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About to sign on my 8th and 9th books - you'll be surprised by these ones (but it will be oh so fun!)
The free social media marketing ride is over. Now what?
The Future of Social Media ROI: From Likes to Relational Metrics
Like A Capella? This group is pretty good - check them out!:
Social Media - Facebook punishes marketers who ask for Likes
Gmail's New Promotions Tab: Tips to Help Your Messages Stand Out
My fitbit #Fitstats for 4/14/2014: 2,586 steps and 1.2 miles traveled.
6 Critically Undervalued Social Media Success Metrics
Trust Me…There Are REAL People On The Other Side of That Computer Screen
RT @bryce_maccabe: Learn how you can help save children being sold into sex slavery. @OURrescue presents "Ride to Freedom"
RT @bryce_maccabe: Learn how you can help save children being sold into sex slavery. @OURrescue presents "Ride to Freedom"
Think Bottom Line, Not Top Line, on Social Media ROI
The software my client uses is incredible - it hunts down those that share child rape videos online. Will you share?
RT @cleepost: Facebook's right-rail ads get facelift. Most advertisers now use newsfeed instead @sabornva @Jesse v @AdAge
I promise - I didn't hack it! :) #slcgop
.@RMoney seriously? Tolerance? You called my question dumb to a very public audience!
Motion to post all voting issues on Twitter so we don't waste any more time (county GOP should be following the #slcgop conversation)
Hack #6: (haven't verified) votes could be prone to SQL injection attack & in that case it wouldn't matter what u voted #slcgop #gopsecurity
Hack #5: someone let's you use their phone for the test vote. Browser stores your ID. They vote 4 u on the real vote. #slcgop #gopsecurity
Hack #4 someone uses $20 equipment to utilize the heart bleed bug despite ssl and redirect your vote to theirs #slcgop #gopsecurity
Hack #3: you borrow someone else's phone. They spoof the site & steal your vote #slcgop #gopsecurity
Hack #2: you use someone elses WiFi hotspot. They have a fake voting website. They steal your ID and others' & vote 4 u #slcgop #gopsecurity
Hack #1: 12 year old kid stands in back w/$40 router, broadcasts fake WiFi, steals your ID, and votes for you. #slcgop #gopsecurity
Others are saying security isn't an issue at the GOP - my following tweets are simple ways your vote could be hacked: #slcgop #gopsecurity
Evidently @RMoney thinks that security is a "dumb question" #slcgop
I just educated the entire Salt Lake County GOP Convention about the risks of phishing and WiFi spoofing w/ their online voting app #slcgop
New eBook with Employee Advocacy expert, Chris Boudreaux
5 Ways of Ensuring Real ROI in Social Media
If a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words, What’s the Value of a Video in Marketing?
How to Perform an A/B Test on Headlines, Tweets, Traffic, and More
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