening / Afternoon all - Simon Wicks
Hello Leo - Matthew
hey Leo - Roberto Bonini
So happy you didn't write "first", Charbax - Phil Essing
Tweeted MobileJones for ya' in case she's not tied up with Mother's Day 8) - Web Pixie
This has potential to be really good, but also for disaster... only time will tell. *crosses-fingers* - Chris Heath
wtf ... matt i swear i was first a few seconds ago - ralphsaunders
Hello Leo. - Molly Song ;)
There are like 12 different chat rooms for this live show - Charbax
whats the embed code >< - ralphsaunders
Hello Leo , all - Richard
ralph... i refreshed and phillip stewart is first, you're third after charbax - Chris Heath
i know chris, but when i posted i was first lol. i Think friendfeed got a bit confused :P - ralphsaunders
i built a recumbent bike in 1997... it was from scrap pieces of ten speeds... - Chris Heath
The new Kindle - Molly Song ;)
The Kindle DX was announced this week - Jim Lavin
Friendfeed is better than twitter - Charbax
where is teh friendfeed room for twit? - earl wallace
No Twitter promised before show start. :P - Phillip Stewart
importance of the ARM processor - Charbax
Thumbs Up for Alex Lindsay on TWIT. - Justin Luey
twitter and friendfeed were down, although twitter was planned - Matthew
earl, this is the room - Chris Heath
I hope Louis gets his Skype to work. - Molly Song ;)
aha found yall! - earl wallace
hmm idk about that. - ralphsaunders
LOL @ Leo saying "..gonna do very little social media today"....oh wait...he's serious? - Devon Blugh
I should finally go see Star Trek today. - Phillip Stewart
Star Trek was great - Matthew
Poor Louis - Molly Song ;)
Hello all - Shelton Ivey
Feel free to help edit the episode page in the wiki: - Phillip Stewart
I trekked across my backyard to see the stars last night....does that count as Star Trek? - Devon Blugh
thanks Ralph - earl wallace
I'm nervous about this episode. - Lise
zephyrlily: not sure what you mean - Phil Essing
lol all that and it was the skypeasaurus - Chris Heath
Leo is amazing with just 2 arms. Think he needs 2 more though :) - Richard
leo, could it be the soundboard? - Chris Heath
Wasn't the input on zero? - Daniel Rowley
Leo I thought this would be kludgey but it is quite cool - earl wallace
echo123 thinks I can talk - Louis Gray
zephyrlily: yeah, it should be real-time - Phil Essing
I am a mute! - Louis Gray
I love to watch a pioneer at work, I'm learning so much by watching him troubleshoot his setup. - Jim Lavin
Now it's not :). - Daniel Rowley
louis, it was leo, skypesettings on his end... - Chris Heath
Aww poor Louis - Molly Song ;)
you can pop out an item. click on the timestamp to open in its own tab. then click on the timestamp again there in the new tab. - Tony Miller
I'm thinking this could be the one episode that I wouldn't mind missing.... - Shane
Leo blamed his guest for no reason....shame, shame... - Devon Blugh
Whoohoo!!!! - Molly Song ;)
leo, something's still wrong on the soundboard with louis' audio - Chris Heath
we're hearing louis through your bleed speaker into your mics - Chris Heath
Louis sounds off - Molly Song ;)
Love Socialmedian - earl wallace
Really, Sam? Hm. - Louis Gray
You guys guide me. I can go up and down. - Louis Gray
I don't think it's you, Louis, I think it's on Leo's end. - Molly Song ;)
Yer, Louis, your sound isn't coming through on the stream. - Daniel Rowley
It is rather like NASCAR... No races on Mom's day... - Mark A. Landers
Not talking this sec. I'll watch this close. - Louis Gray
louis, i think you're coming thru the studio monitor to their studio mics sounds like you're in a tin can far away - Chris Heath
pics = mics - Chris Heath
Okay, Chris. I'll let them know. - Louis Gray
Leo, take this opportunity to plug my new SQUARESPACE Web site: - MacNeurotic
MacNeutronic, probably not going to happen - Chris Heath
It actually sounds better - Molly Song ;)
Aaah Sound - Chriz
Ah, Louis, sound has picked up now, much better - Simon Wicks
will theis dialogue archive and be available to refer back too. - earl wallace
i wanna see star trek - Edgar Rodríguez
Sorted now. - Daniel Rowley
@Chris I know :( - MacNeurotic
I'm on Ustream and it's coming in fine - Molly Song ;)
Cool! Volunteer Edition?? - Ken Sheppardson
leo got the audio as you were saying that louis... - Chris Heath
I just switched from Stickam - Molly Song ;)
Phew. - Louis Gray
FriendFeed rocks - Molly Song ;)
See?! Leo Lies!! - Devon Blugh
They blamed me! (This means war) - Louis Gray
I pick Friendfeed over Twitter nowadays - Chriz
How can it not be? - Ken Sheppardson
i've been watching on stickam mainly since teh BG switch... bg just hiccups too often - Chris Heath
Yup, me too, rately visit twitter - Roberto Bonini
If no social media, maybe I should hang up? :) - Louis Gray
I've met some cool people through FF - Molly Song ;)
Need more volunteers? :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Maybe they don't have Mothers Day in Brazil. - Devon Blugh
Mother's Day is a Hallmark Holiday. - Francine Hardaway
If u mean me.. Im from the netherands ;) - Chriz
I get confused with who celebrates Mother's Day and who doesn't :P - Molly Song ;)
Netherlands - Chriz
twit-conversations Brazil - Daniel Wolff from IM
No chance. - Ken Sheppardson
You guys just crash the talkshoe... - Mark A. Landers
God, this sounds terrible. - ralphsaunders
Oh this is not good - Molly Song ;)
See how long TalkShoe stays on... - Louis Gray
He needs to unmute most of them - Molly Song ;)
Yep, pretty bad quality from Talk Shoe - Jim Lavin
this is gonna kill - Gary Gannon
Wasn't GillmorGang yesterday? - Ken Sheppardson
i've yet to hear a talkshoe conference that didn't sound like utter crap - Phil Essing
Yes, Ken. - Louis Gray
Louis: Call quality joke ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
ooo burrrrrn - ralphsaunders
Sam: Usually takes a few days. - Ken Sheppardson
This sucks sorry - Molly Song ;)
Skype just died. Yay. - Louis Gray
Actually, this is the last time there will be two Shuttled simultaneously prepped. - Phil Essing
Fail - Gary Gannon
awww - ralphsaunders
Shuttles* - Phil Essing
I'm off, this is a major fail - Molly Song ;)
no i think he just dropped - ralphsaunders
Enough of this! Anyone care about the Vignette/OpenText buyout? - Jon Marks
TWiT 194: Well, that didn't work - Phil Essing
Skype tends to die every 20 minutes. - Louis Gray
hopefully they all mysteriously get disconected - Gary Gannon
Louis did you forward your ports? - ralphsaunders
I'm pissed as well, I bought the Kindle 2 in pre-release and now the DX comes out. - Jim Lavin
the new kindle would be good if it was the same price. and offer the original cheaper or something - Edgar Rodríguez
They should tell those who just ordered the Kincle 2 that they can wait and get the Kindle DX - Molly Song ;)
ah apple fanboy macbreak opinion - Charbax
Volunteer edition? We're not getting paid? - Louis Gray
ah well - ralphsaunders
The Kindle DX is way too expensive. - Molly Song ;)
Maybe it is a first strike to fill the gap of all of the Newspapers going under. - Jim Lavin
hahaha louis :P - ralphsaunders
Kindle 2 costs as much as a netbook, and Kindle DX costs as much as a cheap laptop... why do people buy Kindles? - Phil Essing
E-ink is awesome - Charbax
I agree kindles are too expensive atm - Richard
You should check E-Ink out - Charbax
I think they'll go down in price, I hope. - Molly Song ;)
It will get cheaper, technology always does. - ralphsaunders
they don't have a competitor at the moment either. - ralphsaunders
What license are TWiT shows released under? - Phillip Stewart
leo it is bigger. i like the kindle 2 cause is more portable. but the large screen is tempting. - Edgar Rodríguez
I dunno why they do...... The DX would be good for textbooks - Roberto Bonini
We need more competition - Richard
yeah - will be awhile - Roberto Bonini
Phillip I think they are under creative commons, im not sure though. - ralphsaunders
They should put all the textbooks on Google Books and let people access them all on Kindle for $10 per month and sell the Kindle at $99 with a 2 year contract - Charbax
I'msure Bezos aleady is in talks with the Text Book Industry - Jim Lavin
Thanks. - Phillip Stewart
Non of that is it at all, it's all about Leo having bought one too quickly. - D Lets
Oy. Another chat room, too:-) - Francine Hardaway
TWiT is a call-in show this week? - Chris Charabaruk
I think there will be alot of priacy... infact i think that will be the kindles selling point to some students. - ralphsaunders
Kinda ! - D Lets
Is that wine you guys are drinking ???????????? - Roberto Bonini
Is the Kindle sturdy enough to endure the daily abuse it will need to endure, as a textbook replacement for students? - Phil Essing
Good point, Divya. - Francine Hardaway
phil - ralphsaunders
bah! - ralphsaunders
heh - Phil Essing
Nah you would need Wacom stylus for the Kindle not multitouch - Charbax
What I was going to say was, it wont be treated like a textbook, its not going to be stuffed in a bag with a load of other stuff all the time. - ralphsaunders
The content creators never look ahead, they wait until they are losing their lunch. - Justin Luey
its hard to look ahead. - ralphsaunders
The Kindle design is awesome, what's he talking about - Charbax
the first kindle was crap - ralphsaunders
the kindle is the worlds best selling E-ink reader - Charbax
By far - Charbax
I wish my BB Bold had glass instead of this stupid plastic. - earl wallace
Ok, another question: at $500, e-textbooks would have to be significantly discounted in order to recoup the investment. - Phil Essing
well, that was not really a question, was it? - Phil Essing
The first kindle is awesome, about 500 thousand people love the Kindle 1 - Charbax
Kindle is the most popular already. - Charbax
by far more popular than Sony reader and other competitors - Charbax
Yes but the cost of books on the Kindle are usually a lot less, which makes up for the cost of the Kindle - Jim Lavin
phil, a student could easily download a pdf of the textbook over the internet. the DX is a really good opportunity in that sense. - ralphsaunders
Sam Davyson: Agreed. I still prefer to read a real book. I don't imagine myself curling-up in bed with a Kindle - Phil Essing
So this is the first comment thread I've seen is functioning as a real time chat room. - MacNeurotic
The larger kindle is about 2 things: 1)more money for textbook people since this will kill used book sales and 2)killing campus bookstores -- which more and more are owned by Barnes and Noble, an Amazon competitor - jccalhoun
I'd love to see something that is more accessible for people with disabilities like visual impairments. I liked what the Kindle was doing about the audio until the Author's Guild had to get in the middle. - Molly Song ;)
MacNeurotic, FriendFeed is a great platform for live events. - Louis Gray
I don't buy feeds on Kindle - Francine Hardaway
mac, get used to it, its the future :P - ralphsaunders
