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The incomparable @AllieBrosh is on Spellslingers! (The Magic the Gathering show with @day9tv):
Anyone in NYC have a D&D group looking for a new, inexperienced, member? Or looking to start one?
Weekly all-hands update in the brand new @khanacademy offices! Finally we can fit the whole team!
RT @laurmccarthy: excited to officially introduce p5.js! get an intro at created by @scottgarner and @shiffman.
This cafe is actively engaged in chemical warfare, chopping large vats of onions in the open kitchen. Everyone's eyes are watering.
"Your donation to Wikimedia Foundation, Inc for $20.00 is complete." I'm so, so, happy. Someone just made my week!
RT @congressedits: Reptilians Wikipedia article edited anonymously from US House of Representatives
I will donate $20 to a charity if someone can land an edit to or in @congressedits
Every film with a titular line: related:
It's really easy for any cafe to win me over: Just play a good 80s mix and make sure there's a lot of Depeche Mode.
If you're in NYC you should try Museum Hack: they're doing an epic all-day tour this weekend!
Getting ready for the 3rd annual (internal) @khanacademy healthy hackathon. So many people involved, excited!
"30 files changed, 583 insertions(+), 9594 deletions(-)" Yesss delete delete delete!
The evolution of body lice helps to predict when humans first started to wear clothes:
Just launched peer-reviewed programming projects at @khanacademy! @brianbondy's first project since joining the team!
Incredible "Google Maps" of the Roman empire: optimize routes for speed, price, or time of year!
RT @khanacademy: What are you doing this #summer? Learn programming on KA and earn your Summer of Script badge and JS Mastery one too!
The email my friends and I received when we were rejected from the first @ycombinator batch. We got in the next year.
Viewing La Traviata at AT&T field with about 20,000 other people! Who would have thought (free) opera was so popular!
Fireworks at Ikenohata, Kobayashi Kiyochika, 1881. Happy 4th of July!
Fantastic mini apartment: a split Eames chair is the wonky kerning of the interior design world.
Between aggressive browser caching, Varnish layers, and CSP issues @pamelafox & I have resorted to casting lots for who owns the next deploy
Happy Canada Day at @khanacademy! Maple treats, Canadian beer, and Tim Horton’s coffee to celebrate.
A joyous day: at @khanacademy we're dropping IE 8 support today! It's only 1.2% of our traffic. So exciting!
It’s July, 2014 is half over. It’s a good time to think about the projects that you’ve been wanting to release this year and finish them!
At the @khanacademy offices - I honestly think there are more new employees than "old" employees. Growing so fast, so many new faces!
In the Tenderloin, watching a seagull kill and eat a pigeon. Beautiful, scenic, San Francisco!
Heading off to SF until mid-August! Will be working at @khanacademy in-the-flesh. Will miss NYC and my friends so much! Be back soon <3
Speaking at a Princeton symposium today on my work using Computer Vision to improve art history study. Excited!
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