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1994 Cypress Falls Marching Band Hook Fall Concert -
1994 Cypress Falls Marching Band Hook Fall Concert
December 1989 Labay Junior High Symphonic Band Christmas Concert -
December 1989 Labay Junior High Symphonic Band Christmas Concert
Re: Use Your Smartphone as a Presence Sensor -
"How do I make my proximity area smaller? I'd like to be able to see my garage door close when I leave my property, not 3 blocks down the road - it won't get that fine for me :-)" - Jesse Stay
Facebook Integration for WordPress
Nginx: the web server tech you’ve never heard of that powers Netflix, Facebook, and WordPress
5 Tips for Customer Success: Turn Customers into Advocates
Email Marketing - The Top 10 Keys to Writing Attention-Capturing Subject Lines : MarketingProfs Article
How I Spent 10 Minutes Per Week to Triple My Twitter Followers
Happy Veterans day everyone! Here's a whole plane full of World War II veterans singing, "God Bless America" @KSLcom
This will be the hub for my smart home. I'll do a review off it on The Social Geek Youtube channel…
Re: David Archuleta Glorious Fan Supercut Video -
"Love the OUR necklace! :-)" - Jesse Stay
Re: David Archuleta Glorious Fan Supercut Video -
"Is there sheet music for this? As a trumpet player that would make this much easier." - Jesse Stay
This is what we were doing at IKEA yesterday. We're not sure if we like the country look or not.
This place stresses the crap out of me @ IKEA Draper
Where's the "tip" button on @taylorswift13's site? If she gave that, & put her music on Spotify, I'd tip her more than profit from an album.
Can you help @startupprincess get more retweets than her cospeaker by retweeting this?:
RT @startupprincess: I'm with America's next top marketers & biz executives. Retweet if you love business! #UTFLC @utah_DECA #smallbiz
For those interested, I'm live-posting my @HealthCareGov experience over on Facebook - come join, it's entertaining!
Turns out there are a lot of really good songs about me, from all my favorite artists. I promise, this Spotify list…
The Shift to Employee Advocacy: Why You need to Activate Your Team - Digital Marketing Blog by Adobe
RT @algerinvest: We’re starting the 2nd session of today’s #ThinkFurther Thurs discussion, sponsored by @AlgerInvest. Submit your questions via #ThinkFurther
.@algerinvest materials for the future will be endless, as space travel increases & is commercialized. To infinity and beyond! #ThinkFurther
.@HighTechDad space, the final frontier :-) (and even that will be run by DATs and the community). #ThinkFurther
.@HighTechDad your printer manufacturer is in it for themselves. Future cos will be in it for the community. #ThinkFurther
.@algerinvest Much more solar, more sustainable energy. China, India, etc. will be forced to this. Impact will be very minimal #ThinkFurther
When software is entirely in control of the driving, split-second decisions can be made, and cars can move *much* faster. #ThinkFurther
.@algerinvest seriously though, the roads will be things like what we see w/ trains, to allow cars move faster to/from places #ThinkFurther
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