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Jeremy Yoder

Jeremy Yoder

Mennonite, evolutionary biologist, cat-4 cyclist. Not necessarily in that order.
RT @vonOberst: btw, I recommend not clicking my links for the next few minutes.
RT @hormiga: Thanks to @JohnKerry & @BarackObama for landmark CO2 agreement with China. This is what good government looks like.
US and China, After Months of Talks, Reach Deal on Climate Change —Wow. Wowowowow. This could be big. I hope.
RT @jrossibarra: This is great. Wish I’d seen this years ago. MT @michaelhoffman: How to Write a Recommendation Letter via @delicious
I can’t help but notice he doesn’t swear off that fabulous bow tie. ht @davidschmader
I WANT YOU to sign this petition demanding @KSTP apologize for #pointergate
RT @jayrosen_nyu: Users smarter than editors. "We just want you to ignore it. But you won't. So why pretend to ask us?" via @Romenesko
RT @Graham_Coop: .@GeneticsGSA journals announce linked submissions with @biorxivpreprint @tracey_423
Meryl Streep, Stephen Sondheim to get Presidential Medal of Freedom —totally pandering to the gays, & we’re grateful.
RT @molecologist: Bugs fighting bugs: the evolution of the Arthropod immune system.
RT @The_Episiarch: @JBYoder @BehavEcology @BreakingBio oh, also I want to talk abt the ecology those Kaiju skin lice/mites from Pacific Rim!
RT @The_Episiarch: @BehavEcology @JBYoder @BreakingBio all I'd want to talk about is the hypothetical MUTO life cycle I've come up with...
RT @mikamckinnon: @BehavEcology @JBYoder I once ran "Practical Science Fiction," a university course that pretty much came down to that concept. So much fun!
RT @RelUnrelated: @JBYoder @BehavEcology Hindsight is 20/20, but devastating to our guilty pleasures. ☺
RT @BehavEcology: Watching original Trek makes me want to do a video series with other scientists called "Scientists Watch Sci-Fi".
RT @arvidagren: "This is the sign of a healthy and dynamic research field: people do things, rather than just talking about the need for revolutions"
RT @arvidagren: On target by @EvolOdonata: "Plasticity in mate preferences and the not-so-needed Extended Evolutionary Synthesis"
RT @scicurious: EEEEEE!! There she is!! @DNLee5 in Ebony's top 100 as a social media influencer!!!
Congrats! RT @Myrmecos: Moving to Austin soon to join the Dept of Integrative Biology at UT. Can't tell you how excited I am.
RT @tanehisicoates: #Freebird "This is not a fight over civil rights; it’s an attempt to raise a double standard."
… the original “Foundation” novels implied you could have interstellar war without understanding nuclear fission.
Is it weird that I’m most interested in how HBO will update “Foundation’s” massively outdated future-tech?
HBO is going to adapt Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation.” —Wow/Yikes/Yay!
RT @Oatmeal: Dear @SenTedCruz, I'm going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works
There is no "new territory" for the Mennonite Church to “courageously stake out.” There is only the admission they’ve been wrong all along.
… and DECADES behind the United Church of Christ and the Unitarians.
… upwards of a decade behind the Episcopal Church ...
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