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AdMob celebrates one year at Google as mobile growth accelerates -
Congrats to the AdMob Team on the great progress! - Jeff
Google Earth optimized for Android-powered tablets -
Love Google Earth on the Xoom! Congrats to the Team on the launch! - Jeff
In-app Billing Launched on Android Market -
Congratulations to the Android & Billing/Payments team on launch of in-app billing! - Jeff
Google Liquid Galaxy live demo at TED -
Google Liquid Galaxy live demo at TED
Google Earth on 8 screens. - Jeff
Paul Buchheit must be one of the slowest sites around. Loading the homepage just now (so that I can make a small edit to my post) took 90 sec!
Time to switch to posterous? - Bruce Lewis
posterous??! --even slower... - 麦克.疯
If I ever get around to switching, it'll probably be to something custom running on AppEngine, like Bret and Ben have. - Paul Buchheit
No way... I dig Posterous. Never really had a speed issue - Andrew Dobrow from iPhone
It gives you time to think about what you want to post/edit. - Andy Bakun
Yes, it's a feature Andy :) - Paul Buchheit
No substitute for controlling the code yourself, I suppose. - Bruce Lewis
You'd think the blog platform/hosting nut would have been cracked by now - it's like surrounded by water and not a drop to drink. - Micah
Or maybe it's just expectations constantly rise (I deal with blogger, posterous and self-hosted WP - strengths of any given one emphasize the weaknesses of the others). - Micah
Maybe Paul should buy a faster computer and dedicate it to just authoring blog posts. - Louis Gray
I host my own so I can write more code for it. My blog *is* my content. :-) - Jesse Stay
You should host your own. Page rank it up :) - Kenneth Reitz
Posterous has had speed issues in China, it takes minutes to load here, I don't know whether it has in other regions. But I consider appspot a better one now. - Juvenn Woo from fftogo
The Blogger team is looking into it now; obviously not the way it should be. I had a ~60 second load (mostly hung in a re-direct) a few minutes ago, and now am getting ~2 second loads. Let me know if you or anyone are still having Blogger speed issues. - Jeff
Derek Collison
Snow Leopard update bricked my iMac. Reinstalling. #pissed
Been there. Painful. - Jeff
Sorry for the GMail problems. Service is back for many, but not all. IMAP & iGoogle gadget do work. More status here:
Thanks Jeff for the update. Life kinda stops without Gmail. - Rajul Vora
Thanks Jeff - Shakeel Mahate
Any postmortem or cautionary tales for the curious? - Eric Borisch
Very good write-up. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Robert Scoble
I am sitting with CEO of Sonos and he is debating me about which mobile platform they should support next. What do you think? (After iPhone)
Android all the way - Robert Burgin
I say Android too. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Great minds think alike lol - Robert Burgin
Zune. - Andru Edwards
WebOS and the Palm Pre. - Jonathan Ezor
What Android phone? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
HTC Hero - Robert Burgin
Palm Pre, then port it to the rest via phone gap. - Luke Kilpatrick
WebOS - Rodfather
As a Sonos user, I can assure him that Blackberry comes after iPhone. What other choice is there? - Michael Krigsman
They should hit Windows Mobile, in all honesty. Just from a penetration standpoint. Of course, I have no idea how feasible that is. But they should definitely go with Android over WebOS so they don't tie themselves to ONE device on the market. - Andru Edwards
Android. - Jeff
Michael: blackberry users don't do much other than email. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Andru: Palm will have more devices out with webOS by the end of the year, I predict by the middle of 2010 every carrier will have webOS devices. - Luke Kilpatrick
Symbian Please! - Peter Kelley
No other platform offers the freedom that android does IMHO - Robert Burgin
However, more important than platform, they should allow the desktop application to play synched music with the Sonos system. Sure, there are technical reasons militating against this, but they should figure it out. - Michael Krigsman
Or Java - Peter Kelley
