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Jeremy Yoder

Jeremy Yoder

Mennonite, evolutionary biologist, cat-4 cyclist. Not necessarily in that order.
RT @AcademicsSay: Academic work perception. Courtesy of xykademiqz.
.@jrossibarra @yanivbrandvain Entirely true. Or that’s the story we tell outsiders to keep property values down.
RT @thehighsign: Good God, people, PLEASE do not RT the pic of the beheaded journalist into people's Twitter feeds. That's a trigger for anyone with a head.
New @ASNAmNat synthesis paper on coevolution and diversification by David Hembry, Kari Goodman, & me:
RT @molecologist: You can evolve there from here. And from here. And here …
RT @DearDara: @BETaylor2013 @JBYoder It's like the Oprah car giveaway shows, w extra death. YOU get a grenade launcher and YOU get a grenade launcher and
RT @DearDara: @JBYoder And Anoka got 198 assault rifles. I'm feeling so safe right now.
.@DearDara Well, if Saint Paul is going to have helicopters, Minneapolis DEFINITELY needs grenade launchers.
RT @DearDara: Hennepin county has 3 grenade launchers and 3 armored vehicles. Ramsey county got 3 helicopters. Good to know.
Map of military tech in the hands of local police: —data is on GitHub!
RT @tanehisicoates: On police going anon. @mattyglesias "There's only one reason to do this: to evade accountability for your actions."
RT @klingonacademic: Today is a good day to apply. For a grant.
RT @klingonacademic: I can only hope that if *my* students reviewed my papers - they would be Klingon enough to trash them.
RT @laurahelmuth: Great response to NYPost writer who enjoys catcalls. How old were you first time? @amandamarcotte @doublexmag @Slate
RT @nicplow: #Hyperparasitoid #wasp Alloxysta sp. attacks #aphid on #nettle. Thanks @CTJeffs & Donald Quicke for ID!
RT @root2702: These kittens are not kid friendly. They don't like people. They feel no pain and cannot be reasoned with.
RT @getnickwright: In other news, @jaketapper just became the most honest TV news man in America
Hey, @facebook algorithm? Are you SURE it’s John Oliver who’s trending?
Well, but: Olivia Williams plays a botanist with a PhD in monocot pollination, and she has yet to so much as glance at a yucca. #Manhattan
So, “Manhattan,” a show about the building the A-bomb in WWII, is pretty much the best/worst depiction of academic work-life anywhere.
RT @VillanuevaLaury: How to determine the order of authorship in an academic paper.”
Co. Signed. RT @modernscientist: I would pay good money to never have ResearchGate links show up in my web searches again.
RT @tressiemcphd: Omg rt @GrooveSDC: I am a woman. Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman. That's me. #Ferguson #HandsUpDontShoot”
“For Obama, the cost of becoming president was sacrificing the unique gift that made him president.” ht @nanaslugdiva
RT @tanehisicoates: "The destroyers of your body will rarely be held accountable. Mostly they will receive pensions."
Kenwood Isles Area Association considers request to close Hidden Beach because people do beach things there:
RT @hormiga: A great idea from multiple people today: Teach a full class the 1st day & save the syllabus talk for the 2nd day.
RT @edyong209: The Twitter bird flies into the fuck-up tree and hits every branch on the way down. HT @yayitsrob
RT @cMadan: Why scholars use Twitter (from Nature)
RT @aterkel: Tear gas, armored vehicles, flares. Reporters standing here with hands up so we don't get fired at. #Ferguson
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