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Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales

You know, the Wikipedia and Wikia guy.
RT @kgharaibeh: @jimmy_wales a bit facebook-ish though, isn't it?
New twitter profile lookin' pretty cool
RT @TinPanAli: @jimmy_wales "I bet you can search the Wiki! The Wiki knows everything!" Six year old son, Chille.
RT @YourAnonNews: The Most Bizarre Response To The Pulitzers Yet, From The Guy Who Authorized CIA Torture
RT @TechCrunch: Fon Launches Gramofon, A Router With Facebook And Spotify Built-In by @mikebutcher
RT @JamesGMorgan: Honolulu of course - seminal !!! RT @jimmy_wales: I am on vacation. Of course you can guess where ... :)
I am on vacation. Of course you can guess where ... :)
RT @OsloFF: Great @NewStatesman interview with @jimmy_wales: He'll open the 2014 Oslo Freedom Forum on May 13!
RT @Steve_Lockstep: .@jimmy_wales Headline! Headlines Are Exaggerated! @vijayasankarv
RT @BadPhysics: Jimmy Wales Hates the Modern Headline Style. See What Happens Next! @jimmy_wales
RT @ChuckBaggett: @jimmy_wales Top Two Examples Of Bad Headlines By Jimmy Wales. His Advice Will Change Your Life!
That's enough people. Could we stop with the modern headline style. It's the bad fashion of the decade. We will...
. @mattvukas @jaybaer Taken out of context, and pretending the corn monster is real, that's an awesome photo.
RT @mattvukas: @jimmy_wales and @jaybaer discussed serious topics today at the IMU, in front of a not-so-serious corn monster
RT @KCasimer: @jimmy_wales Absolutely blown away by #wikipediazero @thecombineorg Seriously overwhelmed. Project will improve lives of millions. Thank you
It was so awesome that the graphical decoration for the conference was of an ear of coin fighting a robot. #iu
RT @D_AlanoMartin: "Corn fighting robots. I'm not sure what to make of that, but I must be back in Indiana." @jimmy_wales @thecombineorg #combine2014
At Indiana University Bloomington for the first time in many years...
RT @Alyssa_Milano: These 9 Words Don't Mean What You Think They Mean. #language /via @matthiasrascher
RT @geoff_deweaver: US government denies being aware of Heartbleed internet bug
RT @martinvars: Learning grammar to get better at a foreign language is like learning physics to get better at tennis.
Everything you need to know, as usual:
RT @backlon: Heartbleed Explanation
. @laurabrown99 Welcome to my world.
RT @sleepylemur: @jimmy_wales yes, like OpenSSL
RT @Kim_Bruning: @GonzaloContento @jimmy_wales They're an american security agency. But the one thing they don't provide to the US is security ;-)
RT @Kim_Bruning: @jimmy_wales The other side of the story: OpenSSL have very few devs, and can only afford to pay 1 FTE. No one ever funded them! ^^;;
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