Unconvincing argument re the second amendment. #skepticamp
@rmathematicus @lippard Not a hope. Your head would have exploded.
@lippard I remain skeptical. #SkeptiCamp
@lippard my thoughts exactly. #SkeptiCamp
@lippard my thoughts exactly @skepticamp
@lippard Can't help but thing that there may be some bad history on the way ...
@lippard @MagicTony Same here. But I'm following the gist of what's going on. #skepticamp #SkeptiCamp
RT @lippard: Doubt is the engine of inquiry. #skepticamp
RT @skepticamp: A rainy day in Tempe for Arizona’s second event (and our 60th overall). Watch at http://magictony.blogspot.com/2013... #skepticampphx #SkeptiCamp
@edyong209 and the great thing is that it’s not just the Americans getting amped up about SCIENCE!
RT @MagicTony: MT @favillapsych: Ever mash the crosswalk button hoping the light will change faster? Many public buttons are placebos: http://youarenotsosmart.com/2010...
So true! He’s going to edit a volume as well. RT @Melinda_Baldwin: I think all conferences should have an official conference dog!
RT @TetZoo: Seems official #LonesomeGeorge died 8am today. @DeepFriedDNA reminds me DNA of Pinta #tortoises still present elsewhere http://www.cell.com/current...
@DavidQuammen And great to get to chat with you that evening around the bonfire. Sorry we didn't have more time.
@DavidQuammen Let's remember what happened to that other Man for All Seasons.
The future will remember Wilson as a scientist and Dawkins as a footnote. RD has been a polemicist for some time now. http://www.guardian.co.uk/science...
Back from Tyndallpalooza with @darwinsbulldog @Melinda_Baldwin @dan_zizzamia and @DavidQuammen among others. Fun and productive work.
RT @ASU: Tom Brokaw on Twitter, texting, etc: "It will do us little good to wire the world when we have short-circuited our souls." #asugraduation
RT @ASU: "The 21st century will be the century of women. A gender revolution is underway." - @tombrokaw to the Class of 2012 at #asugraduation.
Early 2012 Legislative Action - http://blog.jmlynch.org/2012...
Early 2012 Legislative Action http://blog.jmlynch.org/2012...
RT @kyrstensinema: Disappointed that AZ is again at the front lines in the #waronwomen Legislature should say NO 2 HB2625 that attacks women's healthcare
RT @dr_grzanka: Knowledge is not a guarantee of good behavior, but ignorance is a virtual guarantee of bad behavior. -Nussbaum
RT @jasonrosepr: Monti's la casa vieja restaurant owner michael monti shocks in #tempe mayoral contest tonight as top vote getter over mark mitchell
RT @kranstin: What's the difference between a corporation, a fertilized egg, and a woman? One of them isn't considered a person in Oklahoma!
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