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ALA Annual Conference 2009 Chicago on Vimeo - http://www.vimeo.com/5607888
ALA Annual Conference 2009 Chicago on Vimeo
STEVE LAWSON IS FAMOUS - jambina from Bookmarklet
Wow, 3 minutes of Steve and LSW! (start at about minute 6:54 for the Steve/LSW part). - lris
rocking the Neff! i love it! - kendrak
D0r0th34: you'll have to wait your turn. When the term of one of the current groupies expires, you will be considered for the vacancy. - DJF
but if everybody's a groupie, then nobody's a ... wait, what were we talking about again? - DJF
I like the profile before the multi-committeed multi-badged guy. All those ribbons always make me think of military types with chests covered with ribbons. Though their hats are not the same, nor do they have beards, usually. - barbara fister
I gave up listening to the Foo Fighters on my iPod to watch this... I am SUCH a library geek. Congrats to Steve. - Joe
Steve: Great job. - walt crawford
I can't watch this now, but I bet it's worth watching again. - laura x
But, is it /still/ better than the Foo Fighters? - Joe
Dear Student Worker, please do not tell the Director of Libraries that "helping with photocopiers isn't my job." Because I'm the one who defined your job, and therefore ipso facto you are wrong.
Pwned. - Derrick
Does the student worker's job description have an "other duties as assigned" clause? If not, it really should. Every job description should. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
we just fired one. you'd think they'd all be skeert. BUT NO. - Jenica
It might also be plausible that she doesn't actually know who I am, because I don't do a lot of "Do you know who I AM?" behavior. But still. Dude. NO. Don't talk to any of the full time staff or librarians like that. You're an 18 year old hourly worker. Gain a smidge of perspective. - Jenica
"Helping with photocopiers is not your job? Excellent. Allow me to find something for you to do where 'helping with the photocopiers' will look like a step *up*." - Andy
Oh, Jill, that's brilliant. My bathrooms need work, too... - Jenica
"And then she was like 'IPSO FACTO' and I was like 'Oh man, she's talking in Pig Latin'..." - Andy
Have you fired her yet? - Soup in a TARDIS
I wanna know if http://www.potsdam.edu/offices... said "Assist with maintenance of photocopy machines. " an hour or so ago. Because it's really keeping me from properly enjoying my image of Samuel P. Jackson standing on top of the copier saying "Other duties as assigned, motherfucker." - Marianne
Marianne just won the thread. - Mary Carmen
Student worker wants to shelf read and dust the books. - Rachel Walden
have the student worker clean out the copier toner bottles - Sir Shuping is just sir
MARIANNE! YOU WIN! Seriously, it's been there all along. But I am considering going postal on the photocopier, now. :P - Jenica
Steve, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki.... And don't believe Google Ngram Viewer when it claims the Victorians didn't use that word. - Marianne
Just get rid of the photocopier. (and have the student copy down what people want copied?) - Aaron the Librarian
I think you should also add "leads climbing wall, bouldering cave, and/or ropes course activities/games" to the job description. That sounds kinda fun. - Joe
oh. mah. gawd. Circ supervisor just came to tell me that it appears that the student we fired is telling all the other circ students that they're on probation and they'll be fired next, using her own firing as the example. - Jenica
Spreading the woes huh? Time for a circ dept meeting? (where one might sneak in a reminder of the job description) - Hedgehog
That was the second part of Jim's discussion with me, Abs -- tuesday night, mandatory staff meeting, all of the above. :) - Jenica
What happened to taking some pride in one's library? Student worker FTL. (Says he who did some cleaning of a training lab yesterday. An "other duty as assigned" that I was given when I arrived, but happily do because it enhances the experience for those who use the space.) - Julian
OH HAI. You want me to present at the state library conference? Uh, sure. I can do that. *spins bowtie and takes a swig off a flask*
!!! - Julian
woohoo! - Hedgehog
I knew I had to attend (which is why I can't go to SXSW this year), but I didn't know my profs wanted me to present. Uh, they do. - Derrick
Hush, D! There's going to be a bunch of us from the grant project telling our tales, but I'm the only one based at my site here in NOLA, so I'll be by myself. I might have to shimmy a bit. That's how I do when I have the spotlight. - Derrick
I do like my meals and my men Cajun. - Derrick
Whooeee!! I garontee tole you so! - iTad
Leveling up on the regular in 11. - Jason Toney
Aaaaaand, unsurprisingly, Derrick's Total Frakkin AWESOMENESS is quickly recognized by his profs. #WooToTheHOOOO - vicster.