Yes, Robert. An application written for the HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1 should work on the HTC Magic/T-Mobile myTouch 3G. As for the HTC Hero and other non-Google Android forks, applications *should* be able to work, I think. Not completely sure, though; so correct me if I'm wrong. - James Rishabh Mishra
That is not true at all, Robert. I know many, many people who buy BlackBerry as a consumer device nowadays. The iPhone has changed that perception of smartphones. - Andru Edwards
Robert: hmmm....and Blackberry users do not use Sonos systems? - Michael Krigsman
And in case I didn't make it clear enough, I totally want Android support. - James Rishabh Mishra
Anyway, glad we are having the same debate they are having internally. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Luke, I know. But right now, there is just one device, with nothing else announced. It makes more sense to go where the users are. - Andru Edwards
Sonos has a cool controller coming out tonight, by the way. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I had the Curve and my G1 blows it away just my experience though - Robert Burgin
Android. Given enough time, I think the number of andoid handsets is going to radically outnumber all the others. Jus a hunch. - mikepk from iPhone
We Sonos users do not need whiz bang coolness -- we need solid functionality that works. - Michael Krigsman
How about their own? I'd really like smaller, less expensive remote. Also, *any* level of control with a Logitech Harmony remote would be fantastic. - Kevin Fox
I am putting together all of our assets on the new controller right now. Check out Gear Live in 90 minutes for all the news ;) - Andru Edwards
The iPhone controller is excellent: well-designed and makes use of existing hardware so no additional cost. That's superb. - Michael Krigsman
Palm Pre. New apps are hugely popular now. - Jon Winters
Android...duh - Jeremy Franklin
By the way, the Sonos PR mgr. sent me a Sonos t-shirt after I twitter positively about the product. I liked that a lot. - Michael Krigsman
Public API. Let a thousand apps bloom. - Kevin Fox
Palm Pre. - David Chartier
I think it's great that they went after the iPhone first. No flies on these guys. - RobinDotNet
Holden: That's my point. But just because it makes the most sense, doesn't mean everyone recognizes that! They do. Smart guys. :-) - RobinDotNet
None. Ok, maybe Google Android. - Jose Alvear
I took the plunge and finally joined FF just to tell you to support Android. You know in your heart its the least evil of the platforms. - Neeraj Kumar Agrawal
Get him to cut his hardware costs in half so that his stuff is affordable... - Buzz Bruggeman
I second the Public API. It not only would benefit all the phone platforms, but soooo much more. - Ward Mundy
Robert: If you are still with the Sonos team - Please ask when the new controller will be available in other Markets? Australia? Thanks. - Clifford Kennedy
I third the vote for an API. There are some hacky UPNP Apis but a formal API would open up many new apps- - Tom Wentworth from iPhone
Why only one more platform? Seriously, they should do a few. Android and WebOS to start with. - Cyrus Lendvay
I love my Sonos, but can you please ask him why I should get a new smaller controller for $350 when I could get an iPod Touch that does the same thing and more for less money? - Kevin Fox
Kevin - the new controller is something you can leave in a common, shared area, has much better screen resolution, replaceable battery, etc. - Andru Edwards
Andru: Do I need a resolution better than the iPod Touch in order to control a Sonos? If my iPod Touch only has the Sonos app on it, what's the concern of leaving it in a common area? It's a home, not a dorm after all. Lastly, when would it possibly be better for me to replace a battery than to put the controller back in a charging cradle? - Kevin Fox
Blackberry would reach more users. Android 3rd - LANjackal
Kevin, it's not for eveyone, but it gives you the option. I have an iPod touch, and an iPhone, both with the Sonos controller on them. But what if I don't want you, or any other guest, using my iPhone and possibly seeing my text messages or other alerts that come through on those devices? Obviously, those devices can be rich with personal info, that I don't want shared. If I hand you my... more... - Andru Edwards
