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Bungalow 8 (4/5) -
"I'm not much of a "club" guy, but I do like this place." - Jimmy may be useful and continue on health give thanks:-) <a href="">Obat herbal polip kandung empedu</a> - Novan
Really fun show tonight. @jayleno returns to The Tonight Show to talk & perform stand up!! Don't miss! #FallonTonight #FallonLeno
Thank you, encores, for being a band's way of saying, "We're making you beg us to play the only song you came to see." #thankyounotefriday
See you soon Boston!! #comicscomehome
Tonight on the show: @DrewBarrymore is here! Plus @farrellybros stop by and @Johnny_Marr performs. #FallonTonight
Valerie Jarrett is being referred to as the “Obama Whisperer.” Not surprisingly, the “Biden Whisperer” is Cesar Millan. #fallonmono
George W. Bush said there's a 50% chance his brother Jeb runs in 2016. Then he said, “But there's an 80% chance he won't." #fallonmono
Currently obsessed with Willie's Roadhouse on Sirius XM 59. Doing a great job over there! Thanks.
Utah made history by electing Mia Love to Congress. She is a black female Republican Mormon. Even Unicorns said "Not buying it." #FallonMono
Tonight: Playing Facebreakers with @McConaughey! Plus @BethBehrs stops by, @iamtovelo performs & your #IfIWasInCharge tweets. #FallonTonight
In case you missed: @StevieNicks performs an acoustic version of "Rhiannon" Get her new album:
Republicans won the Senate, gaining 7 seats. They haven't had this many seats since Chris Christie made an airline reservation. #fallonmono
Pringles cans would be twice as wide so I could actually fit my hand inside them. #IfIWasInCharge
Hashtag game! Tweet a funny, weird or interesting new law you'd pass if you got elected and tag with #IfIWasInCharge. Could be on our show!
Fun show tonight. @bettemidler is here to talk and perform, plus @JimGaffigan stops by! #FallonTonight
.@SavannahGuthrie and @MLauer go head to head playing Tonight Show Pop Quiz #FallonTonight
.@SavannahGuthrie and @MLauer go head to head playing Tonight Show Pop Quiz #FallonTonight
.@SavannahGuthrie and @MLauer go head to head playing Tonight Show Pop Quiz #FallonTonight
.@SavannahGuthrie and @MLauer go head to head playing Tonight Show Pop Quiz #FallonTonight
Obama spent Election Day in closed-door meetings at the White House. Nice to see some doors actually closed at the White House. #fallonmono
Tonight: Playing "Pop Quiz" with @SavannahGuthrie and @MLauer! Plus Felicity Jones and music from @FKAtwigs. #FallonTonight
Today's Putin’s 62nd birthday! He celebrated the way he always does: having someone try his cake before him. #fallonmono
“@spyderharrison: Yes! The New @IamWill "EW"coming up in minutes on @SIRIUSXMHITS1 !! #EWonHits1” Spyder!!! Thanks!!
We are #45 and climbing on iTunes!! Thank you so much!!!
RT @brittny09: haha @jimmyfallon is on the radio here in the stl. the top 100 is looking promising! #ew
Thank you guys for the birthday vibes. I'm a lucky man. Thank you.
Matt Damon is making a fourth “Bourne” movie. It tells the story of an actor who remembers he has four kids to send to college. #fallonmono
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