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Bret Taylor
If you use the FriendFeed Facebook application make sure you've configured it properly. We are switching to a new method of publishing in the not too distant future. If you see this message at http://apps.facebook.com/friendf... just click on the link to provide the proper permissions. (via http://friendfeed.com/bgolub...)
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A little late on the info as I deleted this link last week at I was told I was pushing all of my FF to FB people were not happy. - Ed Mason
why do you not post the link comments from friendfeed to the wall? just the links loses 80% of the value. - Gregor J. Rothfuss
I'm tired the FriendFeed Facebook app. keeps asking me to fix "the problem" so it can post to my wall. I don't want it to post to my wall! Contacts on Facebook and FriendFeed are different types for me. On Facebook it's about being friends in real life, on FriendFeed it is about interests. At least that is how I use FF and FB. My Facebook friends would probably feel I was spamming uninteresting stuff if my FF posts where copied to FB (well, at least if I used FF so intensive as I want to:-))... - Stig Nygaard
Please let us select what to publish on FB from FF? I'd rather have tweets not appear on FB, particularly as I post from Ping.fm to FB and Twitter. - Kol Tregaskes
New publishing method? I hope nothing will change for those FF users who don't use Facebook. (am I alone here?) - Olivia Lovag from twhirl
I agree with Gregor ... By not having the comment sent with the link, it's just plain and boring and I'd rather just post directly to Facebook. Unfortunately, however, this would negate the very useful benefit of using the "Share on FriendFeed" bookmarklet. - Dewade Fowler
I don't mind it publishing to my wall, but I don't want it to be my status update. It worked fine before y'all fixed it! (Go ahead. Roll your eyes.) ;) - Shawn Zehnder Rossi
Yay for new publishing methods! stream.publish FTW! - Jesse Stay
I don't want to publish my friendfeed updates to facebook, they're too many. I blocked it and i'm always receiving error messages on facebook. - Oscar
On the same environment, I saw that lite.facebook.com is fast as hell! With proxies, my comments gets directly inputted while FriendFeed takes a couple of seconds, one step at a time. And the message, as Oscar said, is always present if you decide to stop FriendFeed from posting to said service when you have the application on FB. It (script) thinks it wasn't decided, as if it was the... more... - Zu from AOD
Mine failed to post the most recent entry to my wall for unknown reasons. (I have it configured to use privatebrlewis@friendfeed rather than my regular brlewis ff account.) - Bruce Lewis
hmmm - Jim Hill
damn that must be fun lol :) - Britttany leigh harner
Could you add this: http://ff.im/oH1ft please.. - Emre M.
I've uninstalled the FriendFeed application and now I cannot re-add it. I see the friendfeed app for a split second and then it reports an error. - Erik Jacobs
Hacım, the search function is totally down, any news on that? - mcd
Not wroking.. i get error. ive ent email ur not respongin even 1y ago and totaly 4 - Janis Ķengurs
Papercraft olayına girmek istiyorum aslında... eskiden maket falan yapardım ama bunun zorluk derecesi nedir acaba? - Murat Tolga Şen
Murat hocam http://cp.c-ij.com/en... şurada ve http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~sf-pap... şurada gerekli PDF dosyaları var. İnceleyip bakmak lazım. - Erdëm GULTEKIN
em - Jim Hill
Graeme Smith
#IXTweetbate the ability to group friends by favourites or games played etc
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@ahhdyu thanks for letting us hang out in your booth!
If anyone wants to play WeRule, I'm earlysound.
I'll try it out! - Fee501st
I do not know what you are talking about, but methinks it has nothing to do we werule.com, which I now can never un-see. - Fleagle
Yeah, I think http://werule.com is one of Veronica's vacation photos. - Dave Friedel
You need a game to tell yourself that you rule? We could have done that job! - Jason Wong
If anyone wants to add me i'm Fee501st - Fee501st
I dont think this was a good idea, i think i will be addicted to this! I need more Mojo!!! - Fee501st
i about to get to level 5 - Fee501st
damn your iphones! I don't even have an ipod touch to fake it either :p - Carlos Urrutia
I wish you could Harvest other friends crops, I looked at V's and she got some dead ones! - Fee501st
oh thats good to know! - Fee501st
Which one give you the best XP vs time ratio? - Fee501st
Wheat FTW! - Veronica
yea lol! - Fee501st
I plant Carrots when I'm at work there normally done by the time i get home, I cant connect at work for some reason... good ole AT&T - Fee501st
Damn! Tom Merritt got one hell of a Kingdom, and i thought Scott's was out of hand! - Fee501st
sure it is. you get to play with Veronica ;) - Carlos Urrutia
Matt: you also get to play with Tom and Scott, and Leo, although i think he dont have time for a kingdom - Fee501st
I'm having trouble adding people to my kingdom... I add them as a friend, but their castles don't show up. And some people I add, and they don't get put on my friends list. Buggy! - Veronica
Yea Scott and Eric had the same bugs while playing they talk about it on Appslappy, Otto did that to me i added then went to the Plus+ page for him and hit Visit kingdom and then he show up on my map - Fee501st
my We rule landscape http://ff.im/iwaK8 - Fee501st
You guys see We rule for ipad? boy does my kingdom look small now, lol - Fee501st
I'm raging3vil - Jerry Perez from iPod
What with the frog with a crown on his head i see in peoples kingdom - Fee501st
lol, Leo just showed V kingdom on twit, he playing the ipad version it looks like a lot easier to control - Fee501st
If anyone wants to add me kittie21 - Ardith
hhhhiiiiiiiiii how r u? - vijay naik
Ardith I added you, Also i got a Guild Hall it open has of right now! - Fee501st
My We Rule has been crashing a lot lately! anyone elses? - Fee501st
It's probably Dave's fault - Carlos Urrutia
Haha Dave isn't playing. - Dave Friedel from Android
Since when has that stopped us? ;) - Carlos Urrutia
I have two accts one on my iphone and one on an ipod touch. I avoided farmville because I knew that I would get addicted. - Ardith
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Grrr, "Download TouchPet and get 10 Free mojo" I already had it installed but downloaded it anyway and singed in, and nothing that crap never works for me, it work for anyone else? - Fee501st
Ardith: Yea, i got my mom playing on her ipod touch lol - Fee501st
Only a while late, but I finally got the game. I finally got around to getting an iPod Touch. - Carlos Urrutia
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