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Kevin Fox
I just got a survey from ING. They're thinking about competing with Mint, a financial service they blocked.
I just got a survey from ING. They're thinking about competing with Mint, a financial service they blocked.
How did ING block Mint? - Clare Dibble
For a while (and on an ongoing basis for some customers) ING refused to let Mint or the secure service it uses query account information, while letting Quicken do the same. - Kevin Fox
I've emailed my bank a year ago to make sure Mint would work with their accounts. They don't try hard to offer killer-apps for mobile banking and budgeting and they can probably afford to acquire or partner with a startup like Great of interface and interactive services could improve significantly the loyalty of their youngest customers. - Jérôme
More than anything, I just don't want one of my financial institutions to have total transaction and balance data on all my other financial institutions. - Kevin Fox
My bank could at least provide me with a decent interface and provide me with basic analysis of the data they already have. I will always do the cross-institution balance myself/ - Jérôme
Scientists Announce Advanced DNA Robots - -
Scientists Announce Advanced DNA Robots -
"For the first time, microscopic robots made from DNA molecules can walk, follow instructions and work together to assemble simple products on an atomic-scale assembly line, mimicking the machinery of living cells, two independent research teams announced Wednesday. These experimental devices, described in the journal Nature, are advances in DNA nanotechnology, in which bioengineers are using the molecules of the genetic code as nuts, bolts, girders and other building materials, on a scale measured in billionths of a meter. The effort, which combines synthetic chemistry, enzymology, structural nanotechnology and computer science, takes advantage of the unique physical properties of DNA molecules to assemble shapes according to predictable chemical rules. Until now, such experiments had yielded molecular novelties, from smiley faces so small that a billion can fit in a teaspoon to molecule-size boxes with lids that can be opened, closed and locked with a DNA key. These new construction... more... - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"Once programmed, the robot required no further human intervention, the researchers reported. It could turn, move in a straight line or follow a complex curve and then stop, all essentially on its own initiative. They documented its progress with an atomic force microscope as it strode along a path 100 nanometers long, about 30 times further than earlier DNA walkers could manage. "In... more... - RAPatton
"Until now, such experiments had yielded molecular novelties, from smiley faces so small that a billion can fit in a teaspoon to molecule-size boxes with lids that can be opened, closed and locked with a DNA key. These new construction projects bring researchers a step closer to a time when, at least in theory, scientists might be able to build test-tube factories that churn out... more... - RAPatton
You copy-pasted this part twice: "Until now, such experiments had yielded molecular novelties (...) to cruise the human bloodstream.". - Jérôme
It's the nanotechnology power. - Ami Iida
Interesting! - Kong Yee Peng KMN
Aternatives to Google's Dictionary Links -
Aternatives to Google's Dictionary Links
lang1:lang1 for dictionary and lang1:lang 2 for translation doesn't work anymore in Google search :( - Jérôme
Amit Patel
Unicorn & Rainbow Happiness | Cornify -
Unicorn & Rainbow Happiness | Cornify
Unicorn & Rainbow Happiness | Cornify
Oh man. I can't believe I missed ROFLcon. And I can't believe I didn't know about this awesome site. I wonder if there's a bookmarklet version. - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"Vote on your favorite Unicorns! Click here to start voting!" I can't believe not every unicorn is a winner at - Clare Dibble
Amit, are you on Buzz? I would really appreciate to read your posts from there. - Jérôme
Sorry, not on Buzz yet. I'm only active on FriendFeed! :) If Buzz had the imaginary friend feature like FriendFeed did, we'd be able to hook things up… - Amit Patel
Mark Horne
Kevin Fox
I like Google's commitment to improving their Office tools, and their humility in saying 'we're not as good at individual authoring as MS Office, but we're getting there, and we're much better at collaboration.' -
I like Google's commitment to improving their Office tools, and their humility in saying 'we're not as good at individual authoring as MS Office, but we're getting there, and we're much better at collaboration.'
I like Google's commitment to improving their Office tools, and their humility in saying 'we're not as good at individual authoring as MS Office, but we're getting there, and we're much better at collaboration.'
