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Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller

Weather. Friends. Computers. Gardens. Handwork.
The magic incantation for me to get Jasmine running was to roll Rack back from 1.2.1 to 1.0.1. On to @alexch's learn_javascript later.
rake jasmine ... rake aborted! can't convert Array into String Still trying to boot up the test framework. is winning JS testing for low barrier to entry and good examples. Wonder if the right irc channel would change my mind.
Okay, which testing framework for JS unit tests from Ant? Or hand-roll something around JUnit and Rhino? Platform, platform, platform...
Which Twitter client is most like #oldtwitter? I feared this day was coming.
Is #oldtwitter no more? 403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.
Caesar cipher cartoon captions courtesy of @scottmccloud -- DSZG GSV UFXP??:
I was in a physics class at the University of Washington when I heard the first whispers about the Challenger space shuttle accident.
Wheels down SEA.
Awaiting departure OAK-SEA.
.@dsaff I'd be pleased to see an elaboration of ("Very very simple releases in bash"). Bootstrapping can be sticky.
.@gdinwiddie @testobsessed : Ask @vydra about his favorite screen sharing options for remote pairing.
. @agilemeister We're on. I'll wear a brown felt hat with an orange band.
Off to midafternoon lunch on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland.
New accessory for the digital book: add-on projector to display its contents on a blank wall as a bookcase. Prototype as a screensaver.
Wheels down OAK.
Sea-Tac departure lounge. Why doesn't Android Market work with the free wi-fi?
.@chanezon @ikai Maybe App Engine needs some OS-kun or OS-tan to cross the cuteness chasm.
Heading to the SF Bay Area tomorrow evening for a short visit Fri-Mon.
My CamelCase fixture classname was wikified. UnLike. Fix:
Still fighting the FitNesse classpath. Guess I better dig into the documentation and find out why it can't see my test classes.
Enjoyed @JPBarlow's Adult Principles. Happy he thought them worth repeating.
Slushy and drizzly in Seattle. In Fremont, @theochocolate is at work. A flotilla of diving ducks patrols the canal under the drawbridge.
Yes, I'm waiting for a compile. Why do you ask?
RT @NASAKepler: Kepler to announce new planet finding to public on Mon, Jan. 10, 12:30PM PST live from Seattle. Join us!
Surprised to see a hummingbird singing from a treetop in Seattle. Granted it's not freezing now, but it has been recently.
Wonder if @marick would agree that the central act in Atlas Shrugged reflects envy of the power of the general strike?
Via @may_gun : an epic cardigan sweater, with the history of Cardigan.
I am very angry with the Android twitter client for not letting me post w/o location.
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