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Jim Lavin
Finally! I released a new version of my FriendFeed Client for Windows Mobile called FF4WinMo. You can find it at http://codingsmackdown.com/codings... - http://codingsmackdown.com/codings...
Very happy to start using FF4WinMo again. And you used my name! (http://ff.im/3udGD) - Sweyn Venderbush
I'm thinking I'll have to limit how many comments are displayed when you display comments in-line. Otherwise it takes a long time to display a post with a lot of comments. Expect a new release in the next day or two. - Jim Lavin
I'll test and tell you if i find any more bugs. - Sweyn Venderbush
I posted FF4WinMo Release 1.1 which now limits the number of comments displayed to the last 5 comments, newest first. - Jim Lavin
I just posted FF4WinMo Release 1.2 which corrects an exception that occurs when downloading user images. Added code to download a user image if it does not exist. You can find the update at http://codingsmackdown.tv - Jim Lavin
I'll be posting FF4WinMo Release 1.3 later tonight. I've made a modification to resize the text to fit all of the text within the control. Reduces the wasted space and looks so much better. - Jim Lavin
What do you think of moving the comments to a click only option so you would scroll through the timeline, and it shows how many comments each post has. then you click on a view comments buttom and you get to view the comments maybe 10 comments on each page. - Sweyn Venderbush
I just posted FF4WinMo Release 1.3 on http://codingsmackdown.tv This release now displays all text in a post, no more cut off text. - Jim Lavin
Sweyn, I was thinking along the same lines. I would still show the last 5 comments but instead of going to post comment dialog I would display all of the comments in the dialog with a menu option to post a comment. - Jim Lavin
I've been working on some new changes to the application. Should have release later this week. - Jim Lavin
Brian Sullivan
Really nice pictures I love the beach and the one with the light house. - Jim Lavin
Microsoft’s Mobile Strategy: Irrelevance - http://gigaom.com/2009...
Microsoft’s Mobile Strategy: Irrelevance
I have to agree with Om that Android is definitely going to replace Microsoft. The Windows Mobile platform is the crappiest of them all. Waiting for Verizon to get an android device to I can sell my Motorola Q9c. I may sell it now just because I don't use it anymore. I love the new homescreen though for Windows 7 but Apple and Nokia have spoiled me with free updates. Microsoft has some serious catching up to do. - Corvida
Strangely, as an iPhone user i'm kind of rooting for them, because the more competitive the market gets the more consumers will benefit. I know MS is poor when it comes to real innovation so I'm curious to see how they will spend their way back to the top of an already crowded marketplace. - Tate
Maybe instead of bitching about Microsoft's platform, why not provide some concrete examples like do away with the Today Screen interface for something more touch oriented. That way if anyone from Microsoft reads this feed they'll understand what all the bitching is about. - Jim Lavin
It would be foolish to underestimate Microsoft, as this article clearly does. The real mobile platform battle will take place next year, not this year. Tegra, snapdragon and whatever Apple has to bring to market will be the key players as it stands right now. This year everyone is idling and milking. - Adrian
Dictionary will not become obsolete as long as there r people speaking 2nd tongue. - polou/indigo_bow from Bookmarklet
In a column today, the Wall Street Journal’s Julia Angwin says yes, and Google (Google) is to blame. - polou/indigo_bow
Of course, but my dictionaries are built into my Kindle and my browser now... - Joel Bennett
Google is good for seeing the meaning of "recursion" - Mac64
Does dictionary.com count? - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I think so Mathew - polou/indigo_bow
I have a dictionary - Mary-Lynn
Urban Dictionary - John Speck
I use the Define function on many search engines. - Jim Lavin
I do all the time. In my OS, I can point at any word and the system will tell me what it means from the local dictionary. Otherwise, I use spotlight to define it for me. - Dustin Sallings
Roni Segoly
I am looking for easy way to send messages and links between PC and Windows mobile device. Could be chat like or even portal I can update from both ends. Any idea?
Automatically or while you're using the device? For manual uses, I use My Mobiler http://www.mymobiler.com/ to just remote control my WM device from my desktop and copy/paste any info I need directly to my machine. It's free and works like a charm. - veo
I have it and use it, but needs to communicate between the devices using the Internet. Both are connected. For example I see a link I want to read later on my mobile, the only way to communicate is email. I have also VPN between my PC and mobile using Hamachi and it can send messages, but the VPN is blocked at work - Roni Segoly
You might look into Windows Live Mesh. They were planning on releasing a version for Windows Mobile. - Jim Lavin
If that doesn't work you might want to look at the Microsoft Sync Framework. I know that it is supported on both platforms, but you may need to build an app to do what you want. - Jim Lavin
Jim Lavin
I'm looking for people to test my new FriendFeed client for Windows Mobile. If you're interested let me know. You'll need a Windows Mobile 6.x Professional device.
I have a Samsung Saga I can test it out on if you want... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
If anyone is interested in alpha testing the app, just send an email to jlavin@jimlavin.net with the subject "Alpha Test FriendFeed for WinMo" - Jim Lavin
I added comments to the app, with the ability to post as well. - Jim Lavin
Spent the last hour using FriendFeed for WinMo in the TWiT FriendFeed discussion and I was able to keep up with the entire conversation all on my Fuze. - Jim Lavin
I think its time to crank up the release number... - Jim Lavin
Sounds awesome! Can I have try out this new release when you are done testing? - Sweyn Venderbush
Sweyn: I'll send you a copy in the morning. I'm trying to get the images to work. - Jim Lavin
Thanks! - Sweyn Venderbush
Ya the last alpha has expired. - Sweyn Venderbush
Jim Lavin
I just posted video of my new FriendFeed client for Windows Mobile at http://codingsmackdown.tv/content... check it out and let me know what you think.
The link leads no where - Roni Segoly
Roni: Thanks I changed domains over the weekend and forgot to change the link. Its working now. - Jim Lavin
Am I missing the alpha .cab download link? - veo
that works very good ;-) - masa from twhirl
veo: look for the latest post and you can download the current release at the bottom of the post. Currently it is in beta. - Jim Lavin
LOVE! FINALLY!!! - David Cook
It's cool, functions well. First Friendfeed client Ive found. There's a surprising lack of support for it. Two suggestions: 1. Pretty up the interface. 2. Make it a stream you can scroll through with all the pictures and links on the posts like the web experience instead of showing one at a time. - Nathan Mylott
Nathan: Thanks for the suggestions. I am working on an entire new UI for the application. Do you feel that shoving all of the posts, images and comments on the single screen would be better than breaking them out like I have? I've always thought that was too much information on a single screen, but I've noticed the Facebook client for WinMo does something similar. maybe what I can do is... more... - Jim Lavin
I would like that much better Jim. After using it for a couple days I have realized that what you have right now is too much work for viewing just one post. - David Cook
I also lack the ability to see all messages like in FF or RSS feed and choose which one to open - Roni Segoly
Jim Lavin
FriendFeed for WinMo Alpha Release 2 Ready New in this release: 1. Comments are now active. 2. You can post comments to an entry and it will show up at the end of the comment list. 3. You can refresh an entry while on the comments screen so you can keep up with discussions in real-time. 4. Media is now active. Still needs more work to correctly...
Tell us when it is available for download please - Roni Segoly
Send an email to jlavin@jimlavin.net and I'll send you the current alpha to play with and send new updates as I release them. - Jim Lavin
Just posted the latest Beta release at http://codingsmackdown.tv. Let me know what you think. - Jim Lavin
Works fine for me, HTC TOUCH HD. Thanks - Roni Segoly
Roni: You have to be kidding me! You mean this version finally started working for you? I expected you to tell me this version failed like all the rest. I'm glad to hear it works! - Jim Lavin
:) But the response time is slow when I browse between the messages, sometimes the counter will update but I wait for the messages to refresh. I changed response time to 30s and it is better but sometime will get stuck for time till it refreshes. Maybe its my connection but I think I have good reception - Roni Segoly
I could see it being slow between downloading feeds, but it shouldn't be slow between messages. They are all loaded into RAM and everything is being handled in the background. Has anyone else noticed a slow response when navigating between messages? - Jim Lavin
No, I haven't. - Sweyn Venderbush
Roni: Is it slow when you switch between feeds? I could see that being an issue with a lot of data in the feed. I think that has to be with the XmlSerializer I am using to parse the data from the FriendFeed API. I'll see if there might be a faster way to parse the data. - Jim Lavin
Roni: I got similar results with some large feeds. On average my normal feeds in under 10 seconds, but twit-conversations took about 80 seconds due to the fact that several posts had 1000+ comments. I know this has to do with the XMlSerializer. I'll see if I can get it fixed in the next release. - Jim Lavin
Jim I did not try all my friendfeed groups (this is what you call feeds?), it is not too slow when I retrieve a feed, only when I try to browse through the messages some will be immediate and some will take much more than 10 seconds, and the counter will be updated even before the message arrive so it confuses. But I want to clarify something, you change feeds on top, you browse within... more... - Roni Segoly
It works great on my HTC 6800. Thank you!!! - David Cook
Robert Scoble
What is something that pisses you off about the 2010 web (or, if you are @karaswisher "Web 3.0")?
Navel gazing, slimy SEO guys, MLM crazies, and twitter spam! Elitism - Susan Beebe
Everything is ad supported; I'm not allowed to pay for services I want to use. - Pat Hawks
That we spend so much time trying to name it, argue about who coined it, and that we don't plain swim in the glory of the moment. - lisa padilla
Agree with @Lisa. - phil baumann
That Web Hosts (like 1 and 1) are having trouble getting to Web 2.0! - Dr_ßob
Did I fall asleep? Is it 2010 already? - Brian Sullivan
Brian: if you want you can call it the "new web." I have a 2010 car, so figured I should be driving the 2010 web too. - Robert Scoble
that there are so many great things to be done, but each browser supports different technology of that neat stuff. like Safari & css animation and css gradients - Dana Dowell
what does 2010 web mean? - Tony C
The whole real-time-ness sometimes makes me feel like I'm missing/missed something! :) - Roy Herrod
lack of open integration interfaces of some very popular platform (examples: LinkedIn, Ning) - need this to integrate with WordPress, Twitter, and possibly in the future with FriendFeed) - Jeroen De Miranda
people who call themselves "gurus". Especially if it says it on the background of their twitter page. - Mike Bracco
true data and identity portability, real business models around micro/niche-segmenting - Alex Calic
Roy: you can click the time stamp for a popup window (click it twice, actually) then you can participate in real time on a single thread. - Robert Scoble
That the version numbers are mostly pointless, I personally like the idea of the years because it is much more descriptive of the next step and will be better for the history. The 2006 web is very different than the 2009 web and the 2010 web. - Luke Kilpatrick
Clutter. - Andy McIlwain
Search has barely changed in 10 years. Google isn't the best engine, it's the least bad engine. - RJB
Tony: I wrote a post about it here: http://scobleizer.com/2009... - Robert Scoble
Robert: Thanks! - Tony C
When I feel like I miss stuff because of the real time-ness. Trolls and all the 'gurus' who are using the mediums for their own selfish betterment without really contributing anything real. - Aaron Hood
That sometimes a truly great idea will get lost in the chatter. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
The naming convention needs to be relevant what we are trying to achieve in terms of functionality and standards, that way we can define success/failure - Alex Calic
Social media expert spam. - phil baumann
Totally Agree with @andymci - Clutter ... it's so time consuming to find out, what its all about! - Arne Krueger
Robert Scoble: yeah thats usefull but I mean more along the lines of when I'm away from here, come back and see lists of stuff that happened whilst I was away... then quite often I can't be bothered to trawl back through it all! - So maybe better phrased as 'Sometimes theres TOO much content' - Roy Herrod
Alex and Luke, see the third comment. - Pat Hawks
Pat Hawks, more than a month ago I gave everyone the choice of pay or ads on my site, and so far everyone's sticking with ads. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Not enough solutions to problems caused by Web 2.0 ( search issues, time shift and real time issues, privacy issues, identity issues) - Francine Hardaway
+1000 Francine! - Susan Beebe
What it may be doing to our sense of time. Do we truly understand where we're going with "real-time" technologies? - phil baumann
LACK . OF . TOOLs for FILTERING noise! Signal is a constant struggle to hone in on. Real Time web requires constant maintenance. Like caring for an infant child~! overwhelming, too much info. Constant fear that i'll miss something "BIG" and important. More pressure to KNOW EVERYTHING and publish / post about asap. - Susan Beebe
Roy: oh, I've been living in the "too much content" world for years now. Heheh. I think the next year's big trend will be filtering. I gotta show you what I'm doing with friendfeed's filters (aka saved searches). Maybe next week after I get some sleep. - Robert Scoble
is it realy worth, to spend all the time here - everyday couple of hours??? i can't answer now - because to pay my bills i have to do something else... - Arne Krueger
I feel like I need an enterprise class SoMe Portal to manage all my feeds, followers/friends, tagged content, keywords, filters, search terms, reputation mgmt feeds, etc - based on PRIORITY sorting, of course - Susan Beebe
Arne: if your ROI isn't good, you need better filters. I feel like that often, too. - Robert Scoble
So much disorganized content. FriendFeed helps with this but not with the fragmentation of friends. There are so many networks, it's difficult to get everyone on the same page. It's almost a full time job to keep track of everything. - Brandon Titus
conversation is often too decentralized / splintered. also there's more "me too" duplication of content and need for filters to weed out the gold from the noise. - C. K. Sample III
I don't feel like I "own" my data. And by that, I mean a physical copy. With Blogger, I could FTP my posts to my own server. With FriendFeed, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google, etc. it's mainly all stored on their servers. To get a copy for myself, I'd need to use their APIs to grab a copy. Otherwise, if they go down permanently, it's all lost in the cloud. (Apart from online caches and backups in other services.) - Tony Ruscoe
+1 Susan: the lack of filters is a huge annoyance. - Sarah Perez
+1000 Susan. Yes and more yes. Still too difficult to separate new ideas from the many loops and riffs on the same. Peter Morville was all over this years ago and I still think it's a primary issue. - Sarah Kennon
Social marketing experts. - Nick Wade
Social marketing experts --- I am equating that to the ol' Y2K experts! self-proclaimed wizards of hot air - Susan Beebe
I hate people that take advantage of software developers - Jesse Stay
Noise, way too many services and a lack of proper integration of the usable ones. OK, glad to have FriendFeed and i am using it upmost now, but some friends still not ... so segmentation of contacts is another drawback for me. More grouping and filtering options with apps and services abroad of FF, in order to build way more different 'streams' of interest...and...i would really feel glad to meet some of you guys this year here in Germany e.g. @CeBIT or so ;) :D - Ronald
Susan: good analogy, self-proclaimed experts of for example, nothing more than useless Twitter MLM schemes, and are worth about a dime for a phalanx of them. I collect about a phalanx per day. - Nick Wade
Lack of understanding/ignorance. Coincidentally, I did a blog post just today on this: http://patriciahandschiegel.tumblr.com/post... - Patricia
The lack of standards/standardization between browsers/video/mobile platforms/ISPs/hosts,developer tools, etc etc. We call this capitalist enterprise, but it also holds us back. - Karma Martell
Fragmentation. I never know where to post somthing (Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook) and I never know where to comment (on the source blog, reply to tweets, comment on FriendFeed or Facebook). Sharing stuff makes the fragmentation even worse. If a handful of people share something I've written, trying to keep up with the conversation is a nightmare. Back in the old days, people would just email a link to the original copy to all their friends. That used to keep the conversation in one place. - Tony Ruscoe
Robert: thank you very much... you are more then right!!! after discovering - time to filter has to come. but staying focussed is really one of the biggest issues for me... so many interesting people, so many new ideas! everytime i check back - i get lost in another amazing topic!!! - Arne Krueger
Tony: services for this (disqus, backtype, ff) are getting better and more common - Arne Krueger
Something that pisses me off: the physical location of everything I create or receive is actually somewhere else, and I can do nothing if one of the services I use stops working. - Francesco Balducci
The general lack of vision in such an embryonic and feverishly creative environment as the 2010 Web - where are you Vannevar Bush?; the lack of innovation in social media content filtration ('traditional' search engines can't keep up) or in other words how do I find my signal in all of this noise and once I've found it, how do I connect it with all my other signals and stop that... more... - Andrew Eglinton
The name 2010 web. I just like the natural progression to 3.0. - Mark Powell
1% true expertise, 99% uninformed opinion and self-marketing for marketing sake. Need better ways to sort through it and find the credible resources. - Scott Booher
@mark powell the 'natural progression' is fine to an extent, but what happens when you get to Web 6.0, 7.0 etc? It'll look more like a Police Academy franchise than a great feat of humanity. - Andrew Eglinton
The "2010 web" is a business model whereby the major players are profiting off the content of others, instead of creating it themselves. And the actual content providers are being linked up and tracked with every move they make and every comment they post. It's going to be interesting. Feels all Matrix like. :D - John
@John That's been going for years...or at least since the emergence of syndicated blogging. - Andrew Eglinton
Federal Regulation, specifically the Telecom Act of 1996, that has held back last mile bandwidth even though we have this invention called the Fiber Optic Cable most of which is dark on the backbone because we cant the bandwidth to the edges. - Stephen Pickering
People missing the forest for the trees -- a focus on technology and ignoring CONTENT. - Curt Mercadante
Twitter, Facebook and others have gotten in bed with Old Guard Big Money Media. Citizen journalism is all but extinct. The "mySpace Kids have taken over the message platforms. Thier brains are numbed by the gaming integration. Thank God Robert and others kept FriendFeed "The Place For the geeks and freaks - by the geeks and freaks." - Arleen Boyd
It is not the unevenly distribute future; it's the unevenly distributed access to monetarization. - Prokofy Neva
talking about the 2010 web and relationships like it's brand new. the tools have changed, but the basics to building relationships remain the same. Read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" it's all there - just without Twitter. - Morgan
Continually having to refine my speed reading skills and filtering out the crap for those nuggets! It ain't getting any easier..... - Geer from Nambu
so true Nicholas. I was speaking on a panel about social media for HR professionals last night and only about 10% had a Twitter account. Education and evangelism is needed. People, especially the boomer generation (who still have their hands on the leadership and pocketbooks of these companies) aren't up to speed yet and it's a tough curve for many of them. - Morgan
@morgan and nicholas -- to assume that ALL users have to engage in the platform (internet) is a mistake. Only the 18-25 demo is most interactive, they have the "need" to express. I would never force HOW to use the web on anybody -- there are so many uses, all have value. I think if anything the idea that we all "have to have Twitter pages" will date quickly. Two years ago, all everybody... more... - Patricia
@patricia sorry - i miscommunicated. there is no RIGHT way to use the web. also, i agree with you. the tools that people are using today are just that, tools. technologies will change, people will communicate and relate differently. that is for sure. what i meant is that if there is a failing of the 2010 web is that it has not been inclusive. I disagree with you that not everyone needs... more... - Morgan
Ade, I thought Friday was #friendfeedfriday - Jesse Stay
@morgan, agreed. but what constitutes value on the web in terms of tools is in the eye of the beholder -- some people, businesses, etc. simply don't 'need' social media or other tools etc. or want it, and that's ok too. That's the fun thing about the internet platform: customization. - Patricia
@patricia - i agree. that is what makes the web fun. i guess as a child of a parent who owns a small biz, who had to sit through years of hearing about how "if we could only afford to advertise on tv we'd be better off" it amazes me that now the tools are out there to connect with customers for free. the playing field is suddenly (in one arena anyway) leveled, where Fortune 100 brands... more... - Morgan
People who tell me how to make thousands of followers on twitter, so called experts and gurus on social media @Susan Beebe - filtering is what I'd like so much, it is so time consuming to find the really (for me) interesting things - Claudia
Waiting for a website to load because it has to fetch content using Javascript/Web Service. Either put it at the end of page or use server side to do the initial fetch and then javascript for updates. - Darren Rollett
Too much data, too little analysis/insight. - Pierre
That i never have enough 'space' on my desktop for all information, even though i got a bigger lcd, higher resolution ... - Ronald
That nobody has found a better way to data mine all the information better than the typical search engine. What ever happened to the personal agents that were going to dig through everything and only pull back the items relative to your interests? - Jim Lavin
the lack of ability for non-programmers to do data visualization easily - Lee
2010 Web? annoyingly bad term - Jonathan Crossland
I'm pissed off about the confusion between these terms, so allow me to clarify: The term 2010 web is great right now because it refers to the technology (namely real-time) that will go mainstream in 2010. The 2010 web will be relevant until 2011 at which point the 2010 web will be over but the evolution of the real-time "Live Web" that friendfeed is leading will continue. Web 3.0 is a... more... - Garin Kilpatrick
Didn't we already do all of this? We have had web servers in our homes for decades now. And the ability to serve any data we wanted to off of them? But I like having a server admin to call if my server crashes or there is an update that needs to be installed. i just wake up and post stuff. I use other peoples servers because I don't want to be bothered by all the repairing. I think we... more... - ✩ Juanita Chronowski
Juanita: You said "Frankly I don't care where anything is" which makes no sense, your entire post adds nothing to this conversation, and judging by your comment you seem to have little understanding of how the Internet works, never mind different stages of it's development. Two hours ago you tweeted "The past does not influence me" http://twitter.com/jchrono... I think you are going to have a very long search for work. - Garin Kilpatrick
Anyone know of any cool Friendfeed buttons/icons? Along the lines of the gazillion Twitter ones out there?
Check out iconfinder.com They have a couple. - Jim Lavin
@Zee I've created this glossy icon of FF for my blog http://www.myweb20.it/Contatt... - Roberto
Smashing Magazine had some suggestions early this week http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009... - Alexandre Gamela from twhirl
Leo Laporte
Live now, FLOSS Weekly 73 with Tim O'Reilly, Jono Bacon, and Randal Schwartz. http://live.twit.tv. Discuss here...