There you have it $19 per month for 2 years, and you could get the Kindle for $199 - Charbax
college textbooks are soooo expensive... if I were in school now, I'd jump on a kindle for textbooks right away - Landor Associates
How soon until my skype dies again? I say 10 minutes. - Louis Gray
I love the idea of e books for school - Francine Hardaway
And you'd get unlimited books/blogs/textbooks for $19 per month on the Kindle - Charbax
ralphsaunders: sure, but that PDF is not going to be free. Textbooks aren't expensive because of the printing costs - Phil Essing
Sounds like another iFanboy show... - Jim Lavin
lol louis - ralphsaunders
Charbax, I see the informercial now - Francine Hardaway
Agree with Alex there - I do the same on my iPhone - Roberto Bonini
E-ink is 100 times better than LCD for reading a lot of text - Charbax
Jim - what would you prefer be discussed? - Louis Gray
This is a good show. Really enjoy watching and listening to smart folks. - David Damore
Skip the Kindle DX; wait for a full-colour version (or competitor) that supports comic books/graphic novels, at about $199-299, and you have a world-beater. - Shéa Bennett
Phil, if you go to the right places PDFs are avaliable free :) - ralphsaunders
until the Pixel Qi LCD comes out - Charbax
Color E-ink will never come - Charbax
@Sheamus... that would be cool. When? - Landor Associates
@Charbax: Color E-ink will never come... Really? - David Damore
Sam, there is not. FriendFeed doesn't show a # of logins. - Louis Gray
@Landor Therein lies the question. :) It is coming, though. Remember Tom Hanks' character in Big? He was WAY ahead of his time. ;) - Shéa Bennett
char, didn't they say that about a TB HDD? - ralphsaunders
Having textbooks with audio would be good for visually impaired - Molly Song ;)
Louis, I just get a little tired of comparing everything to Apple devices, there are a lot more devices out there... - Jim Lavin
taking calls on TWIT is genius! that first call worked perfectly - Justin Luey
yeah - Molly Song ;)
Jim, I mentioned that myself in terms of everybody thinking they know what's coming from them, but it's been discussed for a decade. I brought up Sony's eReader. - Louis Gray
The Kindle Voice is not that bad... It is listenable... - Jim Lavin
It's better than the Kerswell computer voice :P - Molly Song ;)
the only way to know how many people are in the FF chat is if they sound off - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I agree, I've had 4 different EReaders and the Kindle is the best I've used to date. - Jim Lavin
This call in for TWIT will raise TWIT to a whole new level! - earl wallace
Kurtzweil - Francine Hardaway
green text on black... that is 'old skool' - .LAG liked that
So sad, Marley and me. - Francine Hardaway
It's interesting that such 'old fashioned' technology like a call-in is still a popular and perhaps pivotal feature for an internet show. - Shéa Bennett
Agree, Shéamus, could be a good feature. - Louis Gray
I love the call in capability, I think this add a lot to the show. - Jim Lavin
And now thy gonna start pimping audible... alex is particularly fond of it - Roberto Bonini
I'm in the middle of John Hodgman's Area of My Expertise and it's cool. - Molly Song ;)
@Justin Luey Leo tried talkshow on Net@Night for awhile, and I loved it. Always thought Leo should integrate it into more shows. Today it's a TWiT/Tech Guy mashup and it's gold. - MacNeurotic
@Sheamus... it's people communicating.... - .LAG liked that
As a graduate student, the Kindle DX native PDF reader looks great. Sort of regret the Kindle 2 purchase. - Jeremy Franklin
Okay, I'm going for dinner. - Molly Song ;)
I get some of my audiobooks from LibriVox - Phillip Stewart
Good thing I didn't upgrade from Kindle 1 yet. Things will change again - Francine Hardaway
@Jeremy... seems like Amazon pissed off a lot of Kindle2 owners with the DX release... no upgrade deal, eh? - .LAG liked that
I regret the Kindle 2 purchase as well, but like Louis said, sometime you get bit being an early adopter, I'll probably get in line for a DX and give my Kindle 2 to my daughter. - Jim Lavin
Hope this TWiT is a success, I hope he does this more often. :) - Molly Song ;)
Talkshow sounds much better when it is only one person at a time., - Jim Lavin
NOOOOOOO!!!! - Gary Gannon
Star Trek Star Schmeck - Louis Gray
...I have to leave now. Haven't seen Star Trek yet... hiding! - .LAG liked that
I agree, no Star Trek! - Jim Lavin
hehe great film - Roberto Bonini
Yeah, I closed TWiT Live also. :P - Phillip Stewart
i saw it at imax..... - Roberto Bonini
Louis! It was really very good. Read my post. I was not a fan. - Francine Hardaway
I've never seen the tv show, or any of the other films, but i saw the new one last night and really liked it - Simon Wicks
dont do it! it just came out! - Gary Gannon
Simon, that's what I thought - Francine Hardaway
Chinese guys in brazil LOL - Roberto Bonini
I will read your post, Francine. - Louis Gray
@Louis Gray I'm with you! I'll watch the movie, but I never liked to the TV series - MacNeurotic
louis your internet might drop out anyway :p - ralphsaunders
@Louis Gray, why do you use burnurl in your tweets now? - Matthew
I'm seeing it this week. i love me some star trek - Edgar Rodríguez
The movie was very good. - John D Reasor
You dont need to have seen the tv shows to unerstand the film which is the best thing. You just wont understand a few of the jokes, like i didnt when other people were laughing. - Simon Wicks
Trekkers go to Nepal... Trekkies love Star Trek - Phil Essing
me too - i'm going to see it again - Roberto Bonini
Matthew, BurnURL is a ReadBurner project. The mood mining capabilities will play into a future release. - Louis Gray
And Skype died for me again. Fun! - Louis Gray
Good timing loius - Roberto Bonini
someone pls let us know when they stop spoiling it - Gary Gannon
told yah - ralphsaunders
(I am an advisor to ReadBurner) - Louis Gray
no spoilers... yet - Phil Essing
fix it Louis - Charbax
No problems, Roberto. I am dialing back in and being ignored. - Louis Gray
Star Trek = LOST? - Edgar Rodríguez
Ha - Louis Gray
Louis, Louis, Louis...Skype is just not your friend, is it? ;) - Josh Haley
Star Trek had tons of Lens Flare - Matthew
Skype always does this to me. Maybe I should upgrade my client. :) - Louis Gray
Louis you could dial back on Talkshoe and he can take you on there - Charbax
Get a PC :D - Josh Haley
talk about John Locke, pretty please - Edgar Rodríguez
@leolaporte "I grow up as a very young kid" LOL - D Lets
Bite me, Josh. :) - Louis Gray
Should I just bail on it and walk away? - Louis Gray
It's annoying that infinitelymeta keeps interrupting others. - Jeremy Franklin
Nooo, dont give up Louis! - Simon Wicks
Stick it out, Louis. It might get interesting ;P - Josh Haley
leo might be upset louis - ralphsaunders
Ring Ring Ring - Louis Gray
I agree, Don't give up Louis - Jim Lavin
i don't like the guy with the netbook. - Edgar Rodríguez
CGI vs using minutures for closeup shots of ships. Meh.... didint notice the difference much - Roberto Bonini
I never once thought about the fact that it was CG - Ken Sheppardson
Back? - Louis Gray
No big ethical dilema - Ken Sheppardson
That has nothing to do with being a Star Trek fan, that's general SciFi - Ken Sheppardson
Let's talk about sports. - Louis Gray
louis apparently - ralphsaunders
Please mute the guy who is overtalking everyone else Leo - earl wallace
No breathing! - Daniel Rowley
I was holding my breath for 40 minutes! - Louis Gray
JJ didn't write it though - Matthew
He didn't write it - Ken Sheppardson
lol louis - ralphsaunders
...sports on TwiT LG? - .LAG liked that
Sports! - Louis Gray
OK, so... just total spoilers today - Ken Sheppardson
Star Trek !=Tech - Louis Gray
Leo does a great Peter Griffin from Family Guy. - Shéa Bennett
you spoiled the red shirt Leo - Matthew
Yeah, you have Leo - Ken Sheppardson
The Red Matter is from Alias! I'm almost sure. It's related to the Mueller Device. The fonts were Fringe-like. - Filipe Rodrigues
Every time you quote a character, you're spoiling it for somebody - Ken Sheppardson
simon pegg is in it? AWESOME - ralphsaunders
BTW, Kirk dies. - Ken Sheppardson
The guys who gav eht last lecture makes a cameo...... - Roberto Bonini
a red-shirt was killed? GD IT! it's ruined for me, now! - Phil Essing
Ken, BURRRRRN - ralphsaunders
I'm leaving. Don't want to be spoiled. will listen to this show after I see the movie. - Edgar Rodríguez
Kirk is still trapped in the Nexus. - earl wallace
No, Kirk dies in the movie. But they gave that away in the trailer ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Coulda been "Nemesis" - Ken Sheppardson
Spoooooilers - Ken Sheppardson
hey, you stole my webname :P - ralphsaunders
Of course, smart people all over America are asking themselves: who would win a fist-fight, Jean-Luc Picard or Professor X? - Shéa Bennett
Picard...... - Roberto Bonini
Saw the first film opening night. - Ken Sheppardson
Kindle DX: allowing students to keep all the books they’re not going to read in one place. - Daniel Rowley
I got that in the first scene with the USS Kelvin... - Ken Sheppardson
"What was your favorite scene... no spoilers..." BWWWWHAAHAHAHAHA - Ken Sheppardson
Hmmmm... - Louis Gray
hehe impossible to choose :) - Roberto Bonini
My favorite part? Closing credits. - Louis Gray
lol louis - Chris Heath
Lol - Chriz
this week in trek - Jayesh
yeah i agree.. prefer the earlier films spacedock shots - Roberto Bonini
Should I just go grab the kids and put them on camera instead? - Louis Gray
yes louis - Chris Heath
yeah good idea loius - Roberto Bonini
I couldn't believe how they ████████ when the ████████ . And then when ████████ was on the ████████ and ████████ goes over to the ████████ ?!? ███████ing amazing. - Ken Sheppardson
Interesting that despite rave reviews, ST still grossed about $10m less than the mostly-panned Wolverine (which I enjoyed). Wolverine made $27m this weekend, too. You'd think the fanbases would be fairly equal. - Shéa Bennett
lol ken - Chris Heath
Jayesh: brilliant! I think we have this week's title. - Daniel Rowley
i agree daniel - Chris Heath
I'm going to put on a Red Shirt now to get out of this convo. - Louis Gray
don't do it louis.... you've got plenty of life left to live!!! - Chris Heath
Louis you should bring up a topic or they wont stop! - Jayesh
Louis, use a Vulcan mind-meld and get Leo to do the deathgrip on himself. - Shéa Bennett
I should start going Blue Man and bang my head on the video wall. - Louis Gray
Doses not look like they are going to stop.... - Roberto Bonini
THAT MAY WORK...... - Roberto Bonini
Break time - Chriz
55% of homes do not have land lines - Jim Lavin
34% - Chris Heath
5 million - Roberto Bonini
It's a good job Dvorak's not on this week! - Daniel Rowley
Bingo - Greg
hells yeah - ralphsaunders
Ok, that blue man plan b isint needed, loius - Roberto Bonini
'well you've got a live chat stream there so i might as well participate' - Chris Heath