"We can't do much, but we can do it together" ??? ;-) - Brian Johns
It's getting better all the time... - Kevin Fox
I used to get mad at my school. - Josh Haley
Pretty sums up what I feel @ google. they can't edit a file with 500KB. pufffff. - ThinkEzy
When will Facebook release Etherpad as an official Fb app and make its way in the collaboration space? For students (at least), it would be a killer addition IMO! - Jérôme from iPhone
Major Update for Google Docs -
Does anyone know why it takes so long for YouTube video to be watchable on the iPhone? Most posts on Friendfeed and Reader have embedded recent video that are unavailable on mobile. Is it a codec issue? - Jérôme from iPhone
Clare Dibble
the new xkcd interface remind me of homestar runner - Clare Dibble from Bookmarklet
I am assuming that this interface is just an April Fool's day gag. Pretty cool nonetheless. - Robert Felty
try: make me a sandwich - Piaw Na
try: *sudo* make me a sandwich - Jérôme
am I a bad person for just reading the js source? - Andrew C (✔)
@Clare the console mimics a unix environment (eg. linux or some other variant) - mjc
Eric Borisch
Google Buzz Getting Smoked In The Sharing Race By A Dead Man -
"According to our data, in the past month, Google Buzz has been sending less traffic to TechCrunch than FriendFeed — the service which is essentially the same as Buzz, only better, and ever since the acquisition by Facebook has been a ghost town." - Eric Borisch from Bookmarklet
Weird. I find Buzz much more busy than Friendfeed nowadays. - Piaw Na
In the comments: "Matt Cutts - March 29th, 2010 at 8:35 pm UTC I think there’s a flaw in this reasoning. I believe Buzz (in fact all of Gmail) runs in HTTPS mode by default. And to quote Wikipedia, “If a website accessed from a secure (https://) connection and a link points to a non-secure (http://) connection, then the referrer header is not sent.” So the vast majority of traffic from... more... - Simon
As (Googler) Tony Ruscoe mentionned, Buzz supports full post feed reading, contrary to FF. - Jérôme from iPhone
Jeff Jarvis
Tudor Bosman
French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment - Telegraph -
French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment - Telegraph
"In 1951, a quiet, picturesque village in southern France was suddenly and mysteriously struck down with mass insanity and hallucinations. At least five people died, dozens were interned in asylums and hundreds afflicted. For decades it was assumed that the local bread had been unwittingly poisoned with a psychedelic mould. Now, however, an American investigative journalist has uncovered evidence suggesting the CIA peppered local food with the hallucinogenic drug LSD as part of a mind control experiment at the height of the Cold War. The mystery of Le Pain Maudit (Cursed Bread) still haunts the inhabitants of Pont-Saint-Esprit, in the Gard, southeast France." - Tudor Bosman from Bookmarklet
How sad. :( - Dan Hsiao
That's horrible. - Spidra Webster
@Pierre, any coverage in the national news papers? - Egon Willighagen
I think Les Inrockuptible (mainly music reviews) covered it. I'll check for other mentions in the mainstream media. - Jérôme from iPhone
I thought "Les Inrockuptible" was an odd name. - Spidra Webster
Francis Zamponi writes in LeMonde: "Hank Albarelli m’affirme aujourd’hui que l’affaire de Pont-Saint-Esprit était bien une opération de la CIA dans le cadre d’un projet baptisé « MK/NAOMI »." - Adriano
Ryan Versaw
F-35B supersonic jet's first mid-air hover (video) -
Joe Hewitt
The world is often an ugly place. I would love to see more great designs copied to replace the dull ones I have to look at all the time.
Agreed. _Not_ copying good design is what's wrong. - Paul Buchheit
I'm not sure who came up with the "scroll beyond the top of a feed to refresh" on the iPhone but it's intuitive and needs to be added everywhere - Benjamin Golub
Ben: Tweetie on the Mac does this too, and it turns out it's awesome. - Tudor Bosman
I think it's Tweetie, indeed. And it's so intuitive that I keep scrolling up everywhere on the iPhone... In vain :( - Jérôme from iPhone
Tudor Bosman
YouTube - EPT Berlin Robbed by 6 armed men, live stream recording. -
YouTube - EPT Berlin Robbed by 6 armed men, live stream recording.