Tim should spend a week on FriendFeed. He can always go back. - Ken Sheppardson
I liked this - ramiles
Yup FF is a much cooler place than Twitter - Jeff
I wonder if there is a Friendfeed app for the Itouch? - ramiles
You can point it at http://friendfeed.com/iphone. Don't know about apps. - Ken Sheppardson
Welcome, Tim :-) - Ken Sheppardson
So - now we all move to here ;) - LPH™ and his dog P™
What was that book that Leo mentioned? - Troy
Wow, FriendFeed users sure do have to convince themselves that they're better than Twitter. - Stuart Jones
Thanks Ken - ramiles
click the timestamp twice - Ken Sheppardson
you get a pop-up the second time you click on the timestamp - Ken Sheppardson
Hello, Tim. - Matthew Gifford
Hi everyone. And hi Tim! - Vlad Bobleanta
Hey everyone - Seth Hoogeboom from IM
Hello! - Benjamin Taylor
Hey all! - Simon Oliver
Yes there is a app - ramiles
there is a few of them - ramiles
about 4 2 free - ramiles
how do I open a new page so the comment box stays at the bottom ? - John Hillestad
dbl click time stamp and resize window? - Thomas Perez
^-- use that link - Ken Sheppardson
John -- click on the time stamp - LPH™ and his dog P™
The book Leo mentioned was Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin - Tim O'Reilly
How did you do that Ken ? is there something I am supposed to click ? - John Hillestad
click the timestamp twice or add ?embed=1 after the url - Vlad Bobleanta
I really miss FF support in Tweetie for the iPhone! :) - Carl-Fredrik
ok thanks - John Hillestad
Carl---- BuddyFeed, Amigo, or AlertThingy are decent on the iPhone - LPH™ and his dog P™
I see carl - ramiles
I just bought AlretThingy - ramiles
Whadya know... http://friendfeed.com/iphone looks just fine on the Pre too. Cool. - Ken Sheppardson
I've got my pink Camel book sitting on the shelf next to me. :-) - Ken Sheppardson
ramiles - good purchase -- - LPH™ and his dog P™
you got the - ramiles
PRE - ramiles
Thanks LPH - ramiles
I remember seeing Dale Dougherty give a presentation RE GNN and The Whole Internet back in 1992... - Ken Sheppardson
Since I started watching TSS i have has a crush on Sarah Lane - ramiles
Hello everyone. :P - Kate Phillips
I have used linux in verious distros - ramiles
hard to choose which one is best - ramiles
ramiles - yes -- my only green desktop is CherryPal - a great little device with Ubuntu. http://cherrypal.com/ - LPH™ and his dog P™
It's the difference between wanting "enough" and wanting to take over the world. - Ken Sheppardson
Tim, can you discuss the importance of Richard Stallman? The crazy-ass zealot is important to any movement. Doesn't he act as our conscious? - Scott Smith
"Money is a hack that got out of control" - nice one - Keith Harrison
It isn't a word ;) - LPH™ and his dog P™
i wish i could keep the pop out window ontop of my screen - ramiles
Love oreilly's books. - Cody C
"In the July 1999 issue of Print magazine, Darcy DiNucci wrote a piece titled “Fragmented Future” about Web 2.0 vs. Web 1.0..." -- http://www.cole20.com/who-coi... - Ken Sheppardson
the oreilly books are a great source - ramiles
Can Tim discuss the importance of Head First books on technical documents/books? - Scott Smith
the first O'Reilly book I bought was The Whole Internet User’s Guide - happy days - Keith Harrison
i think thats the book i bought as well when i first got on the internet - ramiles
LEO your the BOMB - ramiles
What about Leo's the BOMB? - Dekz
Divya - Agreed - Najeeb Mirza
yep - ramiles
Why Google is Offering 411 Service - http://radar.oreilly.com/2007... - Ken Sheppardson
Yeah wow Tim seems very knowledgeable. - Kate Phillips
"In short, I'm speculating that the 1-800-GOOG-411 service is designed to harvest voice data to build Google's own speech database, rather than licensing from Nuance or another player." - Ken Sheppardson
Very insightful man - Cody C
He's a visionary - Cody C
my dad has that in his Cell phone already - ramiles
Tim: How do you avoid "group think" in this type of scenario? Just because everyone "believes" something is a certain way .. doesn't mean that it is ... - LPH™ and his dog P™
wikipedia FTL? - Thomas Perez
lph we all need to think about this - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
Thomas: I was going to ask about Wikis too - LPH™ and his dog P™
see it all the time on wikipedia.... published facts vs commonly accepted "facts" - Thomas Perez
I think that Wikipedia is always checked for true facts - ramiles
LOL @ ramiles - Dekz
...... - Thomas Perez
the problem is in peoples' definition of "true" - Thomas Perez
be great to hear tim's view on google wave and where that is heading? - Simon Oliver
I caught some of this live, will definately download and listen when it's posted. - Michael Koby from BuddyFeed
Thats what I was thinking. - Kate Phillips
Dakz thats a true fact - ramiles
There's a difference between folks complaining about the fact that services don't give away what they have and not being open to letting anyone pay a fair fee to access it. There's no published process for me to pay for Twitter API (firehose) access right now, for example. - Ken Sheppardson
"Open" doesn't necessarily have to mean "free" - Ken Sheppardson
i use twitterfon for my itouch - ramiles
a great twitter app for my touch - ramiles
We just need a level playing field. - Ken Sheppardson
Speaking of land grabs... we have the Facebook land grab coming up Friday. - Ken Sheppardson
how many here use facebook and twitter and myspace - ramiles
Yep Facebook one will be big - LPH™ and his dog P™
I use all 3 - Kate Phillips
yeah.... - Thomas Perez
i use twitter mostly, a little facebook. no myspace ever - Thomas Perez
Yes, integration of new social services is going to be important - LPH™ and his dog P™
I use all 3 - ramiles
FriendFeed gets it. - Ken Sheppardson
i follow so many people - ramiles
I just learned about friendfeed today - ramiles
Welcome, Ramiles! - Ken Sheppardson
ramiles - you came to the right place - LPH™ and his dog P™
I just set out today to learn a bit more about friendfeed but i've have an account for a while. - Kate Phillips
Kate - why a private feed on a social service? - LPH™ and his dog P™
thanks Ken and LPH - ramiles
Ugh, My FriendFeed app keeps crashing on my Itouch - ramiles
Yep - my handle is taken on Tumblr -- but unused :p Hopefully I can convince Tumblr to let me have it -- - LPH™ and his dog P™
What do you mean? Private feed? - Kate Phillips
Kate: When we put a cursor over your name it says u have a private feed - ramiles
I wish Google Profiles was used on FriendFeed - LPH™ and his dog P™
Tim's really amazing! - Lyderic
LPH: It's the default for new users. Kate: If you go to the "settings" link in the upper right under your image, there's a checkbox for "private feed". You should uncheck that so everybody can see what you post :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Actually, I have my FF badge on my twitter account ;) - LPH™ and his dog P™
I wonder if its becuase my itouch is jail broken - ramiles
I actually don't know why It says that. hehe - Kate Phillips
Ken - what is the default for new users? I missed something in your thoughts. - LPH™ and his dog P™
LPH: Private feed is the default. I've noticed it when creating a couple of temp accounts. - Ken Sheppardson
Thanks did that fix it? - Kate Phillips
OH -- didn't know that. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Thanks I had no idea. ^^ - Kate Phillips
Divya -- I changed my personal blog to simply include the 'activity stream' - LPH™ and his dog P™
There've been a number of articles lately talking about how many folks actually "lurk" on Twitter etc. - Ken Sheppardson
Twitter is more than a blog more communtative - ramiles
i heard that the ratio was 80% consumer 20% creator - Chris Heath
I'm not a lurker - but a wall-flower ;) - LPH™ and his dog P™
I'm a lurker - John Matulich
it sounds like Google Wave is the next big thing. - Michael Sanchez
SFGATE.com (SF Chronicle website) now has a twitterfeed on the front page as of..... this week sometime. following other news outlet twitter accts - Thomas Perez
UGH this is aggervating my App keeps crashing out to main screen - ramiles
I started "blogging" in 1996 -- so it was just a stream of activity - so it is based on the definition. The word blog didn't even exist in the 90s .. - LPH™ and his dog P™
on my touch - ramiles
i had a wordpress blog - ramiles
used to blog on yahoo when they had a blog - ramiles
I agree with you Michael. I saw video of the google wave and it blew me away. - Kate Phillips
google HUD in your car would be something - Thomas Perez
what is google wave - ramiles
*ANY* GPS HUD would be slick... - Ken Sheppardson
how about a global social network message 'recall" app - Benjamin Taylor
google it - Thomas Perez
Google wave brings all the things there talking about together - Michael Sanchez
Thomas -- and many "news" stations on t.v. are simply quoting twitters .. funny really - LPH™ and his dog P™
I learned the multiplecation tables in elementary school for example through 12x12. Thats given way to the calculator widget on my igoogle page. @Ramiles An example of something lost and something gained. - John Brazel
but imagine GPS.... plus all the info google maps provides (photos, reviews, MyTracks) plus everything else, gmail, twitter, facebook (viewing friends realtime location displayed on HUD) - Thomas Perez
I wonder how far the LCD/LED technology is from being able to add a layer on the inside of your windshield... - Ken Sheppardson
or strangers for that matter. interaction with other drivers beyond a few scowls and "gestures" - Thomas Perez
any thoughts on what Google is doing with Wave - wingman
John whats that have to do with anything - ramiles
Leo: Has Tim tried out Wave? - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, wouldn't OLED be able to do that? just another layer in the windshield - Chris Heath
Leo put Kim Commando to shame - ramiles
Actually, I don't really get Google Wave :( - LPH™ and his dog P™
Leo puts Kim Komando to shame - ramiles
thanks for the correction ken - ramiles
Great job Tim ! Very thought-provoking - LPH™ and his dog P™
ya it was a good convo. Tim - Michael Sanchez
Nice job... HAH - Ken Sheppardson
Good joke Leo - LPH™ and his dog P™
Awesome show LEO - ramiles
good show LEO - Michael Sanchez
Would love to be a guest on Leos show - ramiles
Really good shoe, thanks Leo et al. - John Brazel
firefly, whats that :-p - Thomas Perez
glad i could catch the end of this show, what a great interview - Chris Heath
Firefly was a really good TV show - Kate Phillips
awesome show - ramiles
I have the complete show - ramiles
Firefly lead to serinity the movie - ramiles
was written by Josh Weldon who did buffy the vampire slayer - ramiles
I own the series - ramiles
Are we going to get a new thread Leo? LOL - LPH™ and his dog P™
sorry, :-p = sarcasm, but i'm sure someone didnt know. did he just hint at a firefly videogame? - Thomas Perez
Joss Whedon* - Thomas Perez
Thanks for the correction Thomas - ramiles
but i dont like to be publicly be corrected - ramiles
make sure your facts are true? - Thomas Perez
they are - ramiles
how many here have seen the series - ramiles
I saw the series and the movie loved them both - Kate Phillips
never heard of it before today - Michael Sanchez
highly recomend it - Thomas Perez
Ditto - ramiles
is it on Hulu? - Michael Sanchez
the guy thats in Castle was in it - ramiles
sure is - Thomas Perez
Yes I posted a link earlier - Kate Phillips
there is even a baldwin brother in the show - ramiles
one you probably never heard of - ramiles
Its has all 14 episodes avaliable. - Kate Phillips
cool thanks i'll have to check it out - Michael Sanchez
I would reccomnd to buy the series its only like $50 - ramiles
hes not one of the baldwins, but his last name is baldwin...... - Thomas Perez
Thomas I think he is - ramiles
check wikipedia :-) - Thomas Perez
hahahahaha - Dekz
wiki isnt always true - ramiles
good times, leo - Thomas Perez
"I think that Wikipedia is always checked for true facts - ramiles" - Dekz
thanks Dekz ;-) - Thomas Perez
I wonder when leo is going to take advantage of all of the different angles you can have going at once with bitgravity? - Kate Phillips
I know I would like to see it like how they did on Digg Nation - Michael Sanchez
Yeah that would be wonderful. - Kate Phillips
where all the cams are live and you get to pick what you wanna watch - Michael Sanchez
Kate, you can't do the multiview live since leo would have to send each camera's feed out to bitgravity - the diggnation multiview was not done live - Chris Heath
I saw one day they were talking about it. They were talking about talking with bitgravity to work out something for them. - Kate Phillips
It was a while back when they were still on stickam. - Kate Phillips
At least when stickam was on the main page. - Kate Phillips
yeah it might be possible one day, but probably not - Chris Heath
I remember TechTv used to have it where u could click on what cam u want to view like the studio cam or cubicle cams - ramiles
Dekz leave me alone - ramiles
thomas ur right he isnt - ramiles
cant wait to see the game - ramiles
i hope it follows the show - ramiles
I hope they show or play some of the music or game - Michael Sanchez
that would be nice - ramiles
I hope its not just for the PS3 I hope they put it out for the PC as well - ramiles
I doubt that. - Michael Sanchez
Sony owns the game company that they are working for. - Michael Sanchez
thats sucks - ramiles
are they really - ramiles
bringing back doll house - ramiles
I'd pick watching Leo Laporte any day over network television. I have live.twit.tv streaming on my 42 inch plasma via a pc, who wouldn't enjoy that! - Jim Lavin
jim your spoiled - ramiles
but Plasma is out dated - ramiles
you should replace it with a LCD TV - ramiles
ya i run my Mac Mini on my 42 LCD TV - Michael Sanchez
you have the new LCD tv Michale - ramiles
Michael - ramiles
hehe I run my laptop upstairs to my 30" lcd when i head to bed so I have something to watch at night. - Kate Phillips
CRT's still rule - ramiles
I watch the Planet Green channel when i head to bed. a lot of good stuff on making your house green and off the grid - Michael Sanchez
I have enough shows to watch that have been tivo'ed - ramiles
Any of you play any videogames? - Kate Phillips
i do kate - ramiles
the TIVO is the wife's... lol - Michael Sanchez
I still have the Xbox and PS2 - ramiles
havent upgraded yet - ramiles
ya i play Gears 2 on xbox - Michael Sanchez
i do agree with spending 50 on games - ramiles
and Killzone 2 on PS3 - Michael Sanchez
think its absurd - ramiles
MIchael how old r u - ramiles
between boxee, video games and work I tend to be entertained easily. - Kate Phillips
I am 38 - ramiles
ramiles: I'm not spoiled, I'm just another gadget geek with a lot wire running all over the house. - Jim Lavin
why is that funny o.O - Thomas Perez
you got some years on me... lol - Michael Sanchez
Jim your totally spoiled - ramiles
yep but your married I am single and unemployed at the moment struggling - ramiles
Jim I am the same way.. - Michael Sanchez
I used to work at intel and there's some really young people with some really nice gear at home lol. - Kate Phillips
kate u married or single - ramiles
ya i am 24 and i make over 100k a year as a Tech - Michael Sanchez
where do u work Michael - ramiles
I'm single. Not dating though. - Kate Phillips
k - ramiles
for a construction company. managing there network. - Michael Sanchez
Wish I could make u kind of money - ramiles
I am going for my BS in Network Security - ramiles
What do you do for a living ramiles? - Kate Phillips
in between jobs Kate - ramiles
I do freelance web design and PC tech - ramiles
good stuff i have my bachelor degree from ITT tech - Michael Sanchez
Very cool ^^ - Kate Phillips
I am getting my from Colorado Tech - ramiles
in Cisco networking - Michael Sanchez
Michael where u from - ramiles
I do some freelance PC tech work on craigslist - Kate Phillips
like 2 hours away from where leo is - Michael Sanchez
you went here fro school cool - ramiles
hows that kate - ramiles
MIchael u ever met leo - ramiles
Kate: do you make good money from craigslist? - Michael Sanchez
finding jobs from craigslist is tough - ramiles
Ramiles: no I haven't had the privilege. - Michael Sanchez
Most jobs are really easy clearing up viruses. Stuff like that. - Kate Phillips
i have talked to him on the Phone in the old TSS days I have also talked to Kevin - ramiles
would of loved to talk to Sarah Lane - ramiles
Kate: ya i ask because i do a lot of PC tech for the family on the side and i was thinking about putting something on craigslist for it - Michael Sanchez
Post a number and people call. I usually charge by the hour on how long it took me to fix it. Generally i charge a lot less than an hour of say a best buy like 20 do an hour or an install of a new OS for cost of software and $50. - Kate Phillips
I would do network setups - ramiles
and troubleshoot - ramiles
I am running Windows Home Servere here - ramiles
Plus i help them with a lot more like suggesting opensource software which is what i really try to interest people in. - Kate Phillips
kate where u from - ramiles
I have installed a few routers as well. - Kate Phillips
California. Sothern cali - Kate Phillips
seems a lot of your are i Cali - ramiles
I am in chicago - ramiles
I was just in Sothern cali at Disneyland for last week - Michael Sanchez
My Dad wants to open a business fixing PC's with me. Not sure when he really wants to do it though. - Kate Phillips
i have done both disneys - ramiles
I really want to see Disney World - Kate Phillips
I havent made it to Disney World yet.. - Michael Sanchez
I want to do Universal and see the harry potter world - ramiles
Its been a while since I've been to universal. I prefer the shows and shopping at Disney Land to the other crazy rides. :P - Kate Phillips
Been to Universal but never seen harry potter world. but its been some years since i've been there - Michael Sanchez
the Potter world is something new - ramiles
Why I asked about the games earlier is I just pre-ordered the game "Aion" - Kate Phillips
I am a first person shooter kind of guy. - Michael Sanchez
I'm in the beta for Batlefield Heroes - Kate Phillips
Love that game. - Kate Phillips
oh wow how is it? - Michael Sanchez
Its pretty nice the beta is down right now though. - Kate Phillips
What is it it never heard of it - ramiles
Been down almost a week. - Kate Phillips
it looks cartoonish. - Michael Sanchez
my friend just bought infamous - ramiles
but good - Michael Sanchez
mac support? - Michael Sanchez
it dont look like it - Michael Sanchez
Let me look and check on something see if there's anymore beta keys left. - Kate Phillips
not really into the mmorpgs - ramiles
Not sure if it has mac support - Kate Phillips
the new Iphone blows the pre away - ramiles
I know Curse.com is giving away keys - Kate Phillips
Here's the site to get a key you just need to log in to get it no need to buy anything. - Kate Phillips
kate ur into the mmorpgs - ramiles
I play MMO's in just about all forms - Kate Phillips
Play Guildwars a lot - Kate Phillips
Love the PVP - Kate Phillips
kate how old r u - ramiles
lol im 30 - Kate Phillips
ur 8yrs shy of me - ramiles
wow i feel young - Michael Sanchez
no offense - Michael Sanchez
no offense taken - Kate Phillips
wow 10gig an hour - ramiles
dang thats a lot - Kate Phillips
mpeg2 - Chris Heath
i love my Mac - Michael Sanchez
Here's the google wave video that wow'd me http://wave.google.com/ - Kate Phillips
or shall i say Mac's - Michael Sanchez
WE LOVE YOU LEO!!! - ramiles
Google Wave is the next BIG thing i think - Michael Sanchez
Definatlly Email 2.0 - Kate Phillips
And so much more - Kate Phillips
is that his wife? - ramiles
She works with leo - Kate Phillips
i remember that episode - ramiles
glad i bought the SET - ramiles
it has a huge following - ramiles
I love the theme song - ramiles
its a combination of old and new technology - ramiles
nd the language they speak is chinese - ramiles
Have a good evening. - Kate Phillips
See you guys later. - Kate Phillips
later - Michael Sanchez
later kate - ramiles
wheres he going - ramiles
hello - ramiles
KOIT! - Thomas Perez
i accidentally left my computer connected to live.twit.tv and was rewarded to find abbey interviewing leo!!!!! so awesome - Thomas Perez
i'm sorry, abby* - Thomas Perez
Dvorak started Leo's carer, I have to re-think my life, ha... - Marc Bochy
This is fun watching Leo's daughter Abby argue about the time left for her recording session. lol - rob from twhirl
She did good..... - Marc Bochy
she did awesomely - Thomas Perez
Jim Lavin
Tornado warning sirens went off in Lewisville, TX where I live, must be some nasty weather headed my way...
Just checked and the NWS just posted a Tornado warning for my area. Hopefully I won't get blown away! I'm holding on tight! - Jim Lavin
I've lost power 4 times in the last 5 minutes, and the heavy rain just started coming down like sheets so thick I can't see across the street. Sirens are going off like crazy. - Jim Lavin
manielse (Mark Nielsen)
So Apple bashes Windows 7 as the same old Windows. Then they hype up Snow Leopard and its great new features like "More reliable disk eject." - Wow, this is a space-age feature...
Mark: Welcome to the same old Apple! And what about the fact that it took them 3 revisions to get cut and paste for the iPhone! WinMo had it day one. I get so tired of hearing about how great Apple products are. I would rather use Linux and keep from being tied to a platform and someone else's idea of how the platform should be extended. - Jim Lavin
I find it rather interesting that the people who complain about how expensive Microsoft's products are and how you need to buy everything Microsoft are also the same people buy Apple products. Aren't they more closed-sourced, expensive and controlling than MS? Linux is not for everyone (yet). - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Steve Gillmor
Why Apple wins. every. time. - http://www.techcrunchit.com/2009...
