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Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales

You know, the Wikipedia and Wikia guy.
RT @jamesrbuk: Clarification: @jimmy_wales' criticism was at the legal ruling that makes Google and others arbiters of content:
. @jamesrbuk To be clear, I didn't criticize Google. My critique is of a legal regime that forces Google to play this role.
RT @ChrisSchaef: I'm with @jimmy_wales on this one: A "right to be forgotten" creates the power to censor history.
Hey @WikimaniaLondon I was just at the Apple store and left the Wikimania page up on a computer. Bwah ha ha!
It looks like @WikimaniaLondon is shaping up to be our largest ever. Sign up and come geek out with us:
RT @meetmurli: V r waiting eagerly 2 listen RT @jackandraka can't wait to talk about #openaccess at @WikimaniaLondon @jimmy_wales !
RT @davos: What makes the US more resilient than Europe? A surprising factor often overlooked: @nytimes
RT @rohan__silva: Great to hear @jimmy_wales fighting the good fight against internet censorship on @BBCr4today this morn. Huge issue for UK & open societies.
RT @LovingDalston: Go, @jimmy_wales, trying @BBCr4today to save us ex Euro court censorship ruling, altho Hacked Off fans & @ClaudeMoraesMEP will be dismayed.
RT @Mines_a_pint: @BBCr4today @jimmy_wales Why should link be removed, but not underlying article? This makes no sense #Google #r4today
RT @olivia_solon: If we want to go down a route of censoring history we shouldn't let a private company like Google to it -- @jimmy_wales on @BBCr4today
RT @sandip_mahal: @jimmy_wales ahem, do you mean @BBCr4today ? As factually correct as a Wikipedia article......
I will be on the Today programme on BBC4 in few minutes.
RT @stephanbradshaw: "@jimmy_wales: Announcing Wikia Maps" Oh wow. I could see this getting a lot of use.
Exact same computer at Apple US versus Apple UK: $1,499.00 vs £1,219.00 (which is $2070.17)
RT @adainitiative: Are you a Wikimedian in the UK interested in AdaCamp Berlin but can't afford it? @wikimediauk has scholarships!
RT @AustenAllred: @jimmy_wales I’m good friends with her brother; he says she’s thrilled that you even know who she is!
Ok look up the dates and don't miss this concert in your city. @LindseyStirling
RT @aristory93: @jimmy_wales @LindseyStirling Such an incredible show. I saw her in Norfolk, and it was the best concert I've ever been to.
RT @Kim_Bruning: @jimmy_wales @LindseyStirling Oh wow, yes, she's awesome. ^^;;
RT @daniel_collin: @jimmy_wales @lindseystirling wow! She is awesome so have fun!
RT @McHoffa: @jimmy_wales incredible show… you won't be disappointed
RT @presroi: I am waiting for copyright related news from the EU today. ... and you should be, too.
RT @Emmabarnett: Gaza conflict: As a British Jew, I am now scared to talk about Israel and Gaza
RT @lwwarren: Awesome! Map anything on Wikia! @Wikia
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