New MSDN benefits including more @puralsight videos. #vsconnect // @MVPAward
RT @migueldeicaza: Microsoft open sources .NET. My post on Microsoft, Mono and Xamarin collaboration:
RT @nkohari: Microsoft, you have my attention again…
RT @MsEstherL: 😊#MVPbuzz RT: DerikWhittaker: Awesome day to be a developer on the .net stack. #OSSEverything
Startups and OSS can now use the Microsoft platform and support cross platform. That's big. #vsconnect // @MVPAward
RT @scottcate: free version of #VisualStudio is very close to the Professional version. This is huge! Saves me money starting today! #vsconnect
RT @VisualStudio: .@ScottGu Announcement: Full support of Open Source via the .NET Foundation to accept contributions from the community. #vsconnect
RT @ardalis: Microsoft Open Sourcing .NET and the CLR. Use it all however you want, wherever you want.
Free Visual Studio Community edition available for small businesses, startups, students, and more. No program. #vsconnect // @MVPAward
.NET is now available on OS X and Linux. #vsconnect // @MVPAward
RT @jantielens: The 3 themes for Connect(): Innovation, Agility & Openness. #vsconnect
RT @scottcate: #vsconnect Open Source. Microsoft loves it. Moving to open source more code. .net Foundation. Already open sourced a ton.
The entire .NET Framework is now open source. #vsconnect // @MVPAward
RT @alvinashcraft: .@scottgu talking cloud development at #vsconnect #mvpbuzz
RT @schwammy: I've already heard the phrase "Cross-Platform" a few times this morning #vsconnect #mvpbuzz
RT @itsmattcarter: ScottGu and his red shirt in the house #vsconnect
RT @MSFTnews: Recap of engagement with Linux at Microsoft TechEd Europe
RT @MSFTnews: Recap of engagement with Linux at Microsoft TechEd Europe
More than 2x the data centers then AWS and 6 times more than Google Cloud. #vsconnect @MVPAward
The Jason Gaylord Daily is out! Stories via @MSN @panesofglass @brianhartline
RT @MsEstherL: Live commentary! MT: @MVPAward: Follow MVPs live at #vsconnect in NY! @alvinashcraft @schwammy @brianminisi @dfinke @jgaylord @mcbeniwal
The Orchard CMS Gazette is out!
The ASPInsiders Daily is out! Stories via @bleroy @csharpfritz @subdigital
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