It's really just reruns of the same old win ;) - Tristan Seligmann
I think this is one of the best articles I've seen from Steve in a long time. Kudos. - Louis Gray
I'm always amazed how the contract price is never mentioned when comparing prices. The purchase price is not important, it's the lifetime cost. Who cares if it is 99 or 199/299 when the lifetime cost is 1.000+? - Niklas Morberg
I have to agree, Microsoft should be panicing just about now and the folks at Palm should be worried as well. Never have I heard so much fanfare about the same features I've had on my Windows Mobile device for years. Apple beats them all hands down with really great marketing! - Jim Lavin
Palm has nothing to lose. Six months ago they were on the mat and pretty much everybody had written them off, and today they're the only iPhone contender getting any real attention. Their only real worry at the moment is whether they'll be able to make Pres fast enough. - Ken Sheppardson
Correct, Ken, nothing to lose at all. Which is why they can afford to go slowly, not bet the house and all remaining cash on having an oversupply of units on the very first weekend (potentially ending up in a landfill in Utah somewhere). Demand creates longing which leads to future sales. And it's not like there were long queues outside Sprint stores everywhere this past Saturday.... more... - ianf ⌘
Does anyone know Palm's plans outside of the US?? The iPhone is a great pocket personal computer, but as a business comms device it falls down. Give me a keyboard anyday. - Jeff
Jeff, be glad they take their time in the US, that way, when/if they come over, we'll be getting a far more bug-free phone than it is now. No plans for Europe have leaked out, nor has anybody but you asked it out loud. - ianf ⌘
A very good point! Nothing more useless than a bug filled device. - Jeff
Mind you, we don't know it is buggy, but we can deduct certain probabilities from known facts: 50.000 Pré have apparently been sold the first weekend, with perhaps another 50 on order. Nobody of the right mind orders loads of (expensive) units in advance, not until the demand has been "sampled," and "known." That most probably means Palm has yet to set up a truly-automatic, high-quality... more... - ianf ⌘
A good read minus the two typos I noticed, but by the end I was wondering about the title of the piece. The only part that I sensed spoke to the title of the column was one of the sentences in the last paragraph. "Apple’s rigorous march forward and its deep understanding of what the market will want next is not only keeping them ahead of the competition but building the markets they will own tomorrow." - Chris Heath
Jeff: Bell Mobility should be selling the Pre in Canada later this year http://blog.palm.com/palm... Back in January around CES Palm CEO Ed Colligan said the Pre would launch in Europe at the same time as the US http://www.networkworld.com/news... but I suspect they've pushed that back to... more... - Ken Sheppardson
Yeah, I agree with Louis - this is an excellent piece. Not usually a big fan of Steve's. - felix
While bloggers scoffed (in real-time) at the endless roll-out of apps #WWDC, it constructed the argument for iPhone as the "universal remote control with new features... literally streaming down in realtime." Sweet. - Brad Kligerman
Umm... forget it. I'm not paying $499 to upgrade. Eff that!
famous last words - Jason Rundell
you know me too well. - Veronica
I give it a few days until you change your mind... :-) - Holger Eilhard
yea! not wroth it i'll wait on the Iphone 3GRS - Fee501st
Be strong! At least you're not walking around with an iPod touch ACTING like it's a new iPhone. - Cory Roush
Eh, Just get a second line, that is what I will probably do. But I will most likely wait to see if they release the touch with a camera. - Corey Harris
it is pricey but I think it may be worth it when we get ustream and qik...being able to broadcast something live is pretty powerful - Gary Gannon
Qik technically works, they just need to release it. - Veronica
lol on AT&T? dont hold your breath - Fee501st
Not enough new stuff for me. I've got a 3G. Though my brother, who has the original iPhone will probably get a lot out of the 3GS to make it. http://www.tehpodcast.com - Milton Cantellay
I'm hoping I can get it at $299. I haven't checked in a while. - Mitch
you can if you almost near the end of your contract - Fee501st
I don't have one so this could be the perfect time to buy one. Seems like a phone I might want to keep for a few years. - Sylvain Nadeau
I've tried using Qik, Livecast and several other streaming across AT&T's 3G network. Forget it! not even worth it, the network drops so many packets you'll be lucky to get 30 seconds of video posted. The only way to stream video effectively is over WiFi. - Jim Lavin
Good for you Veronica - I felt the same way when I ordered mine today... so pist at that sticker shock whoa! - Susan Beebe
Check out Apps World for the Blackberry (qik, background apps running, cut copy annnnnnnnd Paste to name a few just a few features), the iPhone needs to catch up to the 21st century - sofarsoShawn
Verizon will not let me get a subsidized phone and turn around and ask for another. What is diff? - wowfreeze.blogspot.com
Jesse Stay
Okay, because of the Twitter API I have to make 320 requests just to get all the followers of a single top user on Twitter.
Welcome to the world of someone who doesn't understand how to write APIs for applications that handle large amounts of data. - Jim Lavin
Josh, the friends/ids and followers/ids methods will let you do one bulk pull, but on anyone with over 1 million followers, Twitter returns errors and bugs out. So you have to call it by page, which only returns 5,000 records at a time. For someone with 1.6 million followers, that's 320 requests, just for the followers I have to make! - Jesse Stay
Josh, trying to get the followers of various top users on Twitter. :-) - Jesse Stay
to what end? - Ernie Oporto from twhirl
Robert Scoble
How are Twitter/Facebook/friendfeed/blogs changing how you learn? I'm speaking on that topic tomorrow: (PDF) http://innovationsinelearning.gmu.edu/2009Pre...
I'd love to know if you have any stories I should pass along. - Robert Scoble
I will definitely be showing off friendfeed, because I learn something from it every day. - Robert Scoble
Expanding what I see, and then I can dig deeper. The socials give you new and different outlooks, viewpoints, etc. This does not happen with TV, newspapers, or friends. - Eric - Final Countdown
Oh, and cats. Lots of pictures of cats. - Eric - Final Countdown
Learning is much more targeted and still organic. Like a good flower patch, you can pick and chose unlike traditional media. The real time web is awesome. News come faster and you can ignore the mundane conversations. It's democratically global at your finger tips. It has HUGE room for improvement. - Yann Ropars
Do you think that people will eventually use friendfeed as something more than just an aggregator? Or is this the space that Google Wave is aiming for (in which case it will render ff useless)? - Nate
adding Wikipedia on that and yes that changed everything I have ever learned and will ever learn in the future in a big way! - Alex M.
Robert is there an agreed hashtag for the "5th Annual Innovations in eLearning Symposium" conference? Would love to tune in. These social networks are changing the way we learn - we're learning, sharing and collaborating in exciting new ways. We're learning faster and distributing this in near real-time - well, with FriendFeed you could argue it is in real time! I believe these tools are a paradigm shift in how we are communicating, and learning. - Tony Hollingsworth
Tony: I don't know. They aren't very web savy. Took me a long time to even find the PDF of the conference, which is funny. - Robert Scoble
Nate: I'm already using friendfeed as a non-aggregator. You gotta find the power in the groups here. I have to do a video on those. - Robert Scoble
Tony: plus, I hate hashtags. Why do you need them? Friendfeed's search engine is so good you don't need them to find this post anymore. - Robert Scoble
I use both services as a magazine surfing through a myriad of topics, sometimes digging deeper into one when I find one that interests me. Sometimes I am reading for specific topics, sometimes general knowledge, sometimes for no reason other than just for fun. - Dave Ploch
robert, could you expand on that 'non-aggregator' terminology a bit? do you mean getting more out of it than just aggregating feeds? like the discssions etc? - Chris Heath
Chris: yes. I have a private room where I just talk with a small group of people. VentureBeat and Wired Online use rooms to do their workflow. - Robert Scoble
I meet friends I would never have met on the street. - Randy Allen Bishop
ok, yeah - i though you meant that robert, but in the back of my mind i was thinking 'i use groups to aggregate...' - Chris Heath
Randy: yeah, but what are you learning from them? How is your learning changing? - Robert Scoble
here's where i tried to do a bit of teaching late last night when i should have been sleeping http://friendfeed.com/friendf... - Chris Heath
via FF, et al I get news/info through a *human filter* - swineflu was a great example - hype has less effect unless it's legit - if we'd only just discovered that the Earth wasn't flat, there'd still be sites floating around saying it is - to add to this, we can now edit the record on the spot - adds value to the bandwidth in a new way - thinfilms
Thanks guys - I'm a n00b at FriendFeed and keep reverting to Twitter and hashtags/Twitter Search to find threaded conversations and "virtual watercooler" stuff - Tony Hollingsworth
I learn from people that I would never have the chance to learn from otherwise - I seek out social media heavies, because I want to learn about certain web 2.0 tools and I look for real estate tech heads so I can see and learn what they are up too. My job combines technology and real estate - so this gives me loads of material to share with my 600 + agents. My FF filters help me decipher and fine tune the information. - Stefanie Hahn
Online social media tools significantly change the learning process, taking it from linear to intuitive and integrative - a multi-spoked wheel. Learn new things everyday from Twitter and blogs, much of which I did not intend but learning resulted as by-product.of exposure. - Carol Lynn Martens
Im not sure if this is a thought but we talk about micro blogging I got to say that Im seeing micro learning. A lot of the interns I get know a good deal but they are missing the context and the ability to put the individual bits together. still it is a fantastic way to find information and interact. - Terry Bruce
Btw, you commented on the savviness of educators and I'll share that Education does digital technology at a very grass-roots level and much of it bootstraped by teachers or others in the classroom. So a broad level of sophistication isn't there - it's in pockets. - Carol Lynn Martens
Gee Scoble, ask and you shall receive. :) - Lon Cohen
We learn a broader range of information relating to our interests, but the great thing is that we focus the learning through consensus, interaction, and reactions to validate the content. - James Stratford
inquiry-based learning is more gratifying than ever before thanks to the social networks. cross-disciplinary inquiries are more accessible, too, because of the range of folks participating, so results return with more relevance - learners should be able to customize the kind of information they're after to a fine degree. the flexibility of these tools allow me to learn in the... more... - thinfilms
My take on the classroom/lecture analogy/metaphor (whatever): Any given friendfeed discussion has the capacity to become a learning experience about almost anything. Those who participate are akin to those in class who raise their hand and question/challenge the teacher. There is no designated teacher here, so everyone who participates 'can' be a teacher (and probably is to someone).... more... - Chris Heath
For me, it's kind of like speed reading. You don't learn every detail but you do get a quick, somewhat comprehensive understanding of the topic. Took speed reading classes in summer school when I was a kid. Thanks mom :) - padric toman
Robert, much of learning is about making meaningful connections through meaningful experiences and learning through apprenticeships. These tools provide the ability to experience thought leaders on any/many topics from anywhere and if you participate in the conversation you begin to build your own understanding. As the filters (search & social connections) allow you to fine tune that engagement it can become very effective. - Lee
good point, Chris - thinfilms
Robert, as a theory to back up your thoughts, check out the Social Learning Theory by Albert Bandura. - LPH™ and his dog P™
'Study Groups' self-assemble here on friendfeed - once track is back then there will be no excuse for not finding the group you're looking for - Chris Heath
The jury is still out on my appreciation of the social aspect, recently dropping in appears to increase my creative flow. The speed reading concept is also viable, imo. - Carolyn Wood
i don't agree with the speed reading aspect. part of the solution for me is getting away from this partial learning and into something significantly more comprehensive. many of us think a 3-page article on a topic leads us to *understanding* it - surely there's a happy medium somewhere - thinfilms
Would like to see more on harnessing the power of groups on FriendFeed and how businesses are using the platform with private workgroups - Carol Lynn Martens
Twitter/FF - I agree with Chad. Well put. “inquiry-based learning is more gratifying than ever before.” The focus for me is on the social aspect of sharing data; both legacy and real time. I follow people with similar interests. People who have a passion for exploring new media paradigms, products, and services that shape the way through which we disseminate information. That social... more... - Benjamin Taylor
yeah chad, i'm with you on that... this format allows for a more in-depth interaction - i do get the speed reading part, but that's just so i can find the bits i want to get in-depth with (like this thread, for instance) - Chris Heath
By the way, to answer the earlier question, the hashtag for the conference is #iel09 - Aram Zucker-Scharff
#ieL09 for clarity - Chris Heath
Robert: I use FF to alert me of new blogs in areas of interest, I then use the blogs to help me find answers to the problems or design decisions they don't talk about in school or books. I think of blogs as one of the best ways to mentor the masses and FF as a way to find out about them. Its like having millions of agents looking for material I'm interested in. - Jim Lavin
Look at what I made: http://friendfeed.com/law-blob Dozens of legal experts commenting in their fields on recent issues, and I'm adding more all the time. Easy to skim, easy to tag, and deeper than the sea. Just as one example... e-discovery is a fast moving area of the law, and by following less than a dozen blogs, my briefs blow the doors off my opponent's. - Maxwell Kennerly
Thanks for the tip, Robert. This conference looks really interesting and I may try to attend. - Sterling Zumbrunn from BuddyFeed
Social Median has been great for taking many sources and shooting back the content from them that interests me on a particular subject, it is good tool for learning about topics relating to current events. - Aram Zucker-Scharff
We no longer need to retain "loose" knowledge - we just need to maintain loose networks of smart people. This is where FF and social learning kick in - Gavin Heaton
Robert: Discovery = Learning -- FF/Twitter accelerate Discovery -- So FF/Twitter = Learning x Learning - Paul Moss
Robert, also consider including excellent Q&A sites like stackoverflow in your talk - Arvind
Robert you have likely seen this http://www.youtube.com/watch... How one teacher uses twitter in the classroom - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Peter: yes, but I'm glad you reminded me of that. Thanks! - Robert Scoble
my interest in social networking is in "knowledge management", now everyone knows that you can not manage knowledge, you also can not "capture" knowledge, that is a fallacy, what you can do however is facilitate better information sharing and especially involve different groups in different means of problem solving, twitter, ff and others are very useful tools in aggregating /... more... - Paul Tudor
Just reading these comments is a great learning experience! I find the level of brainpower, imagination and creativity from the friendfeeders to be so exceptional. I have always been an info junkie and now I have these excellent creative info miners-from Twitter and FF giving me great new gems second by second. My problem is managing the time. I can lget caught up in the flow and hours go by in seeming minutes, as I share and connect the various dots in the matrices. - Karma Martell
Oh Robert! You triggered a couple of interesting conversations over 10 hours ago and then, while I was sleeping, you started this one!! I am sure that I have not fully understood your question, but my comment(s) grew so fast that they outgrew this format, so I threw them into a hastily written blog post here: http://johnwlewis.wordpress.com/2009... - John W Lewis
Robert: this just came past http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jessica... (Embracing the Twitter Classroom) some intersting stuff here. - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
On the off chance that you may possibly mention FriendFeed :) I'll share one of the FriendFeed saved searches that I use to keep up with job information http://friendfeed.com/search... - John E. Bredehoft
Robert Scoble
Thanks for the photo Techmama! (She got me using my equipment on board the Nimitz): - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
Thanks for the photo Techmama! (She got me using my equipment on board the Nimitz):
nice. visited the nimitz when i was 11 years old in France. lots of memories - Ouriel Ohayon
The photos I was shooting with that monster lens, which is a 600mm f4.0 Canon L Series lens on a Canon 5D MKII camera (I had my old 5D with me too, and it's holding a 70-200 f2.8 Canon L Series lens): http://www.flickr.com/photos... - Robert Scoble
THAT is really a monster! - Olcayto Cengiz
Just had a moment of lense envy :) - Asgeir
Asgeir: no need to be envious. You can rent these lenses from some camera shops (I rented this one from Keeble and Shuchat in Palo Alto for $300 a week. Far more affordable than the $8,000 or so it'd cost to buy a new one). - Robert Scoble
Rental shops are great for getting the right equipment for the occasion without having to buy it. Makes life so much easier on the bank account. - Jim Lavin
Robert, here's a good one of you + Guy: http://www.flickr.com/photos... - Andrew Nystrom
Another one w/ you, your gear + smiley Dave: http://www.flickr.com/photos... - Andrew Nystrom
And one of your roomie and the #hastag mafia: http://www.flickr.com/photos... - thanks for sharing all your great pics. Really enjoyed the on-board convo, too. - Andrew Nystrom
that lens is so crazy.. it must be such a pain in the ass to lug around everywhere.. whats it weigh, like 25 lbs? its like carrying a small child! - Jason Pollock
Scoble did you weigh it? lol - Susan Beebe
11.8 lb according to its specs - Brian Sullivan
Wow, you actually handheld that lens throughout the visit? Hardcore. =) - rønin
A 600mm shooting handheld? You are hardcore. - Eric - Final Countdown
nice shot of you taking a nice shot - Cee Bee
holy mother of god that things huge. - ralphsaunders
i guess this http://www.flickr.com/photos... is the guy on the deck then.... - ralphsaunders
ralphsaunders: yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the same guy. - Robert Scoble
Eric: I had the 600 mm on a monopod. - Robert Scoble
Robert, do you have a blog post about your camera kit anywhere? Just interested. - Eric - Final Countdown
Eric: nope, although I should do one. - Robert Scoble
Leo Laporte
Live now This Week in Tech with Don tapscott, Gina Trapani, Jeff Jarvis, and Jake Jarvis. http://live.twit.tv. Discuss here....
What impact will be made to blog posters if they use a monthly or one-time donate income system - Michael Mooney
I love when Leo gets guests that are so intellectual. - Jim Lavin
I'm all on the side of new media, but my local paper in Arkansas, which was a terrible paper even before the internet, they began life on the internet by charging (only 4.95 a month) and now they are selling more papers than they were 10 years ago. All of these papers should have done the same thing, and charged from the beginning, but now they can't go back. I'm just saying my paper did the opposite of what Web 2.0 preaches and they are successful because of it. Just a contrarian example - Stephen Pickering
A 10th grade student of mine asked me, "How come they call it news if it is printed yesterday?" - Erik Weese
Leo, looks like Jake just turned into Dr. Manhattan - Matthew
I'll be so glad when newspapers finish completely going digital. I've always HATED the giant newspaper form factor. - Thunderwing from twhirl
I love that type of evening entertainment, so much better than German TV. - David Schmidt
Is it possible have a local blog say The Petaloma Blog with ad's and donate incomes then take the best storys and publish a low cost paper each week localy with ad's for income - Michael Mooney
My daughter never watches TV any more she does everything via the Internet. I can remember that watching TV or listening to the radio to get the news. - Jim Lavin
This will be like watching a great focus group ..with Don Tapscott able to drill down into what Jake and his peers think and do - Joe Magennis
There is right-wing and then there is 'RIGHT-WING'... same on the left... - Johnny
And those all caps folks are often the most closed minded of all. :/ - That's So CAJ!
A friendfeed style service could become the way you get crowed sourced live news - Michael Mooney
twitter does that Michael - Matthew
But also too, sometimes 'the other side' doesn't need coverage. Equality doesn't always equal time when one side is just plain wrong - Johnny
As a High School teacher, I worry that these students will become consumers rather than producers. I feel that is apart of my role as a teacher. - Erik Weese
Privacy is more important than ever. We should be paying more attention since we have the tools to be more selective about how private we are. - That's So CAJ!
there seems to be more right than left on TV, imo. - Matthew
I don't watch that much tv though - Matthew
Swings and roundabouts... - Johnny
+++++Erik ... I'm concerned about the same w.r.t. my nieces - Richard Walker
Chinese Wispers will ring true for politics - Michael Mooney
They have a machine went BING!!! - Johnny
Who is that young kid again? - Adam Nieto
Now it's BING! lol - That's So CAJ!
Live is the new .net, Microsoft marketing get a name in their heads and slap it on every product that comes out whether it is appropriate or not (mostly not). - Ghworg
Wow, Jeff...just wow. - Mike Flynn
What could happen if Linux os's fully intergrate google wave? - Michael Mooney
Rolling connection - Johnny
once again google's innovating thinking forward and microsoft's playing catch-up still - Chris Heath
Create WINS, Control disappears. - Johnny
How does google make money off of this then? - Ghworg
Just how strong Wave takes hold will all depend on how easy it is to develop for it. Too hard and it will only be mediocre. - Jim Lavin
Google Android Devices + Wave services = more google ad's sold - Michael Mooney
Ghworg - Corporate Versions... That plus + Google Voice + Docs + Android - Johnny
Outlook on Steriods - Johnny
GWT's been around for a long time. - Gavin
Paid versions - Johnny
They can embedded a payment/finical module and you wouldn't want that open source - Johnny
Gundotra - Gavin
I don't like how it shows what you write every single keystroke. - Gavin
you can choose to only display when you're done typing Gavin - Matthew
Class room projects using wave - Michael Mooney
Watching on my mini-9 hackintosh with Plex on HD TV - Jim Adams
@Matthew ok, great! - Gavin
Realtime only works when you trust your network of people - Johnny
Google needs to hire some UI designers though. Like a lot of Google's products work well, but don't have the greatest user interface. They should hire someone from Apple!! - Devon Govett
What?? I think it looks great. - Gavin
perhaps a gadget can customize the UI - Matthew
Maybe Wave will be backwards compatible. Some people will have Wave. Some will still be using email. - Erik Weese
I got the spymaster post from Bwana as well - Matthew
What happened to twitter's interface will happen to Wave's interface - Michael Mooney
Isn't that a lack of filtering though? - Johnny
perhaps a Wave Deck in the future? - Matthew
I heard my name from the darkness.... - Bwana ☠
More spyness!! - Bwana ☠
Don't worry Leo, I toned down my tweet settings quite a bit - Bwana ☠
Leo called you out Bwana for your spymaster spam - Matthew
What on earth is spymaster - Michael Mooney
I know Matthew - Bwana ☠
It's a sensitive thing..I barely sent 2 tweets per hour - Bwana ☠
So essentially Wave is Google's iteration of Sharepoint... Interesting. - Marc Landry
but open and better - Chris Heath
Marc more like groove than sharepoint I think - BryanSchuetz
The "lion's share" is open - Bwana ☠
Marc, you should watch the video at http://wave.google.com - Matthew
Wave won't be completely open - Bwana ☠
Audible recommendation Angels & Demons Dan Brown - Jim Adams
Bwana, what parts won't be open that you know of, besides that which the user/s make private? - Matthew
I have to say, what Leo imagines Wave could be, would be fantastic if we could build it. - Jim Lavin
I don't know anything, I'm assuming based on the "lion's share of code will be open" statement by Google - Bwana ☠
oh, I see - Matthew
The great position that Wave has is that the people that are going to use it are smart and willing to mold their workflow around it. Implementing sharepoint is a battle cause in most Businesses, your biggest pain point is resistance to change. - Marc Landry
Leo needs to throw the Russian accent in there somewhere though... - Johnny
a lot of ff discussion has been had about wave re: sharepoing http://friendfeed.com/search... - Chris Heath
Wave seems to be worth it just because of the Rosy gadget, live translation. it's like the first Star Trek Communicator - Matthew
Audible should get Dvorak to read his best blog post's(rant's) *thanks - Michael Mooney
Michael Mooney: Dvorak - Chris Heath
Bwana, you doing anything for E3? - Matthew
I'd buy a Cranky reading by Dvorack anytime. - Jim Lavin
Sorry about the late comment on the subject. I just remembered I paused the conversation earlier for dinner.. - Marc Landry
Don's talking about something similar to Sir Ken Robinson's first Ted talk http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Chris Heath
If you went to education classes we study inquiry and discovery learning. I have push this type of learning in my classrooms - Erik Weese
When I was in school it was all about memorization, but they never taught a class on how to memorize efficiently. - Matthew
To keep learning - Johnny
It was regurgitation. Remember long enough to be tested. - That's So CAJ!
