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Jeremy Yoder

Jeremy Yoder

Mennonite, evolutionary biologist, cat-4 cyclist. Not necessarily in that order.
Folks: "Lots of birds in some place” IS NOT “Hitchcock-ian.” Unless they’re attacking Tippi Hedren. Or chasing a spy off Mount Rushmore.
RT @EcoEvoProf: 3.5 miles #rundouchery in 31:52. Is it wrong that leaving a male undergrad in my dust on a hill made me feel good?
RT @ASNAmNat: “Niche differentiation in the dynamics of host-symbiont interactions: Symbiont prevalence as a coexistence problem”
Very pleased to see our recent @GeneticsGSA paper reviewed on @F1000 —less thrilled I can’t read it because paywall.
RT @jrossibarra: This looks cool: "PopGenome: An efficient swiss army knife for population genomic analyses in R"
RT @SlateMoneybox: The privatization of public higher ed, in two charts:
The silver lining of this is that DFW is a big enough deal to be at the center of a post-mortem feud, I guess:
RT @NM_Reid: a nice response to last week's crappy science perspective on scientific collecting: http://www.universityofalaskam...
RT @jasonpriem: Ingenious 2-axis categorization of alternative #peerreview approaches. via @doctorzen @Protohedgehog #openscience
RT @echinoblog: Another case FOR specimen collection from the invertebrate entomology perspective
President @Ollanta_HumalaT, keep your promise to #LGBT couples and support civil unions before Tuesday!
Dammit. How did I let that slip by? RT @thelabandfield: starring Neil deGrasse Tyrion?
Chocolate babka, because I really don't know what to expect on@this week's Game of Thrones. #GoT
Holy frack. Hacked. RT @smithsonian: DrOz is the best doctor in the world!! <Malware-flagged link>
RT @Slate: An important part of gay nightlife has been lost:
A lot of my Twitter stream is suddenly VERY excited about weight loss supplements. @newprof1 @timothyzbest
RT @ghweldon: [Jesus sneaks up to James and puts his hands over James' eyes.] JESUS: Guess who! JAMES: Um, I can see. JESUS: Oh. Right. JAMES: The holes.
RT @JenLucPiquant: Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown by a Balloon and a Minivan
RT @DyingSparrows: Yes, you should pursue a PhD. #badseniorfacultyadvice
Lake of the Isles. Did 11.5 lovely miles of #RunDouchery. #Minneapolis #spring #run
Re-potted the cacao tree and the pineapple. #houseplant #pineapple #cacao #spring
RT @DavidQuammen: Keen view of Deadbeat on the Range, from Tim Egan via @betsygquammen MT Appalling. Welfare ranching in the extreme.
Wow. RT @vonOberst: How Americans die - - Huh...interesting. HIV deaths certainly changed things.
RT @Myrmecos: If you read no other Sci today, try @Annaleen& @edyong209 arguing abt the definition of penis.
Thanks! Of course, now that it’s in print I’m spotting new typos … RT @jrossibarra: great new paper from @JBYoder
By this time tomorrow, this will illustrate 90% of all commenting policies on the Internet: ht @JenLucPiquant
Science online, beards and shields edition
RT @joshwitten: .@JBYoder @Annaleen Probably also worth noting re: "chicks w dicks" that insect & mammal sex determination basically have nothing in common
.@Annaleen No argument there. And I definitely agree that it’s better to start with more precise language!
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