friendfeed is an IRC killer - Charbax
I wouldm - ralphsaunders
I woudn't go that car charbaz - ralphsaunders
I have 4 voip lines and 3 cells..overkill just alittle (: - earl wallace
charbax, irc has tab-complete for usernames... that's a better feature that ff doesn't have - Chris Heath
I think i know which scene Ken is talking about..... - Roberto Bonini
friendfeed will be irc killer once friendfeed activates live filters - Charbax
I thought he said we were catching a break? - Louis Gray
frienfeed is activating live filters within a few weeks - Charbax
and i don't have to keep scrolling down on irc like i do with friendfeed embed. - ralphsaunders
i dunno.... - Roberto Bonini
@Louis He meant from Star Trek. - Shéa Bennett
You could then filter live chats with thousands of participants - Charbax
Ahhh - Louis Gray
SquareSpace is pretty slick! - Daniel Rowley
$15 a mth per domain - Greg
Is the Friendfeed beta online yet? - earl wallace
Damn Skype - Louis Gray
Leo, the problem with Friendfeed is the lack of mobile apps. It would be great to use Friendfeed on the go but I can't use it besides right in front of the laptop. - Sweyn Venderbush
yes - Phil Essing
If any one thing was going to kill IRC, I think it would have already done so in the past 15 years. - Tony Miller
Leo's smooooooth. - Shéa Bennett
wallace, - ralphsaunders
this was friendfeedbeta then they rolled it out live - Greg
3x - I usually die every 20 minutes - Louis Gray
yeah but the beta went live last week?? - Roberto Bonini
Thanks Phil - earl wallace
earl wallace, you're using the beta now - Matthew
everyone laughed when the "Madea" actor was on screen - Alex Jordan
ralph, redirects to just - Chris Heath
OH GOD! Thats so ugly - ralphsaunders
@Sweyn: Try FriendFeed ToGo -- mobile via Web/wap: - .LAG liked that
yeah i just realised chris, it seems they made it live. - ralphsaunders
or - Roberto Bonini - Roberto Bonini
So, Squarespace is a time-portal back to the mid-90s? - Shéa Bennett
HAHA yeah - Roberto Bonini
Twip as the cupon code... hmmmmm - Roberto Bonini
ralph that switch happened about two weeks ago - Chris Heath
Shéamus: seems so! - Daniel Rowley
I'm offf... bye - Roberto Bonini
SquareSpace a place where the Squares go to play. - Tim Moore
What did they just say, that Squarespace makes iPhone versions automagically? - Colin
@Tim: ouch! - .LAG liked that
20% - Jayesh
colin, yes... their back end is amazing - Chris Heath
I know of it but Lag and Roberto but they aren't native app and they don't have notifications and they are limited by the worst phone browsers. I would like a windows mobile app as there are many iphone apps already. Nambu looks very nice. - Sweyn Venderbush
Wow, that is incredible, great idea... - Colin
Is it Terraccota that squarespace uses? It's either that or Hadoop that's the super sexy library for java and spreading work across a ton of computers *needs to learn it* - Patrick Sullivan
Has anyone else seen this?, lets you know when it's best to visit the toilet! - Daniel Rowley
They should take this survey in Canada I bet this l% is lower - Greg
@LAG you already know... LOL! - Tim Moore
Likely 20% got cut-off in the last year thanks to the economic climate. - Shéa Bennett
i'm just like alex... i only want one number - Chris Heath
Louis uses Skype for everything too ;) - Josh Haley
/blocks Josh - Louis Gray
Why isn't the comment link at the bottom of the thread instead of the top? They should switch the direction of comments if they continue to try and emulate Twitter... - Tim Moore
@Sweyn: good points... FF is just dying for some developer to come along write an iPhone app for it...or Windows mobile, if you must. ;) - .LAG liked that
Phone numbers will be like domain names in 3-5 years. You'll buy one, take it everywhere (cell/home/etc), and keep it for life (assuming you make renewal payments). - Shéa Bennett
I agree Tim - Sweyn Venderbush
If you click on the timestamp, it puts the post in a new tab, where the comment box is at the bottom - Tony Miller
Forget the red shirt Louis, you know which shirt you should be wearing right now...on front of thousands. - Josh Haley
tim moore go here: and scroll to the bottom - Chris Heath
click on the time under the title of the post it will open a comment box at the bottom - Greg
Maybe I should go off video and do that for ya, Josh. - Louis Gray
I much prefer the sound quality of a land line for me and the people I call. - Gregg Scott
DO EET - Josh Haley
LAG there are already a ton of iphone apps but what about windows mobile, symbian, and android apps? Nothing there. - Sweyn Venderbush
Does anyone know when Google Voice will be available to Public? - earl wallace
EyeCheeWahWah!!! @Chris thanks for that. - Tim Moore
tim, just add ?embed=1 to any friendfeed chat url to get that... (or click the timestamp twice) - Chris Heath
@Sweyn: following the money, I suppose... - .LAG liked that
I can't believe nobody has mentioned Star Trek. That movie is HUGE. - Shéa Bennett
yeash.///// - ralphsaunders
The phone numbers available in google voice are USA only and only certain area codes - Greg
@Chris thanks for that info. - Tim Moore
sheamus... how long have you been watching? - Chris Heath
@Chris The entire time. ;) - Shéa Bennett
Google Voice is US only though isn't it? - Gregg Scott
@Louis Gray, what other podcasts do you do? - Matthew
FFUndercats, ReadBurner and others. Social Geeks every once in a while. - Louis Gray
bastards - ralphsaunders
cool - Matthew
@LAG the difference is that the apps for WM are so much more expensive than iPhone apps. The IM+ app is $40 as apposed to $6 or less on the iPhone. I would pay $40 for a good FF WM app. - Sweyn Venderbush
I just dig how I don't have a Kindle, haven't seen Star Trek and don't have Google Voice. Quite the week for me to join... - Louis Gray
I would use Google Voice, but I moved to a different state after I got it, so the old area code # doesn't do me a lot of good now. - Tony Miller
Friendfeed undercats? - Charbax
Darn right .. the USA biggest trading partner shut out - Greg
Don't mock us Leo, it's tough in Canada. - Colin
@Mathew howdy from Forest City! - earl wallace
Sounds cool - Charbax
well, in most countries, the only things you can't have on itunes is TV and Movies - Jackson Pollock
Whats up Earl - Matthew
Louis, start licking the screen and making obscene gestures with your hands. - Shéa Bennett
Skype desktop phone FTW! - Tim Moore
Stop making me laugh, Shéamus. - Louis Gray
@Earl Wallace, in the Queen City - Matthew
I have a US address for's what I cut and paste form the U of W website. - Gregg Scott
Grew up there in CLT escaped in 1999 to the boondocks - earl wallace
I hate reading people Liking songs on FriendFeed. It has no value to me. - Gregg Scott
Also Hulu is a no go but the networks gladly sell their feeds to the canadian networks - Greg
Greg, you can hide any service on FriendFeed. You can block and Pandora. - Louis Gray
some bands have official mp3 releases on their websites... i've added a few of those mp3 urls to for my favorites - Chris Heath
I escaped for a while, I lived in Boone for about 8 years - Matthew
I thought stopped that particular paid model *shrug* - Tony Miller
So, Louis, Duke Nukem fan? - Shéa Bennett
I lived in Boone while at ASU for 2 quarters - earl wallace
0-4 - Louis Gray
on beautiful Cape Fear ---> - Chris Heath
seeqpod seems to be down now too. Dead or not-dead? - Doug Slater
Thanks Louis. I actually don't see much of it on FF. As long as a user writes a preamble to give the song context it has value. Just a link is meaningless as would be a TinyURL without an introduction. - Gregg Scott
This happens everytime a studio closes - Matthew
Leo she deserves a prize. - Gregg Scott
I use free software - Greg
Can I play the semi-completed Duke Nukem on my Kindle DX while dressed as a Vulcan and chatting to my 'girlfriend' on Google Voice? No? I thought this was tech? - Shéa Bennett
I would argue this value is lessened in the world of mobile computing. But I won't slam the sponsor. - Louis Gray
Alex looking at your site and the headings aren't centered. Is it hard to realign those design elments? - Gregg Scott
@louis eventually they'll launch "Go To My Cell Phone" - Tim Moore
But you shouldn't need it if you have a laptop. - Louis Gray
Leo's a hero. - Daniel Rowley
or "Go To My Home" - Matthew
You know her Skype ID too, Leo. - Gregg Scott
Leo I will take on of those Shiny Heil's - Tim Moore
say tricaster! - pmclem
I can't wait for GoToMyHouse. Great for late night's out. - Shéa Bennett
A new mixer - Greg
Yea she is - Chriz
Leo's flirtin with this chick - Tim Moore
Smooth operator. - Daniel Rowley
Leo's puttin' on all the moves. - Shéa Bennett
leo i could use a account... that citrix product is the bomb! - Chris Heath
I'd actually ask for that Mackie since he's about to drop it for a euphonix desk - Tim Moore
Yay! Lost again - Louis Gray
@Tim... .LOLz...and he can't even see what she looks like. HA! - .LAG liked that
Feel free to help out with this ep on the wiki - Phillip Stewart
i acutally have a gotmyassist account now, but not having to pay for it would be nice - Chris Heath
@LAG he's old, he doesn't care... - Tim Moore
hahahaha! - .LAG liked that
"Other participants of this game may receive the home version of this game for hours of product placement fun!" - Devon Blugh
Wonder if Louis's router is disconnecting him - Greg
possibly greg - Chris Heath
Scoble is the largest FF evangelist, much respect to LG! - .LAG liked that
Friendfeed rules - Josh Haley
It's starting to be a killer app - Charbax - I launched this today. ;) - Colin
Love it, I do - D Lets
Ceph Aloha - Jason R
I'm on twit! - Josh Haley
FriendFeed's great! - Daniel Rowley
Yeah I love Threaded Tweets - Jeff
Love FF - Matthew
He defienately knows the FF dog and pony routine. - Tim Moore is this same conversation on ThreadedTweets. - Colin
Charbax, who is showing up as the first post now? :P - Phillip Stewart
Is Louis in a geological unstable area? Shakey cam - Jason R
Sorry Jason, I'll hold still - Louis Gray
Cool Colin!! - Jeff
great to see Louis on Twit - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I"m over overwhelm - D Lets
she doesn't participate - Josh Haley
Isn't Kim Kardashian the daughter of deceased former OJ Simpson attorney? - shelter watch
I still have not figured out FF - Jason R
I have about a 50% return - Matthew
I Hide all Tweets that don't have comments or likes.. - Jeff
I still prefer the old pop-out real-time widget. - Gregg Scott
hey Gunny - Josh Haley
Kim Kardashian is a waste of human skin - Tim Moore
me too Gregg Scott, I like the avatars and the speech bubbles - Matthew
thx to Micah's grease monkey script, all @ replies from twitter get hidden - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Thanks, Chris. My bad. - Louis Gray
What is the URL to see Scoble's feed stream? - Charbax
charbax: i just linked it up above - Chris Heath
Matthew. I prefer the social media icons, dialogue bubbles and font size. - Gregg Scott