lol matthew - Chris Heath
Until we can break the cycle of having to check every box to get a job, children will be doomed to learn the test in order to get a head in life. - Jim Lavin
Queens College. Yea CUNY! - Erik Weese
iTunes U? - Johnny
Google U - Matthew
Ask the audience, university edition - Ghworg
TWiT U - Matthew
Who Wants To Be A College Graduate? - Johnny
I think that we are on the cusp of the destruction of traditional education. You would seek out the knowledge you need for day to day life. - Jim Lavin
when the digital education environment comes of age the computers can silently find the test scores from the students work and class room interactions leaving teachers to teach - Michael Mooney
that sounds interesting Michael - Chris Heath
Read something a week that you don't know anything about... - Johnny
That comment about Lectures sounded very Davoracian - eric graeser
Jim Lavin is right, teaching creativity doesn't get you a job. It helps you *do* a job but doesn't get you the job. - Ghworg
I agree once we can write the apps that can determine a child's intellectl Then education will truly change. - Jim Lavin
say if you had leo give the class to all the schools via a live feed then have a teacher in each class give 1-on-1 to kids that need extra help then the software environment the kid's interact with (+ teacher input about each kid.) wil process the input fully customizing the lessons for each kid - Michael Mooney
One of the reasons for the requirements for liberal arts degree is because high school has failed to teach students to read and write and think critically. Partly because of the standardized tests. - Erik Weese
Choosing by the results of operations results in patients with difficult to operate on conditions being discriminated against. - Ghworg
Everthing I ever needed to know came from a reference guide or the manual.. - Jim Lavin
wow googe gets it's own show? Guess I should be thankful it's not a twitter show - BryanSchuetz
Yes, thank God not another Twitter snow. - Jim Lavin
what's jake jarvis's facebook app? answered my own question: http://www.gigature.com/ found via: http://jakejarvis.com - Chris Heath
Fantastic show! Great discussion! - Jim Lavin
Soo.. no actual tech news today? - Marc Landry
Great show leo, his gests & all friendfeed members - Michael Mooney
But it toasts in realtime... - Johnny
Quoting don Tapscott - Hey, here's some content - it's a meatloaf. - Steve Burgess
I posted a tweet that said I was going to give a presentation about web 2.0, I got a replay from a teenager saying you teach web 2.0? I replied "yes for 30+ year old people. His replay "Good luck". - John Durham
I'm exactly what they are talking about. I am going to college full time, but on the other hand I am trying to keep up with my game company growing, and having to go through traditional education is severely hindering me. - Kevin
Kevin try to work the games around college start small like xbox live community games, smart phone games and/or google wave games - if it can't work on a phone or Nintendo ds save the idea for later when you are out of college - Michael Mooney
"Web In Progress" may work as a Show title - Michael Mooney
Great TWiT, but a much better aftershow. - Mister IQ from twhirl
Excellent Show! - Dave Marsh
Maybe college is a wast but alote places wont hire you with out that paper =\ - Mike
Those shortsighted companies may be doomed to fail. - Chris Poulson
TWiT 200 lineup needs to be - Leo, Calacanis, Harris, Patrick & Dvorak - Michael Mooney
Would Love to see a Green Tech Show on TWIT - John Boufford
A Hotels/Resorts, Retail Vercals & Airlines from a geek view point show - Michael Mooney
How about: "What Is Google Doing?" for a show title? - Hawklu
Forecast: Cloud Computing Report - Andrew Johnson
LEO: I really enjoyed this episode and the sort of "big picture" look at technology and culture. It made me think of an idea for a TWiT show. What if you created some sort of Digg-esque page on twit.tv. There, people could submit specific big picture topic ideas and the twit army would vote on the topic they were most interested in. Then every month, or whatever frequency you selected,... more... - Mike Bracco
So 18 min into this netcast, leo says that he avoid hard right wing sources because he's left leaning (being polite). So - taking Leo's actions as example, I should avoid leo's twit content so I don't have to listen to the extreme left wing content on TWIT 197? Thought was helpful to listen to all points, even the ones you think are "way out there". Drink the cool-aid! LOL - Tony
What Ioved was someone finally brought up how much higher learning is pushed on a person. - Samuel Lewis from twhirl
Best Twit for a long time - Mel Buckpitt
Very good Twit. I'm listening now. :) - Daynah
Funny, I just interviewed Don Tapscott to. Great guy. - Robert Scoble
I'm a relatively moderate person, I was stunned how left leaning this episode was, especially in the utterly unrealistic education discussion. To suggest that we scrap our higher ed system when the rest of the world clamors to come to the states for it is just silly. Education is changing because of tech, and being an educational technologist by trade I see it every day. I would suggest that everyone take another look inside a modern classroom, as it's quite a bit different now than just 5 or 10 years ago. - Ryan Massie
TWIT, Don Tapscott and a 17 year old. http://www.targetx.com/ithink... - Brian Niles
Who the hell is Don Tapscott and why was he on Twit? I don't normally complain about something I get for free, but this guy made this show difficult to listen to...I'm not sure what, exactly, it was, but he seemed really out of place. Gina, on the other hand, was great. - George Gray
George: ever hear of Google? Don has written 13 books, including one called "Wikinomics" that is a best seller. He's very smart and, while he's a little hard to follow in places, does research on how people use the Internet, especially the younger generation (he also wrote a book called "Growing up Digital" and he has lots of facts to back up his claims, unlike a lot of other people I talk with. - Robert Scoble
George: Totally disagree, his insightful comments about the changes needed in education and the old 'push' and new collaborate models hit the bulls-eye - Mel Buckpitt
However, he is not up on current happenings. Before the show Leo said they would be talking about Googles big announcement, and he said "what big announcement was that?" He had no idea about Wave. Shouldn't be on THIS WEEK in tech. Emphasis on THIS WEEK. - David Lloyd
Mark: that's a good point. Not everyone watches Techmeme and friendfeed like many of us do. ;-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: thanks...I had actually heard of Growing up Digital and Wikinomics, just did not put them together with him. I think Leo even talked about them at them at the start of Twit. I'm sure he's a smart guy, he, to me, just seemed out of place on Twit. I will have to listen again, maybe I was the one who was out of place. - George Gray
We are an odd bunch of people really, we give a shit about all this stuff years before it enters the fringes, and years more before it goes mainstream :p - David Lloyd
This was a great episode. I especially liked the teens perspective. - Dave
I just got a chance to listen to the episode, check out here how one teacher is using Twitter in a college classroom - http://digg.com/d1sizk - Patrick Black
Jim Lavin
I just added auto feed refresh to FriendFeed for WinMo. Now I can watch the stream scroll by in near real-time. Which is perfect.
No, I am developing a Window Mobile client for FriendFeed. It works pretty good and it should be feature complete by next week. - Jim Lavin
Check out http://codingsmackdown.tv for a demo and to sign up for the Alpha test. - Jim Lavin
Scott Koon
I'm mouthing off on the CSharp list again. I'll trade readable code for clever code anyday.
I have to agree with you, clever code is an invite for disaster. - Jim Lavin
Jim Lavin
Can't put down my FriendFeed app for WinMo. I'm torn between working on it or going to work today. So jazzed it works so well.
I will send you an email with some ideas later on today. The only major problem I am having is that it is so awesome! - Sweyn Venderbush
Same here. I decided to try and concentrate on my real job, its so hard. - Jim Lavin
Flexible OLED Screens Are Really Coming Now - http://gizmodo.com/5273364...
Flexible OLED Screens Are Really Coming Now
Show all
Oh, the tech they will bring .... - Martha
Can't wait! - Ross Miller
This would make eBook readers finally worth buying IMO - LANjackal
Before you know it we'll have screens every where, maybe we'll finally get a pad style device that is worth buying that has some true horsepower behind it. I'm tired of over priced, under powered hardware when it comes down to smaller sized devices. - Jim Lavin
First Man In Line for Palm Pre Shows Commitment, Mild Insanity - Camping out - http://gizmodo.com/5274174...
First Man In Line for Palm Pre Shows Commitment, Mild Insanity - Camping out
First Man In Line for Palm Pre Shows Commitment, Mild Insanity - Camping out
Already?! - Shevonne
just a homeless guy and these guys pranked him with the "FIRST" sign? =P - vijay
@vijay Hahahahah Could be. - Shevonne
You've got to love the fanatics in the world. I wonder if he took vacation or did he call in sick? - Jim Lavin
I wonder how much Palm paid him ...haha - Mike Bracco
Robert Scoble
How close were we to the planes (F-18s) taking off from the #Nimitz ? This close! (Video) - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
How close were we to the planes (F-18s) taking off from the #Nimitz ? This close! (Video)
We were literally in between rows of F-18s taking off from the USS Nimitz. - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
Wow! - Jim Connolly
EWoah! - Bas
WOW! Robert you are a lucky guy! :) - TheHenry
Wow isn't even close to describing how cool this is. Plus, over video you can't experience the noise, the wind, the jet fuel smell, and the full HD experience (behind us planes are launching too, and there's just stuff happening all over when you're on the flight deck). - Robert Scoble
I am surprised they let you get that close! Especially that second vid with the arresting wires just in front of your feet! - Robert
You are the coolest !! - Eddie Wayne
Robert: I was surprised too. Eddie, no, the pilots are the coolest. The skill (and confidence) it takes to land one of these at night is just freaking amazing. We got to hang out with the Pilots at night and they are really cool people. I gave each one a Poken and we had a lot of fun with that. - Robert Scoble
Clearly they're not running background checks like they used to. ;) - Brett Schulte
"...and the full HD experience..." That's real life high def right there. - Dave "Freedom 35"
What did you use for video, Robert? Did the mic survive? :-O - Ken Sheppardson
Does that look fun or what? - Colin
Incredible video. Now I have Danger Zone playing in my head. What an awesome experience you all had. Mahalo for sharing! - Nathan Kam
Ken: I was using a Canon 5D MKII with a 70-200 F2.8 lens for these with a R0DE microphone. The mic survived just fine. Colin: it was a total blast, but the highlight of the trip was taking off from the ship. What a rush and one that I'll never be able to totally explain. One of the guys just called it "dynamic." That about nails it. ;-) - Robert Scoble
Incredible Robert but what was the occasion? Not just anybody can have this experience. - Colin Clarke
Wow, what a video. - Mike Doeff
I think this would be one thing I would like to do before I die! - petar vucetin
My dad was stationed on the Nimitz when I was little (he was a fighter pilot). I remember touring it as a kid and being amazed. - mikepk
Very Cool. - John D Reasor
Ken: actually I was using a 16-35 F2.8 L series lens for most of the videos. Colin: the Navy brings many press and VIPs on board for this kind of "embark." The Navy is getting into Twitter and friendfeed and other social media and wanted us to get an upclose look at the ship and what 5,000 Navy sailors do while at sea. They know they can't do public tours so they bring people on board who can show off what they do to other people. Hope I did OK as your proxy. - Robert Scoble
Robert, in this case I wish I didn't have a proxy :) Hopefully that day will come some day. - Amit Nangare
It won't match being on a live aircraft carrier, of course, but the USS Midway is docked permanently in San Diego as a museum and open to the general public. http://www.midway.org/ - Frank Scavo
"Dynamic" ! - Harscoat
One more video that makes me feel compelled telling my accountant I really _need_ this camera... No 24p yet, but those are some damn fine lenses you can get, and not a hint of the "rolling shutter" syndrome, at least on not-close inspection. - Oskar Lissheim-Boethius
Way cool! How did your lungs handle the jet exhaust? - Jim Lavin
Jim: it didn't bother me too much. Being in a smoky bar is far worse. - Robert Scoble
Dude I am x Navy that brings back memories... Go Scoble - Chris Henderson
I was expecting to hear Kenny Loggins Danger Zone or some other Top Gun music as the bachground music. :-) Cool Video! - John Wallace
amazing opportunity - trying not to be too jealous ;) - Andrew Clinick
Makes me jealous, I've always wanted to be on a flightdeck of a carrier during operations. - Jim Lavin
Jim: it's always been a dream of mine too. I've gone to many an airshow and always wanted to get on deck to see them shoot off a plane. The fact that I got to witness about 40 launches, a good many of them at night (those pictures didn't come out so well) was just a great thrill. Keep dreaming, sometimes dreams come true! - Robert Scoble
I spent 10 years in the Air Force as a weather forecaster and I always loved to set out on the flight line and watch the jets take off. It is so fantastic to see them go from a dead stop to straight up in no time at all. Thanks for sharing the video and pics, you always seem to have so many neat things to share! - Jim Lavin
Roni Segoly
New here. is there FF client for Windows mobile?
I have been lobbying for this for months. There currently isn't one and I have asked may developers. - Sweyn Venderbush
I just got an update from my Google Groups thread that someone is working on a FF app for Windows Mobile. I will post the link here when he does. - Sweyn Venderbush
It can be resolved somehow by adding Gtalk client to Windows mobile and have all messages set to come via Gtalk. But its not a solution. - Roni Segoly
I would love to see it when it comes out. I also couldn't find a good client for Twitter. - Amit Morson
I just posted a video on one I'm developing at http://codingsmackdown.com/codings... let me know what you think. - Jim Lavin
Kathleen we were looking for FF client - Roni Segoly
Leo Laporte
Question for you all. I have a trademark for TWiT® - first used in May 2005, trademark applied for May 2006 and registered March 2007. The trademark is in "Entertainment in the nature of visual and audio performances, and musical, variety, news and comedy shows." http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin...
Up until now there's been no conflict with Twitter itself because the brands were in different arenas. (We have, however, sent out cease and desist letters to companies using "twit" in their name and doing audio or video). But now Twitter is doing a TV show. The confusion between TWiT and Twitter is mounting. What do I do? Defend my mark? Or let my brand be swallowed by the big guy (even though we were first by several years)? I need your advice. What does the community think? - Leo Laporte
Defend your trademark, 99% of people will totally understand, you have to do it, or you'll loose it! - Chris Lloyd
Defend it. People that watch Twit Tv will also defend it. - Jason Rundell
Can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. Does TWIT still stand up as an accurate brand for all the new stuff you are doing with TWIT Live? Might be time to find a new visual/brand identity. - BryanSchuetz
At the SF MusicTech conference a lawyer called "tweets" "twits" repeatedly. Let's just say I think you should defend your mark and let TV chew up and spit out twitter. - Richard Walker
Bryan: The TWiT name carries alot of weight in tech circles, it will take alot of money/time/effort to make a completely new name for something that will probably outlast twitter anyway - Chris Lloyd
Incidentally, Twitter just got their trademark approved May 11, 2009 in the following "Telecommunication services, namely, providing online and telecommunication facilities for real-time interaction between and among users of computers, mobile and handheld computers, and wired and wireless communication devices; enabling individuals to send and receive messages via email, instant... more... - Leo Laporte
There is nothing ideal about any aspect of IP law. - Richard Walker
Chris: I think Leo's name carries more weight than TWIT and (for me at least) he IS TWIT so I don't see it as quite such a big deal. - BryanSchuetz
Of course, there's a larger long-term problem because of the way that Twitter has weakened _your_ brand. It might be less expensive (and a better use of your time) to rebrand TWiT into something that strengthens your brand and moves it away from Twitter; avoiding any future problems (and there will be future problems). You can't fight Oprah. - Professor Messer
Leo - your brand, as most evidenced by your show and content is awesome - for a small group of peeps who have had a chance to discover it and enjoy. I'd use the overlap in marques to leverage Twitter in some type of promotional / service partnership, whilst still retaining your brand and the equity you've built. Don't fight em, join em, at least tactically. - Thom Kennon
Never give in to the big guy! - Brian Harper
Defend it Leo. You built the brand and they need to honor that. - Robert
I always thought calling the network the same name as a show on the network was wierd. But it's a recognized brand, and I wouldn't give in. Send some mails to all the twitvid.io's out there. - Anton
Is the BIG guy really that Big? Plus, with the way busines is changing one thing seems to remain the same...protectionism, let's sue someone it's easier. I'm suggesting your desicion is easy here Leo but in light of the landscape changing do you really have a chance? The other question to ponder is this, Twitter is the hot thing now but will it be 5 years from now and will it be true... more... - Owen Greaves
speaking from a british point of view a twit is someone who is a little silly or stupid. I think your podcast can stand up against the everising onslaught of twitter. Why not rise above all this discussion and say what you are This week in technology, a fantastic poscast full of wit and essential information for gadget freaks such as myself. Let the owners of twitter gabble on, in my book baby creatures twitter and you are certainly no TWIT. - Chris Jennings
@ Professor Messer 'You can't fight Oprah' is not totally correct. You can FIGHT her, can you win? Maybe. I think, offline, Leo VS Oprah would go several rounds. Tweetfight says otherwise. - Jason Rundell
Defend it Leo. What's the use in having a trademark if others can infringe upon it. - TechListReport
Sorry to say, my girlfriend recently yelled at my for watching 'Twitter' when I was really watching TWiT live. Confusion does exist for people who don't fully understand what each service is. - Wo
The good thing about trademark law is that it's well established and legally documented. The problem with trademark law is that it's well established and legally documented. You need a brand to create awareness, and you need the trademark to protect your established brand. This one is sticky because TWiT is well established but it's going to be an expensive brand to protect. Twitter's... more... - Professor Messer
@Jason Rundell, don't get me wrong, I'd love to see a cage match between Leo and Oprah (who wouldn't?). But it'll cost a lot of time and money. Sometimes it's better to be smarter than the legal system. - Professor Messer
Oh, and I think this is just the opportunity we need to resubscribe our iTunes and take over the top 10 lists. :) - Professor Messer
Can I ask - did TWiT exist before Twitter? Or did Twitter exist first? And - is your name TWiT based on Twitter, at all? - Chris Loft
Chris Loft: TWiT predates Twitter and comes from This week in tech... - Chris Lloyd
I think it's only right to defend your trademark Leo. You were there way before Twitter and just because they have gained significantly increased attention and media coverage, doesn't mean you have to lay down and submit to Twitter. I would defend your mark vigorously if I were you. You've worked hard to build your brand. - Marty McPadden
Chris Loft proves that there is confusion between the two. - Anton
Leo - TWit is an incredible brand and network of invaluable podcasts - you simply have to defend it - Robert Davies
Fight for it. When they try to get additional financing make your move. Asserting your trademark will cause them to settle or buy you out when they go public. - Alan Morris
I think that once you see the Twitter television show, you'll probably want to distance yourself as far away as possible. - Professor Messer
Defend your trademark. I get more intellectual engagement from the TWiT network of shows than I do from most of my Twitter community. - Eric Geller
Use whatever legal tools you have available to defend your brand, especially if Twitter is talking about crossing into audio/video. You have a strong product, and Twitter is creating brand confusion in the market. A hard line needs to be drawn between your product and theirs, and it's clear that they are not going to keep a respectful distance with TWiT. - Jason Miller
You have to rise above the emotion and make a business decision. How much will it cost you to defend versus how much will you gain? Simple cost/benefit. My guess is that this fight will cause you to lose focus on your work, be a financial hardship as you go up against a company with VC backing, and all for the "possibility" that you will win and maybe get some compensation from Twitter.... more... - Tom Sheppard
I thought twitvid.com was the new video netcasts Leo has been talking about, boy was I surprised! - Daniel Rinaman
It has to be defended.Giving up and letting another company take your brand, no matter how big the company or personal feelings toward the owner, can not be an option. You built your brand and should defend it. - David Z
Defend it Leo! - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Don't think you have much choice do you. You either protect it or lose it. If you don't at some point they will try the other way. - nef 919 from Nambu
You need to defend it Leo. You had the trademark first. - imperator3733
How about a name like LeoCast... No confusion there. - Rustic Thoughts
It's YOUR mark Leo and you have worked hard to make it as well-known as it is. Defend what's yours!! - Jim Connolly
Twitter will be virtually gone like Classmates and MySpace in a few years... Keep the name! - Rick Harvey
yes defend your trademark - Alfonso alatorre
Twit came before Twitter I think you should defend it. it is dumb anyways Twit and Twitter is not even the same word, it would be like CocaCola suing Coconut because of COC - URLREVIEWS
Twitter is going to be a realty show based on stalking celebrities. It wont last more than one season. - Rustic Thoughts
I say let it roll. Your a 'big guy' in your own field, but Twitter is bigger. Play off of them. You could be bigger. Look at all the petty stuff that Microsoft did..and where did it get them? Bad Press. - Gene
I think Twitter has the brand and you don't right now. Maybe Twitter should buy it from you or you should collaborate with twitter to monetize and add your TWiT to twitter - Amit 'zyaada' Mittal
I certainly think you should defend your trademark, isn't that why you registered? - dcale1965
I checked Twitter's own site and it looks like Twitter launched March 1, 2006. TWiT was around well before then. Being in tech, I find it hard to believe they hadn't heard of him. It was a big podcast even then. I knew of TWiT well before Twitter. This may seem like a dumb issue to some, but a lot of people I recommended the podcast to now ask me if "it's a Twitter thing." - JeffreyVC
Ev told me that when they were considering names for Twitter they knew about TWiT and decided it didn't matter. In their defense, they had no idea what or how big Twitter was to become. We talked about trademark early on and both agreed there was no conflict _as long as we were in different spaces_. And therein lies the rub. - Leo Laporte
Apple Computer and Apple records recently went through this -- what was the outcome there? - Brian Sullivan
I thought it wasn't clear infringement when Twitter came out but now that there is Twit video the infringement is very clear. I would defend. - Robert Scoble
Lawyers are expensive. Legal fights are draining. You could spend the rest of your professional life fighting this battle. I don't know what's been going on in the back channel, and you probably shouldn't say publicly, but if you haven't tried approaching the Twitter board members privately, you might want to. Lay out the facts carefully, and if you're open to a settlement, say roughly... more... - Dave Winer
"Clear Infringement". How exactly? It's a lose/lose for Twitter if they choose to encroach or even litigate. - Arawak
Yeah but Leo added video later. And now Twitter is adding video. The real issue is that there is no clear separation between a radio/video network and a social microblogging site these days. And our trademarking system is so ridiculous that these kinds of conflicts go completely unnoticed all the time. - JeffreyVC
I'd say it's time to either re-brand TWiT or defend it. Deferring the decision and just living with the confusion and ambiguity is no longer an option. - Ken Sheppardson
Defend your trademark - Lars Clausen
Defend your brand Leo.The World Wide Fund for Nature took on the WWF and made them change their name to WWE. If they can do it, so can you. - BRҰANSAҰS
The big problem with defending it... beyond the unfortunate fact that it's a drain on resources that could be better spent elsewhere... is it's not clear how you'd win. They're not going to change their name. They'll forever be Twitter. Is it sufficient to somehow "ban" them from ever doing anything in video? Enforcing that in perpetuity's would only raise your blood pressure. - Ken Sheppardson
I would take the emotion out of the equation -- find out what it would cost to defend and determine what it is worth to have exclusive/non-exclusive use (maybe some subjectivity here) and make the decision using that information. - Brian Sullivan
I say defend it but only so much as to bring more media attention to your brand... once you have the media's attention you can use that to change the brand identity if you so choose. Your followers myself included will stay fans no matter what you call your brand, but I think you have an opportunity to expand and use twitter as a means of gaining media attention! - Nathan McClain
If you don't do this you wont have a leg to stand on in the future when you need to really protect it. I can piss all over your trademark if you do not defend it. - David Lloyd
Leo: in a trademark fight what is the ROI? I am sure it will be very expensive and not sure you will get much in return but if you forced Twitter to change its name I am sure they would quickly settle with you. - Robert Scoble
I still think Twitter will be as irrelevant as MySpace in 2 years, but it's your brand to protect. - Mike Lewis
Ideal Outcome: A $$$ settlement sufficient to comfortably fund the rebranding of TWiT. - Ken Sheppardson
while bryan lee makes a good point, their battles took a long time to resolve. but, don't let this deter you. i would suggest you defend it. if anything, i see you have a strong case and whatever happens can be in your favour. it's possible twitter can concede in infringing in your trademark and may be even consider licensing through the course of the battle. but be very, very patient for any outcome to happen. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Dave: wrong. Leo is who got me on Twitter. His marks were more popular and predated Twitter's. - Robert Scoble
