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The Onion
Man Gets Life In Order For 36 Minutes -
Man Gets Life In Order For 36 Minutes
JACKSONVILLE, FL—"It was nice to get some chores out of the way," Terry Oberlin told reporters later, acknowledging that for more than half an hour he experienced no regrets, despair, or frustration of any kind. "Felt really good." - The Onion
I know just how that guy feels. - Jeff Martin
Tim Hoeck
How to install CyanogenMod 4.1.99 on your G1 Android Phone – Simple Help -
How to install CyanogenMod 4.1.99 on your G1 Android Phone – Simple Help
This tutorial will take you every step of the way through installing CyanogenMod 4.1.99 on your G1 phone – the first “legal” version of CyanogenMod (after Google sent cyanogen a cease and desist). - Tim Hoeck from Bookmarklet
Tried on ION, works fine most part but bluetooth dead. New search is great! - Nock Forager
Scott Hanselman
@mstum Can't one be an honest gentleman? Why is online use of the f-word and general crassness somehow exemplary of "honesty?"
real men have a large personal dictionary to rely on for words. profanity should only be used for emphasis in a rear and excited event. - Monique
Tim Tyler
Forwarded bug report - facebook integration: "I'm experiencing some major problems with status updates and links on friendfeed. I used to add FB on FF, but then i removed this service, and today i was trying to reactivate it again When i try to add facebook on friendfeed, FF ask me for status rss subscription. I copy and paste the link on my...
"I copy and paste the link on my status feed, but then FF ask me for mylinks subscriptions and mynotes subscriptions. I copy and paste both the links, but then only my notes works. the other two (status and links) boxes are alqays unchecked and it seems there's no way to check them. I guess it's some problem with my FB account, because i've subscribe another account, and all worked properly. Hope you can fix that" - Tim Tyler
For more details, see: - Tim Tyler
This is still a FriendFeed problem. I will advise if it gets fixed. - Tim Tyler
Not fixed - as of: 2009-04-22. Is everyone affected? - Tim Tyler
i am - i noticed that my facebook status updates were not hitting friendfeed and consequently not getting to twitter. I tried several things to get the status feeds and it was just a no go, the facebook docs are wrong, the friendfeed docs are wrong and nobody has posted anything that has made it up to a google search either. - Jeff Martin
Leo Laporte
Susan Boyle Won't Be Turned Into A 'Glamour-Puss' - News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News -
Riding the wave of this instant fame, Boyle has already appeared on the CBS "Early Show" and she's scheduled to talk to Larry King and Oprah Winfrey next. "I never imagined anything like this, [but] it's been totally amazing," she told The Associated Press of the attention that's left her "gobsmacked." But the instant star swears she's not leaving her hometown of Blackburn, Scotland, to seek international success. "I was born and bred here; I won't leave here." - Leo Laporte
I find it hilarious that people say "We owe her an apology for judging a book by its cover, it was an amazing performance." But even if it was a terrible performance, they still judged a book by its cover and should feel just as guilty. - Jeff Martin
Robert Scoble
Mike Arrington and I disagree on the future -
But how do you get more people to use FriendFeed? - Theodora
Theodora's right, if nobody is giving FF any metadata to seach, it's all kind of useless. - Pat Hawks
Pat and Theodora: I see a lot of people using friendfeed and more will come in future. - Robert Scoble
There's a ton of metadata coming into FF, traditional 'social media' sites like Twitter and FaceBook are only a portion. Not to mention the amount of content that is generated within FF itself (see my feed for an example search for FF generated content). As for getting more people to use FF: show them your feed. The standard interface has a tab for 'Me and Friends' that is a publicly viewable representation of what you see in your feed. Share that with others, let them see it for themselves. - FFing Enigma
Not exactly, Robert. I threw the filter as an example, it lets you confirm for yourself that there is native content on FF. You don't have to use that filter to see said content, though: it's streaming through your feed as we speak. Even if people stopped feeding in their other services, there would still be content here. That's the point I was trying to make. - FFing Enigma
Hrm... It would appear the comments to which I was replying have been deleted. <sarcasm> Love when that happens </sarcasm> - FFing Enigma