Evening Dan!!! - Darren Rowley - Chris Heath
Gregg Scott, there's a great greasemonkey script that brings back the social media icons - Matthew
Cool I wonder what bandwidth friendfeed is using per scobleizer/friends type stream - Charbax
Darren: howdy! - Daniel Rowley
Thx to Micah there's some great FF scripts - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I'm a newbie to Greasemonkey. It runs inside the Firefox browser, correct? - Gregg Scott
yes - Matthew
it's an addon - Matthew
FriendFeed is missing the easy @replies for people we are responding too. - Gregg Scott
what't the talkshoe thing - Jackson Pollock - Matthew
yeah I think some sort of @reply system on FF would be nice - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
i get that - Jackson Pollock
u need a us phone? - Jackson Pollock
there is a friendfeed iphone app - Tim Moore is a great mobile app that's cross-platform. - Shéa Bennett
buddyfeed is the app - Tim Moore
Leo use the old pop-out widget for iPhone. - Gregg Scott
real-time on iphone will use bandwidth - Charbax
@reply for what? someones comment? - Tony Miller
threatened? amazon should be happy - Jackson Pollock
yeah, people either really want nested comments or really hate them - Tony Miller
Soon enough Android will tell you which supermarkets has cheapest food to buy - Charbax
and recommend you what to cook - Charbax
I do this already with my Treo 700p I'm always looking up stuff on amazon when I'm shopping - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I wish Sprint had an Android phone - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I wish Qik supported the G1. - Daniel Rowley
haha I came to the twit room on buddyfeed and the app crashed - Tim Moore
I like androids and food ;-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I wish it supported the Treo - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Thats if you make sure to install the critical update to the 32bit version BEFORE installing apps in it - Greg
hate that dog - Josh Haley
how u feeling Josh? still have thousand dragons throat? - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
well there's your problem. - Jackson Pollock
I've always suspected MS's paperclip 'helper' in Office was responsible for the boon in serial killers in the 1990s. "I see you're writing a ransom note..." - Shéa Bennett
bearable for now, but yeah still breathing fire. :p - Josh Haley
You don't--it's gone, baby. Cut and paste or add to bookmarks... - Gregg Scott
WinFS dead? - Jackson Pollock
no RSS is dead - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I used to scream at paperclip and smash fist down on keyboard. Search Puppy caught my wrath on more than one occasion as well - Tim Moore
gunny; how's that? i'd say it's more alive than ever - Jackson Pollock
a throw back to yesterday's gilmor gang show - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
had to be there I guess :p - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
You're better off if you weren't, Gunny. - Louis Gray
jackson, he was referring to gilmor gang yesterday - ralphsaunders
yea, considering podcasting is all rss - Jackson Pollock
everything - ralphsaunders
still at like a panther stage - Jackson Pollock
maybe puma - Jackson Pollock
Firefox is dead; long live Chrome. - Shéa Bennett
I love the idea of SquareSpace but the design elements aren't quite there yet in the sites I've looked at. Very close though. - Gregg Scott
I like windows7 when i'm forced to be on windows. Vista, not so much. A lot of screaming and smash fist down on keyboard repeatedly - Tim Moore
The RC will expire on June 1, 2010. Starting on March 1, 2010, your PC will begin shutting down every two hours. - Darren Rowley
Wish chromium would come - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
brian daniel eisenberg should talk about the atom processor like he said before the show - Chris Heath
Douglas Bowman being hired at Twitter is quite a development. - Gregg Scott
I'm running WIndows 7 on my Netbook and Q1 and both perform better than the original XP. - Jim Lavin
but they did start over though, in 2005. they began all over again with vista code - Jackson Pollock
2004* - Jackson Pollock
He's lying! - Tim Moore
Woo pageviews are up today :D - ralphsaunders
A swedish company took Google Chrome, took the code and fixed it's holes and gives it free..Iron - earl wallace
looks like the 9 cell battery not the 6 - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
@Gunny I agree - Tim Moore
my 3 cell Wind gets 3 hrs - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
turn off push and pull dude - Tim Moore
i get really good battery life on my iphone - Chris Heath
Skype died again so I'm all done. :) - Louis Gray
really? - ralphsaunders
My G1 OS updated this week, it's fantastic. - Daniel Rowley
your not going to come back them louis - ralphsaunders
Poor Louis... - Jim Lavin
I REALLY want an Android phone - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Thanks for your participation Louis. - Gregg Scott
Good job Louis; next time let the other guys get a word in. - Shéa Bennett
that sucks Louis - Matthew
@Louis Gray, you should start your own podcast - Matthew
rokr? think that was suppose to be razr - Jackson Pollock
Louis should do a 19 minute podcast. - Daniel Rowley
1st gen iPhones... Turn off Location services! - Tommy Bevins
i've had days where i forgot to pause the ipod on my iphone when i unplugged the jack ... it didn't put audio out on the speaker, but kept running the songs and it ran down the battery by the early afternoon... - Chris Heath
No Motorola had the first phone that worked with iTunes called the Rocker - Jim Lavin
That's was hilarious, Daniel Rowley! - Gregg Scott
3G I never use. WiFi always on. I browse internet about 20 minutes a day, I do about 15 minutes of talking a day, send about 30 sms a day. Maybe an hour of ipod a day. Lasts me 2-3 days on one charge. - Jackson Pollock
zephyrlily i disagree... i like having an all-in-one device - Chris Heath
my phone is a phone, but my iPod Touch is awesome - Matthew
Maybe we will start a podcast. Hmmmm - Louis Gray
@Louis Gray, keep us posted Louis - Matthew
Droppin Science with Louis Gray - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
zephyrlily i get 1.5-2 days on my iphone - Chris Heath
this week in friendfeed? - Tim Moore
The Gray Area with Louis Gray - Matthew
but most of the time i just recharge the iphone overnight so i'm topped off - Chris Heath
My 1st Gen iPod Touch battery will die based on WiFi use but mostly my screen brightness setting. - Gregg Scott
no sephyrilily - Matthew
zep; nop - Jackson Pollock
zephyrlily, you can get a battery pack case... i don't have one - Chris Heath
The Blackberry outsold the Iphone but different markets and cultures. - earl wallace
Louis count me in if you want a co-host - Jim Lavin
earl... blackberry has a buyonegetone deal - Chris Heath
Droppin' Science and Skype Calls with Louis Gray. - Daniel Rowley
@carlosgustavo I'll follow ya as soon as I get of TWIT, OK? - D Lets
so they didn't make that much money but moved twice as many units as they would have normally - Chris Heath
don't cha just love irish - Jackson Pollock
@carlosgustavo i would follow you but it's all in some lanquage I cannot read ;) - Tim Moore
sue. you shouldn't sue. americans always want to sue. they're pro consumer, not pro company. - Jackson Pollock
USA I believe is the most litigious country in the world - Greg
Possible topic: Myspace Megan Meyers federal legislation? - shelter watch
if we didn't have lawyers we wouldn't need lawyers - Jackson Pollock
How would someone gain credentials to be a "software expert witness"? - earl wallace
740 - Greg
@leolaporte It's really not that long it didn't really start till 3:40 - D Lets
---- End Of Show --- ] - ralphsaunders
Feel free to Subscribe to me on FF or follow me on Twitter. @greggscott - Gregg Scott
TWiT 194 - This Week in Trek - the volunteer edition - Chris Heath
good show, good shoe....well done Leo & Co. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Nice Title Chris! - Gregg Scott
Chris you need to post that on IRC. - Gregg Scott
Goodnight!... oh, not me! - Daniel Rowley
good show. liked using FF as the backchannel... - .LAG liked that
Quickly turned sound off to not hear the spoilers. :P - Phillip Stewart
@LAG yeah FF works for me I hate the IRC channels - Tim Moore
twit just had a Moment of Win - Josh Haley
This my best TWIT ever! - earl wallace
I like GN DN - Tim Moore
Chris I pimped your title in IRC. - Gregg Scott
the red shirt always gets it...right away - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
dammit! GNDN.COM is already taken. - Tim Moore
It was a great episode! The caller interaction must be part of the show now. - Justin Luey
they said wynona rider was spock's mom a year ago - Chris Heath
red shirt guy thread on friendfeed via kshep: - Chris Heath
the red shirt guy always got it - Chris Heath
Leo you have to control this chat room - D Lets
6 hours - Charbax
@leolaporte It's really not that long it didn't really start till 3:40 - D Lets
The chat on friendfeed will eventually be filtered by "likes" when they add likes for comments and provide filters in real-time to only show liked commentors - Charbax
still just about 2 hours - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I have been using the TWITTY app and its pretty good! - earl wallace
poor Brian...gonna explode! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
My husband will know who the heck Rachel is - Rachel
the updated Twitterrific iPhone apps is very nice - Matthew
lol rachel - Chris Heath
i use LaTWiT - Chris Heath
cya friendfeeders... i'll bbl - Chris Heath
Adios! - Daniel Rowley
COOL - Charbax
Becky for the motherflippin win - Matthew
Becky + Dvorak + Molly is cool - Charbax
Tahnks Leo! I did'nt think FF would work for me but it's really nice! - earl wallace
Hope they have the wine for next week :) - Harvey Birdman
Thanks for having me on. That was awesome! - Rachel
It was great chatting/posting with all of you.good night - earl wallace
Where was Ozzy today? - shelter watch
Thank you for an interesting show today. - Ed Boutros
awesome show today Leo! For being fairly last minute i think it turned out great. - Chris Heath
Dunno if anybody's reading these after the fact, but something at least tech-related in the Star Trek discussion...slight spoiler contained...Cryptic is working on an ST MMO, set about 50 years after Voyager I believe. Anyway, they have been updating their news feed once or twice a week with a story called "The Path to 2409," ( which follows the... more... - David E. Mullins
Just listened via podcast. Love the TalkShoe integration, Leo! - casey wright
Yeah, worked out really well. - Roberto Bonini
Jesse Stay
"W" is by far Oliver Stone's absolute worst movie. I can't tell if it's supposed to be a comedy or if he's serious. Very disrespectful IMO.
