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Oops, sorry. Wrong door I guess.
This is cool.
Screen shot 2009-12-07 at 9.21.40 PM.png
I fail to understand. - Richard A.
Looks like on the fly OCR, properly parsed into contact data. That is win. - EricaJoy
Richard, it's one possible use of the new Google Goggles product It recognize the text on visit cards and makes it useful. That's a pretty convincing application of Google's mission IMO. - Jérôme
I was just thinking how much I would like smartphone OCR. - Andrew C (✔)
If you have this installed on your Android phone, for fun go to Amazon and start taking pictures of book covers. Its nuts! - EricaJoy
Another reason to get an androphone soon, very soon ;-) - stanjourdan
Erica, the existing Amazon Android app does book covers. And so does the standalone app SnapTell. =) - Andrew C (✔)
;) - EricaJoy from IM
Just DL'ed from Android Market. Doesn't work all the time but very cool! - Mike Reynolds
Took a picture of a bag of potato chips and got some demon wicca sex blogs. But then took a picture of a coffee table art book that's just a figurative painting on cover and it correctly identified it as a Julian Schnabel book. Definitely entertaining but definitely labs level results. - Hayes Haugen
Can't see it in the [Canadian] Market. Does it work with Android 1.5? - Andrew C (✔)
Nope, 1.6 and newer. Turning into a trend. - Hayes Haugen
Then Rogers *really* needs to get off their asses and release the 1.6 update. - Andrew C (✔) it's for people with crappy input devices ;-). One day will people have forgotten how to type. It's a good idea. We'll see when they make it available to all platforms. - Richard A.
If a device hasn't been updated to 1.6 already I don't think it's likely it ever will be. Everyone has their hands full with 2.0.1. - Hayes Haugen
Ergh, maybe I'll just root the phone then. =P - Andrew C (✔)
There is an app called CardReader for the iPhone (3GS or better) that can scan a business card, send it to a server to OCR it, then import that info into a new contact. It works pretty good on standard looking cards, but fails when the cards have a busy background or such. - Ken Gidley
"And another guy named Paul Buchheit showed up the same day. And they basically said, 'You two should work as a pair. One of you should work on advertising. One of you should work on product search.' Like, Marissa do advertising, Paul do product search, cross-check each other's work. Go." - Marissa Mayer
Once again, Evan Williams' accounts has been hacked - Amazon, Gmail, AT&T, PayPal, MobileMe... -
Once again, Evan Williams' accounts has been hacked - Amazon, Gmail, AT&T, PayPal, MobileMe...
List of all employees, food preferences, credit card numbers, confidential contracts with Nokia, Samsung, Dell, AOL, Microsoft (...), email addresses and phone numbers of celebrities, detailed meeting notes, internal document templates, schedules, applicants' resumes, payscale, etc. - Jérôme
Interesting insights: they expect to reach 350M users by the end of 2011 and to be the first social network to get 1 billion members, among the new celebs who joined recently: Wyclief Jean, DuranDuran, Cartoon Network, Cisco, UCLA, Guillaume Pepy, Nirvana, Toshiba, 50Cents, they consider account certification as a promising monetization solution but also banners, Adsense widgets and sponsored tweets. Finally, they think of themselves more as a "nervous system" than as an "alert system"... - Jérôme
not cool. Has this happened to evan williams before? - Evan Parker
*Like* because it's an interesting story, but it's not cool at all. - Tudor Bosman
Evan, yes: - same hacker, same blogger revealing the story. - Jérôme
Wow, is this just carelessness on his part? I'd be curious to find out how this was pulled off. - Kenton
We don't like censorship
ff censorship.JPG
We apparently dislike censorship just barely more than we dislike the ability to fax a cat: Then again, this list would be longer if all of Iran had access to it. - Kevin Fox
How do you get the news? -
How do you get the news?
"We are seeing an entirely new way for people to interact. One that makes all traditional ways seem silly. It is a fundamental shift, and it will completely change the world as we know it. And the best thing about it is that you get to help make it happen." - Jérôme from Bookmarklet
Nice chart, but I'd have placed the podcast/vodcast source between blogs and social networks. I think their time is gone, as they don't deliver news in real-time. I've already 20 TV channels and dozens of FF contacts ready to update me on my iPhone. - Jérôme
According to this graph, i must be living in 2010. - stanjourdan
I don't listen to radio neither watch TV at all - stanjourdan
Me neither, should we change our calendar to 2020 and book the next Virgin Galactic flight? - Jérôme
I'd like to! - stanjourdan
The power of imagination...
The Remotest place on Earth -
The Remotest place on Earth -
The Remotest place on Earth -
The maps were created to show how the distribution of people affects their access to resources such as education and medical care, and how we are increasingly pushing wildlife out of even the wildest corners of our planet. - Jérôme from Bookmarklet
I am not really sure about the riddled with roads map. DRC - which has among the worst road network in the world - shows up in the map as having lots of roads. - Thaths
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