Leo got me into twitter too! - Jim Connolly
I think Leo has a good chance at wining his case since he did register the copyright first. Twitter is still not a money making business. They are living off of VC money. They will probably not have the funds to mount a case since their money will be tied up with keeping twitter afloat. Am I right? - BRҰANSAҰS
Leo also got me on Twitter shortly after they went public. - Mike Bracco
regarding AMF, Inc. v. Sleekcraft Boats, 599 F.2d 341 (9th Cir. 1979) the battle was very different. one of the things found was that the company had an 'infinity' of other brands to choose. it's a very different situation in detail, although it looks comparable at face value. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Or just have them become a premium sponsor. There used to be so much twitter talk before, I think they really should be owing you some gratitude for the traffic. - Arawak
As part of any settlement, you should demand Ev and Biz concede that individual Twitter entries are "Tweets", as embarrassed as they seem to be by that. They're net "twits" or "twitters"... they're "tweets". - Ken Sheppardson
i'm sure something can be negotiated with twitter. a lawsuit in this case would show you're just defending your trademark because they are encroaching in your territory. you're not taking them on what they are known to do, their core competency. rather, it's stepping into your own grounds. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
not doing anything on purpose may weaken your trademark. many court cases also end up not going through the entire ordeal. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Yep, I agree the day has come where it's either fight or flight. And I don't mean that quite the way it sounds. :-/ - Ken Sheppardson
Defend!!!! - Mark Williamson from BuddyFeed
I don't think you have much choice. Either you defend it or you lose it. - Pascal Sijen
dave johnson: true, there's always a degree of uncertainty; but that doesn't mean giving up in defending one's investment in a trademark. it can be argued pragmatically and it's to the point where leo must defend his territory upon which twitter is encroaching. aye. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
I'm not sure you can win, are we aren't even sure what they're going to call it yet. If it ends up being Twitter.TV you have no chance to beat them. - DarknessFalls
There is even a shortening service called: http://twitpwr.com/ - The brand must be defended. - David Z
Leo: You must defend it or lose it. They need to know you also have the muscle behind you. I have the attorney that did all the trademark work for Terminator 1-4, Rambo, old timer who knows every angle. I have him on retainer and would love to join your cause. I can arrange a chat with him at no cost, then you can decide to move ahead, or if the cost seems to steep, I would be interested in partnering with you on the trademark. Fight on Leo! Let me know if you want to chat Thx Chad - Chad Harris
I'm of the opinion that twitter's initial success back in 2006 and 2007 was in part due to piggybacking on the brand name recognition that Leo had built over the years prior. - Chris Heath
I think defending it is what you must do, but perhaps take a different look at it all together and suggest some kind of mutual PR blitz leading into a partnership or new brand identity for TWiT. Just don't call it SyFy! - Aaron T. Harvey
The question here is would a "Reasonable person" confuse the two? I would like to think I am a reasonable person (even though I can't spell) and I would not be confused in the least. I love the Twit network and watch several hours a week, but I don't see the issue. - Rob
I agree that since Leo has been a twitter evangelist all these years, they should be able to strike an accord somehow. Maybe even partnering up on the whole Twitter TV Show since Leo has the video presence online. - BRҰANSAҰS
You have to defend now, or 5 years from now you'll have a weaker case against the twitty podcast network. - Robert Hafer
Rob, the question isn't whether or not you or I would confuse the two, but do the people who watch Oprah and maybe catch Leo on The Tech Guy confuse them...and they do. - Aaron T. Harvey
Aaron...Do you really think they would. Am I that out of touch with the "Normal People"? If that is the case then I guess I would have to conseed that to be an issue. But I am still not quite convenced. - Rob
Funny - I would enjoy the extra publicity - You have a loyal set of listeners - and none of us are confused. If people end up on your site -cause they are looking for twitter, maybe they will take a listen. People who are looking for podcasts on technology though i doubt will find twitter in a search. - Laurence Gold
Rob, I've seen it happen, even with people "in the know". People think that TWiT is somehow connected with Twitter because of the name. It's a mistake that, while not happening with everyone--and maybe not even the majority--can end up costing Leo and co. money. - Aaron T. Harvey
Protect what you worked hard to build - Shawn Hickman
Of course you should perfect TWIT for media and tech. You have the prior art, use. It's an obvious move for Twitter to exploit their 'brand' into media. You must pursue Leo. You have been a crusader for fair-use, but there are times (like this example) where fairness requires accountability. - michael sean wright
The commenter who noted that if you do not enforce your rights they may be weakened is generally correct. I suggest seeking an agreement that is mutually beneficial and recognizes your rights in the TWiT(R) trademark. - erik pelton
The problem with defending your trademark is the public backlash it can generate. Think O'Reilly and Web 2.0 or Apple and Profit Pod. But in this case, if you are indeed convinced that there is some infringement of TWiT by Twitter, I think you'd be doing us all a favor if you could somehow head off their plans for a celebrity-stalking TV show. - Dave
The problem is not really twitter, or a twitter video show, but all the people who says they just sent a twit. Also all the small companies with twit in their name, who are in the video/audio area. Twit radio, twitvid.io etc etc. I see no problem in protecting the brand. However it ends out you'll get a lot of publicity. - Anton
Leo, this could be an opportunity for you to come out ahead. Yes it's an awkward situation and yes you could fight this on legal grounds, but there's no win for you there. Here's a way for you to win. Today your brand is a split brand--split between "Leo LaPorte" and "TWIT." You can win by focusing more on building the Leo LaPorte part of the brand. "Leo LaPorte" doesn't equal TWIT, yr... more... - Michael Metz
man you gotta defend your name and trademark,whats next a twitter podcast network? - cliff whitefoot
I think Ken Sheppardson sums it up nicely. I don't think you even need to retain a lawyer to start with the cease and desist letters, then see if they are amenable to a settlement, partnership or other remedy. It doesn't have to, and hopefully won't ever, come to a legal battle. However, it's clear enough that unless Leo hands them his mark and re-brands on his own dime, he must defend... more... - Richard Walker
Its funny... in a way you helped make twitter the juggernaut it is today.... all the free advertisement that you have given them over the years....LOL.. Maybe they should return the favor - Nathan McClain
Hasn't Leo said he wants to add a second host to the network? Wouldn't it also confuse viewers if they were watching the Leo Laporte Network and the show was hosted by someone not named Leo? - Norm Corriveau
Leo, some other people have made good points, if you're going after Twitter your also going to have to go after the other sites with Twit in the name: Twitpic, Twitpwr and Twiteverything or your case will be thrown out. - DarknessFalls
DarknessFalls: he'd only have to do that if they all launched TV shows too. - Martin Bryant
darknessfalls, you're not getting the scope. it's about leo's twit trademark on video and what twitter plans to do that's associated with it. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
If you haven't done so already, explore the Apple case, both the legal and business issues that Apple Corps encountered. And if you DON'T defend your trademark, what's Plan B? Remember that Twitter (or its future owners) may someday sue YOU. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
Leo, take your mark and make them all change names. Is this Ustream show even official Twitter? it looks pretty lame, like they just used the word, visual branding like twitter.com. http://www.ustream.tv/channel... - rob
Don't sue unless you can find a business case and a lawyer to take the case on contingency with enough potential gain that it all wouldn't have been a big waste of time for a couple hundred dollars. But I am not a lawyer (IANAL). In fact, the grown up thing for twitter to do would be to link to you with an explanation that they aren't you and visa versa. - Eric Standlee
Defend yourself, Leo. - Devin Baines
Defend your trademark. Why else would you have filed it in the first place? - phil baumann
The best solution would be for Leo to produce the official Twitter show as part of the TWiT network. - Martin Bryant
The brand is big because of Leo yes, but having the TWiT brand is important. There are shows on the network in which Leo is not in. - Anton
Whats the question? TWiT is yours Leo, you need to protect it, the TWiT Army is not only at your back but with 60% of new Twitter accounts not coming back, all you have to do is hold out and wait on it to fold anyways. - Bush Williams
Anton, the band is TWiT - twit.tv? - TWiT netcast network... that is the brand... - Chris Heath
It is totally unfair, but I want to see all of your focus and money going towards content, not legal actions. You will be endlessly sending out C&Ds or worse as long as Twitter is popular. That said, I do think you should squeeze some money out of Ev in order to cede the brand. - invariant
Twitter offers more value to me than TWiT ever could. Sorry Leo, but this just seems like sour grapes. - Shannon
Leo: You should do a This Week in Law on this btw. - Anton
Shannon - how much value you get from either brand is not what is at question here. - Chris Heath
I'm not sure if this was already mentioned in the nearly 150 comments here, but Leo's link doesn't work. Here's a better link that I hope stays active: http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin... - Eric Geller
+1 to chris' comment. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
You have a "defend or lose" obligation under trademark law. The TWiT brand has significant value, both from a revenue perspective and and the potential cost of re-branding al your sites, moving twit.tv etc., if you lose it. Protect the mark that secures your brand. Oh yeah, on that whole "big guy" theme: Because of your stable business model vs Twitter's Twitter's evolving one, an... more... - Technodad
Shannon, the post asks for advice on how to be the best caretaker of a network and its trademark - your assignment of personal value should guide your own choices, but is irrelevant to the question at hand. How can it be sour grapes if failing to act now _could_ result in losing the standing of a trademark/brand which preceded those of other players who _may_ be crossing the line to the point of infringement. - Micah
TWiT offers more value to me than Twitter ever could. Sorry Shannon, but this just seems like sour grapes. - invariant
What a conundrum. I can't speak much to any legal considerations. But, on an emotional level, I would imagine that not defending and potentially losing the name must feel like smiling politely as an immigration official pins you with a random Anglicized name because your real, "ethnic" name is confusing to the masses in the new world, and making a fuss is to gamble the welfare of your... more... - Micah
@Ken Camp: Isn't twitter also a common english word which can't be trademarked? EDIT: Or Windows, for that matter? - invariant
invariant -- you mean like Apple? - Brian Sullivan
word, err, I mean Microsoft Word - Micah
So I think we've established that common English words can be trademarked. So what's the criteria? Has to be a noun? - invariant
of related note, i realise that twitter is indirectly facilitating twit offshoots upon registration. this is how: registering anything with 'twitter' in the username is *banned*. so, for a user already having their heart set on using twitter as part of their 'brand' might think of using 'twit' instead. this opens up a new can of worms figuring out who is using the twit name and doing video. like how they are doing now with 'twiter', they can stop it at registration to avoid further confusion. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
I say defend it. If they are doing a TV show, they're definitely stepping on your toes. Nevermind that I can't imagine their show would be any good, but that's a different story... :) - Jan Ole Peek
What about TwiTips? If that isn't entertainment then what is? But seriously I own several trademarks myself and I know if you don't take action then you could lose the Tmark. You have a conundrum because Twitter is so popular. So I would recommend seeking a compromise so that you won't lose your mark and appear like the bad guy with the public. Perhaps a clearer definition of the terms... more... - BLOGBloke
Other than I think he needs to see a surgeon to fix that lean to the left he has,... I love the guy and have been listening to him for about 15...16...dang probabaly close to 18 years about tech news I love the guy. And to top it off! He knows what he is talking about!! Leo makes am radio worth a listen on the weekends! - John Apostoli
TWiT is a network providing audio and video broadcast covering issues related to the tech field. Twitter is a social network used to connect people using the basic SMS tools. While people *may* confuse the issue by referring to Twitter messages as "twits, there is no evidence that Twitter has used or endorsed the term. Unless & until Twitter (as a company) starts using the term "Twit"... more... - David J. Garcia
I've said this privately, but I guess I will say it publicly.Defend your mark. It is your livelihood. There WILL be confusion if it gets to TV, where people are not tech savvy and have no idea who you are - Francine Hardaway
Yes, it may be expensive, and yes, these fights are draining, Dave, but until the laws are changed (an entirely different question), Leo could lose part of his livelihood through the confusion, especially since he has advertisers who would probably want him to defend. Everything in the universe doesn't happen in Silicon Valley:-) - Francine Hardaway
David - until now that has been the case, but Twitter is planning on doing a TV show (which would definitely be infringement), which is why this debate is happening. - imperator3733
I would certainly want you to defend it but i don't think its gonna be possible for two reasons. First Twitter is a bigger, more powerful and certainly more loved brand with more money. and you were first to infringe the unofficial agreement by hosting Twit Army. in that perspective you might not be able to defend it legally.besides the audience you've built ain't gonna be affected by what twitter does.So consult a legal advisor & take best course of action. Best of Luck - Abhishek Sharma
I think if you approach it in good faith--initially without lawyers--you have a very good chance to work something out. Ev seems to be a very reasonable guy. Perhaps it's best to draft a strategy with counsel before any discussions though. What's really in your favor(perhaps legally, perhaps not) is that Twitter can't deny how your support and promotion for it was incendiary to the... more... - Gregg Scott
What's the point of a googlefight here Nate? - Chris Heath
Sorry but the Google fight site is loaded with pop-ups that even show through popup blocker. - Usman Bashir
Usman, I didn't get any popups (using chrome on winxp) but still it's a hideous site - Chris Heath
Twitter has a lot of investment, but I'm not sure all of that is liquid money. You may be even in the money spent defending your Trademark. I say go for it. Do it now though if you do. - Jesse Stay
Leo must Defend! - Jim Mahon
If it was me, I'd defend it. While Twitter is still worth something! Talk to a lawyer first and see if you have a valid case. - John Frazer
I can't believe how long this thread has gotten! - BRҰANSAҰS
Seems like you are getting a lot of FREE promotion as a result of twitter. My bigger concern would be not having the twit.com URL to go with your brand name. That's a big issue! - Craig Shipp
@Craig, twit.com was registered in 1997, and it's parked. - rob
Defend it Leo. Things may get ugly, but sometimes they just gotta. - David Chartier from BuddyFeed
Fight for you trademark! Especially since they knew of your prior use and now they are doing a TV show which they should know is stepping on your trademark. - russellcoleman
Leo, FriendFeed community, let's get practical here - Twitter has more resources and probably a decent case defending against what you could file. It would be a blow to your image, to TWiT's image, and be bad press overall. You have a far greater chance of losing credibility than gaining trademark protection. You need to look into other strategies. - Ben Parr
There is no such thing as bad Press - Jesse Stay from email
I would thin kthat the thing to do is to gently but firmly convince them that they are infringing on your brand, that litigation would be damaging to both of you, losing community goodwill over the fight, and that it would be simpler, faster, and cheaper for both entities if they were to pay for your rebranding effort. Be prepared to present them with the estimated costs of litigation,... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Defend your Trademark. It's the responsible thing to do as a buisness. - Donald Forth
what Kyle & guruvan said. Does anyone else think we need threaded comments for conversations like this right here? - Richard Walker
I'd defend the TWiT trademark. - Jonathan Bloom
I'm not as thunk as you drink I am - David Lloyd
Also there is this guy who has a "beef" with twitter http://twitter.co.uk/ - rob
@rob friedman - That guy says Twitter doesn't require you to validate your email address. Wow, that's ripe for abuse! - invariant
Defend. - Tony Meyer
Talk to a lawyer. - Zian Choy
More than a hundred comments, the community is twitting even on friendfeed. A legal action would be very difficult. You should first define your objective in doing so. Do you really want to protect your brand or settle for a lucrative compensation? Even if you get some sort of legal protection limiting Twitter to use or endorse the word "twit" to some extent, people will still be... more... - Cem ARGUN
Maybe a dead issue? At least as far as the potential fight w/ Twitter, Inc. Mashable says Twitter responds no official Twitter TV show http://mashable.com/2009... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
And now for something completely different... watch the meetup room if interested in seeing Spamalot in SF as a group... - Richard Walker
I would say defend it. Of course, I'm just a Twit.tv fan and not a lawyer. - Joey Gibson
You lose so much credibility with all this nonsense. - PC Easy from twhirl
'all this nonsense'?? wtf is that supposed to mean? - Chris Heath
Just leave it alone until they manage to make some real money off it, then litigate. That's how it's done you know. - Will Higgins™
Yeah this is nonsense. If you think you really have a case, then don't make a big stink about it on Friendfeed. Just go take them to court. - PC Easy from twhirl
Leo, I am a long time fan and constant listener to all of you work. You are a more than fair and wholly honorable man. You have had TWIT long before I ever heard of a twitter. Go with your heart Leo. I am behind you. I understand you would impede progress of any positive kind. But a cease and desist letter. Seems harsh. I think you have a winner. Let them buy the TM. Power to the people. Go Leo, you deserve it. You do only good. You are one of a kind! RodneO - RODNEY OLIVER
PC Easy: I don't think Leo's making a big stink. The idea that twitter would get into the tv/video business would be a big thing since they have a verbal agreement with Leo not to get into that business. This may be all for nothing, since the mashable article guruvan linked above states that twitter will not be doing a show. Leo was doing the best first step (imho) in asking the community for guidance in the event that the original reporting was correct (which it does not appear to be now). So moot point - Chris Heath
I think if I was you Leo I would try to license rights to them and get some mula out of it. Remember "Leo Laporte" goes a lot farther than TWIT does and most importantly ever will. - Eric VM
there's a current backlash on twitter trending topics right now w/ hashtag #notwittertv. the examiner has an unfavorable article here: http://www.examiner.com/x-264-C... even alyssa milano is against it: http://twitter.com/Alyssa_... - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Its going to suck and bomb... guaranteed. - Rustic Thoughts
Maybe just sell it to them Leo for a gazillion dollars and retire. Keep the leaches out of it..meaning the lawyers. What the heck, Leo you are great at trend setting, you practically put twitter on the map. They owe you something.for all the pub you have given them since their inception. - John Apostoli
Defend. There's really no reasonable alternative. - Jason Clarke
You gotta defend it Leo. What's the point of trademarking in the first place. - Joel Lovato
You have to defend what is legally yours. - Michael Hansel
Twitter Responds: There is No Official Twitter TV Show- Mashable (May 25th, 2009 | by Pete Cashmore) -- http://mashable.com/2009... -- There is no official Twitter TV show—although if there were it would be fun to cast! In dealing with networks and production companies we sometimes have simple agreements. Regarding the Reveille and Brillstein project reported today,... more... - Chris Loft
Leo, suggest you go "open source co-branding" on this. Monetize your "twit" brand through creative brand licensing with emerging entertainment and multimedia microblogging companies that want to ride the "twitter" bandwagon. I can see creative corporate and individual co-brands like, TwitSounds, TwitFilms, TwitMedia, TwitCats, TwitBitch, TwitMechanic, etc... - Mike Schmidt
I don't want to over simplify this but if Twitter do branch into video and even streaming TV, surely the content would have to be substantially different to what TWiT already provides, otherwise they are at risk of spoiling their brand identity. Stay strong and true to the Tech news content and let Twitter, well do what ever they may do. Personally, I think it would be a mistake for them to go down this road. Time may be better spent further improving the existing service. - Kevin J Hatton
the mashable news is taken directly from the twitter blog: http://blog.twitter.com - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Maybe it's a good time to Re-Brand. Twit has unfortunate connotations in some areas of the English speaking world. On this side of the pond a twit is an idiot. Until I became aware of Leo I gave TWiT a very wide berth. Branded simply as This Week in Tech it would have got my positive attention a whole lot sooner. Time to move onward and upward. - Gilbert Harding
This was copied and pasted but sums it up so well : Of course, there's a larger long-term problem because of the way that Twitter has weakened _your_ brand. It might be less expensive (and a better use of your time) to rebrand TWiT into something that strengthens your brand and moves it away from Twitter; avoiding any future problems (and there will be future problems). You can't fight Oprah. - Professor Messer - Fragtastic
A very worthy point - "I think that once you see the Twitter television show, you'll probably want to distance yourself as far away as possible. - Professor Messer" - Fragtastic
I'll admit to being a little slow on the uptake to both TWiT and twitter and it took me some time to figure out that they were different things. I was listening to TWiT before I found twitter, and at first I wondered if I was mixing the names up in my head. I think there is real potential for confusion between the two names. Good luck in whatever you decide to do, Leo. - Rick Reynolds
You could ride the wave of popularity Twitter is experiencing by allowing that confusion to blossom. Perhaps more people could start listening and watching your netcasts *because* of that confusion? - David Hepworth
You need to defend your brand, however since you know the guys at Twitter maybe you can come to some sort of agreement that is the best interest of both TWiT and Twitter. - Jim Lavin
I say defend the brand. I fully believe Leo and TWiT will outlive Twitter. It would be a shame to surrender the brand only to see it disappear in 1-2 years. - Martin Johnson
I say defend it, if you don't the that opens the door to other infringements. - Hunter
since you clearly took your name from This Week in Baseball, which deputed in 1977, should MLB defend their trademark with you? - glenn simmons
Defend it! definitely, the trademark is rightfully yours and you need to hold on to it...I like twitter, but I like TWiT even more... - Raymond
Glenn, you are wrong. There are many registered trademarks that contain "this week in" - russellcoleman
See what you have started Leo? Twitter TV is not a patch on what you do. Now if it was professionally done, with great audio then maybe, - Kevin J Hatton
Dealing with a similar issue (though not as big as dealing with Twitter). I say throw out a warning shot to protect your brand. Worst case they ignore you and you have to spend gobs of money to defend it. Best case they make you a $$ offer. - Brian Niles from Nambu
russellcoleman, exactly so why is Leo crying about twitter - glenn simmons
Glenn, because "Twit" is Leo's trademark in the area of entertainment in the nature of visual and audio performances, and musical, variety, news and comedy shows. - russellcoleman
Defend it! - Kiran Patchigolla
Sorry Leo, does that mean I can't call people Twitts? Does it mean no one in a television or audio show can use the word twitt? I mean Twitter...TWIT...they have 3 more letters and their brand is based on communication not entertainment. Give up the ghost against Twitter by now dude. IF they were doing what you were doing MAYBE but what you are saying is noone can use the letters T W I or T .... don't become the next Monster. - Sidney
Defend. No retreat. No surrender. - Barry Biddlecomb from twhirl
Sidney, it means they can't use twit as part of their brand if they go into the areas Leo's trademark covers. We are talking about branding here. - russellcoleman
Again, Twitter is a communication company looking to capitalize on providing television content the ability to have immediate interactive component...Nothing that TWIT does...so no infringement. Leo has always had the axe to grind with Twitter...if he was going to do something he should have done it immediately... - Sidney
My understanding is that Twitter is going to have a TV show and that may infringe. My point above was to the suggestion that no one could say the word twit. - russellcoleman
@Christopher Carr, I meant that twitting has become a generic expression going far beyond Twitter. Here on friendfeed we are twitting, an these lines are in fact twits... :) - Cem ARGUN
As an anecdote, until now I thought TWiT was something twitter related, and I basically ignored it for that reason. I have learned over time that I'm often not a good representative of anything, but there was certainly brand confusion in my case. - Robin Barooah
