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Jim Spencer

Jim Spencer

Website design and marketing at and Site migration services into WordPress at Go Redsox!
We want to be understood as humans, in the mobile moment. #ims14
"Why did you choose us" or "If this brand went away, what would you miss?", golden questions to ask when your customer is receptive. #ims14
RT @DavidHazeltine: Here's a 'Wow' for you... @Starbucks processes 11% of their weekly revenue - about $5 million through their App. @webby2001 at #ims14...
Don't start with "we need a mobile strategy." Instead watch humans and solve a problem for your customers. @webby2001 #ims14
The cell phone bridges the gab between the online and offline worlds. #ims14
your mobile number is your new social security number. Your mobile device is the connection to the human individual. #ims14
@btrandolph @tintikane @JeffCutler video literacy training programs, for sure.
#smb38 #IMS14 Create participatory channels for your advocates.
#smb38 #IMS14 cats and now dead gold fish. No connection.
#smb38 #IMS14 City of Boston has 1.5M followers on all social channels combined.
@Danielmsullivan you would win.
#smb38 #IMS14 Marie Antoinette said, "Let them eat good content."
#smb38 #IMS14 cats are better than bought Twitter followers.
#smb38 #IMS14 reviewing Justin Bieber's Twitter counts. It's irrelevant.
Video has advantages over text. Cats watch video. Ever seen a cat read text? #SMB38 #IMS14 cc @jeffcutler
#SMB38 #IMS14 remember what matters, stay away from vanity metrics and cats.
#SMB38 #IMS14 don't state the obvious and think that is good messaging. Find an emotive difference.
Talk when you can offer value. Advocates are earned. Know your audience. #SMB38
RT @CutlerDave: Say what now? RT @JeffCutler: If you don't have something to say, don't say it. He's talking to you @CutlerDave #ims14 #smb38
#smb38 at #ims14 = secret code for Boston Marketing. (@ Park Plaza Castle in Boston, MA w/ @iamreff)
Looking up from the doors of the Castle in Boston.
#IMS14 is there a recommendation economy?
#IMS14 if everyone is a content creator how do you stand out from the crowd.
What's old is new - Why stars love Polaroid’s retro chic: | Art and design | The Guardian
@btrandolph thanks Todd. ;-)
You only have to be better than your four main competitors. You don't have to be better than everyone. @bhalligan #ims14
Every CEO should be on Twitter and LinkedIn. LI should have recommendations. Twitter allows access. @BHalligan #ims14
The sound quality here is poor. Volume and Echo make the words blend together destroying clarity. I'm sure there is a solution. #ims14
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