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Jeremy Yoder

Jeremy Yoder

Mennonite, evolutionary biologist, cat-4 cyclist. Not necessarily in that order.
RT @joshwitten: "Dr Corleone is a man who insists on hearing negative results at once." #TheGrantfather
RT @Graham_Coop: Apparently chiropractors also cure genes, who needs those pesky protein coding regions anyhow
RT @hylopsar: I guess now I can share how excited I am to be joining @lukejharmon's lab for a postdoc! So fortunate to be joining such an amazing group!
RT @kissane: James Fallows on David Frum’s unfounded accusation re: faked photos at the NYT. Economical, devastating.
Small observational study proves that newspaper science sections are not high-impact medical journals.
Small observational study shows that newspaper science sections are not high-impact medical journals.
Oh, I see. MT @sharmanedit: [#Kindex piece is] an invited comment that he does every month for them. Replaced Petsko who did it for 10y.
I've no idea how it’ll look to a search committee, but the Future Directions section in my new research statement has got ME mighty excited.
RT @zhandlen: Into the woods You go again You have to every now and then Into the woods You go again But DO NOT FUCKING SING.
RT @browbeat: The Into the Woods movie looks enchanting. Here's the first trailer:
RT @saladinahmed: Why men shouldn't be allowed to vote, 1915. ht @roqchams
RT @seelix: @JBYoder It's a nice reminder for all of us to look at our humor from a perspective other than our own, I think.
… which is generally a good thing for those of us with unmediated global publishing platforms, i.e., everyone.
Silver linings: After the last 24 hours, @scalzi’s aphorism about the failure mode of clever is firmly lodged in my memory.
RT @NothingInBio: RESULTS from SURVEY: How bad was that Science cover and do you care?
RT @kevin_reiss: WaPo Letter to the Editor of the day
RT @AstroKatie: A baby pangolin is called a pangopup and I have now died of cute.
RT @garwboy: Confused as to how to respond to Richard Dawkins' latest claims? Try this handy flow chart. #Dawkins
Previous RT is mainly an endorsement of the gratuitous reference to “The Wire" in the linked article.
RT @WillOremus: What *other* fun psych experiments are your favorite corporations secretly running on you? A few guesses:
RT @KevinDKohl: RT @toby_hammer "Special issue of Mol Ecol on detecting who eats whom using DNA sequencing …" cc: @johannavarner
RT @KevinDKohl: RT @toby_hammer "Special issue of Mol Ecol on detecting who eats whom using DNA sequencing" cc: @johannavarner
RT @brx0: #PdxLegoKits Minifig of the unicycle bagpipe Darth Vader mask dude.
#PdxLegoKits Food truck selling giant turkey legs.
RT @brx0: #PdxLegoKits KOIN Center looks like it's made of Legos anyway, so I guess we might as well.
RT @TCNoel: Good question/point! RT @johnhawks: Would they have published this if @neilhall_uk had called it the “Sagan index”?
YES. MT @kejames: Re: @neilhall_uk's #Kindex paper, see 'The failure mode of clever' by @scalzi: h/t @SFriedScientist
RT @kejames: @neuroecology @scicurious @DoctorZen @neilhall_uk @seelix @AstroKatie @JBYoder 4/n but don't do sci are worthy of (& fun to) ridicule, etc.
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