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Jeremy Yoder

Jeremy Yoder

Mennonite, evolutionary biologist, cat-4 cyclist. Not necessarily in that order.
Garrison Keillor switches off the BBC with a sigh, shuffles to his desk, tips a folder labeled “Republic of Itasca” into the recycling bin.
RT @Choire: I see The @Guardian is using their night of strife to throw shade at America, Ms. @JanineGibson.
RT @Mammals_Suck: "That means, fellow PIs, it’s on us." Awesome essay on #CultureChange by @hormiga #SAFE13
“[Women] need to know that daring to act upon their dreams of science can be both a beautiful and a dangerous thing."
RT @DrMaggieHardy: Another scientist survivor: RT@HopeJahren My Op-Ed piece in today's @nytimes: "Science Has a Sexual Assault Problem"
RT @MicroWavesSci: Perspective by @mutualism and Nicole Gerardo: "The symbiont side of symbiosis: do microbes really benefit?" [o]
RT @mattdpearce: We feel you, Scotland.
RT @Interior: Need a great #sunset photo to end the day? Check out this stunner @GrandTetonNPS by Donald Higgs.
#MadWriting MT @profallimatt: 2day- busting out revisions to #QueerSTEM survey article & then sending to @[me] for more touch-ups!
RT @AcademicsSay: Academic work perception. Courtesy of xykademiqz.
.@jrossibarra @yanivbrandvain Entirely true. Or that’s the story we tell outsiders to keep property values down.
RT @thehighsign: Good God, people, PLEASE do not RT the pic of the beheaded journalist into people's Twitter feeds. That's a trigger for anyone with a head.
New @ASNAmNat synthesis paper on coevolution and diversification by David Hembry, Kari Goodman, & me:
RT @molecologist: You can evolve there from here. And from here. And here …
RT @DearDara: @BETaylor2013 @JBYoder It's like the Oprah car giveaway shows, w extra death. YOU get a grenade launcher and YOU get a grenade launcher and
RT @DearDara: @JBYoder And Anoka got 198 assault rifles. I'm feeling so safe right now.
.@DearDara Well, if Saint Paul is going to have helicopters, Minneapolis DEFINITELY needs grenade launchers.
RT @DearDara: Hennepin county has 3 grenade launchers and 3 armored vehicles. Ramsey county got 3 helicopters. Good to know.
Map of military tech in the hands of local police: —data is on GitHub!
RT @tanehisicoates: On police going anon. @mattyglesias "There's only one reason to do this: to evade accountability for your actions."
RT @klingonacademic: Today is a good day to apply. For a grant.
RT @klingonacademic: I can only hope that if *my* students reviewed my papers - they would be Klingon enough to trash them.
RT @laurahelmuth: Great response to NYPost writer who enjoys catcalls. How old were you first time? @amandamarcotte @doublexmag @Slate
RT @nicplow: #Hyperparasitoid #wasp Alloxysta sp. attacks #aphid on #nettle. Thanks @CTJeffs & Donald Quicke for ID!
RT @root2702: These kittens are not kid friendly. They don't like people. They feel no pain and cannot be reasoned with.
RT @getnickwright: In other news, @jaketapper just became the most honest TV news man in America
Hey, @facebook algorithm? Are you SURE it’s John Oliver who’s trending?
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