Do make sure though that you ask that your registration be paid for as part of you presenting!! - Hedgehog
We paid in advance, but LSU is reimbursing us. :) - Derrick
Derrick is only recently a student and he's already taking the liberry world by storm. Congrats, D! - Spidra Webster
You go boy! - Steve C, Team Marina
Derrick has gone boy for a long time. ;-D - Absentee
Heh, James. Thanks everyone...things have really moved so fast in past six months; I'm looking forward to making the most out of the experience. - Derrick
This move has been the best thing for you in so many ways. I am really happy for you, and just hope that it only gets better. - Absentee
Congrats! This is awesome! - Mary Carmen
ooooh ooooh Oh. - sofarsoShawn
I am SO PROUD of you, Derrick. :-) - Lisa L. Seifert
Congrats, D! - Anne Bouey
AdFreak: Old Spice guy returns to say he is returning - http://adweek.blogs.com/adfreak...
AdFreak: Old Spice guy returns to say he is returning
"Isaiah Mustafa, the only Old Spice guy who doesn't need an epic mount in the form of a raven or tiger, has returned in order to announce that he's returning. This short YouTube clip of him in his iconic shower stall promises us a campaign of new advertisements which are not only educational but whose entertainment value is second to none. However, the only preview provided is a deep look into his striking brown eyes as he thinks about the new commercials. Consider me teased." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
I can live again... - Jill Hurst-Wahl
Jason P
Dear student with a paper due tomorrow and an Endnote problem: I'm sorry I can't fix your weird problem over IM without being able to see your screen, and that our Endnote instructor doesn't work Sunday nights. That's about the extent of what I can offer you, though.
I'm starting to have hope that my brilliant "turn it off and on again" advice might have worked. - Jason P
Put it on em, Puckett. - Derrick
Sounds like this could be a good life lesson. - Anne Graham
I sure hope it was. - Jason P
RT @sarahdopp: "Don't let 'em say you ain't beautiful."
Michael Stephens
#cooperdog Update 3: Vet called to say she thinks it wasn't bloat at all but nasty respiratory infection. He's fine & we get him at 5pm
Likely the canine version of what a lot of humans (like me) have currently. - Jill Hurst-Wahl
I love librarians. Even though I'm a library school student, they are still keeping me on the straight and narrow. Or at least the narrow.
I just chatted with my SLIS librarian for LSU who's out of town, but saw my email and then hit me up on chat. I now haz journal access. And of course y'all LSW peeps are keeping me focused. :) - Derrick
♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
That was precisely where I LOLed as well. - Catherine Pellegrino
According to the symptoms of this medical commercial on the radio, I'm apparently menopausal.
could be - maʀtha
And here I was thinking it was stress. - Derrick
Seriously. - Derrick
And you are sure you are not? - Brian Sullivan
how are the cramps? - maʀtha
Have you considered Midol? - Sparky, lurking
"Erections lasting longer than four hours..." - Derrick
Derrick - are you experiencing erections of duration? Inquiring minds need to know! - Sparky, lurking
You would think. I'm in considerable conflict. Also? Hot flashes. - Derrick
As hot as you are I'd expect any flashes be categorized as hot ones. - Sparky, lurking
Aw, Sparky. Come give big daddy some sugar. Also hot flashes because it's 86F and humid today in NOLA. - Derrick
I'm flat out of sugar. I've hot some honey though. *grabs the bottle and heads over* - Sparky, lurking
(Even if you were broke), my love don't cost a thing. #earworm
Dan: Bibrarian
Stop yelling, you're scaring the kitty, you fucker.
Look at you.
I *was* like that when I was younger. As I've got older there's no peer pressure, and these days I *do* listen to whatever I like as loud as I like - almost anyway. - Ian May
Somebody Tumbled it, Mo. I liked it so much, I thought I'd share it with my FF peeps as well. - Derrick
I'm still like that, for some things. - DJF
Such great words. If only people could believe it in their souls ... - Martha from BuddyFeed
Just got asked out.
I see the change in venue is working out. - Spidra Webster
Of course - you're a hottie! The people of NOLA appreciate that. - Katy S
Ha! Thanks y'all. He wanted to go out Thursday, but I'm in class that night. Stupid systems analysis. :( - Derrick
Cause you are hot! - Shevonne
:) - SAM
Oh, dear. - Rochelle
You stud! - Morgan
Somebody hide all MVB's weapons - MoTO Boychick Devil
Of course. - Maria Niles
Deebo! You just got asked the fuck out! - Akiva
:D - Derrick
\(^_^)/ - Eivind
Taking my first shift as a library greeter. So far the new program has been a huge success.