Paul Buchheit
Anthony Citrano
Sexual Slavery and Tobacco Compared in New Anti-Smoking Ad | ABC News -
Sexual Slavery and Tobacco Compared in New Anti-Smoking Ad | ABC News
The French equate blow jobs with enslavement? Dammit, then, that's one more thing they do better than we do. - Anthony Citrano from Bookmarklet
Ceci n'est pas une pipe. - Jérôme
bien vu Jérôme ! - DAL
what they actually look like
They are like tiny leaves or shingles. - Paul Buchheit
mini fish hooks - Chris Heath
Philipp Lenssen
Which English speaking website/blog would you recommend to start exploring the Chinese Web? Other than, naturally :) - Jérôme
Richard Chen
Claude Lelouch: Making of "Rendevous" -
Claude Lelouch: Making of "Rendevous"
I wish there was a speech to text to english tool in Youtube now. That, or I wish for an understanding of french. - no name
C'est pourtant bien simple. Vroom vroom :) - Jérôme from iPhone
- I went out like that, and I run hop lop hop hop… and it all happened here. - Do you recognized it? - Oh yes, it's the same, it's this one. We put the camera here, and we had a tiny remote that let us control the aperture, no problem to focus, we put 4 to 5 meters to get the maximum depth… and then we were 3 in the car and we attached ourselves like crazy. It was the same color… By the... more... - Jérôme
Thanks Jerome! The dialog seemed so much more interesting when I couldn't understand it :) I'm really surprised to see that this was shot from an old merc rather than Lelouch's Ferrari 275GTB that was the source of the soundtrack. - no name
@Jerome - Thanks! @Bill - Not just any old Merc, it was a 450SEL 6.9! - Richard Chen
I love the way the interviewer gets all uncomfortable during the run down Av des Champs-Elysées. As Jérôme put it: Ok, ok, we believe you; we watched the movie several time. It's not necessary... - no name
Kevin Fox
When I go to 'All Music' and hit 'Shuffle' I also hit 'Repeat' in case I somehow run through my entire 27.1 day music library in one go.
I hope you mean "repeat all" otherwise you may wait very, very long for the last song... - Jérôme
I always think of it as 'repeat' and 'repeat one', but yes, I mean 'repeat all'. :-) - Kevin Fox
Spectacular footage of massive mudslide -
Spectacular footage of massive mudslide
The New York Times
The Best Performances of the Decade -
The Best Performances of the Decade
But... what about Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line? - Jérôme
Googtax au Sénat -> "M. Philippe Marini, rapporteur général. - Taxons d'abord, nous verrons ensuite." - via @bboissin
"L'entreprise use et abuse de sa position dominante" > Citation needed! - Jérôme
Nokia free Ovi maps reached 3 million downloads in 26 days #mwc10 Nokia press conf
From 1 to 3 M in 1 minute. Well done Nokia :) - Jérôme from iPhone
Rachel Lea Fox
Indy my little love!!
