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Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales

You know, the Wikipedia and Wikia guy.
RT @jesssearch: @jimmy_wales Brave new filmmaking from Laura Poitras - See #CITIZENFOUR in UK 17.10.14
RT @TerryGilliam: if you are wanting to eavesdrop on Rian Johnson and myself talking about ZT and his upcoming Star Wars film tune...
RT @reverendted: We all generally take it for granted, but @wikipedia may be one of the best tools humanity has ever created. Thanks, @jimmy_wales!
If you aren't saddened in your soul by Hamas, you are missing the point.
RT @tehreedy: If you haven't watched @jimmy_wales State of the Wiki from Wikimania 2014, you probably should #fb
RT @davidgerard: GigaOM: Wikipedia's new apps are good for you, but they're even better for the developing world via @gigaom
RT @Wikia: Wikia was once again live on stage at #Gamescom! #WikiaLive
I haven't opened my computer in 3 days. Post wikimania vacation and recovery. :)
RT @dangillmor: Mediaite: "Libertarians Have Not Been Silent About Ferguson"
RT @Jason: Nytimes: Police in California wore cameras & Complaints dropped 88%/use of force dropped 60%.
RT @PzFeed: Incredible NYT photo shows Ferguson police dressed for military combat facing off against one dude with his hands up.
RT @russfischer: Dear @HBO and Comic Relief USA: Please do a broadcast tribute for Robin Williams, with benefits going to mental health organizations.
RT @felixsalmon: How the rich countries’ middle classes missed out on the gains of the 90s and 00s
RT @Effeietsanders: This was #wikimania2014 . thank you all for your awesomeness!
RT @cobismith: Sunday at the secular church of @wikimania with @jimmy_wales preaching about virtues. #wikimania2014 I approve :)
RT @hfordsa: <3 the focus on kindness, generosity, forgiveness, compassion, not just honesty @jimmy_wales :) #wikimania2014
RT @DStrassmann: @Jimmy_wales When working on Wikipedia, be inspired by love for this project to be morally ambitious. #Wikimania2014
RT @sphericalfruit: Arguing neo-enlightenment values for a neo-enlightenment project: kindness and moral ambitiousness by @jimmy_wales closing #wikimania2014
RT @fabriceflorin: Inspiring call to action to practice love, kindness, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion in our lives @jimmy_wales
RT @McDawg: Big shout-out of thanks to @britishlibrary by @jimmy_wales during the closing ceremony. #wikimania2014 #awards
RT @nysuri: @jfdwolff @jimmy_wales Kindness, generosity, forgiveness+compassion- the ingredients for a good person, for good people. A msg for the world
Fantastic video introducing Mexico City for #Wikimania2015 - buy your tickets now!
RT @lievenscheire: Played my geeky comedy set yesterday at #wikimania2014 London, in the presence of @jimmy_wales, founder of Wikipedia
RT @opencorporates: "If History is written by victors - does that mean, #Wikipedia won?" Interesting point by attendee. #Wikimania2014 #openaccess
RT @WeeMissBea: Founder of Wikipedia @jimmy_wales over the moon to meet me, the founder of my sister's lost car keys. #wikiwikiwild
RT @andrewhunterm: Last night I quiz-battled @jimmy_wales in a lunatic QI vs Wikipedia vs audience face-off. (He won.) What a evening.
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