(We're only greeting for the first three days of classes.) - lris
Well, only in that I'm greeting people. I'm sitting at a handy little table in the entry way showing people toward their classes and helping them figure out where the printers are. We have the course schedule handy, and maps, and magnets. - lris
This put me in mind of Idiocracy "Welcome to Costco. I love you". I also want to apologize, but I'm now giggling remembering Idiocracy. - ellbeecee
Do you have a little vest? - maʀtha
Greeting people works wonders for telling troublemakers "I know who you are" and making people feel welcome. It's a shame it's gotten such a bad rap because it's pretty damn good for libraries in humanizing the staff and creating a good initial impression. But I second Martha's question: do you have a little vest? - Andy
I read that as "library geezer." Hee. - LB needs a hero!
One student came up to me and said, "I came earlier today and asked where my classroom is, so I'm all set!" "Oh good," I said. He walked away. A minute later he came back, "But I do have another question. How do I print?" - lris
high five. :) - Jenica
We are greeting for 4 days, Mon-Th. WE HAVE COOKIES! - Joe
Ooh, we didn't even think of the food angle... - lris
If it involves hand-shaking, I hope that you have your Purell front and center! - Mama Lawson
we did this in our library last week (the actual library-parts are on the 2nd floor, so it helps raise awareness.) Candy was key. To standoffish-but-candy-coveting-looking folks, we'd say "Go ahead, take one!" (thus looking all friendly-like!) To folks who took one spontaneously, we'd say "Did you have any questions? Have you seen the new Libraries website?" (thus snagging interactions with people who _thought_ they didn't have any questions!) Very sneaky. - N. Ansi
We should do this for all the Uni students who think we ARE their library. "Hi welcome to the PUBLIC library. First off, we can't get you textbooks. Period. Secondly. All your course reserves are at your institution's library.That big building over by your dorms. But, we'll still be nice to you and help you with your research and try not to be appalled when you have no idea how to look... more... - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
*thinking that "library-parts" sounds kind of salacious* - DJF
Greeting, day two: FAR fewer questions. I'm kind of glad because if it turned out we needed a permanently staffed desk out here there'd be problems. - lris
#namefacts My father's first name is Nello. During my mom's pregnancy he thought I would be a junior. Here I come along and my mom throws up the stop sign. "Nello junior? HAYELL NO. His name is Derrick. We're done here."
Momma kept it real. - Derrick from iPhone
I <3 your momma. :-) - Ordinarybug Heather
Stephen Francoeur
OK, now that I'm all professional and shit, I'm gonna git r done.
Picture 45.jpg
True dat, homey! - Just another Bubba
When I came in to work, I had a polo shirt on. There was no way I was dealing with the subway this AM in dress shirt and tie. - Stephen Francoeur
there's something about the eyes... - maʀtha
can you do a cartwheel? - maʀtha
the test of a true steve... - jambina
I can't do a cartwheel, so that makes me a Stephen, I suppose (and that's the way I like it). - Stephen Francoeur
got it :) - maʀtha
I'm in class!
Photo on 2010-08-26 at 15.40.jpg
That doesn't look like my distance ed classes. Where's your beer? - Jason P
Class, Derrick haz it - Scoble, Alex Scoble
which class? - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm pointing to the image of me on the screen which is broadcast to the other students in Lake Charles, Shreveport, Lafayette, Houma and...somewhere else. They can conversely, see us. - Derrick
W'SUUUUP, D?! - Micah
So awesome D. - Lynne d Johnson
I think this class is...information systems analysis or something? Not sure. It's the first meeting and I'm early. - Derrick
Jason, I'm going to get a drive through Mojito just as soon as this joker is over. - Derrick
We had one professor who did the whole class in text chat, and literally typed one line per minute. I used to get up, cook dinner, catch up on the 20 lines I'd miss, go do dishes, come back and catch up.... - Jason P
Heh, my profs are a little more on top of things than that Jason. I'm already over today though. I'm gonna get through class and act like this didn't happen. #tired - Derrick
Post of the week, right here. Well except for all the baby announcements and such. - Jim #teamFFrank
The class is: Evaluation of Information Systems. So far, I'm the only boy and two of the women are pregnant. - Derrick
Get them to name the baby after you. - kendrak
Oh, there's 47 students. And we get to go around and introduce ourselves! - Derrick
Count how many say they like reading/books. - kendrak
I dare you to introduce yourself by saying Hi, I'm Derrick, and then dropping to you knees and yelling dramatically "And I NEVER LEARNED TO READ!" - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Dorothea "information" could not be part of the game if you want to stay alive. Joe, that would be hilarious. - kendrak
I was the last one to make my introduction! And there's another Derrick. I'm thinking we should start a band called The Derricks. - Derrick
Already he's giving the class the finger. :P - That's So CAJ!