Does that mean it isn't worth seeing? - Frankie Warren
Frankie I wouldn't recommend it. Waste of my time. - Jesse Stay
Agreed: not a good movie. But who does it disrespect? - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Rob, it disrespects the office of the President of the United States. I don't care how goofy George W. Bush was, or if any of the "rumors" were true. Stone depicts the rumors as though they actually were true and completely diminishes the respect of the office of the President of the United States. I don't care who it is - the President should never be depicted in the way Stone did George W. Bush - he made a foolery of him. (Note that I voted for Obama) - Jesse Stay
Same here. I thought it was a horrible movie, but not sure it was disrespectful or who it would be disrespectful to. - Jeremy Franklin
The presidency of George W. Bush was far more disrepectful to the office than anything else. Oliver Stone is only guilty of making some crappy movies. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
...or should we refer to it as the Cheney presidency? - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Jeremy it made a fool of the President, especially where it came out while that President was in office. I think that's disrespectful. Rob I don't care if you have that opinion. I think he made mistakes as well. It's another to completely make fun of him based on complete rumors that make him look like a fool. Stone had a political agenda with this and it was disrespectful to the office of any President that leads this nation. I completely lost respect for Stone with this one. - Jesse Stay
Jesse, I do have that opinion, as such there is no reason you should care about it. But to say Oliver Stones little movie made a fool of George Bush is give Stone far to much credit. George Bush would look like a fool with or without the movie. re: Oliver Stone--I think we agree. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
I wouldn't go too far on the disrespectful suggestion, but the movie seemed cheap and boring. - Louis Gray
Luke, I saw it - didn't see any reviews telling me not to watch it though. :-P - Jesse Stay
Jeremy Franklin
Canon is really making a move into the HD video enabled DSLR with the T1i
definitely looks like it's going to be a great camera. I'm just disappointed for the degraded 1080 @ 20fps. Perhaps the forum guys will figure something out soon! - Elijah Nicolas
Yeah. That 20fps is not so great. The Gizmodo video sort of demonstrated it, but it is a start. My 40D is looking really old now. - Jeremy Franklin
Wow pretty amazing, cameras = PCs these days in terms of refresh rate on tech. Interested to see what the mid-line refresh brings as well - Bill Pennington from twhirl
Also I keep wondering what this signals for camcorders in general, seems like a camcorder form factor + 5D2 tech would just kick butt. Oh and give me manual control please! - Bill Pennington from twhirl
Jesse Stay
I'm going to live-stream this #suntweet panel on Friendfeed - discuss here#
Jeremy Hanks of just announced - a software company built around products they build, as well as - Jesse Stay
Yeah - it's hot in here! - Jesse Stay
Is this working? - Carissa
Panelists: @exit_stage_left, @jesse, @Krista_parry, @jyl_momif, and @ghennipher - Jesse Stay
Someone share the ustream URL if you have it - Jesse Stay
Jyl is the creator of #GNO on Twitter, FYI - Jesse Stay
Someone please post the link to donate here - Jesse Stay
Robert Scoble
If you had $3,000 in your pocket, which would you buy? Canon 5D MKII or Apple 17-inch MacBookPro. Discuss here:
Neither - MiniMage
We are arguing about that on the CES bus. Geeks! - Robert Scoble
Canon 5D MKII hands down. - Andrew Hyde
Canon camera. I need a great camera more than a Mac - Keith - @tsudo
pro for sho - Bradley Will
5d Mk II - Scott Loftesness
5D MKII, since I've already got a Mac Pro. ;) - Cory OBrien
Have a Nikon D300 and my old MBP is on the fritz, so this woud be a slam dunk for me - Gregg Gallagher
17 inch MBP because I love it. Then I'd buy a cheap 40D. I get more use out of a laptop than I do a camera. - Michael Yurechko
Apple 17-inch MacBookPro with a matte screen. - Arturo Puente
People who get a good cannon keep them forever, I go through a macbook every few years - Michael Struening
Macbook Pro. Only because I'm a Nikon fan. D300 is definitely my choice of camera ;) - Tamar Weinberg
mac - David Banes from IM
Would have to be the MacBookPro - Jason Townsend
The Canon. A solid peice of hardware and I'm after a camera - Mo Kargas
5D MKII of course. - Jeremy Franklin
The Canon. I'd have so much more fun with a zippy camera than a Big Mac. - Mike Neumann
Probably the computer. I'm happy with the first gen 5D I'm about to buy and as awesome as the camera is, the MBP doesn't need another $5K in lenses. - Derrick
Neither, you need at least twice that for glass & equipment to get the "rig" you should want for a Canon MKII - sorry, 3K isn't enough for that toy; and spending 3K on disposable technology (Mac equipment) isn't a wise investment. - No Name
MBP....i miss my macs! - Brian Bufalo
5D MKII hands down. I can hold onto the memory cards until I get to a desktop :) - Austin
Without question: 5D mark II - Rodney L.
MBP - it's a means of production for me, once i make some extra cash with it I can always buy the 5D ;-) - Warren
I already have a 5D MKII but I would take another one in a heartbeat, or a couple of nice L glass - Bill Pennington
5D Mark II..... no doubt. - Albert K
Canon, without a doubt. - Brad Butner
Definitely the MacBook Pro...but then again I'm not a photographer. - Charlie Flowers
Neither, I'd use it to buy food for a year. - Will Higgins™
Canon - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
Considering I can make quicker cash with my Photography work I would say the Canon 5D MKII and then I would buy the Apple 17 inch MacBook Pro with some of my earnings! - Patrick Greer
5D Mark II. And then throw the remaining towards some new glass. - Andy Hannon
2k into the bank, 1k for computer upgrades and other stuff. - Grant Bierman
5D Mk II everytime ... unless I don't have a Mac at that particular time ... - Stephen Taylor
I would go for the Macbookpro - Troy Malone
5D MKII...already have a MacBookPro and I'm willing to ditch my Nikon gear! - Dan Shust
Canon 5D MKII since I already have the 15" MBP. - Alan Le
I don't need either one--but I think the Canon would have much better resale value--so given the choices: Canon. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Canon 5D MKII - for sure! - I really want one.... :( - Brad
MBP - not a photographer - Matt Faulkner
A 50D and a fast lens. ;-) - D. Lambert
I've already got the 15" unibody so I'd go for the 5Dmkii - Sparky, lurking
If I didn't have a laptop, then I would get the 17" MBP. If I already had a lappy, then get the camera... - William Sellers
Well, I recently moved from a 30D to a 5DMII because it was a huge upgrade for my "system". With a 2 year old Macbook Pro still serving me well for my needs, it's an easy decision. Additionally, I can't see using a 17" notebook over a 15 for portability sake, I'd just as well get an iMac and keep using my Macbook Pro for mobile use. - Ryan
Aren't you in Vegas? I think there are a few other options in front of you.. - LA Snark
5D!! - Wil
The camera. I have a new macbook already. - Jim Williams
The 5D is more than a $3k investment. It's $3k upfront but thousands in lenses, flashes and other gear over the years. - Michael Yurechko
Canon 5DMIII... - Greg Kamer
MacBookPro 17-inch. I am a Nikon guy. So, Canon 5D MKII if I had $7K for all the lenses, too. - Chintan Zaveri
The camera! I already have the 15" MBpro. 17" is just too big. - Sherry Main
My 1 yr-old MacBook doesn't thrill me; it sits on the desk unused, and I just couldn't pay more than $200 for a camera, unless I was dreadfully rich. - MiniMage
5DMKII - sell some images on istockphoto, and then buy an MSI Wind and install OSX. It is faster than my 15" MBP! - Darren Mak
Definitely the 5D MkII - Christopher Chan
$3,000 worth of NOODLZ - Bwana ☠
100 shares of CRM ;D - barl0w
What would I do with a Mac? - drsPIX
canon 5d. already have a 15 mbp - Kiran Patchigolla
5D MK II You can always get the Mac later. - Yu Yu Din
I'd pay my bills and buy some groceries. - ::Kristen::
What's an Apple 17-inch MacBookPro and why would a person need one? - Michael Krigsman
Mac book pro - Randy
MacBook Pro because I have neither a mac or digital SLR and the Mac does many things where as the canon does one thing well/ - BRҰANSAҰS
Canon 5D MKII - Mαηsòór
I'll take the MacBook Pro - Rob
MacBookPro...or a Martin 12 and use the difference to buy a copy of logic pro for my 15" macbook pro - Armen Chakmakjian
5D MKII - do you want to lug around that 17" beast? - nicholas einstein
I'll go for the MacBook. My heart beats nikon so.... - studio_juan
MBP - already have a nice Canon - but my Mac sits firmly on my desk - shaun mclane
MacBook Pro, but I would need another $1200 for the 8GB of RAM. - Shawn Hickman
5D MKII. Even though I already have one. - Kathleen McGivney
Neither. Maybe 3 coins :). I have a Macbook Pro which I don't use often comparing to my PC. I am not into the consumer electronic stuff, only got a digital cam last year :). - dexin
Canon. Can't believe Apple ditched the matte screen on the 17" - FCP users and photographers don't want a glossy screen - the idea of the 17" is the ability to use it out in the field for photo/video editing. - Peter Clayton
So limiting, Robert! If I could pick whatever I wanted, I'd get one of those sweet Asus multi-touch netbooks coming out - and then use the rest to buy Yahoo! stock. :P - Shawn Farner
MB 13'' and the external cinema display. MBP17 is huge to carry out - Jean-Charles VERDIE
canon - jtothea
17" MBP FTW! You should create a poll on Robert, then we can see graphed results! - Joseph
Craigslist in Cincinnati - 5D for 1200: - D. Lambert
Wow, what a great argument! 82 comments in 17 minutes! - Robert Scoble
Camera. Droooooooooool. - Alix May
Well part of it would have to go towards fixing my car, Then the rest would go towards buying a second camera body to be my main and at least one lens if not two. Then the rest would go towards bills. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Robert: Apple products plus awesome SLR cameras...response is a given :) - Mo Kargas
