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MT @geoffreyfowler I found far more ebooks I want to read at @SFPublicLibrary than at paid subscription services.
RT @monteiro: How are we taking depression seriously when most health plans put a limit on seeing mental health professionals? #seriously
MT @BrianUkulele: 2,000 knowledge-geeks group hug at the end of #Wikimania2014 (I am in this photo)
The Wikimania Press Room has been keeping track of media mentions. Here's the (not so short) list. #wikimania2014
. @jakeorlowitz explains access partnerships set up for the Wikipedia Library Backgrounder: &
Big Principle: Keep digital works w/ expired copyright IN the public domain by not adding new rights to them. We can do this. #openglam
"Digital evangelism has lulled many of us into an embarrassingly anti-intellectual comfort zone" Librarian schooling.
Considering a Wikimedian in Residence? Here's a thorough 2014 program review via @WikimediaUK
MT @SimonXIX: For #wikimania2014 peeps: @malki hits 'Random article' on Wikipedia and then raps about it. Big fun.
I have contributed in many ways at #wikimania2014 but I think fixing the printer in the press room may be my main claim to fame. #librarian
There is really untapped lulz in a possible twitter account for the Wikipedia Monkey. Please someone? cc @sarahjeong
Thanks Londoners for enduring my questions about council housing over dinner. "How is your system different from ours?" is my favorite topic
RT @viagregory: Librarians @WikimaniaLondon let's gather on Saturday at Glam III (The Future of Libraries and Wikipedia) #wikimania2014
If you lose a folder at a nerd-type convention, expect a lot of jokes when your description includes "has a unicorn on it" #wikimania2014
"We find this type of veiled censorship unacceptable" Google's "right to be forgotten" EU memory hole #wikimania2014
Brought my adapters to London but then I see a US-style outlet in my room Can I use this? Is this normal? #adaptordie
I wrote up the library-themed wedding ceremony I performed over the weekend. Look at these happy librarians!
MT @NSUBALibrary In honor of Google’s doodle, a diagram about why librarians are necessary (blue area super huge irl)
RT @jacobsberg: What It means to be an anti-racist children’s librarian, by Maggie Block from @StorytimeU
VT Department of Labor’s website non-functional. Have been instructed to fax a printout of the screen for this week’s unemployment claim.
Dept of Ag. cracks down on (PA) seed libraries. “You’ve got agri-tourism on one side and agri-terrorism on the other”
Wikihole: First person in the world to drive an automobile more than a short distance? Bertha Benz, marketing genius
You remove the book from a reading list for a district’s kids? We’ll have a statewide contest for kids who read it!
RT @grimmelm: At @kottke, a barnburner of an essay by @tcarmody on the Facebook and OKCupid experiments
“Normally I would give actual directions, but I suppose that would insult you and your GTS gadget!” for the computer fixit job I have today.
“Civic life is networked life” @pewinternet talks about the media zones where people live (and how to reach them)
“Now the library is asking the public to donate pieces of D.C.’s punk history” Pass it along.
Chatting w/ neighbor/legislator @ post office, led to my concerns re: VT’s health care website being sent to the state health committee #woo
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