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.@Andy you mess with fire, you get burned, Ramona! #FallonTonight
I love Julia Roberts. #FaceBalls
What Julia Roberts did on my show tonight was legendary. She is awesome. #FallonTonight #faceballs
“@thedavidcrosby: @jimmyfallon should see my '40 Ford pickup” still runs?
There’s a new social media site for Republicans called ReaganBook. That's definitely better than the original name: MyBush. #fallonmono
I was all about eyebrows, nose and lip gloss. #tbt
“@Therealjimwise: @jimmyfallon Groundling's Basic Improv” It was an honor being taught improvisation by Jim Wise.
So excited to have Julia Roberts here tonight! Plus @Andy Cohen, stand-up from @RonFunches, and your #MyDumbFight tweets. #FallonTonight
John Boehner is insisting that Republicans have no plans to impeach President Obama. It got weird when Obama said, “Damn.” #fallonmono
In high school this guy and I were supposed to fight but we never got around to it because we kept having to reschedule. #MyDumbFight
Let's play the hashtag game! Tweet out a story about a dumb or embarrassing fight you've had & tag with #MyDumbFight. Could be on our show!
Tonight on the show we've got @heidiklum and Mike Birbiglia (@birbigs)! Plus @TemplesOfficial performs. #FallonTonight
“@Freak2524: @jimmyfallon What's your favourite movie ?” City For Conquest
“@jlalich: @jimmyfallon you're nearing show number 100….how're you feeling?” Lucky.
“@ayalathealvaro: @jimmyfallon Oreos or Chips Ahoy?” Oreos.
“@victoria1dddd: @jimmyfallon strangest pizza topping you ever ate?” Pineapple. With @thelonelyisland.
“@ItsJenFreitas: @jimmyfallon James Taylor has seen Fire and Rain. What have you seen?” The future - and it will be.
“@Carole_Kat: @jimmyfallon First album you had as a kid?” God Only Knows #gold
“@donttouchlola: @jimmyfallon the teacher is gonnna take my phone from me, tweet me quick” hi.
“@the_falpalette: @jimmyfallon Please talk about your truck on the show!!” I should. I really actually love it. #FordF150KingRanch
“@Carole_Kat: @jimmyfallon The first album you had as a kid?” Paul McCartney Pipes of Peace - first 45 Beach Boys Gold Only Knows
“@alanaa_14: @jimmyfallon when's justin timberlake coming back on the show?” Whenever he wants. You know I love that guy.
“@_iLoveJustinT: @jimmyfallon DO YOU LOVE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE I LOVE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE” he's "talented"
“@becca_sro: @jimmyfallon I still haven't gotten out of bed yet. Wish me luck?” Go get 'em.
“@MeritaAppleHead: If Michael Jackson were still here and came on.." I think about him a lot. I think he would've liked what we are doing.
“@jamdickiedick: @jimmyfallon i hate school. Do you hate school?” Nope. I loved school.
“@JiiimmyFaaallon: @jimmyfallon I have drivers ed in a few minutes, wish me luck? ☺️” go get 'em.
“@missymaxwell365: Hmm... Thought Jimmy didn't like pranks, lol.” I actually don't. They shot it before I could say no - but it was funny.
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