I concede some of your points. It's also nice to have an integrated bundle with a single-purpose remote. For my own needs (and I may not be the target demographic) I already have a Sonos system and am considering an additional remote. My point is that buying an iPod Touch to be used exclusively for controlling the Sonos makes more sense for me. It's highly responsive, can easily sit in... more... - Kevin Fox
Yeah, I don't know WHY they price is that high - but it is cheaper than the older one, with more features. Also, the older one is going to be very heavily discounted until it sells out, so there's that. One other benefit, which may or may not be attractive to some, is you pick up the controller, and it is ready immediately. No pressing of the home button, sliding the screen, finding the app, waiting for it to connect to network. - Andru Edwards
WebOS: any professional Web developer working today can start developing for it right now, without learning anything they don't already know: HTML, CSS, Javascript. - .LAG liked that
Here are some images of the new Sonos Controller 200: - Andru Edwards
Zune HD? Xbox 360? - Mike Nayyar
I've had 5 Sonos units for the last 5 years, very very was actually the "THING" that made my change jump from a HTC Windows Phone to an iphone, it was the deciding factor. They were nice enough to offer to replace the controller after my pup got a hold of it: - Jacob Shea
CrackBerry obviously - Daniel W. Crompton
Android - Leonardo Saraceni from twhirl
I say the Xperian T3 phone is the next big Android release. - Amani
Android. - mjc
Android - prasanna gautam
So what was the verdict? How's that webOS app coming along? :-) - Steve Lemke
Android! (w/ HTC sense) - Clemens Orthacker
Android! - Jeff Watson
I would suggest Android, however choose which mobile OS has the largest market share. - Wayne M
Android. One good open source project deserves another! Since this post originated, a pretty good, independent Android app for Sonos has appeared in the Android Market: Andronos. - Ward Mundy
Android Please! - Jeremy Cave
Phones with an Android operating system outsold iPhones in the first half of the year. There is other software that can take care of the different phone specifications. Andronos is quite good though. - Jeremy Cave
Akiyoshi's illusion pages -
Rotating snakes. - Jeff
I-Movix SprintCam v3 NAB 2009 showreel on Vimeo -
1000 frames per second. - Jeff
A 30th anniversary retrospective on the little known Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel... - Jeff
Annals of Medicine: The Cost Conundrum: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker -
Good run down on some of the challenges facing health care reform. - Jeff
Irene Au
Friendfeed redesign looks like twitter.
Hmmm, I could only click "like" on the observation, but I really want to "un-like" the new design; I liked the old FriendFeed better. - Jeff
Remember the days when everyone was copying Yahoo's UI? Seems like everyone's doing the same with Twitter now. heh. - Mike
Jeff, you should give it a few days. You may find it a lot more usable. - Kevin Fox
Once I went beta I never went back. - Daniel Dulitz
I'm diggin the new design - Greg Rosenberg
that's what i thought when i saw it..! - Denis Laprise
ok, it's growing on me a bit more... - Jeff
NikeStore. Shop the Official Nike Store for Shoes, Clothing & Gear -
Got to get me a pair of these for my upcoming 4 on 4 tournament! - Jeff
Elevated by RGBA and TBC -
Elevated by RGBA and TBC
Not bad for 4K. - Jeff
Kona Village & Big Island. Recommendations?
Island Lava Java for coffee and cinnamon rolls. I still order coffee from them occasionally. - Tudor Bosman
We loved Kona Village. ScottLu and GBurd are huge fans also. They can go on at length. Note that they are shutting down for a remodel some time soon. and won't be open next season. - Joe Beda
One thing that Gary didn't mention is that Kona Village is *super* kid friendly. - Joe Beda
Four Seasons is nice.. Fish Pond that the kids can swim in is cool.. - Derek Collison
Thanks for the recommendations! - Jeff
Night snorkeling with manta rays (or scuba, if you're rated for night dives) simply can't be beat, and Kona is the best place in the world to do it. It's just astounding. - Kevin Fox
Though I have been told by people who have done the Manta ray as both the dive and the snorkel, that the snorkel is better. - Rachel Lea Fox
Great snorkeling at the Kahaluu Beach Park, 5.5 miles south of Kailua-Kona. - Tudor Bosman
It's Not Like You Can Predict Memes, but... - http://iwastetoomuchtimeatwork...
