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*nervous about talk* "Got any special dietary requirements?" "Fresca? "I LOVE FRESCA" *this is going to be great*
Number crunching. For small VT libraries (pop 900-1700) each open hour per week costs about $35, $1760 for the year. Crazy ROI. #libraries
Living as I do on Hoth, you'd think I would have learned about ice spikes before now.
NYPL has made their tech class handouts available online! Yay! Requires Google Drive.... Huh?
RT @TheLiB: I'm doing something cool with the @EFF - 404 Day: A Day of Action Against Censorship in Libraries
Guy with the world’s longest beard is not the same guy who died tripping over his beard. Why sourcing photos matters
A very sweet facebook hello to my class. Thanks internet.
Facebook class hasn't even started and students are already complaining about not caring about other people's breakfasts.
My course descriptions may be too honest.
“will teach students how to interact in a facebook environment safely and securely to the extent that either of those are possible."
Gave a talk today about my personal history of blogging to some folks in Lexington. You might be interested. #weblog
It's hard to explain what a joyful noise my sister arguing with her printer is... even though we never did get it working, it was fun to try
A day late but it's still snowy here anyhow. Happy Spring Equinox.
This evenings wikihole while the grits cook… List of circumnavigations
Another basic computer class another day of teaching cut/paste and watching people smile and go “Wow” #vermont #2014 #jobpride
Very cut. Much paste. Wow. - Joe - Systems Analyst
.@PolarisLibrary According to my Polaris-using friends, you consider non-plaintext password an “enhancement”?
gravenstein & dutchess of oldenburg -
gravenstein & dutchess of oldenburg
Hairy Woodpecker goes to town on suet -
Hairy Woodpecker goes to town on suet
The annual banned books week roundup for 2013 -
Virgo Month of Leisure 2013 – fifteen leisurely years -
The FBI, and whether they’ve been here or not -
unintended consequences: Wiley price hike post-Kirtsaeng -
press release: librarians now helping people get information -
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