This is really good - nice video commentary on this - totally agree. Interesting to watch FB try to use their "metal detector" isn't it? :) - Susan Beebe
Jason: if that were true, Twitter would be dead. It only has 10-20 million on it where Facebook has 200 million. - Robert Scoble
Hey, no worries Robert, and I'm sorry for seeming to be calling you out. It's just there have been occasions where comments were deleted and the author didn't come back to explain why (as you have graciously done just now). As for looking wrong: don't worry about that, we're all wrong A LOT. Leaving the comment and responding anew to admit you've learned something can be helpful to others =) - FFing Enigma
This blog post fails to parry Arrington's main point: sure there's tons of data on FriendFeed but as Theodara asked more to Arrington's point: "But how do you get more people to use FriendFeed?" sorry Scoble #Fail - sofarsoShawn
Shawn: see my point above about the 'Me Plus Friends' tab in the std FF interface. That's the PERFECT tool for spreading FF around to others: they get to see what your feed looks like without being logged in. Sadly, to few people choose to use that tool - FFing Enigma
@Tina that's pretty awesome idea; I've seriously never looked at that before, I've really only interacted with the main feed. Your blog post is forthcoming, rIght? - sofarsoShawn
It didn't get nearly as much attention as it deserved with the last release. I really hope they keep it, it's a perfect tool for spreading the FF word. - FFing Enigma
Don't let the nasty man Arrington bully you ! - Adrian
FriendFeed search needs a better search query language! You had a good question but the translation into FriendFeed's query language isn't transparent. "I want you to find the original picture that someone sent in from their iPhone over Twitter." should be easily translatable into something like "hudson river (plane OR airplane) link:to_pic order:date_asc". I'm not very familiar with FriendFeed's search, but I really miss to be able to search for a specific link or any post with a link included. - Richard Metzler
If FriendFeed is a better service than Twitter (or other similar services), it will eventually become more popular. I believe a superior technical solution does eventually triumph provided that the competition didn't have too much of a head start. As example we have IE losing market share inspite of all its adavantages, Gmail (and Google) overwhelming companies like Yahoo! and AOL and others with superior search service, email service, etc etc. On the other hand Windows OS continues to dominate. - Rajesh Sharma
A must-have feature to FriendFeed (and other microblogging services): categorization! I want follow "education" posts from friend X but I don't care about his thoughts on "american football" (I'm european...). - António Teixeira
Antonio, filters should give you that capability: you can search for posts from person X and in the contains field type -football. - FFing Enigma
Twitter has "won" against Rejaw, Plurk,, Jaiku, and Pownce - it's not really in the same game as FriendFeed... - Nathan Chase
The ability to filter links is the main thing that keeps me coming back to Twitter search. I don't really care about tweets without links because they don't point me to interesting stuff. There's probably some roundabout way to search Friendfeed the same way, but then you run into the relatively small amount of users there. I do hope that changes. And I'd be stoked if Facebook came up with a Friendfeed-type search. - Tom Landini
I agree with Nathan. Your Hudson analogy is like comparing the encyclopedia to the library. You said yourself when you go to FF you used a "filtering system". I simply added the word "photo" to your query and the first twitter post sent me to wikipedia. At the bottom of the page (under external links) it sent me right to Janis Krums twitpic. I found it in less time than it took me on FF, using the same query. - Ro (Lilyhill)
I was searching on Google yesterday & one of the hits was a twitter posting. First time I've seen that. - amygeek
re tech superiority winning the day...QWERTY keyboards were invented to slow typists don so they wouldn't jam the mechanical typewriter. It's market penetration virtually blocked superior performing human/machine interfaces to this day. Beta versus VHS and PC versus Macintosh. Kenneth Arrow called this the law of increasing returns and was nearly laughed out of economics until he found... more... - Tom Miles from twhirl
I need to rock. Over30PostPunkBand powers unite. Form of: Incredibly Bouncing Bassist!
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