We're on break and plotting where we can go after class to eat (and drink). I'm shocked. - Derrick
Competitiveness (amongst other things) was why I was always more interested in the liberal arts/social sciences than business. An MBA would likely accelerate my career advancement but I just don't want to be around those kinds of personalities. - Jason Toney
Be careful about chatting. That's why I'm not in law school anymore. - Andy
Jason, my friend is getting her MBA from Columbia, and she definitely makes it sound sort of cutthroat, but there is a sizable corp of her cohort that aren't playing that game. They kick back and laugh. Andy, you got expelled for talking? - kendrak
No, I was on academic probation for poor grades. Although, they do grade you against your classmates as opposed to your average MLS "let's hold hands and talk about our feelings" system of awarding merit. - Andy
That's sort of why I think 1- Lawyers are shaped into assholes. 2- LIS programs are too nice. - kendrak
Have mercy, class is over. Deuces. - Derrick
I think your band should be Derrick and the Derricks. - Jason P
DerrickScoble would make a good band name - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Domino and the Derricks! - Andy
@Cecily: After two semesters of reading three to five 1,500 page books at the same time and doing legal research and writing, the MLS classes were not of the same calibar. My wife argues with me on this point, saying they were challenging; I tell her it's a matter of perspective. - Andy
Pizza and beer consumed. There may be more beer. Pantsless, of course. - Derrick from iPhone
Derrick - did you behave? - Liza + = ?
I tried to, Liza. I tried. - Derrick
I'm not sure it's in his nature. :D - That's So CAJ!
Mary Carmen
Today is the day it will all be revealed.
the end of the world? - Sir Shuping is just sir
depends on who you ask - Mary Carmen
now I wanna know!!! are you airing the secret on national TV? ESPN perhaps? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Um, it's the new NCSU library website. - Stephen Francoeur
*faint* - Big Joe Silenced
You are taking your talents to South Beach? - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
you never know. - Mary Carmen
*awaits* - imabonehead
So? Do I get to jump up and down and SQUEE now? How about now? Ok, now? *does somes stretches in preparation* - vicster.
3, me, and beignets.
Dude, 3 gets around more than H1N1. Dayum. - Josh Haley
This is a donut. - Yolanda
Neighbors just invited me to hang out on the porch and drink. Word.
Welcome to NOLA! - LB needs a hero!
Made it. I'm in NOLA. Excuse me while I pass out.
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I am excited to announce that ITI has offered the Colleen & Mary Carmen Roadshow a contract to write "The Accidental Access Services Librarian." We promise it will be delicious *and* nutritious.
subtitle forthcoming.......as soon as we think of one - Mary Carmen
You could be rebels and forgo the subtitle ;) - Katy S
Congratulations, you two! What wonderful news! - Jason P
OH YAY! That's so cool guys! - tab
Holy holy holy holy. Cool. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
@Katy - I was goin gto, but folks are afraid no one knows what an Access Services librarian *is* :) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Woohoo!! That's excellent - Hedgehog
I think the cover should be Colleen and I juggling fire - Mary Carmen
How about the two of you falling off of a circ desk? - Katy S
The subtitle needs the word "SOOPRIZE" in it! - LB needs a hero!