Photo 1544.jpg
Photo 1547.jpg
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I love the ear position in the last one. - Katy S
It looks like an owl in the last pic. We could make a lowlcat of it - Jérôme
Kevin Fox
Google Liquid Galaxy live demo at TED -
Google Liquid Galaxy live demo at TED
This thing is really cool to use, but it can give you a bit of vertigo if you don't look away every now and then. - Joel Webber
That should be Kim Jong Il's toy only. - Jérôme
Yeah, it's really fun to use and the controller is pretty intuitive. The heat from all of those screens makes it a little toasty after a while. - Simon
Benjamin Golub
Apple should allow Push Notifications to iPhone home screen bookmarks -
They could probably do it, but likely it'd be a pay service. I'm not coming up with any major security flaws off the top of my head, but push notification works by the app getting a provisioning profile, knowing the unique identifier for the iPhone, and sending that encrypted to Apple with what they want to push. Apple then locates the phone and pushes the data out. Maybe you could do... more... - Mark Trapp
I did no research on how push notifications works right now. I just made assumptions that there is likely some sort of opaque device id. And once you have that you can push to the device (through Apple) - Benjamin Golub
That's pretty much it, except Apple acts as a middleman, taking the request pushed to them from the developer's server and relaying that to the specific phone. I suppose that's to conceal the true identity of the phone, but there's a lot you could do with a unique identifier and location data anyway. - Mark Trapp
I was thinking the same thing last week in a polling context. Hadn't thought about a middle Apple layer to facilitate push notifications. Nice. - Kevin Fox
This is a really good idea. - Bret Taylor
Ah, I thought about both the HTML5 push notification feature and the photo upload feature this morning (it's 23:59 here). Wanted to test the Buzz web app, which displays pics very well... time to mention this FF bug that has been annoying me for month: when there are several thumbnails in an entry, half of the little blue button to show them all is out of the screen. - Jérôme
Thanks Bret and Gary. Jérôme: as I was typing this I wondered how many others had the same idea. Surely someone at Apple has thought of it right? - Benjamin Golub
I forwarded it to a friend of mine who is an iPhone engineer, so if they hadn't thought of it before, at least one of them has the idea now. :-) - Kevin Fox
I have zero knowledge of programming but I think push notification for home screen bookmarks would be great. Would Apple allow it? - Ashish
I always thought Google should add push notifications to its core Google app [], it would have helped with GV etc. The other way to do it now would be to link to something like the Prowl iPhone app api, which receives notifications from Growl or from a variety of other sources []. I use it for device status, Twitter DM/@, etc. Web app push notifications would be awesome though. - Tinfoil 2.0
Good idea Ben. - Scott Ludwig from iPhone
Robert Scoble
@om we don't talk more on Twitter because the conversational affordances aren't there. We pollute our streams with back-and-forth.
Maybe Buzz will make people realize how archaic Twitter is, and they'll all move to Friendfeed. Just to prove Robert wrong. - Jérôme
Kevin Fox
Interesting. It looks like Friendfeed posts inside buzz include the comments and likes that happen on Friendfeed.
O rly. - Micah
That would be very nice!! - Chris Myles
FriendFeed copy cat! - Susan Beebe
gtfo - Josh Haley
Does anyone know if Buzz merges items from Reader when they're imported in both Buzz and Friendfeed? - Jérôme
Kudos to being open and data portability? - Louis Gray
@Kevin -- that's because FriendFeed atom feeds contain the entire HTML of the thread. We'd actually prefer a stripped down / normal feed. : ) - DeWitt Clinton
The irony is that FriendFeed is getting more buzz now that buzz is out, than ever before... - Ciro Villa
This gets interestinger and interestinger. :) - Micah
Jérôme: it looks like Buzz prefers the source entry from Reader rather than the syndicated entry from FriendFeed. I wonder what it would take to synchronize comments from FriendFeed back into reader and then buzz. Buzz will definitely publish comments to/from Reader. - no name
Thanks, Ben. That looks much better. Though I believe we're using the feed we discover using the public crawl -- the one in rel="alternate" on each profile page. The current discovery link points the "weird" atom feed that Kevin is seeing. If we should be using another end point, maybe you could link to that in the profile page instead? Will take to a DM to work out the details. Thanks! - DeWitt Clinton
I think our current alternate is fine -- I wouldn't change it to something more minimal just so that Buzz render better. - Paul Buchheit
Matthew: says: "We're still rolling out Buzz to everyone, so if you don't see it in your Gmail account yet, check back soon" - no name
Jérôme: I was wrong. There are duplicates and they look pretty bad. - no name
I have an idea of a fix in mind -- talking with Ben now over DM. A little work on both sides, but at least it isn't special case -- should be good for everyone. - DeWitt Clinton
Si vous envoyez un mail à le contenu sera buzzé et les images en pièces jointes uploadées sur Picasa et inclues dans le buzz
Buzz, pièce centrale du Chrome Cloud? - Jérôme
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