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uncle_jesse on I'm in a bad mood and need to get out of it. I will personally buy 5 people $25 gifts from the marketplace if you can tell me a happy story or something. -
"My client, Operation Underground Railroad, rescued 26 kids from slavery last month:" - Jesse Stay
Re: Vine: Short Videos and What Marketers Need to Know -
"Ah, never mind - now that I looked it up, I see you can upload videos within the app now. I clearly need to play with Vine more :-)" - Jesse Stay
Re: Vine: Short Videos and What Marketers Need to Know -
"Forgive me if it was mentioned in the podcast. I'm going off the summary - did he ever mention how he gets the edited videos onto Vine? Is there an app that uploads external videos? Or does he just shoot his computer screen (which I find hard to believe)?" - Jesse Stay
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted! -
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted!
Where to start with big data at your utility - Intelligent Utility
How to Use Content Marketing in the Retail Space to Get Incredible Results (Interview)
Philips is helping Software Engineers find meaningful careers. Bring your passions to work: #MakeItMeaningful #spon
Should you make the leap into sponsored content?
6 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Local SEO
Wanna learn more about my vision for Bitcoin? If I can get the proposal out, I'm making a book about these thoughts.
RT @ingostoll: Visions of a Future Internet - a Talk featuring @Jesse Stay on @neuwaertsFM
.@ali it was a ? in the form of an assumption. That's the problem - your assumption was based on no data to support it.
.@ali it was nicknamed "The Utah War" - you can learn more just through Wikipedia: (distractions from MO aside)
.@ali I suggest more research, because your data is very flawed. There weren't even in the USA when that happened, especially no tin MO
.@ali it wasn't until *1979* that it was no longer legal to kill Mormons in MO!
.@ali and do you blame him? My ancestors were tortured, tarred and feathered, had their houses burned because of MO government
.@ali where are you getting this info? Brigham Young didn't declare war on USA until AFTER they were thrown out of MO w/ a death order
Us Mormons have seen government overstep their boundaries in Missouri before ;-) #ferguson
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Medium’s Engaging Plan for Branded Content: Sell Time, Not Pageviews
ASUS C200 review: The company's first Chromebook is a battery life champ
5 Things Your CEO Should Know About gTLDs
6 Warning Signs You May Be Dealing With an SEO Scam Artist
RT @OURrescue: MISSION COMPLETE: 26 children saved, girls and boys ages 12-13. 7 arrested. SHARE this post to celebrate the rescue with us!...
This place has a Ferris wheel inside! I think I'm addicted. @ Scheels
RT @Mike_Stelzner: The Facebook Fraudster's New Strategy: Friend, Fraud, then Forget - How to Protect Yourself via @jesse
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