That would be an awesome title..... - Mary Carmen
Congrats! - Jill Hurst-Wahl
++ Jeremy! Congrats Colleen and MC! - Laura Norvig
Ooh, awesome!! Congratulations!! :) - Laura
We got our QRcode for the Penrose Library
Ruth Kneale
*wibble* I just accepted my first keynote speaker invitation. *wibble* #fb
awesomesauce! - jambina
Way to go! - laura x
Woohoo! - Hedgehog
And I may be going to lovely Canada next year for another speaking engagement, too! - Ruth Kneale
ORLY? - jambina
YARLY! I asked for a non-winter visit ;-) - Ruth Kneale
chicken ; ) - jambina
woooooottt! - Sir Shuping is just sir
hey, I admit I'm a total weather wimp. - Ruth Kneale
I am looking forward to Kentucky in April, though! - Ruth Kneale
I am, I am! - Ruth Kneale
So I hear. I'm honored that they want me to be a part of it. - Ruth Kneale
Congrats. (Hey, Toronto in the winter is wonderful even for weather wimps; if you get asked to speak at OLA, *accept*) - walt crawford
Yay Ruth! Congrats and well deserved! :) - ellbeecee
Realizing that I'm entering library school with a HUGE advantage being tapped in with an online network of librarians. #gwws
it sure as hell helped me while I was in school :) - maʀtha
It's really true. Also true about the tacos. - Jason P
Tacos are awesome. - Mary Carmen
Now I'm hungry for tacos. Thanks a lot, Derrick. - Jason P
I like books and Tacos. - Brent - Yes I am
also cupcakes - maʀtha
It is early here, I'm not ready for tacos or cupcakes just yet. Some eggs would be nice. Some bacon too. - Derrick
Anna, I think what I'll have to do is custom rap my social media self around the needs and responsibilities of being a librarian. I'm fairly cool with the former, and am going to to school, obviously, for the latter. - Derrick
Wish I had the LSW when entering grad school way back in 1993... All I had was Gopher and some FTP sites [and some newsgroups]. Have you recruited any other LSU grad students? - Joe
Joe, I haven't done any recruiting, per se (right now one of our main focuses is keeping the library school open as the Chancellor has proposed closing the only library school in the state of Louisiana ) but I'm looking forward to doing big things with myself upon arrival. Which should be late next week! *bites fist* - Derrick
Derrick, you'll be arriving in time for the hurricane clean up (ugh!). Hope there isn't oil everywhere. As for the LSW, wish such a beast existed when I was in library school back in the dark, dark ages when calculators were high tech, computers were used by a few forward-thinking people, and cordless phones did not exist. - Jill Hurst-Wahl
Dreamt the LSW held an unconference during a small college's intersession, and it was more like the most organized flash mob ever. Interpretive dance had to be moved to the quad because special collections had been taken over by the catalogers. The registration packet included a coloring book.
I want to go! - laura x
OMG! I want to live the dream! - maʀtha
I'm stealing the idea of a coloring book for the next unconference. - Julian
where do I sign up? - barbara fister
Can I have a crew of Fame dancers on call? - maʀtha
Yeah, let's flash mob at http://libcampnebraska3.wordpress.com/ - Joe
Connie Crosby
6 Social Media Metrics You Should Be Tracking | Social Media Today - http://www.socialmediatoday.com/mikebro...
Ah, another article that helps convince me that my C&I essay (current issue) is on the money: "Social media" is now a meaningless term except for marketeers/PR people. It's not about Social, it's about Selling. - walt crawford
Steven Perez
Good afternoon, FriendFeed. - http://dailybunny.org/post...
Good afternoon, FriendFeed.
All caught up on my sleep-debt. Time to get dressed and make some breakfast. - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Good afternoon, bunneh! - John (bird whisperer)
I wondered where that sock went to - Just Mrs. V
G'day, Steven. - Kevin Johnson
sock bunneh! - MoTO Boychick Devil
Good afternoon. John. :) - Steven Perez
Good afternoon. Katie. That's not all I've got. :) - Steven Perez
Good afternoon. Kevin. :) - Steven Perez
Barry! :) - Steven Perez
Howdy, Mr. Bunneh! :-) - vicster.
Yeah I want *those* back too - Just Mrs. V
Good morning, Vicster. :) - Steven Perez
But I was gonna replace them with some new frilly, lacy things, Katie. :) - Steven Perez
Good afternoon, Ken. If it's not nailed down, it's fair game. :) - Steven Perez
Well that's because you HAVE to after you burned my other ones - Just Mrs. V
I DIDN'T BURN THEM. I tried to save them, remember? - Steven Perez
Someone talking about burning clothes? :D - That's So CAJ!
NO CAJ!! You've done ENOUGH damage. Both of you are fired... - Just Mrs. V
FIRED?!? Hmph. See if you get your sock back now. :D - Steven Perez
Screw the sock. I want my nighties back - Just Mrs. V
But you look so nice without them. :) - Steven Perez
Oh don't try flattery - Just Mrs. V
Flattery implies an exaggeration of the truth. From where I'm sitting, there is no exaggeration that I can see. :) - Steven Perez
good afternoon cross dressing bunneh! -.O - The Catz Meow
Good afternoon, pretty Kitteh. And I was only doing the laundry. :) - Steven Perez
It's ok cute bunneh... no worries here. I'm open minded ;) I must say satin & lace flatter your fur. :) - The Catz Meow
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