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Jeremy Yoder

Jeremy Yoder

Mennonite, evolutionary biologist, cat-4 cyclist. Not necessarily in that order.
RT @nosdnomde: let all mortal flesh keep in shape #ChangeAWordRuinAHymn
RT @JeanniePrinsen: Make Me a Channel of Your Peas #ChangeAWordRuinAHymn
RT @noahtron: as i went down to the twitter to pray @HopeJahren #changeawordruinahymn
RT @JacquelynGill: God help me. I just realized I'm live-tweeting Fastlane (NSF’s submission site).
RT @DisciplesVader: Let us Break Bad Together #changeawordruinahymn
RT @aprilfiet: I Know that My Dementor Lives #ChangeAWordRuinAHymn #HarryPotter
RT @HopeJahren: Onward Christian Solder #ChangeAWordRuinAHymn
RT @artologica: This Little Flamethrower of Mine #changeawordruinahymn
RT @artologica: How Great Thou Fart #changeawordruinahymn
Eternal Uncle, Strong to Save #ChangeAWordRuinAHymn
RT @alandove: Battle Hymn of the Republicans #ChangeAWordRuinAHymn @HopeJahren @jkgoya
RT @HopeJahren: I Know That My Retweeter Lives #ChangeAWordRuinAHymn @DyingSparrows
RT @randalla808: #ChangeAWordRuinAHymn A Mighty Forklift is Our God
RT @HopeJahren: Lord Of The Pants #ChangeAWordRuinAHymn cc: @jkgoya
RT @jkgoya: How can I keep from singeing #ChangeAWordRuinAHymn
Praise God From Whom All Dressings Flow #ChangeAWordRuinAHymn
Kern Thou Font Of Every Blessing #ChangeAWordRuinAHymn —@HopeJahren may regret showing me this hashtag.
RT @NothingInBio: Random Natural History: Valley Oaks and their Galls.
RT @HopeJahren: God Be With You Till We Tweet Again #ChangeAWordRuinAHymn @JBYoder
RT @TheBirdist: Here is the Action Alert I took with @audubonsociety to urge @Vikings to use safer glass:
“And the bartender’s, like, 'Tell me more about that.' And he pours the pianist a tiny glass of whiskey."
Oy. MT @JiffyPopPostDoc: @MyTChondria had to send an email to a collegue suggesting he remove the "C*nt" sticker from his desk.
What, You're Using Your Slate+ Membership Mug To Drink Coffee? That's Crazy. #SlatePitch #twitter
RT @NWF: This moth looks like bird poop & is just in time to celebrate National Moth Week!
.@vonOberst Nope. This time around, @Amtrak ran five hours late, leaving me to wait for a taxi in downtown Saint Paul at 3:30 am.
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