Goldeneye Gets Down spaz. Must meme on the interwebs. - Jeff
Twitter / Google Apps: San Jose City Council disc ... -
Love the part 12:50 -> 16:40. - Jeff
Awesome! Though someone should remind the guy that 'infinitesimally' means the opposite of what he thinks it does. - Kevin Fox
Yes -- In the words of Inigo Montoya: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." ;^) - Jeff
What's the Best Diet? Eating Less Food - TIME -
~100% true, based on personal experience. - Jeff
White Wedding: Literal Video Version from DustFilms -
Literal version of Billy Idol's White Wedding. - Jeff
Pogoplug — Access your external hard drive from anywhere on the Internet -
Looks like the Sheeva device, with more software/service. May inspire some hacking. :-) - Jeff
Official Google Reader Blog: Share anything. Anytime. Anywhere. -
How to use the Google Reader bookmarklet to share anything. Anytime. Anywhere. Really. - Jeff
Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole Over The Rainbow -
Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole Over The Rainbow
My nephew & new bride played this song at their wedding over a slideshow of family photos with her mother, who had died of cancer a few months earlier. It was very moving, and hearing the song now always takes me back. - Jeff
Top 100 Best Software Engineering Books, Ever - a knol by Jurgen Appelo -
A really nice knol... - Jeff
@steverubel No. :-)
Good to hear :) I assume this is in reference to - Bret Taylor
Yes. :-) - Jeff
Louis Gray
WIth Google Killing Products, Is Reader Next? -
I'd really like to hear the story some day of how Google decided to buy, neglect, and kill Jaiku. - Ken Sheppardson
Wait a second... they're going to OPEN SOURCE [Jaiku]... NICE... - Ken Sheppardson
Jeez I hope not. - Patrick Jordan
I like Reader, but I'll live - Bwana ☠
Short version: "No." - Jeff
Doubtful! - Michael Fidler
At least you're not locked into Reader. - Victor Ganata
Jess, I agree and those were my comments on the post. I think Steve is guessing as to what products don't derive revenue. Should we ask the same thing about Google News then? - Louis Gray
Jeff Huber, SVP at Google, responded fairly succinctly on FriendFeed and Twitter: - Bret Taylor
Poll: Tweeters, do you like it better when we link to Amazon or Google Book Search? Let us know and thanks for reading!
Amazon - Bret Taylor
Amazon - Tudor Bosman
The first hit when you do a Google search for the book. Which is usually, but not always, Amazon. - DeWitt Clinton
Amazon. - Atul Arora
Two examples that I seem to bump into a lot: [dive into python] and [python in a nutshell], which take you to the book's homepage and the O'Reilly site respectively. ( and - DeWitt Clinton
I'd actually like to propose a third alternative: The book's (or author's) page or website. Or, if it doesn't have one, or WorldCat. - Michael R. Bernstein
Amazon - Susan Beebe
P.S. I prefer Google as a user. But Google doesn't pay affiliate fees to Venture Hacks nor does it let us track how many books we've sold. And Amazon won the poll overwhelmingly. Except @jhuber (SVP at Google) prefers Google Book Search. =) - Nivi
I resemble that remark! ;^) - Jeff
Kevin Fox
No matter how anti-Microsoft you are, once in a while nothing but Excel will do. For now.
I LOVE excel, it makes my life easy :) - Georgia
For most things with Excel I can get done with Google Docs, but when I have Excel, I'd choose it first. - Tyler (Chacha)
Hmm, I want to be able to Un-Like without Like-ing it first! ;^) - Jeff
To be specific, I'm usually talking about when I have hundreds or thousands of rows of data and am working on charts. I haven't tried OpenOffice, but both Google Docs and iWork Numbers start to sputter way before Excel shows any cracks. - Kevin Fox
I always stick data into a database, then query that using python then gnuplot to chart things - guess I'm a bit old school. - Rich
Agree. Even the best "no software" apps (read: Salesforce) need to export to Excel - Louis Gray
I haven't used Excel in about 3 years, and i've been fine with it. OpenOffice meets my every need, but I'm not needing any hardcore functionality. - David Bisset (sn)
What Email Client do You Use? -
Gmail! - Jeff
OpenSocial Foundation: The Election Results Are in! -
Big congrats to Joseph and Jay! - Jeff
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