For all those who purchased the #nexusone and trying it out - is it what you expected? Complaints? Praise?
Still evaluating the #nexusone - looks like I'll be getting one soon
3 calls later, @verizon confirms #nexusone not supported: "we can't set it up" no timeframe, when available, $60/mo data, 5GB limit, tether
Happy New Year!
About to brave SFO theater of the absurd to pick up my kids beyond security. WML Super excited for a week: pizza, games, hikes, art, movies
Leonhardt: major health care reconciliation issues/ Senate and House versions compared
Copenhagen 1st-hand account "China wrecked the Copenhagen deal" + "profound shift in global geopolitics"
"haste to ensure compliance with procedures that are inconsistent,inarticulable, TSA has hastened likelihood of failure"
@jtag consumers account highly for social costs, PWYL does work for highly-visible, social+pride-driven purchases, not for anonymous buys
Tonight is the 7 year anniversary party of @CreativeCommons Donations to support open licenses here:
theoretical economic framework that captures seller and consumer behaviors w/ pay-what-you-like sponsorship @charityfocus
live stream started #tedxsv regal music from an unknown tab somewhere on my laptop!
wow. ~300Million unemployed youth in africa and india combined. almost the entire US population. #tedxsv Leila Janah on digital work
@timoreilly: ... *some* Humans may be born with an urge to help. :)
Mars Methane Mystery: minuscule measurements from meteors, maybe made by Martian multicellular methods? cool.
I'm looking for a google wave invite. Anyone got an extra?
@bramcohen + sed and grep
contemptible, second-hand, third-rate innuendo-mongering driving rumor mills and freaks. dangerous and deceptive.
ECMAScript version 5 released, the language that brings interactivity to the web. History, context from Douglas Crockford
TSA bumps the "illusion of security" to the next level releasing redacted procedures without obscuring sensitive text LOL
The more I see Al Franken, the more I see "Statesman" and not "Politician". Video covers gross health inequity for women
I declare cookie bankruptcy (delete all my browser cookies) about once a month now. discussion on /. about Google opt-out
So our Martian would be mystified and our honored dead distressed. And we, the living? WSJ coverage on financial mess.
MIT has a project to win the $40K DARPA network challenge Details: (via /.)
Games/Simulations will get so good they will become training tools. 60MM budget +
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