the camera is nice - especially all the HD video. friend of mine in the movie post-production business reckons this sort of Camera will KILL the movie camera business in a few years time. especially at the low-budget movie (<$30 million) of the movie business. RED already making big inroads. much cheaper than an ARRI. - Scot Mcphee
The MK II as I already have the MBP 17 inch...older but it works. - Semipro
Canon 5D is the winner for me. Great digital photography is the gift that keeps on giving.... ;-) - John Uppendahl
Well.... Given that I have 4 PC desktops, 2 PC laptops, and 1 iMac, all of which are operational and regularly used, AND that I suck at photography, I'm going for what's behind door #3: A whopping big HDTV -- which will get hooked up to the living room PC, of course. ;-) - Joanmarie
17" Mac. Already have a camera. . . - Scott Whitney
Nikon D3 - Bill Sanders
Macbook Pro for me. Would be my first Mac. - Jim Bednarz
Nikon D3 - ThePicMan
MacBook Pro. Don't need such a super-duper crazy camera. Not a real photographer. But a very real Mac geek. - Louis Gray
5D for sure! - Daniel Pourasghar
I'd go the MacBook - but I'd also load it up with the full 8gb of RAM I see as an option (and not many people mentioning). Sadly, a nice 17" MBP setup it just over NZ$10k :( - Mark Derricutt
MacBook Pro. Hands down. I'm a computer engineer, not a photographer. - Logan Leger
well since I've already got a Canon 5D Mark II... hmmmm... - Thomas Hawk
I'll buy neither. What I would rather do is try to buy one share of BRK-B if it gets to that price. :) - imabonehead
The 17" Mac Book Pro, I already have a 5D MkII ;-) - Jeff P. Henderson
I'd buy the camera, I have always loved photography and wanted to learn. - R. Ferguson
The Canon, all the way man!! - Finding The View
Apple! I don't like the fact of the hd video recorder on the 5D and I want the Sony alpha! - Brandy Lea
Canon. 15" MBP is the largest I'll go. - rønin
I would take the cash and build an ultimate gaming PC !!! :D - ralphsaunders
When you buy an inexpensive camera, you really sacrifice quality, and that lack of quality endures (you want to keep your photos forever, right?). When you buy an inexpensive computer, that's not the case (I don't need a unibody case :) - David Andrzejewski
Canon 5D - easy answer! - Susan Beebe
Ouch, this one hurts. I suppose I can't opt for a Nikon equivalent to the Canon? If this is the choice, I'd opt for the MacBook Pro. But if I had 3K, I'd buy myself the Nikon D300 - Karoli
The Canon. A 17" laptop is too big unless you plan to use it as a desktop. - Hartley Spurlock
Mac for sure.I have a first generation Macbook and I need a new one. Kaya Singer - Kaya
I'd pay off my credit card. For all that stuff I, like, already bought. - Jandy
the Camera for sure - Tai
5d Mark II - jho
None - a super-gaming rig. :) - carrotmadman6
Definitely a Canon 5D. - Maria Colacurcio
5D Mark II - Hands down. - Seagate
I would save it until I had between $8-15K for a CO2 laser cutting machine. I like my macs small, and while full frame sounds nice, I know I'm not nearly hungry enough to go pro in photography, so 40D suits me just fine. - Jason Wehmhoener
That's a tough one because I have been wanting to get my first Mac (have to start somewhere, right?!) but am a hard core Canon fan/user. So if push came to shove, I would have to go with the Canon. - Laura Zickus
Mmm, CO2 lasers. - Mo Kargas
That would be either a trip to another continent or a Fujitsu LifeBook P1630, but it would not be either of the options in the question. I seriously cannot understand $3k for a camera, unless you're going to make that money back in a month or two WITH said camera. - MiniMage
Neither, I would invest in the stock market. - DGentry
I'd prefer a D300, however no matter what brand I'd take the camera in a second over the MBP. Save up another $500 and get a Windows Notebook as well. - Kenton
The Canon 5D MKII for sure. Cameras bring me a lot more joy than flashy computers. Though a 17-inch MacBookPro would be nice to edit those new photos on too ;-) - Ian Holton from twhirl
Probably the Mac. I would never carry around a DSLR. Too big. - Rodfather
Neither. The new full frame format with HD Movies (wow! Woopee *rolls eyes*) is crap - only 3.9 FPS?! Who are they kidding?! - Adam
Seeing my Macbook Pro is 5 months old. I would buy neither...but I would buy a MacPro with more RAM. - Ryan
I take a cruise with Lindsay - big ass stateroom. - iTad
Neither, I'd get a Canon Rebel XTi and build a new gaming PC, anything left over would go toward the new home NOC - xero
I would take my lover to Italy :) - Maryam Scoble
The Canon 5D, I find the photographic process calming, a welcome diversion from the ones and zeros. - cornedbeefgents
Awwww :) - Mo Kargas
Nikon D700 - Rod Bauer from twhirl
There's one in every crowd. - Rod Bauer from twhirl
If I had the $3,000, Canon 5D and a larger donation here Pros: it's more portable, takes better pictures, and connects to my more compact 15" Macbook Pro. Of course, it doesn't work with my Nikon lenses, so... - Lee Dale
Canon 5D MKII only cause I have a Macbook Pro. If I didnt it would be the Macbook. - Bob Maltais
Nah. Patrick's college fund. 5D Mark 2 or the Macbook isn't all that exciting. - Joshua Hayworth
cannon.I kill computers, so not worth spending 3 grand on one. Plus I have a (beat up) macbook pro already. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
The MacBook of course. - Rob Fahrni
mac - Vishy
5D, but I wish it had XLR audio. - Gus
the new MBP, without a doubt ... my current ones needs a refresh (I'm accepting donations btw) ;-) - Jeffrey Canton
Since I'll be getting the new MBP anyway, I'll take the 5D. BTW, is anyone keeping score? - Brad Kligerman
Blatant self-promotion, but if Robert used it would keep score for us... I wrote it to suck down inline multiple choice selections so no ne would even have to leave ff - James Ostheimer
Robert, you're asking the question that's been pondering in my mind from some time (albeit it used to be with the 15" and Cinema display v. 5D/a900/D700 -cannot make my mind-). I want to be able to make a decision before March. I think I'll be going for the Mac, since I might relocate in part of the world where carrying an expensive piece of art around my neck might be more dangerous than here, in JPN. - Paul Papadimitriou
I'd go for a MBP, mine needs an upgrade and I just bought a 50D not long ago which is just fine for me. - Andrew Trinh from Nambu
I need cash! :) - Randy
Some of us are Nikon people. Some of us are not Mac people. I'll just take the 3 Gs. - Eric - Final Countdown
Nikon D700 + 50mm 1.4 prime lens! - Guillaume Lemoine
More lenses. My camera is fine, and this Thinkpad is a good 'un. - Paula W
Seems like Apple design the 17-inch MacBookPro just can use in 3years.the battery can only use in 1000 times,1time per 1day,3years.But Canon 5D can take more beatuful pics for me,and can stand by me more than 3years.if i really have 3000dollers,i real do this.kick off 17-inch MacbookPro. - jedorstar from twhirl
Lenses, like Paula sez. - Rob Kramer
Buy half and half :) - Michael Forian
Wow, I came late to this convo. Well, for what it's worth at this point, I'd probably get the lappytop, sell my old MBP and then use THAT money to buy a cheaper camera. :D - Jonathan Hardesty
Macbook I think. I have a 40D but REALLY want the 5D. Which do you think you could get your hands on first? - Andrew Smith
The 5D. The MacBookPro can wait. - Chris Nixon
5D, I have enough laptops as it is. - Amit Morson
The $2800 MBP becomes a lot more compelling when converted to 2080€. - Brad Kligerman
I'm a Nikon guy but the 5D MKII has me seriously considering a switch - Bryan Thatcher from twhirl
As I don't like Macs and into my photography the choice out of the two is simple. :-) But I've rather spend the money on say the Nikon D3 and if you gave me an extra grand or 2 then I'd go for the Nikon D3X. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes from twhirl
Without though, the Canon 5D MKII. First up, you don't want to trust another "first gen" Apple product. And with the unimpressive lineup yesterday, maybe the 15" laptops are coming out real soon now, with similar features, and all quirks ironed out - Colin Charles from twhirl
MAC!!! - Orli Yakuel
5D over the MAC Pro. - Robert Miller
MacBookPro - just bought myself a nice camera with a fracking big lens! - Joel Hammond-Turner
Canon. I have a laptop and rarely use it - well not as a laptop. It sits on a desk as a permenant fixture. - Ian May
Canon 5D mk 2 :) - Joe Dawson
Camera, I never liked the 17". It's too heavy for a "portable" - Melissa dela Merced from twhirl
neither, a big ass HDTV :) - Terry O'Fee
If you have good lenses to take advantage of the MKII (extra $3000 needed here), go for the camera! - Joao Pedro
I would buy a Apple 17-inch macbook of course.! I don't have an apple and I would really like one. I have a camera thats good enough for me. - @LarsenTweet
nor this neither that! i will send money to help people in Gaza or at least I'll send 1000 $. - خیزران
canon 5d mk ii based on the videos I've seen - i mean just look at these - planetMitch
The Canon, surely. No use for a laptop that big. - Ryan Sholin
5D over here too - Simon Wicks
Macbook Pro 17! - Greg
The camera. Already have three computers but have no camera. - Martha
I am not pro enough to need the 5D, I am actually looking at a D60 or D90. But the 17 Macbook is something I can use :) - TheSleepyGeek
I'd buy the Nikon D700 - David Parmet from twhirl
neither - cash is still king - viki saigal
its the lens, not the body - spring for L glass - @jessewright
MacBookPro - Stewart Rogers
New MacBookPro 17". I would probably get more use out of it than the Canon. But my, oh my, ya'll, the Canon sure is sweet. - Matthew Freeman
I have the glass. I have the Mac, I'd get the 5DMKII - stretta from twhirl
5D - I don't need a macbook. I'm happy with my PC and laptop - they cover my my needs perfectly. - Roberto Bonini
Donate it to @armano. - Jim Mitchem
given my current status .. I am happy with my Canon XTi so I would go for the MacBook Pro. - Kapil
5D, but that's cuz I've been saving up for one. A new MBP would def. be on the list of future purchases (current computer is 3 years old) - Michael
Canon 5d Mk II, far more useful than the new laptop. More fun. One encourages you to sit around, the other encourages you to go out :-) - Richard A.
