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Unemployment folks amused that I’m worried about misreporting penalties. Told them their on-hold message specifically threatens jail time.
VT’s Health Connect site didn’t transfer anyone’s primary care phys. choices to the Blue Cross database. Wow. #digitaldivide #tablejoin
ALA Report Confirms Negative Impact of [Internet] Filtering on Student Learning.
“If you want to do something with your privilege to help others...” on anger as a tool for social justice by @kronda
5 reasons to be optimistic about ebooks and not dour about THAT WEB COMPANY THAT SELLS ALL THE THINGS by @sandersk
Working on scheduling Open Library this-day-in-history tweets-n-cites. Follow @openlibrary to keep up with them.
MeFi is turning 15 soon. I’m celebrating with board games at my (summer) place in MA. MA/RI/CT people, come on by!
"This is bad, even for Facebook” @grimmelm w/ a cogent analysis of why their experiment was sketchy (if not illegal)
Peeling Off The Painted Layers of NYC Walls A completely amazing tool by @nypl_labs
Another talk: why libraries are the best thing -
Call for Proposals & Info: Outlawed: The Naked Truth About Censored Literature for Young People
And if you just want the blog version, you can read it here. Thanks @SomervilleLibrary
Notes and slides from my goofy talk "Why the public library is different from anything else (and maybe better)"
26jun1870 First section of Atlantic City (NJ) Boardwalk opens. Sights and sounds, from '87
"Top reasons for no." A list only a librarian could love. Accidental poetry from @OCLC #agedtounfulfilled
RT @anildash: Smart @xor piece on how @soundcloud, etc. threaten public domain works with automated takedowns:
I redid my "You should hire me to help you solve problems, I am a pro" website and it looks great. Thank you @n33co
MT @Friends_SPL: 36 hours from now you'll have missed an eye-watering talk from @jessamyn Last 7 tx here #somerville
Seriously cool (and free) web dev class at @BPLboston on Thursday from @ga
"Vermonters are not overly concerned with personal grooming" [love the comments, tx @vprnet]]
A poem and a song and a picture for this longest day of the year. Happy Solstice.
"Why is fair use going global?" Looking at Israel and South Korea & the Phillipines in an article by @pdecherney
On living full time with a dolphin in the 60s Sex! Drugs! Knees! The letter M. A first-person report #thedolphinhouse
“how we're spending the Stephen King money” [from an ebook with the same name for a book SK made no ebook for]
“UW-Madison paid Elsevier $1.22 mil for a journal bundle while UM-Ann Arbor paid $2.16 mil for the same bundle.”
"a professional dev. opportunity designed to provide a basic intro to US copyright law and to empower librarians”
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