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Jordan Hofker

Jordan Hofker

My dog likes sleeping on me. I like taking pictures and coding.
Playing "airplane". Or something!
I'd love to know what writing on @Medium is like, but nope. (Last two of major browsers should include IE, folks.)
Awww yeah. #jef? (@daguenter)
Congratulations to Kurt and Melinda on their wedding day! I think this is the first picture of Kurt I ever took,...
RT @jdokulil: Hudl.FFmpeg - a C# framework to make FFmpeg interaction simple
Nora called dibs on the big bed for naps. I'm not sure that's fair.
RT @AndySterland: Time to update Windows and IE. The F12 tools have some 40 odd features out today including async call stacks and a color picker
Ban time zones.
Even Cortana is excited about the news!
RT @SiliconPrairie: .@Hudl in Europe: the #LNK sports replay software co. has acquired a European competitor that specializes in soccer.
Kick kick kick dog cat kick kick kick
RT @thevowel: Get your free copy of Guacamelee! STCE (Xbox One), Xbox Live Gold members! It's the last day:
RT @jacobrossi: Announcing BIG changes to the IE mobile platform that dramatically make for a better user experience
Now some nice, relaxing code reviews before bed. Sorry in advance, @daguenther.
I think I have it fixed, so my heart is pounding because saying this will probably jinx it. This is magical though:
One of these: or these: are seriously the best to have around if you fix others' computers.
So basically, how's your night going 'cause mine's fantastic.
AVG's (and Norton's!) uninstallers are apparently so bad they corrupt Windows installs and then need utilities to fix registries they broke.
Crazy - Facebook is in @IE's Compatibility View list. Forces IE10 mode.
RT @k88hudson: I started writing Flight rules for git because who hasn't had an oh-crap-what-do-I-do moment? Contributions welcome
And update 11 should be out soon with better transitions when you're viewing images at full size.
This is a great picture of @daguenther
Cortana's news stuff is pretty great, but needs a way for me to tell it never to show an article by a writer/source again.
I really wish @HipChat wouldn't crash when someone posts a gif larger than a meg and I try to view it. (Like this:
Today, @ECain37, @nhillyer, and I have officially been @Hudl for a year today. Went crazy fast! (Thanks for the reminder, @ECain37!)
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