Canon!! - Ivana from twhirl
I would buy the Mac, get a cheaper camera with the money I have left, and edit and enhance my videos using my Mac. - Shevonne
I'd go the Mac route. I'm looking to buy one anyway and I've already got a camera. Might not be as fancy as the Canon do-dad, but I'll manage. - James Ferguson
Wow 202 comments! How did I miss this thread? :) - AJ Batac
The 17" MBP as my current 12" PB is on it's last legs and needs replacing - need rather than want for me - Sally Church
The Canon... even though I already have a 5D and actually need a new laptop - Shawn Duffy from twhirl
Macbookpro - Roger Kondrat
I'd say the MacBook... you can do more with it. - Jim J
EOS 5D - Julien Guyard
Canon, since the MBP that I'd want would actually cost $5823. Not $3000. - Ben Hwang from twhirl
This would be much more enjoyable if there was some kind of poll widget along side comments. - Michael Leggett
Would be easier to see at a glance. - Richard A.
I'd by the largest HD display I could... - Clay Newton
Canon 5D MKII. huh.. no: a powerful Linux box - Thierry R. Andriamirado
The MacBookPro, I have a Canon 30d but I do not have a MacBook - Bob Gannon
I wouldn't want a 17'' monster of a MacBookPro and therefore would go for the Canon 5D MKII - Donald Townsend
5D, the 17-inch MacBook Pro is very big. Harder to find bags for it and its less portable. - seanb
bank it, put in matress, done need either of those things, we need smarter devices that tell us the likelyhood of use-longevitiy in them, "i'm a camera you bought last year, you used me 9 times, i collect dust, owner- please resist replacing me unless you really really really need to, and the data suggests you don't.." - Dan Rockwell from twhirl
Not enough to buy what I want with the Canon, and I wouldn't be caught dead spending $3000 on a laptop. What a waste! - Paul Puri
Neither. A $3000 laptop is not worth it just because of its branding. - Spencer
ohh.. I can't choose. I want both of them... But if i choose, first canon, second mac... İ have canon 40 d and 15'' mac book pro. And i don't like mac's new screen. It's like mirror... - devletsah
Spencer: as a recent PC to Mac switcher, it's more than brand. Much more. - Ryan
I'd buy a netbook for the other three members of my family and put the remaining $2000 toward bills or savings. :) - Steve Lowe
Agree with Aaron, love my 13" Macbook and really want the 5D MKII - Kyle
Definitely the Mac. - John Clifton
Is this thing still going? I can't remember if I replied to this yet, but I say it depends on what will benefit you the most. Robert, you are a photo-maniac. I know that you have a few cameras laying around the house, but I don't know how many Macs you have. You have to remember that a 17" laptop sounds great on paper, but I know that you do a lot of traveling as well, so it might now suite your means. Then again, I would never keep $3,000 dollars in my pocket ;) - Michael Forian
of course the mac - doesn´t matter what the second option is... - Dieter Schwarz
I would buy the Canon 5D MKII but being a Nikonian I would end up buying the MacBook Pro and feel no remorse :) - Carlos Lorenzo
MacBook Pro. I need a laptop really bad. - Nick Humphries
The camera. 17-inch laptops are fricking ridiculous. - Andru Edwards
camera and a box of junior mints - Morgan
I'd definitely go for a MB Pro. My Rebel XTi and Panasonic GS180 video cam is doing me just fine. - emon hassan
Forget the Mac, keep your current camera, and buy better lenses. - Michael Krigsman
17 inch laptop is useless in term of mobility so I would go with the Canon - Hadar Weiss
A Sony a900. :) - Jeff Jones
Neither. I'd start with the Bonobo Pro Ubuntu Laptop for under $2000 and use the $1000 to max it out. - Gail Gardner
Impressive amount of comments here, this has to be the highest ever now right? - Joe Dawson
I'm sorry, can you repeat the question: did you say a "camera", a "computer" or a "shark with laser beams"? - Micah
save the money for tougher times. as much as I'd like the Canon, it's going to be just an expensive toy for me. and my three year old Inspiron works just fine for the most things I do on it. - Franci Penov from twhirl
5Dm2 because I already have the new MBP 15" 2.8Ghz. Mostly b/c the cam is more revolutionary than the 17", even though the 17" battery life is enticing. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Wow, 250 comments - OMG ...FF is really growing ...YEAH !!! - Susan Beebe
Yeah, this week has produced several >100 comment threads in my feed. - xero
Not the 5D, but some body+the best lenses, that actually lasts longer. Laptops are out of date in months and often die within 18, cameras and lenses last a lot longer - Iphigenie
I would buy a Apple 17-inch MacBookPro, only cause I already have a SLR, so I dont need the Canon 5D MKII. - Colide81 (James)
I would not spend it, id rather invest 3000 dollars with 10 shares of google - Kyle Weller
then just buy lenses - you probably already have a computer that can do everything you need - Iphigenie
Exxon-Mobile. Oh wait, what was the question again? - Erik S
Neither- new hardware for the pending Win7 beta drop. :) - Randy Holloway from twhirl
both! - jortai
@Ryan I am a Mac user, have been for a while. It's just my opinion, but $2800 for a piece of hardware in which you can the same or better specs on a PC, is quite a bit of branding. - Spencer
Using the MacBook Pro 17 inch now (love it!)- and I am quite happy with my Canon Powershot G9, so I'll just take the cash and pay down some of my debt--thanks! - Kelly W.
Canon 5D MKII then buy the 15" MacBook Pro later. - John Wang
I would buy a new fast lens for my old 5D (around $1000) and save the rest. - Alexander Arsky
Nikon E90 *and* a 15" Macbook. :) I bend rules. - Daniel Miessler
Nikon E90 like Daniel :P - Molly Song ;)
Canon 5d MKII, i'm not a mac person so that was easy. - Squid
I've been back and forth on this since the 17" was announced. I am very likely to upgrade to the 5DMKII this year. But I want a more powerful laptop to work on the huge files it creates. Chicken? Egg? Confused. - Jeremy Brooks
Canon 5D MKII for sure. MBP 15 is still chugging along after 2 years. And the 5D is still doing great after 1 year, but I would really like the new 5D. - Johnny Sewell
5D Mark II , without a doubt! - americanm
Caonon 5D all the way - John Uppendahl
Jesse Stay
Everyone list the temperature right now where you are, along with your location.
Salt Lake City, Utah - 27 degrees F - Jesse Stay
Charleston, SC - 67 degrees F - Ian May
Valencia, CA 54 F - Jeremy Franklin
36°F, wind, rain, Apple Valley, CA - Aaron L. M. Goodwin
27°F Rexburg, ID - Joseph McLaughlin
36°F partly cloudy Severn,MD. - Vox
55F Mableton (Atlanta), GA - Roney Smith
Currently, in our area, the temperature is 65 degrees under cloudy skies.</weatherchannelrobotvoice> (Charleston, SC) - Jared Smith
35 degrees F NY, NEW YORK! - Mona Nomura
30F Rochester, NY - Susan Beebe
Same as Jared, tempted to turn on the AC as it's 77 in the house. - Heather Solos
31 F, Seattle WA. - Rochelle
beatrice, nebraska 41 degrees F - (jeff)isageek
Colorado Springs, Colorado 42 degrees - Eric - Final Countdown
Boulder, CO 41 degrees - George Smith
Adelaide, sunny South Australia, 27 degrees Celsius - humid - Chris Loft
Columbus, Ohio 21 degrees - RAPatton
Bay Area 43 degrees- clear. feels colder though - Alyx
Micco, FL 70 degrees - ::Kristen::
30 degrees Farenheit in Monroe, Ohio. - mandyvan
The snow is sideways outside here in Salt Lake right now - haven't seen this much snow in a long time. - Jesse Stay
Ontario, California, probably in the 40s right now. The rain has stopped. - Ontario Emperor
36 degrees here in Washington, DC... - Amani
Chennai, India 84.2 degree F (29 degree C) - Ramkarthik
Aurora, IL 24 degrees F - Roy Rumaner
starting to cool down. 23C (74F). Melbourne, Victoria. - Duncan Riley
4C.. Debrecen, Hungary - Berci Mesko, MD
3C, Kent, UK. old but sunny (and for the rest of the week allegedly) - Kol Tregaskes
61 in side my house, prob 50s or mid 40s outside, Silicon valley - Jeremiah Owyang
Chennai, and it is pleasantly Chilly - may be near 23-26 Deg Centigrades - Jayavasanthan J
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 81 dF - Joshua Galloway
Jeremy Franklin
"Helping to Write History" By Eli Saslow -
The job requires him to work unnoticed, even in plain view, so Jon Favreau settles into a wooden chair at a busy Starbucks in the center of Penn Quarter. Deadline looms, and he needs to write at least half a page by the end of the day. As the espresso machines whir, Favreau opens his laptop, calls... - Jeremy Franklin
Jeremy Franklin
"Helping to Write History" By Eli Saslow -
The job requires him to work unnoticed, even in plain view, so Jon Favreau settles into a wooden chair at a busy Starbucks in the center of Penn Quarter. Deadline looms, and he needs to write at least half a page by the end of the day. As the espresso machines whir, Favreau opens his laptop, calls... - Jeremy Franklin
Jeremy Franklin
Thousands protest LDS stance on same-sex marriage - Salt Lake Tribune -
Jeremy Franklin
Thousands protest LDS stance on same-sex marriage - Salt Lake Tribune -
Jeremy Franklin
I hate that people expect you to read their Facebook status. What ever happened to sms or a phone call.
Do people really track all their friends' Facebook status? There's no way I could do that with every friend of mine. - Jesse Stay
I'm with @Jesse... maybe I don't log into Facebook enough but that just seems crazy. - Paulo Elias from twhirl
Now, one thing that would be nice would be if I could track only certain friends via RSS, like I can on FriendFeed. I can track all via RSS on FB, but not specific friends that I'm aware of. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
I think there is a movement to be aware of a friend's status because people are publishing their emotions. - Jeremy Franklin
Jeremy, I don't think it's appropriate to expect anyone to read all of your status updates. I have almost 800 friends, I know many with 1-3,000 friends or more, all people we know. There's no way you could track all of them. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Robert Scoble
My addiction to iPhone and FriendFeed has definitely made me less productive and less able to appreciate what's in front of me at the moment. I lost my iPhone and found myself twitching today -- I'm not sure I'll get another one. I stopped using a Blackberry for the same reason.