At first, yep, I thought Twit spawned Twitter. But in a few nanoseconds, I knew otherwise. But in the mind of 'ordinary' (horrible term, sorry) user coming at Twit from Twitter surely they'll get the idea. But Twitter is SO pervasive, I'm glad that you've decided to take advice. I know nothing, but I feel you should protect your brand. Don't change your name. Change the game. On another tack, you checked out http://audioboo.fm ? - John C Wesley Barker
"Again, Twitter is a communication company looking to capitalize on providing television content the ability to have immediate interactive component." - Sidney That is exactly what Leo's doing - Anton
news of twitter tv just hit the local abc news. they mentioned there's already direct opposition by celebrities ashton & demi who (according to their tweets) will quit twitter if this reality show sees the light of day (paraphrasing). this could mean -as they say & putting it lightly- 'my enemy's enemy is my friend?' odd yet amusing opposition from the hollywood. however, no mentions of twit and leo. :-\ - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Twitter can look to capitalize on providing television content the ability to have immediate interactive component all they want. But I don't think they should do it in a way that can cause any confusion between them and Leo's network. - russellcoleman
Sorry the only confusion people have had is what Leo has brought to the table himself. He should have stepped up long ago if he felt Twitter was going to create confusion and admittably it has and TWIT and Twitter don't even cross streams. I know for one if Leo wastes his money on litigation I for will be disappointed and believe it will harm the TWIT brand. - Sidney
i know this thread is too long to read for many. re-quoting what leo said here for those who keep saying he should have stepped up long ago: "Ev told me that when they were considering names for Twitter they knew about TWiT and decided it didn't matter. In their defense, they had no idea what or how big Twitter was to become. We talked about trademark early on and both agreed there was no conflict _as long as we were in different spaces_. And therein lies the rub. - Leo Laporte" - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Very tough choice. I think these comments provide you with a fairly good sample of public opinion from people in tech, but it would be interesting to get input from the rest of the world on Twitter who have never heard of TWiT. It certainly won't cost much to send in a warning shot so they take notice and to demonstrate defense of your TM, but I would follow that up with a request to... more... - Phil Ashman
If he fights and loses, at least he defended it, which is required to keep it. If Leo does nothing, he could lose it. - Bwana ☠
How do people feel about Monster Cable suing companies that use the word Monster in their name? I feel the same here...except that Twitter just happens to have the same four LETTERS as Twit, as the beginning. They arent using Twit as a standalone word. C'mon. - Andru Edwards
The only justification I can see in Leo going after Twitter is so that he can at least show he is defending his TM so he doesn't lose it as Bwana said...otherwise I think it is a losing game that will be a waste of resources that TWIT could utilize in other productive pursuits. - Sidney
The Monster Cable example doesn't really work. They were suing companies that were in different spaces. Now with Twitter doing a TV show, that is in the same space as TWIT and Leo has the trademark for it. - Mike Child
Everyone should read this: http://blog.twitter.com/2009... It has been linked a few times in this discussion up above, but bears linking again based on recent comments - From what I can tell, it doesn't look like twitter will have a tv show - so this whole point is moot - leo may have to defend his trademark against these 'other' shows if they use the word twit in their name, but i don't think they will - Chris Heath
Leo -This is a battle that will be HELL. Yet, it is critical you fight it. I had a couple situations very much like it in telecommunications late '80s early '90s. I should have fought. Give them a run for their money. It will cost you $$ and resources. But, with Twitter's new direction - man - you're a journalist at heart... You already know - you've got to fight for your right! - Arleen Boyd
Man this is a tough position to be in. Honestly, I can't see TWiT or Twitter changing brands/names. However, Leo, you were first and you have the trademark to back it up. I say defend it! - Doug Jones
Biz responds to the Twitter TV show on the blog: http://blog.twitter.com/2009... - Doug Jones
not reading the thread befire i comment... but seems to me that TWITTER does not equal TWIT. what else is their to know? - sull
Leo, I think the law is very clear, if you don't defend your trademark you may lose it. - David Angel from twhirl
Leo a firestorm is brewing over twitter tv http://www.nydailynews.com/tech_gu... - dday
Make them pay you a million in cold hard cash for the TWIT name and change your name to TWIG - This Week In Goodness :-) - Richard Bitting
When you see such services as "TwitThat" (http://twitthat.com/), with that spelling of "tweet", there is an incredible amount of confusion waiting to happen ! - arnaudt
arnaudt, good point. and again... TWiT does NOT = twitter - so leo has no case. twitter themselves dont use 'twit' in any way. they barely if at all use 'tweet' in any way. they began as 'twtr' in like 2006. twitter is NOT an abbreviation for anything as TWiT is. twitter is not solely behind producing an entertainment property.. they are granting rights to others to do so and in some... more... - sull
sull, TWIT does NOT have to = twitter for Leo to have a case. People just have to be confused enough to adversely impact, or even potentially impact, Leo's business. - Chris Gardner
Chris, i think it does for him to have a 'good' case. You cannot prevent Twitter from letting media entities use twitter as part or their 'shows', even if twitter as some levell of partnership. In the end, it will cost Leo money to lose a trademark case. Proving, for example, that an MTV show tentatively named 'what you're watching' that uses twitter and facebook etc as fundemental components for audience interaction has any negative effect to the TWiT podcast. - sull
sull, there just needs to be a likelihood of confusion. The Court there announced eight specific elements to measure likelihood of confusion: Strength of the mark - Proximity of the goods - Similarity of the marks - Evidence of actual confusion - Marketing channels used - Type of goods and the degree of care likely to be exercised by the purchaser - Defendant's intent in selecting the mark - Likelihood of expansion of the product lines - Chris Gardner
Oh, and TWiT is not just a podcast. It is a live streaming net video network. There are on and off talks to take to cable also. - Chris Gardner
Chris, thanks for pointing those elements of liklihood. Still, i think that even for the case to have a leg to stand on, twitter would need to have a 'show' specifically named in a way that may cause confusion. That has not happened. Trying to prevent the word 'twitter' from being used at all in marketing and branding via "visual and audio performances" because of the TWiT trademark seems a stretch and will prob result in negative publicity for Leo. Anyway, maybe we'll see. Interesting. - sull
sull, agreed interesting. Also, this will probably not go anywhere near the courts. Ev Williams and Leo know each other and get along (not many in the industry that Leo does not get along with). They will work things out. - Chris Gardner
For those who are unaware, people have to take action to protect their brands otherwise they lose their trademark. My suggestions and observations: 1. Look for win-win 2. It all seems moot anyway http://blog.twitter.com/2009... tho this is a fascinating thread 3. If twitter did ever go ahead with this it would be a fairly simple compromise for them to... more... - Isha (Marysia)
You need to defend it. I don't know that you'll stop twitter from launching their show but you have to fight it to keep your trademark valid. You for sure need to go after twitvid.com and twitvideo.com! - The Griff
Defend the trademark. It could make the difference on winning a future trademark case with another company. - David Ebaugh
Defend it. It was your long before Twitter was even around. Like someone else said what is the point of calling your network that if as soon as a bigger fish comes along you cave. Don't give in to the man Leo! - Mr. Thomas
Leo. I am not a lawyer and don't play one on the Internet. It sounds like you have no real case against Twitter, but the producers of the rumored tv show are a different story. Even then, it depends on what they are doing with the subject matter. Is it *about* Twitter, or simply about people who use Twitter? Will they ever use the term, "twit" in the show? It certainly couldn't hurt to... more... - Jake Overton
Let's not forget that use of anything in an editorial context is considered fair use. - Ryan Brodkin
I also feel that you have an opportunity for even more publicity if you can work the TWiT shows into the TV show, joining them rather than fighting them. You will get publicity either way, but there seems to be a high road and a low road (or perception thereof). Good luck and keep up the great shows. - Jake Overton
Leo fight them. - johnny
we neec to fight for TWIT - Richard Thomson
So far I don't think there is a conflict with Twitter, unless there is a Twitter TV show. Although you should fight sites like http://twitvid.io . Plus if you win, you could have an awesome domain for video downloads when you want to offer them. - Mister IQ
It seems your problem isn't with Twitter but with the other companies. As you said, you have sent out cease and desist letters to them already. You should definitely defend what is yours. You might be able to address Twitter, but I would say go through the companies. If they continue, you can take them to court. Elisa Jed | http://www.djtgiftshop.com/default... - Elisa Jed
Robert Scoble
I made a promise years ago to never use PowerPoint in front of an audience again. So, how do I organize a presentation? Mind Manager.
It's magic. Frees your mind from the stupid bullet list that bores audiences to death. Every time I see a PowerPoint deck my brain turns off. - Robert Scoble
I have used this for years, great communication tool - Mel Buckpitt
i prefer personalbrain. not as easy to use as mind manager but powerful nonetheless. - Daniel Langendorf
Robert, as a former highschool teacher, I can assure you that Powerpoint is the evil enemy of learning...and yet every school insisted teachers started using it because the schools thought PP "was" technology...yikes. Advice? Tell stories with passion and understanding. - Daniel Kenney
Daniel: I totally agree. The way schools teach technology just makes me ill. - Robert Scoble
anyone ever try prezi.com? it's a bit different-- much more visual - Ted Curran
So instead of Powerpoint™, use a real presentation platform that allows interactive data and tactile response to both you and your audience. - Eric Martindale
i have been working on a new keynote /powerpoint method I can - Ted Curran
PowerPoint is only a problem in that it makes it way too easy to just make lists of bullet points. They almost force you to go down that path. If they could somehow turn that off, and just provide the functionality to create a series of slides, each of which had a line or two of text, an image, etc... I don't think it'd get such a bad rap. - Ken Sheppardson
*call "Attention Method"-- it's a way to use PPT or Apple Keynote not in the way the program wants to be used but in the way people's minds work - Ted Curran
similar to other software noted is my favorite.. Big Mouth - Daniel Kenney
What makes Mind Manager the first platform to come to mind? I have never heard of it until right now. - Amani
I agree Daniel Kenney :( - Mohammad Abdurraafay
Amani: I saw Buzz Bruggeman give a talk with it and was mesmerized. - Robert Scoble
Try Prezi, and if you have some time to devote to it, Keynote. Both are really pretty impressive. - Ivan
I came across http://prezi.com last month, worth a look. It has sort of a tv commercial look, like the 2-d Ford pickup commercials. - Tanner Powell
I kind of like Prezi too. Very visual. Depends on the situation I suppose. - Kim Feraday
Keynote. - Jeremy Franklin
I don't want to get into a PowerPoint bashing thing here, but I agree it's bad. Another thing I've noticed is that the boring speakers usually have the most elaborate PP presentations. Yikes. - Christopher Harper
I'm a big fan of MindManager as well. Once you're done conceptualizing your presentation, Powerpoint (or any other presentation tool) can obviously be used as an effective tool. Powerpoint isn't innately evil, it's just too easy to miss-use. If you want to try a different tool give sliderocket.com a try. (but I'd stick with Mindmanager) - Jason Goldberg
Well that's two programs I had no idea existed 15 minutes ago. - Dean Clark
Do you use iThoughts iPhone app? I use it every day and they just upgraded to allow Mind Manager export - Dave
Prezi is too difficult to learn for anyone - it is supercool but if you want to get right down to working, forget it - I wish I could use it - for mindmaps to me nothing beats MindMeister both for presentation materials as well for organizing ideas and tools - it is much easier and immediate than any other mindmapping tool I have tried, including having a full revisions history, working... more... - Robin Good
In the end the vote of PowerPoint chastity should really be targeted at avoiding making the "types" of PowerPoint slideshows that are so bad. Bad choice of images, too much text, and you reading them as you show them. It is not the tool so much, but the culture we have built around it. Whether with PowerPoint, Keynote, Sliderocket, OpenOffice or GoogleDocs the power of your presentation... more... - Robin Good
I wholeheartedly agree with you..PP is horrible! I refuse to use it and I've made a point to reject ppt files that colleagues send me with slides re design changes. I'll have to give MindManager a try..sounds great. - Sufian Siddiqi from fftogo
Prezi does look cool. I definitely need to take it for a spin. - Alexander Grundner
Chalk board & elaborate hand gestures - sofarsoShawn
The issue with powerpoint (and keynote) is that the flow of the presentation is completely locked in, and the presentation environment is unchanging. Mindmanager (or Freemind) allows branching, and the ability to store extra content for questions (only use as needed). Powerpoint or equivalent is good for building a screen when you want one that can dynamically build. An alternative way... more... - Alistair Nicholson
I used to use Thebrain.com personal brain for the same purpose. I stopped when I moved to multiplatforms (Mac and linux as well as Windows). I just checked back at the site to find that it is now available cross-platform (haven't checked that the data files are yet tho). I might be remaking contact with an old friend! I liked the easy way one could use local files or web resources. By... more... - Alistair Nicholson
@alistair: It is possible to branch PowerPoint -presentations with hyperlinks that jump from slide to another. Never considered it, but interesting idea. For example, after determining audience level, it could skip slides that explain basic things for experienced audience. - Jemm
I like Mind Manager. Wish i had a reason to use it. - Rodfather
Mind Manager rocks on a tablet pc - Mel Buckpitt
Definitely. That was the last time I used it. It integrated with OneNote well too. - Rodfather
Check out the free pptplex from Office Labs which is an add in for PP that gives you a similar zooming interface as Prezi. http://www.officelabs.com/project... - Jamie
Alistair: That is exactly how I use PersonalBrain. I have it set up in Dropbox and am able to access it with any computer. It's worth a look-see again. It's also worth using to flesh out ideas for presentations, too, no matter what tool you end up using. - Daniel Langendorf
Use Prezi at Prezi.com! ;) or sliderocket.com - Csaba Mad
I am adoring Prezi - just the freshness of the look gives you a 50% boost in new biz meetings, and I really haven't found it at all hard to learn to use - Jamie
Last week i was thinking how lame PP is and actually did a presentation at college bashing it. The tool i've used for that was Prezi.com, the one mentioned by a lot of ppl in this thread. You should give them some love, definetely a great worth a look tool. - Diego Sana
I got tired of trying to find the perfect presentation technique and ended up developing my own http://mlx.netii.net/templat... not perfect, but it works for me. - MLx
Daniel & Jemm - thanks for that. I've just installed personalbrain on the Mac and opened some old brains done in the PC (aahh nostalgia). I really missed it as a tool. I've been using freemind, which does have some very good features, but personalbrain is still a better tool for this sort of work. Thanks. - Alistair Nicholson
Jemm - in some cases I will just generate one or two slides using ppt or similar. By exporting them they become individual objects that I can mix and match - or call on as I need, without having to consider how to jump to them within the powerpoint package. Powerpoint (or keynote) then becomes a graphic slide authoring tool that just generates some components or objects I use in my... more... - Alistair Nicholson
I have presented for many years with MindManager. Its great for interactive presentations. Tomorrow I will use it present to a conference of independent financial advisers on the subject of mind mapping and mind mapping software. I humbly suggest they will remember my hour more than the 5 other hours of PowerPoint. This is web version summary. http://twurl.nl/24rzyv - Andrew Wilcox
Final Cut...create a video! - Michela Cimnaghi /cimny
Powerpoint is a time sink - whenever I have had to use it I ended up using more time fixing the presentation than focusing on the message. Can't remember which company took powerpoint off the systems and said they measured a productivity increase... or if it is a digital legend... but from my experience I can believe it. - Iphigenie
"It's a poor workman who blames his tools" -- old proverb - Karim
Meh. Powerpoint is a tool to put stuff on screen. As long as you're not just reading off it... - Yuvi
Just convert powerpoint slides into pdf and present pdf to the audience.Although I am not a great fan of PDF or for that matter any powerpoint like software. - Ashish
ashish: you're not getting it. There's nothing worse to do to an audience than to present a standard powerpoint deck to them. The format is NOT what makes that boring. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Flash is the answer but it's a pain to learn and expensive to outsource, but that's the answer I think. Besides that, Mindjet MindManager is a fantastic peice of software - Brandon Hall
You're right, it's not the format, nor is it Powerpoint. It is not using it to in an engaging way. - Dennis Beatty
Robert,Sorry for misinterpreting your question. This one is a really tricky question. - Ashish
I often find slides take away from the message - people are reading the slide text instead of looking at and listening to the speaker, and the speaker is looking at the slides instead of at the audience. I wouldnt mind the speaker looking at the screen if he was demonstrating something (or writing, in the old blackboard style) but in a way slides which were supposed to support the presentation end up taking away from it. Too passive? - Iphigenie
prezi is pretty amazing mark. i also use Free Mind but have never used it for a presentation... - Morgan
wishing for 2nd like or something to bump this up higher amongst my likes and discussions - metalerik
I have a talk tomorrow morning at my kids' school about technology in education. I was brainstorming it in Curio and Keynote, but I bought Prezi Pro just cuz it looks so cool. It's a little quirky, a little buggy, and not as flexible as, say Keynote, but it sure is a unique look. Mindmapping + Presentations. - Leo Laporte
Nothing wrong with Powerpoint, it's just a tool. I do just fine with it and Keynote. Sounds like it's a presenter issue if you're bored - Bwana ☠
I love mindmanager, but its license is toooo stupidly and insanely expensive!! - Mohamed Salem Korayem
yeah I love using xmind for organizing talking points but I don't normally use them to present - most audiences don't grok them ime - mike "glemak" dunn
I'm sorry, trying to learn. I have a 30 slide presentation (+-10) that i present to customers around the world usually in a room of about 10 people. What could Mind Manager do that PPT isn't doing? - Steve C, Team Marina
For everyone looking to learn more about using MindManager for presentations, I have written up a number of posts on the Mindjet blog that talks about how to do it, some best practices and sample maps. The most popular post in the series was from PresentationCamp SF, "Become a Presentation Superhero": http://blog.mindjet.com/2009... while other posts covered using images, colors, and fonts within your mind maps. Check'em out or contact me if you have questions! - Michael Deutch
thx michael, bookmarked. - Steve C, Team Marina
ah, michael good to see you here - for those who don't know him michael is mindjet’s chief evangelist & one of the hardest working community engagement folks on the net - i use xmind because i test lots of open source tools but have been a customer of mindjet for years & love mindmanager :) - mike "glemak" dunn
I find using a Mind Map a lot easier for people to follow and sparks a lot more collaboration from the group. - Jim Lavin
Robert try Prezi:http://prezi.com/ - Dean Kakridas
If you hate Powerpoint, Robert & friends, then you have to check out Edward Tufte's essay "The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within." It's brilliant. And the cover still cracks me up: http://tr.im/lXjv - Alan Mairson
Funny thing for me is that I've always made fun of PP style presentations and have been known as someone who really gets groups interacting, etc. (check out this clip of a game I led at Seattle Mindcamp -http://tinyurl.com/qjathj) BUT, just recently, I've discovered that for my type of improvised, interactive, often scattered, creative style --powerpoint is actually a good (much needed!) balance. So I've been upping the KeyNote. MultiModal is the way :) - Leif Hansen
Robin Good: great comment on MindMeister.com - present.io is a very interesting app to keep track of, if you are doing a lot of online presentations. I use Skype screen share (Mac) for Coaching and presenting ways and methods to use applications. - Jan Friman from Nambu
How about having a standard cheaper version of mindmanager. I dont use all the awesome features version 8 - Mohamed Salem Korayem
Jemm and others - I'm back having been in the most boring presentation today that I have experienced in a very long time - powerpoint slides of the most horrible structure, plus given over a video conferencing tool where the presenter didn't read any of the questions in the typing area! Thebrain has a free version. What I've found is that because I use tiddlywiki (also free) to organise... more... - Alistair Nicholson
just a quick reaction to the person who suggested video - what can video add if you are there in person? - Iphigenie
@Joelle a video is a way to engage the audience and let the main messages be reminded. Your role there is to give the right introduction to the video and then open and manage the discussion after it. People will partecipate more to teh discussion. That's my personal experience by the way! - Michela Cimnaghi /cimny
Joelle (thanks Michela) another use of video is short interviews or contributions. For example case studies with a manager from the customer explaining their problem, a business analyst explaining their technique around a specific problem, a web designer talking about how they 'imagine' the personality of a site, demonstration of an experimental technique with a patient. It creates... more... - Alistair Nicholson
I also meant to draw attention to Lief's comment about multi modal and how sometimes a powerpoint slide can present the underlying structure or main points of the presentation. I still believe there can be a place for dot points - so long as they are not the sole content. I believe there are few that would suggest Steve Jobs' presentations are boring, for example. Always worth a watch and they can be found on youtube. Other exemplars are the top rated talks on TED.com.It gives me something to aim for. - Alistair Nicholson
FreeMind is very useful and Open Source. Give it a try! - Nicola Junior Vitto
just got into Amode 4 project mgmt. same company @MindSystems. imports @MindJet. - Courtney Engle
IMHO, my best tool is a whiteboard, and second place, a notebook with squares to plan a sort of storyboard. When I switch back to analog planning, I started to get my best results back on PowerPoint (I love 2007 version). Cheers, - Rolando Peralta
Wow, what a great thread! I explored some best practices for presentations and wrote the following posts on the Mindjet blog. They could apply for any type of presentation but they're primarily focused on mind mapping...The first: 10 Steps to Great Presentation Maps -- http://blog.mindjet.com/2009... - Michael Deutch
Next, How to Make a Great Presentation: Mapping Your Content -- This one applies to using mind maps to 'think through' your presentation content, regardless of what tool you select for the actual presentation: http://blog.mindjet.com/2009... - Michael Deutch
Your use of colors will impact the audience. Use them well! The Secrets of Using Colors in Maps - http://blog.mindjet.com/2009... - Michael Deutch
What’s a Picture Worth? Here's a post about incorporating images into mind map presentations. http://blog.mindjet.com/2009... -- I saw an interesting tweet from Andrew Wilcox earlier today where he suggested placing large images inside 'topic notes'. - Michael Deutch
Prezi reminds me of microsoft photosynth. - Ashish
And finally, here are a couple of posts about fonts in your mind map presentations: 10 Fixes for Font Foibles! (http://blog.mindjet.com/2009...) and More Fun for Font Fanatics (http://blog.mindjet.com/2009...). - Michael Deutch
michael: constructive suggestion - you should setup a mindmap group here on ff so these suggestions can be feed in separately and others can participate, they're just going to get lost inside this thread... - mike "glemak" dunn
Wow what a great discussion. I have never heard of Prezi before and I will have a very imortant presentation to one of MNO next week. I prepared with PP, but now consider to do from scratch via Prezi.com. Thanks guys! - Jacque
Robert, do you have anything that you can share that you've used Mind manager for? Do you actually use it in presentations or do you use it as a thought organizing tool? Thanks for answering if you have the time! - Gregg Morris
i was blown away by a preso done in prezi.com. tried it out, the UI takes some getting used to, but w/ patience the zoom in/out approach yields great presos. worth checking out some of the demos. I saw a preso done w/ it that all took place inside the dot of a question mark (that was the reveal at end of preso). cool. - Adrian Chan
re. TiddlyWiki: should I mention, that there's also a true presentation version?... http://ow.ly/8vMH - schilke
Or you could emulate Carrot Top and use props from a great big trunk. Problem is you need to be a) really pumped up and b) certifiably nuts. - bob corrigan
Schilke - thanks for the link to tiddlywiki presentation version. I've bookmarked that and visited the example. With tiddlywiki each 'tiddler' has a specifically adressable URL so that pages can be individually linked from mindmapping software. That way a complete subtopic can be created as a 'deck' but not invoked in the presentation unless we choose to go there. Back to the 'horrible'... more... - Alistair Nicholson
A cool MindMapping alternative is XMind. - Martin Seibert
@bytebug I read them all on Kindle, which explains why it was so easy to get through them! download and read, no pause.
