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RT @embee: what happens when non-tech people discover web developer tools
RT @edroso: Jonah Goldberg has a plan to win womenfolk to conservatism - who can provide a translation?
RT @LOLGOP: RT this if you're a corporation who went to church yesterday.
Numbers 31:34: And threescore and one thousand asses RT @TheTweetOfGod It's really incredible how many of you are total stupid asses.
RT @JamesFallows: Jesus MT @strobetalbott: Donetsk separatist boss Strelkov, Kremlin's proxy in war, says he ordered shootdown
Whereas knowing jack shit about anything never stopped @toddstarnes from mouthing off about it.
RT @sirbryan1955: @GregWiebe2 @RoyalTXGirl It only takes 3% of us armed to overthrow all of the alphabet.
Didn't you Confederates already try that in 1860? @RoyalTXGirl @vacuumslayer @Txsrowdy10Ron @Braveheart_USA @WayneBogda @WashingtonDCTea
RT @Shypixel: Jeebus. I can't even.
Why does facebook get away with it, @AuerbachKeller, if that's even your real name?
Is @LemieuxLGM aware of "his incapacity to think beyond the confines of liberal dogma"?
RT @Noahpinion: #ff @jnorris, a punk-ass monkeypigdog (also, my college roommate)
My watch picked a fight with my phone about who is higher. @commiegirl1 won! Also, it's 2014, who has a watch?
RT @pourmecoffee: Happy birthday Nikola Tesla, awesome for all the reasons you know AND HAVING THE GREATEST LETTERHEAD EVER, PERIOD
RT @LOLGOP: Rick Perry thinks prayer can protect us from drought, fires and illness but only billions in armed guards can protect us from child refugees
Does @quip have a grammar checker, btw? Just wondering...
#BRA is only one touchdown away from the finals
#GER hasn't been this far ahead since 1941, but look how that turned out
I don't think @daveweigel understands news. If D'Souza were kidnapped and replaced by a non-stupid person at some point, that might be news.
Can't wait for @ComedyCentral to pick up "TruthRevolting with the Virgin Ben" featuring Friends of Hamas @owillis @benshapiro
I'd be tempted to go with @JamesOKeefeIII instead, @Mobute, if he's not still on probation
.@brandiwarner_ Thanks... what did I say?
RT @zestyping: JavaScript == and Proposition 8: Brendan Eich seems to have trouble understanding equality.
Greasing the monkey
RT @Cuckoonacho: If you started your political career in #SaulAlinsky's living room #YouMightBeaDictator
RT @mattyglesias: Heather Mac Donald: If women aren’t tough enough to be raped by fellow soldiers how can they fight in a war?
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