T-Mobile G1 time? - Brandon Titus
Brandon: that has an even better keyboard. I think I'll stay with Nokia devices that have regular phone keyboards that are hard to text into. - Robert Scoble
Productivity is overrated, Robert. - Pete D
I don't do the smart phone thing for the reason you mentioned Robert, but FriendFeed really destroyed my ability to focus on anything for more than 30 seconds. I've been ignoring FriendFeed for larger and larger chunks of time and find myself not missing it at all after about a week. - Mark Trapp
Mark: I can see myself joining you. - Robert Scoble
Brian - Had to rework my lists a couple of times but readily admit I spend a too much time here. On the other hand, a lot of it has been productive in a lot of ways. - Charlie Anzman
Agree. I left FF for about two weeks, and when I returned, something felt different. I spend a lot of time here but, as Mark said, I find myself not missing it as earlier. - Mladen Srdić
I understand. not sure if that's good or bad. lol - Erin @queenofspain
Mladen and Brian and Mark: is it because there's less and less tech news in between cute videos and pictures and funny news stories? - Robert Scoble
"with Nokia devices that have regular phone keyboards that are hard to text into" -- thanks Robert, I will inform my colleagues that ITU keyboard has this kind of reputation :) - A. T.
Christopher - I get concerned when I hear comments like that. It takes 'a little' time but the controls are here to see and respond to what you like. Just create your own channels. Still one of the best networking and discovery games in town. - Charlie Anzman
Christopher: I've noticed this behavior about early adopters. It happens in every online community I've been a part of since the mid 1980s (yes, that's how long I've been doing online community stuff). I thought FriendFeed would be different because you could join rooms that have smaller groups of people in them and also make a list of only your closest friends and avoid the noise. Why aren't these working for you? - Robert Scoble
Robert, maybe: I still make sure to go through Google reader just as regularly as I always have, and I feel informed. With FriendFeed, I'm reading things I already read in reader or saw on TV. The only things it keeps me informed on is specific people, and those updates, for most people, are few and far between. You said Google reader makes you smarter: I think that's the same thing. With GReader, I can spend an hour or less, get informed about the topics that interest me, and actually have an end point. - Mark Trapp
It isn't the devices we use, it is us. That said, I would rather have the functionality and the negative side effects than another thing take its place and not have the functionality. - David A. Levine
David: I don't agree with that. An iPhone is akin to living above a bar for an alcoholic. Nokia's web browsers are a LOT harder to use so I don't even attempt to use them, most of the time, where when I have an iPhone in my hands it's hard to get me to do anything else. - Robert Scoble
I don't mean to be rude, but shouldn't we exhibit self control at some point. I love the tech news, discussions, and Twitter, but I can focus on other things when needed. - Jeremy Franklin
I haven't really used FF and don't miss it. Twitter -- now there's another story. I got an iPhone so that I could Twitter any time/place/thing (to be fair, my PDA died 2 weeks before and I missed an important meeting as a result). I paid for Twittelator instead of using the free apps. On my desktop I have TweetDeck with one Twitter identity and Twhirl (LOVE them both) with the other. Twitter is my number 1 news source and I am finding out a lot more about my world because of the tweeters I follow. - A.J.
Agree with Mark again. My main news sources are Google reader and rss crunchers, like Feedheads and Feedly (i don't use it anymore, but I'll give it another shot). I once started a thread for sharing via Google reader and got a fine response of about 20 people. Interesting way to get some interesting content, beside tech news. - Mladen Srdić
There's some stupid stuff on FF that I could do with out, and then there's the issue that some people rather post tech stuff to rooms rather then their main feed. - Colide81 (James)
It's all about self discipline. Switch it off when it's too distracting. If needed turn off wifi. - Peter van Teeseling from twhirl
@pvantees the problem is that addiction overrides discipline. - ·[▪_▪]·
My girlfriend pointed out that I wasn't able to watch a movie or tv show with her without thumbing through posts on Google Reader for the iPhone at the same time. I had to lose that habit, lest I succumb to a meta-relationship to go along with all my meta-interactions online. - Shay Frendt
Sounds like a new group of 'recognized disorders' for the Psych community ... luckily, there's now help thanks to passed legislation (that was attached to the bailout bill??!!) - Charlie Anzman
I got my FF addiction under control but I think I've lost my grip again. I have to get it together again. It's causing a general lack of ability to concentrate, I just want to check for something new all the time. - xero
I've started microblogging more when I bought iPhone 3G. If thats more productive or not I don't know, but its fun. I love my iPhone! - Svartling
There is just the need to know how to control yourself... if you know how to control yourself there will be no addiction... - Edoardo Piccolotto
But isn't the new generation of mobile devices, micro sharing services and tools opening up a whole new form of organic communications enablement that has the potential to change everything. What if the mobile device is our communications hub/router/data store, freeing us from our desks & enabling a wider group of people to engage like never before -- Cheers, Christopher :) - Christopher
Brien - Watching the river is a pleasure. Productivity is another kind of activity. Do pleasure and productivity mix? Fun and work? - Jimmy Walker
Being connected is a *good* thing. However, it takes discipline. If you can't control when you use it and when you don't, it's probably best not to have an iPhone. I hope I can teach my kids this - it's a valuable skill. - Jesse Stay
I don't surf the net that much on my BB Curve since I have my laptop in front of me most of the day. If I was mobile like you are, then I'd definitely be using my phone to access a bunch! You're in a tough situation...I'd probably cave in and buy a replacement within 3 days! ha, ha! I was highly temped to buy the iPhone just because of your love for it, as well as numerous other buddies of mine who swear by it. However, I am a cautious buyer of new technology, and opted to go with BB - Susan Beebe
Interesting thread. - Mathew A. Koeneker
People that don't have an iPhone just don't realize how fully functional the mobile version of Safari is. Unless the site is Flash based or the detect it's a mobile phone browser (I'd rather they didn't do that for the iPhone), it looks and functions identical to the desktop web experience. Even crazy script AJAX-y stuff. - Paul Reynolds
i am addicted to my blackberry. it never leaves my side. - Krista K
Jeremy Franklin
Jeremy Franklin
This American Life - The Giant Pool of Money -
The Sub-Prime crisis - Jeremy Franklin
Jeremy Franklin
Talking Is Good; Too Much Talking May Not Be - -
Interesting - Jeremy Franklin
Robert Scoble
I am standing in a news store in SFO surrounded by newspapers and magazines and Twitter and FriendFeed on my iPhone are more interesting.
Isn't that usually the case. - Jeremy Franklin
Ditto. - Kevykev
Welcome to the new world... - Håkan Dahlström
That's because you are supposed to read them. Not look at superficial headlines. - - Todd Hoff
I usually find out about news stories on Twitter long before I see it on the news or read it in the paper. - Mike Hussein Cohen
Todd: I didn't know that! :-) I am reading Time who has a cover feature about Rick Warren, a guy I interviewed back in January. The thing is Time can't go interactive the way you all do. - Robert Scoble
I think it's because with Twitter and Friendfeed there's a much smaller gap between you and the people "behind" the data. They're actually real people out there. Interactivity is a part of that. Sure, there are real journalists behind the magazine articles, and they're interesting too, but I think a lot of the time what we really want is to feel connected and in touch/ - Nathan Rein
It's just that I feel like I'm in a losing battle backing the side of reflection. When I look at Time it's full of interesting stuff (stretching, solar power, anthrax, evangelicals, etc). Immediate interaction is so powerfully rewarding (dopamine) it can shout down less immediate pleasures. I wrote about this about a billion years ago in The Internet is a Denial of Service Attack on Your Brain ( It has only become worse since. - Todd Hoff
Well, don't you control what you look at in Twitter or FriendFeed? If there was a news site where you got customized news by subscribing to individual authors, it would be a seriously interesting comparison. - James Rishabh Mishra
@Bob Blunk: Print news is anything but dead. It is alive, kicking and in places such as India, Brazil (+12% in the last year) and other developing countries ( Bear in mind that these are countries where the use of mobile phones is growing far faster than in the developed world so it's not simply a lack of tech that is pushing people to print. Incidentally, I read that in a hard copy version of the Economist, while sat on the loo (still not somewhere I prefer to take electronics). - mattpovey
What will happen to "Front porch" society and the newspaper? Or the Barber shop and the newspaper? I long for the "flying roll" fired from a speeding Western Flyer and opening the lid of the magic milk box to find a sweating glass gallon at 6am. ;) - Melanie Reed
people want content via the distribution method that works best for them - not what works best for the content providers. newspapers and magazines are an endangered species in America as people choose newspaper and magazines less and less. This trend will continue as computer screens achieve higher-resolution and digital content distribution networks mature. Can't say it's a bad thing - more immediate, personalized delivery + wouldn't hurt to save a few trees along the way. - Morgan
With the fresh and local movement taking off I'm guessing we'll see solar milk delivery trucks making the rounds again any month now. The news paper delivery will only happen in once yearly old town reenactments :-) - Todd Hoff
The way things are going, let's hope there are a few newspapers and magazines left on the stand in a few years. I still enjoy them. Like so many others in media, most are wondering where to find the next revenue stream. - Charlie Anzman
I find this is always the case. However, magazines are often more entertaining and they don't require wi-fi ;) - Ryan
I'm feeling the same here in Italy. - Federico Bolsoman
yep. I keep staring at FF and Greader instead of reading books and mags, since I got a smartphone... - zio bodhisattva
Hey Scoble, please meet Zio Bonino, aka Eio aka Phonk. This is the CRAZIEST, GREATEST, FUNNIEST blogger in Italy. It's addictive too. You've been warned! :) - Federico Bolsoman
Jeremy Franklin
"For Those Once Behind Bars, A Nudge to the Voting Booth" By Krissah Williams Thompson -
TALLAHASSEE -- Herbert Pompey had gone through rehab, stayed sober, held a job, married and started a landscaping business in the two years since he walked out of Taylor Correctional Institution. But what Pompey hadn't done -- and what he assumed a string of felony drug and DUI convictions would... - Jeremy Franklin
Jeremy Franklin
Jeremy Franklin
Steal This Hook? Girl Talk Flouts Copyright Law - -
Oh F yeah!! - Jeremy Franklin
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