The Kindle makes reading everything so much easier, no more dealing with bookstores. Yay! - Jim Lavin
Leo Laporte
Live now: This Week In Tech - volunteer edition. Call in via Talkshoe +1-724-444-7444 or visit http://www.talkshoe.com/talksho.... Watch at http://live.twit.tv. Or Discuss here...
I am the first hahaha - Charbax
first - ralphsaunders
Woot - Arawak
hehehehe - ralphsaunders
you peeps were fast! - Phil Essing
fail ralph - Matthew
I won - Charbax
Evening / Afternoon all - Simon Wicks
Hello Leo - Matthew
hey Leo - Roberto Bonini
So happy you didn't write "first", Charbax - Phil Essing
Tweeted MobileJones for ya' in case she's not tied up with Mother's Day 8) - Web Pixie
This has potential to be really good, but also for disaster... only time will tell. *crosses-fingers* - Chris Heath
wtf ... matt i swear i was first a few seconds ago - ralphsaunders
Hello Leo. - Molly Song ;)
There are like 12 different chat rooms for this live show - Charbax
whats the embed code >< - ralphsaunders
Hello Leo , all - Richard
ralph... i refreshed and phillip stewart is first, you're third after charbax - Chris Heath
i know chris, but when i posted i was first lol. i Think friendfeed got a bit confused :P - ralphsaunders
i built a recumbent bike in 1997... it was from scrap pieces of ten speeds... - Chris Heath
The new Kindle - Molly Song ;)
The Kindle DX was announced this week - Jim Lavin
Friendfeed is better than twitter - Charbax
No Twitter promised before show start. :P - Phillip Stewart
where is teh friendfeed room for twit? - earl wallace
importance of the ARM processor - Charbax
Thumbs Up for Alex Lindsay on TWIT. - Justin Luey
twitter and friendfeed were down, although twitter was planned - Matthew
earl, this is the room - Chris Heath
I hope Louis gets his Skype to work. - Molly Song ;)
aha found yall! - earl wallace
hmm idk about that. - ralphsaunders
LOL @ Leo saying "..gonna do very little social media today"....oh wait...he's serious? - Devon Blugh
I should finally go see Star Trek today. - Phillip Stewart
Star Trek was great - Matthew
Poor Louis - Molly Song ;)
Hello all - Shelton Ivey
Feel free to help edit the episode page in the wiki: http://wiki.twit.tv/wiki... - Phillip Stewart
I trekked across my backyard to see the stars last night....does that count as Star Trek? - Devon Blugh
thanks Ralph - earl wallace
I'm nervous about this episode. - Lise
zephyrlily: not sure what you mean - Phil Essing
lol all that and it was the skypeasaurus - Chris Heath
Leo is amazing with just 2 arms. Think he needs 2 more though :) - Richard
leo, could it be the soundboard? - Chris Heath
Wasn't the input on zero? - Daniel Rowley
Leo I thought this would be kludgey but it is quite cool - earl wallace
echo123 thinks I can talk - Louis Gray
zephyrlily: yeah, it should be real-time - Phil Essing
I am a mute! - Louis Gray
I love to watch a pioneer at work, I'm learning so much by watching him troubleshoot his setup. - Jim Lavin
Now it's not :). - Daniel Rowley
louis, it was leo, skypesettings on his end... - Chris Heath
Aww poor Louis - Molly Song ;)
you can pop out an item. click on the timestamp to open in its own tab. then click on the timestamp again there in the new tab. - Tony Miller
I'm thinking this could be the one episode that I wouldn't mind missing.... - Shane
Leo blamed his guest for no reason....shame, shame... - Devon Blugh
Whoohoo!!!! - Molly Song ;)
leo, something's still wrong on the soundboard with louis' audio - Chris Heath
we're hearing louis through your bleed speaker into your mics - Chris Heath
Louis sounds off - Molly Song ;)
Love Socialmedian - earl wallace
Really, Sam? Hm. - Louis Gray
You guys guide me. I can go up and down. - Louis Gray
I don't think it's you, Louis, I think it's on Leo's end. - Molly Song ;)
Yer, Louis, your sound isn't coming through on the stream. - Daniel Rowley
It is rather like NASCAR... No races on Mom's day... - Mark A. Landers
Not talking this sec. I'll watch this close. - Louis Gray
louis, i think you're coming thru the studio monitor to their studio mics sounds like you're in a tin can far away - Chris Heath
pics = mics - Chris Heath
Okay, Chris. I'll let them know. - Louis Gray
Leo, take this opportunity to plug my new SQUARESPACE Web site: http://www.macneurotic.com - MacNeurotic
MacNeutronic, probably not going to happen - Chris Heath
It actually sounds better - Molly Song ;)
Aaah Sound - Chriz
Ah, Louis, sound has picked up now, much better - Simon Wicks
will theis dialogue archive and be available to refer back too. - earl wallace
i wanna see star trek - Edgar Rodríguez
Sorted now. - Daniel Rowley
@Chris I know :( - MacNeurotic
I'm on Ustream and it's coming in fine - Molly Song ;)
Cool! Volunteer Edition?? - Ken Sheppardson
leo got the audio as you were saying that louis... - Chris Heath
I just switched from Stickam - Molly Song ;)
Phew. - Louis Gray
FriendFeed rocks - Molly Song ;)
They blamed me! (This means war) - Louis Gray
See?! Leo Lies!! - Devon Blugh
I pick Friendfeed over Twitter nowadays - Chriz
How can it not be? - Ken Sheppardson
i've been watching on stickam mainly since teh BG switch... bg just hiccups too often - Chris Heath
Yup, me too, rately visit twitter - Roberto Bonini
If no social media, maybe I should hang up? :) - Louis Gray
I've met some cool people through FF - Molly Song ;)
Need more volunteers? :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Maybe they don't have Mothers Day in Brazil. - Devon Blugh
Mother's Day is a Hallmark Holiday. - Francine Hardaway
If u mean me.. Im from the netherands ;) - Chriz
I get confused with who celebrates Mother's Day and who doesn't :P - Molly Song ;)
Netherlands - Chriz
twit-conversations Brazil - Daniel Wolff from IM
No chance. - Ken Sheppardson
You guys just crash the talkshoe... - Mark A. Landers
God, this sounds terrible. - ralphsaunders
Oh this is not good - Molly Song ;)
See how long TalkShoe stays on... - Louis Gray
He needs to unmute most of them - Molly Song ;)
Yep, pretty bad quality from Talk Shoe - Jim Lavin
this is gonna kill - Gary Gannon
Wasn't GillmorGang yesterday? - Ken Sheppardson
i've yet to hear a talkshoe conference that didn't sound like utter crap - Phil Essing
Yes, Ken. - Louis Gray
Louis: Call quality joke ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
ooo burrrrrn - ralphsaunders
Sam: Usually takes a few days. - Ken Sheppardson
This sucks sorry - Molly Song ;)
Skype just died. Yay. - Louis Gray
Actually, this is the last time there will be two Shuttled simultaneously prepped. - Phil Essing
Fail - Gary Gannon
awww - ralphsaunders
Shuttles* - Phil Essing
I'm off, this is a major fail - Molly Song ;)
no i think he just dropped - ralphsaunders
TWiT 194: Well, that didn't work - Phil Essing
Enough of this! Anyone care about the Vignette/OpenText buyout? - Jon Marks
Skype tends to die every 20 minutes. - Louis Gray
hopefully they all mysteriously get disconected - Gary Gannon
Louis did you forward your ports? - ralphsaunders
I'm pissed as well, I bought the Kindle 2 in pre-release and now the DX comes out. - Jim Lavin
the new kindle would be good if it was the same price. and offer the original cheaper or something - Edgar Rodríguez
They should tell those who just ordered the Kincle 2 that they can wait and get the Kindle DX - Molly Song ;)
ah apple fanboy macbreak opinion - Charbax
Volunteer edition? We're not getting paid? - Louis Gray
ah well - ralphsaunders
The Kindle DX is way too expensive. - Molly Song ;)
Maybe it is a first strike to fill the gap of all of the Newspapers going under. - Jim Lavin
hahaha louis :P - ralphsaunders
Kindle 2 costs as much as a netbook, and Kindle DX costs as much as a cheap laptop... why do people buy Kindles? - Phil Essing
E-ink is awesome - Charbax
I agree kindles are too expensive atm - Richard
You should check E-Ink out - Charbax
I think they'll go down in price, I hope. - Molly Song ;)
It will get cheaper, technology always does. - ralphsaunders
they don't have a competitor at the moment either. - ralphsaunders
What license are TWiT shows released under? - Phillip Stewart
leo it is bigger. i like the kindle 2 cause is more portable. but the large screen is tempting. - Edgar Rodríguez
I dunno why they do...... The DX would be good for textbooks - Roberto Bonini
We need more competition - Richard
yeah - will be awhile - Roberto Bonini
Phillip I think they are under creative commons, im not sure though. - ralphsaunders
They should put all the textbooks on Google Books and let people access them all on Kindle for $10 per month and sell the Kindle at $99 with a 2 year contract - Charbax
I'msure Bezos aleady is in talks with the Text Book Industry - Jim Lavin
Thanks. - Phillip Stewart
Non of that is it at all, it's all about Leo having bought one too quickly. - D Lets
Oy. Another chat room, too:-) - Francine Hardaway
TWiT is a call-in show this week? - Chris Charabaruk
I think there will be alot of priacy... infact i think that will be the kindles selling point to some students. - ralphsaunders
Kinda ! - D Lets
Is that wine you guys are drinking ???????????? - Roberto Bonini
Is the Kindle sturdy enough to endure the daily abuse it will need to endure, as a textbook replacement for students? - Phil Essing
Good point, Divya. - Francine Hardaway
phil - ralphsaunders
bah! - ralphsaunders
heh - Phil Essing
Nah you would need Wacom stylus for the Kindle not multitouch - Charbax
What I was going to say was, it wont be treated like a textbook, its not going to be stuffed in a bag with a load of other stuff all the time. - ralphsaunders
The content creators never look ahead, they wait until they are losing their lunch. - Justin Luey
its hard to look ahead. - ralphsaunders
The Kindle design is awesome, what's he talking about - Charbax
the first kindle was crap - ralphsaunders
the kindle is the worlds best selling E-ink reader - Charbax
By far - Charbax
I wish my BB Bold had glass instead of this stupid plastic. - earl wallace
Ok, another question: at $500, e-textbooks would have to be significantly discounted in order to recoup the investment. - Phil Essing
well, that was not really a question, was it? - Phil Essing
The first kindle is awesome, about 500 thousand people love the Kindle 1 - Charbax
Kindle is the most popular already. - Charbax
by far more popular than Sony reader and other competitors - Charbax
Yes but the cost of books on the Kindle are usually a lot less, which makes up for the cost of the Kindle - Jim Lavin
phil, a student could easily download a pdf of the textbook over the internet. the DX is a really good opportunity in that sense. - ralphsaunders
Sam Davyson: Agreed. I still prefer to read a real book. I don't imagine myself curling-up in bed with a Kindle - Phil Essing
So this is the first comment thread I've seen is functioning as a real time chat room. - MacNeurotic
The larger kindle is about 2 things: 1)more money for textbook people since this will kill used book sales and 2)killing campus bookstores -- which more and more are owned by Barnes and Noble, an Amazon competitor - jccalhoun
I'd love to see something that is more accessible for people with disabilities like visual impairments. I liked what the Kindle was doing about the audio until the Author's Guild had to get in the middle. - Molly Song ;)
MacNeurotic, FriendFeed is a great platform for live events. - Louis Gray
I don't buy feeds on Kindle - Francine Hardaway
mac, get used to it, its the future :P - ralphsaunders
There you have it $19 per month for 2 years, and you could get the Kindle for $199 - Charbax
How soon until my skype dies again? I say 10 minutes. - Louis Gray
college textbooks are soooo expensive... if I were in school now, I'd jump on a kindle for textbooks right away - Landor Associates
I love the idea of e books for school - Francine Hardaway
And you'd get unlimited books/blogs/textbooks for $19 per month on the Kindle - Charbax
ralphsaunders: sure, but that PDF is not going to be free. Textbooks aren't expensive because of the printing costs - Phil Essing
Sounds like another iFanboy show... - Jim Lavin
lol louis - ralphsaunders
Charbax, I see the informercial now - Francine Hardaway
Agree with Alex there - I do the same on my iPhone - Roberto Bonini
E-ink is 100 times better than LCD for reading a lot of text - Charbax
Jim - what would you prefer be discussed? - Louis Gray
This is a good show. Really enjoy watching and listening to smart folks. - David Damore
Skip the Kindle DX; wait for a full-colour version (or competitor) that supports comic books/graphic novels, at about $199-299, and you have a world-beater. - Shéa Bennett
Phil, if you go to the right places PDFs are avaliable free :) - ralphsaunders
until the Pixel Qi LCD comes out - Charbax
Color E-ink will never come - Charbax
@Sheamus... that would be cool. When? - Landor Associates
@Charbax: Color E-ink will never come... Really? - David Damore
Sam, there is not. FriendFeed doesn't show a # of logins. - Louis Gray
@Landor Therein lies the question. :) It is coming, though. Remember Tom Hanks' character in Big? He was WAY ahead of his time. ;) - Shéa Bennett
char, didn't they say that about a TB HDD? - ralphsaunders
Having textbooks with audio would be good for visually impaired - Molly Song ;)
Louis, I just get a little tired of comparing everything to Apple devices, there are a lot more devices out there... - Jim Lavin
taking calls on TWIT is genius! that first call worked perfectly - Justin Luey
yeah - Molly Song ;)
Jim, I mentioned that myself in terms of everybody thinking they know what's coming from them, but it's been discussed for a decade. I brought up Sony's eReader. - Louis Gray
The Kindle Voice is not that bad... It is listenable... - Jim Lavin
It's better than the Kerswell computer voice :P - Molly Song ;)
the only way to know how many people are in the FF chat is if they sound off - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I agree, I've had 4 different EReaders and the Kindle is the best I've used to date. - Jim Lavin
This call in for TWIT will raise TWIT to a whole new level! - earl wallace
Kurtzweil - Francine Hardaway
green text on black... that is 'old skool' - .LAG liked that
So sad, Marley and me. - Francine Hardaway
It's interesting that such 'old fashioned' technology like a call-in is still a popular and perhaps pivotal feature for an internet show. - Shéa Bennett
Agree, Shéamus, could be a good feature. - Louis Gray
I love the call in capability, I think this add a lot to the show. - Jim Lavin
And now thy gonna start pimping audible... alex is particularly fond of it - Roberto Bonini
I'm in the middle of John Hodgman's Area of My Expertise and it's cool. - Molly Song ;)
@Justin Luey Leo tried talkshow on Net@Night for awhile, and I loved it. Always thought Leo should integrate it into more shows. Today it's a TWiT/Tech Guy mashup and it's gold. - MacNeurotic
@Sheamus... it's people communicating.... - .LAG liked that
As a graduate student, the Kindle DX native PDF reader looks great. Sort of regret the Kindle 2 purchase. - Jeremy Franklin
Okay, I'm going for dinner. - Molly Song ;)
I get some of my audiobooks from LibriVox http://librivox.org/ - Phillip Stewart
Good thing I didn't upgrade from Kindle 1 yet. Things will change again - Francine Hardaway
@Jeremy... seems like Amazon pissed off a lot of Kindle2 owners with the DX release... no upgrade deal, eh? - .LAG liked that
I regret the Kindle 2 purchase as well, but like Louis said, sometime you get bit being an early adopter, I'll probably get in line for a DX and give my Kindle 2 to my daughter. - Jim Lavin
Hope this TWiT is a success, I hope he does this more often. :) - Molly Song ;)
Talkshow sounds much better when it is only one person at a time., - Jim Lavin
NOOOOOOO!!!! - Gary Gannon
Star Trek Star Schmeck - Louis Gray
...I have to leave now. Haven't seen Star Trek yet... hiding! - .LAG liked that
I agree, no Star Trek! - Jim Lavin
hehe great film - Roberto Bonini
Yeah, I closed TWiT Live also. :P - Phillip Stewart
i saw it at imax..... - Roberto Bonini
Louis! It was really very good. Read my post. I was not a fan. - Francine Hardaway
I've never seen the tv show, or any of the other films, but i saw the new one last night and really liked it - Simon Wicks
dont do it! it just came out! - Gary Gannon
Simon, that's what I thought - Francine Hardaway
Chinese guys in brazil LOL - Roberto Bonini
I will read your post, Francine. - Louis Gray
@Louis Gray I'm with you! I'll watch the movie, but I never liked to the TV series - MacNeurotic
louis your internet might drop out anyway :p - ralphsaunders
@Louis Gray, why do you use burnurl in your tweets now? - Matthew
I'm seeing it this week. i love me some star trek - Edgar Rodríguez
The movie was very good. - John D Reasor
You dont need to have seen the tv shows to unerstand the film which is the best thing. You just wont understand a few of the jokes, like i didnt when other people were laughing. - Simon Wicks
Trekkers go to Nepal... Trekkies love Star Trek - Phil Essing
me too - i'm going to see it again - Roberto Bonini
Matthew, BurnURL is a ReadBurner project. The mood mining capabilities will play into a future release. - Louis Gray
And Skype died for me again. Fun! - Louis Gray
someone pls let us know when they stop spoiling it - Gary Gannon
told yah - ralphsaunders
Good timing loius - Roberto Bonini
(I am an advisor to ReadBurner) - Louis Gray
no spoilers... yet - Phil Essing
fix it Louis - Charbax
No problems, Roberto. I am dialing back in and being ignored. - Louis Gray
Star Trek = LOST? - Edgar Rodríguez
Ha - Louis Gray
Star Trek had tons of Lens Flare - Matthew
Louis, Louis, Louis...Skype is just not your friend, is it? ;) - Josh Haley
Skype always does this to me. Maybe I should upgrade my client. :) - Louis Gray
Louis you could dial back on Talkshoe and he can take you on there - Charbax
Get a PC :D - Josh Haley
talk about John Locke, pretty please - Edgar Rodríguez
@leolaporte "I grow up as a very young kid" LOL - D Lets
Bite me, Josh. :) - Louis Gray
Should I just bail on it and walk away? - Louis Gray
It's annoying that infinitelymeta keeps interrupting others. - Jeremy Franklin
Nooo, dont give up Louis! - Simon Wicks
Stick it out, Louis. It might get interesting ;P - Josh Haley
leo might be upset louis - ralphsaunders
Ring Ring Ring - Louis Gray
I agree, Don't give up Louis - Jim Lavin
i don't like the guy with the netbook. - Edgar Rodríguez
CGI vs using minutures for closeup shots of ships. Meh.... didint notice the difference much - Roberto Bonini
I never once thought about the fact that it was CG - Ken Sheppardson
Back? - Louis Gray
No big ethical dilema - Ken Sheppardson
That has nothing to do with being a Star Trek fan, that's general SciFi - Ken Sheppardson
Let's talk about sports. - Louis Gray
louis apparently - ralphsaunders
Please mute the guy who is overtalking everyone else Leo - earl wallace
No breathing! - Daniel Rowley
I was holding my breath for 40 minutes! - Louis Gray
JJ didn't write it though - Matthew
He didn't write it - Ken Sheppardson
lol louis - ralphsaunders
...sports on TwiT LG? - .LAG liked that
Sports! - Louis Gray
OK, so... just total spoilers today - Ken Sheppardson
Star Trek !=Tech - Louis Gray
Leo does a great Peter Griffin from Family Guy. - Shéa Bennett
you spoiled the red shirt Leo - Matthew
Yeah, you have Leo - Ken Sheppardson
The Red Matter is from Alias! I'm almost sure. It's related to the Mueller Device. The fonts were Fringe-like. - Filipe Rodrigues
Every time you quote a character, you're spoiling it for somebody - Ken Sheppardson
simon pegg is in it? AWESOME - ralphsaunders
BTW, Kirk dies. - Ken Sheppardson
The guys who gav eht last lecture makes a cameo...... - Roberto Bonini
a red-shirt was killed? GD IT! it's ruined for me, now! - Phil Essing
Ken, BURRRRRN - ralphsaunders
I'm leaving. Don't want to be spoiled. will listen to this show after I see the movie. - Edgar Rodríguez
Kirk is still trapped in the Nexus. - earl wallace
No, Kirk dies in the movie. But they gave that away in the trailer ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Coulda been "Nemesis" - Ken Sheppardson
Spoooooilers - Ken Sheppardson
hey, you stole my webname :P - ralphsaunders
Of course, smart people all over America are asking themselves: who would win a fist-fight, Jean-Luc Picard or Professor X? - Shéa Bennett
Picard...... - Roberto Bonini
Saw the first film opening night. - Ken Sheppardson
Kindle DX: allowing students to keep all the books they’re not going to read in one place. - Daniel Rowley
I got that in the first scene with the USS Kelvin... - Ken Sheppardson
"What was your favorite scene... no spoilers..." BWWWWHAAHAHAHAHA - Ken Sheppardson
Hmmmm... - Louis Gray
hehe impossible to choose :) - Roberto Bonini
My favorite part? Closing credits. - Louis Gray
lol louis - Chris Heath
Lol - Chriz
this week in trek - Jayesh
yeah i agree.. prefer the earlier films spacedock shots - Roberto Bonini
Should I just go grab the kids and put them on camera instead? - Louis Gray
yes louis - Chris Heath
yeah good idea loius - Roberto Bonini
I couldn't believe how they ████████ when the ████████ . And then when ████████ was on the ████████ and ████████ goes over to the ████████ ?!? ███████ing amazing. - Ken Sheppardson
Interesting that despite rave reviews, ST still grossed about $10m less than the mostly-panned Wolverine (which I enjoyed). Wolverine made $27m this weekend, too. You'd think the fanbases would be fairly equal. - Shéa Bennett
lol ken - Chris Heath
Jayesh: brilliant! I think we have this week's title. - Daniel Rowley
i agree daniel - Chris Heath
I'm going to put on a Red Shirt now to get out of this convo. - Louis Gray
don't do it louis.... you've got plenty of life left to live!!! - Chris Heath
Louis you should bring up a topic or they wont stop! - Jayesh
Louis, use a Vulcan mind-meld and get Leo to do the deathgrip on himself. - Shéa Bennett
I should start going Blue Man and bang my head on the video wall. - Louis Gray
Doses not look like they are going to stop.... - Roberto Bonini
THAT MAY WORK...... - Roberto Bonini
Break time - Chriz
55% of homes do not have land lines - Jim Lavin
34% - Chris Heath
5 million - Roberto Bonini
It's a good job Dvorak's not on this week! - Daniel Rowley
Bingo - Greg
hells yeah - ralphsaunders
Ok, that blue man plan b isint needed, loius - Roberto Bonini
'well you've got a live chat stream there so i might as well participate' - Chris Heath
