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RT @rrhoover: Rarely does an app make me LOL. Well done @jexe & the team. cc @hutchins
RT @segdeha: How come y’all aren’t using Dasher yet?
RT @jwegener: Timehop is hiring a lead product designer. If you're an SF designer looking to move to NYC, let's grab coffee tomorrow! Jonathan @ timehop
RT @neuromaria: Best abstract I've ever read
RT @finitor: Everything you know about the internet is out of date (113 slides on the rest of the world, by @yiibu; read them all)
A little jealous that nobody has designed a logo and website for one of my bugs #heartbleed
RT @mindmillmedia: From now on, let's all agree to refer to the WWDC lottery as "The Reaping".
RT @bdotdub: TIMEHOP. ANDROID. RIGHT NAH. (@techcrunch:
RT @hoverbird: the first app that designs its ☰ (aka “hamburger”) menu to look like an actual hamburger will have my heart (and clicks) forever.
RT @TheUnquietOne: My hair inspiration jexe @ Ghost
Too many children's books. Expecting subway conductors to speak in first person: "I'm a Brooklyn bound F train. Stand clear of my doors!"
Winter is finally here
RT @mbryzek: Gilt Mobile "executive edition" - just for those remaining blackberry users! @jexe #gilttech
1 year ago, I was at Old Town Bar and Ann Sacks happened to be on fire via @timehop
I love five guys, but eating burgers for dinner makes me want to autoclave my head.
Notes on Distributed Systems for Young Bloods – Something Similar -
Notes on Distributed Systems for Young Bloods – Something Similar -
The Web We Lost - Anil Dash -
The Web We Lost - Anil Dash -
The Web We Lost - Anil Dash -
Forgot to give a proper twitter intro: my kids Juno and Shiloh were born 8 days ago! #babypocalypse
. @SethJacobson important news is orthogonal to twitter. ;) just figuring out some details before I report the full stat sheet!
How does one show one's love for @trailofbits?
Ramen, anyone?
Ninja Cats | Babble Pets -
I have grown up with cats all my life and have always thought there was something just a bit extra special about them. They seem to know what you’re thinking before you even know what you’re thinking and have this way about them. They can sneak up on you when you didn’t even know they were around, they fit into places you would put money on would be impossible and they climb like nobody’s business. That sounds a lot like something else — the cunning abilities of real life ninjas. They must have learned their skills from something — their moves and skills inspired by something the studies hard. My guess, cats are the inspiration because no one could teach a cat to be this awesome — it just oozes out of them. - Jesse B
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