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Jim Spencer

Jim Spencer

Website design and marketing at and Site migration services into WordPress at Go Redsox!
Create a test server on your laptop that matches your prod server - How to Create and Share a Vagrant Base Box
Looks good - WATCH: Why Airless Tires Might Be the Future of Driving
Hey Bear @bearfiles Great to hear from you. Yes, quality writing, whether it includes a good story, relevant stats, varied formatting is key
#BostonSEO great link building ideas thanks to Brian Dean @BankLinko
#BostonSEO market muse - generate key words.
#BostonSEO build links from quality and relevant sites.
#BostonSEO cashvertising. Book to read. / bucket brigade writing style = each phrase makes you want to keep reading.
rad urls - trending urls,videos and images on facebook & twitter
#BostonSEO broken link Paid tool.
#BostonSEO chrome ext. Check my broken links. Open Site Explorer. Find top pages. Show pages with status. Choose 4xx = 404 pages.
#BostonSEO broken link building. Offer to Replace broken links with links to your post on the same subject.
#BostonSEO skyscraper technique. Take high ranking content. Make something better and ask ppl to link to it.
#BostonSEO design influences trust. Priority number 1. No complex layout, small print, pop up ads.
#BostonSEO buzzsumo free tool. Enter key words and learn what topics work well. Get new ideas with confidence.
#BostonSEO content frameworks. Use email list to poll ppl what they want to read about on your blog.
#BostonSEO 2,500 words. Longer content generates more links.
#BostonSEO write longer content. They are more likely to be shared. Over 3,000 words even. More likely to earn a link.
#BostonSEO just publishing a lot is not as good as publishing quality. Volume doesn't rank.
Looking forward to tonight's meeting. #bostonseo
Buoys in the afternoon sun. @ Waterboat Marina
The first floor lobby at Oomph. @ Oomph, Inc.
Name that building. @ New England Aquarium
Very Interesting - Chattanooga, Tennessee Is the Battleground For the Internet's Future | Alternet
Could The Onion have written this? - Tesla Model III to challenge BMW 3 Series - World Exclusive | Auto Express
Link pre-fetching = fetch assets for next page, speeds up navigation.
Http 2 = no more need to sprite images, domain sharding, concatenation of files or data URIs.
HTTP 2.0 = next ver. of HTTP. Allows multiplexing. Many requests and replies over one connection. HPACK instead of gzip.
Speed Index = how complete the page is visually over time.
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