friendfeed is an IRC killer - Charbax
I wouldm - ralphsaunders
I woudn't go that car charbaz - ralphsaunders
I have 4 voip lines and 3 cells..overkill just alittle (: - earl wallace
charbax, irc has tab-complete for usernames... that's a better feature that ff doesn't have - Chris Heath
I think i know which scene Ken is talking about..... - Roberto Bonini
friendfeed will be irc killer once friendfeed activates live filters - Charbax
I thought he said we were catching a break? - Louis Gray
frienfeed is activating live filters within a few weeks - Charbax
and i don't have to keep scrolling down on irc like i do with friendfeed embed. - ralphsaunders
i dunno.... - Roberto Bonini
@Louis He meant from Star Trek. - Shéa Bennett
You could then filter live chats with thousands of participants - Charbax
Ahhh - Louis Gray
SquareSpace is pretty slick! - Daniel Rowley
$15 a mth per domain - Greg
Is the Friendfeed beta online yet? - earl wallace
Damn Skype - Louis Gray
Leo, the problem with Friendfeed is the lack of mobile apps. It would be great to use Friendfeed on the go but I can't use it besides right in front of the laptop. - Sweyn Venderbush
yes - Phil Essing
If any one thing was going to kill IRC, I think it would have already done so in the past 15 years. - Tony Miller
Leo's smooooooth. - Shéa Bennett
wallace, beta.friendfeed.com - ralphsaunders
this was friendfeedbeta then they rolled it out live - Greg
3x - I usually die every 20 minutes - Louis Gray
yeah but the beta went live last week?? - Roberto Bonini
Thanks Phil - earl wallace
earl wallace, you're using the beta now - Matthew
everyone laughed when the "Madea" actor was on screen - Alex Jordan
ralph, beta.friendfeed.com redirects to just friendfeed.com - Chris Heath
OH GOD! Thats so ugly - ralphsaunders
@Sweyn: Try FriendFeed ToGo -- mobile via Web/wap: http://www.fftogo.com/ - .LAG liked that
yeah i just realised chris, it seems they made it live. - ralphsaunders
or freindfeed.com/iphone - Roberto Bonini
www.twiplog.com - Roberto Bonini
So, Squarespace is a time-portal back to the mid-90s? - Shéa Bennett
HAHA yeah - Roberto Bonini
Twip as the cupon code... hmmmmm - Roberto Bonini
ralph that switch happened about two weeks ago - Chris Heath
Shéamus: seems so! - Daniel Rowley
I'm offf... bye - Roberto Bonini
SquareSpace a place where the Squares go to play. - Tim Moore
What did they just say, that Squarespace makes iPhone versions automagically? - Colin
@Tim: ouch! - .LAG liked that
20% - Jayesh
colin, yes... their back end is amazing - Chris Heath
I know of it but Lag and Roberto but they aren't native app and they don't have notifications and they are limited by the worst phone browsers. I would like a windows mobile app as there are many iphone apps already. Nambu looks very nice. - Sweyn Venderbush
Wow, that is incredible, great idea... - Colin
Has anyone else seen this? http://www.runpee.com/#app=38..., lets you know when it's best to visit the toilet! - Daniel Rowley
Is it Terraccota that squarespace uses? It's either that or Hadoop that's the super sexy library for java and spreading work across a ton of computers *needs to learn it* - Patrick Sullivan
They should take this survey in Canada I bet this l% is lower - Greg
@LAG you already know... LOL! - Tim Moore
Likely 20% got cut-off in the last year thanks to the economic climate. - Shéa Bennett
i'm just like alex... i only want one number - Chris Heath
Louis uses Skype for everything too ;) - Josh Haley
/blocks Josh - Louis Gray
Why isn't the comment link at the bottom of the thread instead of the top? They should switch the direction of comments if they continue to try and emulate Twitter... - Tim Moore
@Sweyn: good points... FF is just dying for some developer to come along write an iPhone app for it...or Windows mobile, if you must. ;) - .LAG liked that
Phone numbers will be like domain names in 3-5 years. You'll buy one, take it everywhere (cell/home/etc), and keep it for life (assuming you make renewal payments). - Shéa Bennett
I agree Tim - Sweyn Venderbush
If you click on the timestamp, it puts the post in a new tab, where the comment box is at the bottom - Tony Miller
Forget the red shirt Louis, you know which shirt you should be wearing right now...on air...in front of thousands. - Josh Haley
tim moore go here: http://friendfeed.com/twit-co... and scroll to the bottom - Chris Heath
click on the time under the title of the post it will open a comment box at the bottom - Greg
Maybe I should go off video and do that for ya, Josh. - Louis Gray
I much prefer the sound quality of a land line for me and the people I call. - Gregg Scott
DO EET - Josh Haley
LAG there are already a ton of iphone apps but what about windows mobile, symbian, and android apps? Nothing there. - Sweyn Venderbush
Does anyone know when Google Voice will be available to Public? - earl wallace
EyeCheeWahWah!!! @Chris thanks for that. - Tim Moore
tim, just add ?embed=1 to any friendfeed chat url to get that... (or click the timestamp twice) - Chris Heath
@Sweyn: following the money, I suppose... - .LAG liked that
I can't believe nobody has mentioned Star Trek. That movie is HUGE. - Shéa Bennett
yeash.///// - ralphsaunders
The phone numbers available in google voice are USA only and only certain area codes - Greg
@Chris thanks for that info. - Tim Moore
sheamus... how long have you been watching? - Chris Heath
@Chris The entire time. ;) - Shéa Bennett
Google Voice is US only though isn't it? - Gregg Scott
@Louis Gray, what other podcasts do you do? - Matthew
FFUndercats, ReadBurner and others. Social Geeks every once in a while. - Louis Gray
bastards - ralphsaunders
cool - Matthew
@LAG the difference is that the apps for WM are so much more expensive than iPhone apps. The IM+ app is $40 as apposed to $6 or less on the iPhone. I would pay $40 for a good FF WM app. - Sweyn Venderbush
I just dig how I don't have a Kindle, haven't seen Star Trek and don't have Google Voice. Quite the week for me to join... - Louis Gray
I would use Google Voice, but I moved to a different state after I got it, so the old area code # doesn't do me a lot of good now. - Tony Miller
Friendfeed undercats? - Charbax
Darn right .. the USA biggest trading partner shut out - Greg
Don't mock us Leo, it's tough in Canada. - Colin
@Mathew howdy from Forest City! - earl wallace
Sounds cool - Charbax
well, in most countries, the only things you can't have on itunes is TV and Movies - Jackson Pollock
Louis, start licking the screen and making obscene gestures with your hands. - Shéa Bennett
Whats up Earl - Matthew
Skype desktop phone FTW! http://img25.imageshack.us/my... - Tim Moore
Stop making me laugh, Shéamus. - Louis Gray
@Earl Wallace, in the Queen City - Matthew
I have a US address for iTunes...it's what I cut and paste form the U of W website. - Gregg Scott
Grew up there in CLT escaped in 1999 to the boondocks - earl wallace
I hate reading people Liking songs on FriendFeed. It has no value to me. - Gregg Scott
Also Hulu is a no go but the networks gladly sell their feeds to the canadian networks - Greg
Greg, you can hide any service on FriendFeed. You can block Last.fm and Pandora. - Louis Gray
some bands have official mp3 releases on their websites... i've added a few of those mp3 urls to blip.fm for my favorites - Chris Heath
I escaped for a while, I lived in Boone for about 8 years - Matthew
I thought last.fm stopped that particular paid model *shrug* - Tony Miller
So, Louis, Duke Nukem fan? - Shéa Bennett
I lived in Boone while at ASU for 2 quarters - earl wallace
0-4 - Louis Gray
on beautiful Cape Fear ---> - Chris Heath
seeqpod seems to be down now too. Dead or not-dead? - Doug Slater
Thanks Louis. I actually don't see much of it on FF. As long as a user writes a preamble to give the song context it has value. Just a link is meaningless as would be a TinyURL without an introduction. - Gregg Scott
This happens everytime a studio closes - Matthew
Leo she deserves a prize. - Gregg Scott
I use free software - Greg
Can I play the semi-completed Duke Nukem on my Kindle DX while dressed as a Vulcan and chatting to my 'girlfriend' on Google Voice? No? I thought this was tech? - Shéa Bennett
I would argue this value is lessened in the world of mobile computing. But I won't slam the sponsor. - Louis Gray
Alex looking at your www.TWiPlog.com site and the headings aren't centered. Is it hard to realign those design elments? - Gregg Scott
@louis eventually they'll launch "Go To My Cell Phone" - Tim Moore
But you shouldn't need it if you have a laptop. - Louis Gray
Leo's a hero. - Daniel Rowley
or "Go To My Home" - Matthew
You know her Skype ID too, Leo. - Gregg Scott
Leo I will take on of those Shiny Heil's - Tim Moore
say tricaster! - pmclem
I can't wait for GoToMyHouse. Great for late night's out. - Shéa Bennett
A new mixer - Greg
Yea she is - Chriz
Leo's flirtin with this chick - Tim Moore
Leo's puttin' on all the moves. - Shéa Bennett
Smooth operator. - Daniel Rowley
leo i could use a gotomyassist.com account... that citrix product is the bomb! - Chris Heath
I'd actually ask for that Mackie since he's about to drop it for a euphonix desk - Tim Moore
Yay! Lost again - Louis Gray
@Tim... .LOLz...and he can't even see what she looks like. HA! - .LAG liked that
Feel free to help out with this ep on the wiki http://wiki.twit.tv/wiki... - Phillip Stewart
i acutally have a gotmyassist account now, but not having to pay for it would be nice - Chris Heath
@LAG he's old, he doesn't care... - Tim Moore
hahahaha! - .LAG liked that
Wonder if Louis's router is disconnecting him - Greg
"Other participants of this game may receive the home version of this game for hours of product placement fun!" - Devon Blugh
possibly greg - Chris Heath
Scoble is the largest FF evangelist, much respect to LG! - .LAG liked that
Friendfeed rules - Josh Haley
It's starting to be a killer app - Charbax
http://threadedtweets.com - I launched this today. ;) - Colin
Love it, I do - D Lets
Ceph Aloha - Jason R
I'm on twit! - Josh Haley
FriendFeed's great! - Daniel Rowley
Yeah I love Threaded Tweets http://threadedtweets.com - Jeff
Love FF - Matthew
He defienately knows the FF dog and pony routine. - Tim Moore
http://tinyurl.com/qaphuk is this same conversation on ThreadedTweets. - Colin
Charbax, who is showing up as the first post now? :P - Phillip Stewart
Is Louis in a geological unstable area? Shakey cam - Jason R
Sorry Jason, I'll hold still - Louis Gray
Cool Colin!! - Jeff
great to see Louis on Twit - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I"m over overwhelm - D Lets
she doesn't participate - Josh Haley
Isn't Kim Kardashian the daughter of deceased former OJ Simpson attorney? - shelter watch
I still have not figured out FF - Jason R
I have about a 50% return - Matthew
I Hide all Tweets that don't have comments or likes.. - Jeff
hey Gunny - Josh Haley
I still prefer the old pop-out real-time widget. - Gregg Scott
Kim Kardashian is a waste of human skin - Tim Moore
me too Gregg Scott, I like the avatars and the speech bubbles - Matthew
thx to Micah's grease monkey script, all @ replies from twitter get hidden - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Thanks, Chris. My bad. - Louis Gray
What is the URL to see Scoble's feed stream? - Charbax
charbax: i just linked it up above - Chris Heath
Matthew. I prefer the social media icons, dialogue bubbles and font size. - Gregg Scott
Evening Dan!!! - Darren Rowley
friendfeed.com/username/friends - Chris Heath
Gregg Scott, there's a great greasemonkey script that brings back the social media icons - Matthew
Cool I wonder what bandwidth friendfeed is using per scobleizer/friends type stream - Charbax
Darren: howdy! - Daniel Rowley
Thx to Micah there's some great FF scripts - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I'm a newbie to Greasemonkey. It runs inside the Firefox browser, correct? - Gregg Scott
yes - Matthew
it's an addon - Matthew
FriendFeed is missing the easy @replies for people we are responding too. - Gregg Scott
what't the talkshoe thing - Jackson Pollock
talkshoe.com - Matthew
yeah I think some sort of @reply system on FF would be nice - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
i get that - Jackson Pollock
u need a us phone? - Jackson Pollock
there is a friendfeed iphone app - Tim Moore
http://fftogo.com is a great mobile app that's cross-platform. - Shéa Bennett
buddyfeed is the app - Tim Moore
Leo use the old pop-out widget for iPhone. http://friendfeed.com/realtim... - Gregg Scott
real-time on iphone will use bandwidth - Charbax
@reply for what? someones comment? - Tony Miller
threatened? amazon should be happy - Jackson Pollock
yeah, people either really want nested comments or really hate them - Tony Miller
Soon enough Android will tell you which supermarkets has cheapest food to buy - Charbax
and recommend you what to cook - Charbax
I do this already with my Treo 700p I'm always looking up stuff on amazon when I'm shopping - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I wish Sprint had an Android phone - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I wish Qik supported the G1. - Daniel Rowley
haha I came to the twit room on buddyfeed and the app crashed - Tim Moore
I like androids and food ;-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I wish it supported the Treo - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Thats if you make sure to install the critical update to the 32bit version BEFORE installing apps in it - Greg
hate that dog - Josh Haley
how u feeling Josh? still have thousand dragons throat? - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
well there's your problem. - Jackson Pollock
I've always suspected MS's paperclip 'helper' in Office was responsible for the boon in serial killers in the 1990s. "I see you're writing a ransom note..." - Shéa Bennett
You don't--it's gone, baby. Cut and paste or add to bookmarks... - Gregg Scott
bearable for now, but yeah still breathing fire. :p - Josh Haley
WinFS dead? - Jackson Pollock
no RSS is dead - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I used to scream at paperclip and smash fist down on keyboard. Search Puppy caught my wrath on more than one occasion as well - Tim Moore
gunny; how's that? i'd say it's more alive than ever - Jackson Pollock
a throw back to yesterday's gilmor gang show - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
had to be there I guess :p - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
You're better off if you weren't, Gunny. - Louis Gray
jackson, he was referring to gilmor gang yesterday - ralphsaunders
yea, considering podcasting is all rss - Jackson Pollock
everything - ralphsaunders
still at like a panther stage - Jackson Pollock
maybe puma - Jackson Pollock
Firefox is dead; long live Chrome. - Shéa Bennett
I love the idea of SquareSpace but the design elements aren't quite there yet in the sites I've looked at. Very close though. - Gregg Scott
I like windows7 when i'm forced to be on windows. Vista, not so much. A lot of screaming and smash fist down on keyboard repeatedly - Tim Moore
The RC will expire on June 1, 2010. Starting on March 1, 2010, your PC will begin shutting down every two hours. - Darren Rowley
Wish chromium would come - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
brian daniel eisenberg should talk about the atom processor like he said before the show - Chris Heath
Douglas Bowman being hired at Twitter is quite a development. - Gregg Scott
I'm running WIndows 7 on my Netbook and Q1 and both perform better than the original XP. - Jim Lavin
but they did start over though, in 2005. they began all over again with vista code - Jackson Pollock
2004* - Jackson Pollock
He's lying! - Tim Moore
Woo pageviews are up today :D - ralphsaunders
A swedish company took Google Chrome, took the code and fixed it's holes and gives it free..Iron - earl wallace
looks like the 9 cell battery not the 6 - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
@Gunny I agree - Tim Moore
my 3 cell Wind gets 3 hrs - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
turn off push and pull dude - Tim Moore
i get really good battery life on my iphone - Chris Heath
Skype died again so I'm all done. :) - Louis Gray
really? - ralphsaunders
My G1 OS updated this week, it's fantastic. - Daniel Rowley
your not going to come back them louis - ralphsaunders
Poor Louis... - Jim Lavin
I REALLY want an Android phone - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Thanks for your participation Louis. - Gregg Scott
Good job Louis; next time let the other guys get a word in. - Shéa Bennett
that sucks Louis - Matthew
rokr? think that was suppose to be razr - Jackson Pollock
@Louis Gray, you should start your own podcast - Matthew
Louis should do a 19 minute podcast. - Daniel Rowley
1st gen iPhones... Turn off Location services! - Tommy Bevins
i've had days where i forgot to pause the ipod on my iphone when i unplugged the jack ... it didn't put audio out on the speaker, but kept running the songs and it ran down the battery by the early afternoon... - Chris Heath
No Motorola had the first phone that worked with iTunes called the Rocker - Jim Lavin
That's was hilarious, Daniel Rowley! - Gregg Scott
3G I never use. WiFi always on. I browse internet about 20 minutes a day, I do about 15 minutes of talking a day, send about 30 sms a day. Maybe an hour of ipod a day. Lasts me 2-3 days on one charge. - Jackson Pollock
zephyrlily i disagree... i like having an all-in-one device - Chris Heath
my phone is a phone, but my iPod Touch is awesome - Matthew
Maybe we will start a podcast. Hmmmm - Louis Gray
@Louis Gray, keep us posted Louis - Matthew
Droppin Science with Louis Gray - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
zephyrlily i get 1.5-2 days on my iphone - Chris Heath
this week in friendfeed? - Tim Moore
The Gray Area with Louis Gray - Matthew
but most of the time i just recharge the iphone overnight so i'm topped off - Chris Heath
My 1st Gen iPod Touch battery will die based on WiFi use but mostly my screen brightness setting. - Gregg Scott
no sephyrilily - Matthew
zep; nop - Jackson Pollock
zephyrlily, you can get a battery pack case... i don't have one - Chris Heath
The Blackberry outsold the Iphone but different markets and cultures. - earl wallace
Louis count me in if you want a co-host - Jim Lavin
earl... blackberry has a buyonegetone deal - Chris Heath
Droppin' Science and Skype Calls with Louis Gray. - Daniel Rowley
@carlosgustavo I'll follow ya as soon as I get of TWIT, OK? - D Lets
so they didn't make that much money but moved twice as many units as they would have normally - Chris Heath
don't cha just love irish - Jackson Pollock
@carlosgustavo i would follow you but it's all in some lanquage I cannot read ;) - Tim Moore
sue. you shouldn't sue. americans always want to sue. they're pro consumer, not pro company. - Jackson Pollock
USA I believe is the most litigious country in the world - Greg
Possible topic: Myspace Megan Meyers federal legislation? - shelter watch
if we didn't have lawyers we wouldn't need lawyers - Jackson Pollock
How would someone gain credentials to be a "software expert witness"? - earl wallace
740 - Greg
@leolaporte It's really not that long it didn't really start till 3:40 - D Lets
---- End Of Show --- ] - ralphsaunders
Feel free to Subscribe to me on FF or follow me on Twitter. @greggscott - Gregg Scott
TWiT 194 - This Week in Trek - the volunteer edition - Chris Heath
good show, good shoe....well done Leo & Co. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Nice Title Chris! - Gregg Scott
Chris you need to post that on IRC. - Gregg Scott
Goodnight!... oh, not me! - Daniel Rowley
good show. liked using FF as the backchannel... - .LAG liked that
Quickly turned sound off to not hear the spoilers. :P - Phillip Stewart
@LAG yeah FF works for me I hate the IRC channels - Tim Moore
twit just had a Moment of Win - Josh Haley
This my best TWIT ever! - earl wallace
I like GN DN - Tim Moore
Chris I pimped your title in IRC. - Gregg Scott
the red shirt always gets it...right away - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
dammit! GNDN.COM is already taken. - Tim Moore
It was a great episode! The caller interaction must be part of the show now. - Justin Luey
they said wynona rider was spock's mom a year ago - Chris Heath
red shirt guy thread on friendfeed via kshep: http://friendfeed.com/kshep... - Chris Heath
the red shirt guy always got it - Chris Heath
Leo you have to control this chat room - D Lets
6 hours - Charbax
@leolaporte It's really not that long it didn't really start till 3:40 - D Lets
The chat on friendfeed will eventually be filtered by "likes" when they add likes for comments and provide filters in real-time to only show liked commentors - Charbax
still just about 2 hours - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I have been using the TWITTY app and its pretty good! - earl wallace
poor Brian...gonna explode! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
My husband will know who the heck Rachel is - Rachel
the updated Twitterrific iPhone apps is very nice - Matthew
lol rachel - Chris Heath
i use LaTWiT - Chris Heath
cya friendfeeders... i'll bbl - Chris Heath
Adios! - Daniel Rowley
Becky for the motherflippin win - Matthew
COOL - Charbax
Becky + Dvorak + Molly is cool - Charbax
Tahnks Leo! I did'nt think FF would work for me but it's really nice! - earl wallace
Hope they have the wine for next week :) - Harvey Birdman
Thanks for having me on. That was awesome! - Rachel
It was great chatting/posting with all of you.good night - earl wallace
Where was Ozzy today? - shelter watch
Thank you for an interesting show today. - Ed Boutros
awesome show today Leo! For being fairly last minute i think it turned out great. - Chris Heath
Dunno if anybody's reading these after the fact, but something at least tech-related in the Star Trek discussion...slight spoiler contained...Cryptic is working on an ST MMO, set about 50 years after Voyager I believe. Anyway, they have been updating their news feed once or twice a week with a story called "The Path to 2409," (http://www.startrekonline.com/fiction) which follows the... more... - David E. Mullins
Just listened via podcast. Love the TalkShoe integration, Leo! - casey wright
Yeah, worked out really well. - Roberto Bonini
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