"Sending 500 GB goes faster by foot than by DSL from the moment the distance is less than 761 mi." Enjoying Low Tech Mag.
Cliff Lynch & I used a similar analogy some years ago : "Never underestimate the bandwidth of a 747 full of DVDs." We figured out the actual bandwidth at one point assuming coast-to-coast flight. It was impressive. (OK, it was Peter Murray who figured it out. See below.) - walt crawford
I remember that discussion. The bandwidth of a 747 w/ BluRay discs: - Peter Murray
Correction, thanks to Peter Murray: Cliff Lynch wasn't directly involved (although I believe we discussed it on one of the few occasions when we chatted). Current bandwidth New York to LA using slimline double-disc holders: 74 terabits/second. I don't think even Japan's broadband has that bandwidth. - walt crawford
What about a 747 full of 16GB micro SD's? - Kevin L
Kevin: You'd have to do the calculations (as Peter did for Blu-ray discs). Probably comparable, possibly higher, although you'd have to compare the weight of three microSDs with that of a single Blu-ray disc. In any case, it would also be far beyond any normal broadband... - walt crawford