JMowery on The History of Might and Magic -
"Here's a really deep and interesting look at the history behind the wonderful Might and Magic series." - James Mowery
JMowery on HELP First driving ticket -
"Once got pulled over doing 60 in a 25 (in a school zone). I received a warning for reckless driving. I was insanely lucky. This happened about 9 years ago. Moral of the story: I've never been pulled over since then." - James Mowery
JMowery on What is your favorite note taking app? -
"[Simplenote]( has been a winner for me over the past two years — free, cross platform, and supports iPhone 6 Plus really well." - James Mowery
JMowery on Does YouTube work for shit on iPhone for anyone else? -
"The YouTube app really isn't up to snuff. Simple things like removing multiple videos from a playlist is frustrating. Sometimes taps won't register on the playlist view (to access additional options to, for example, add a video to Watch Later). That being said, I haven't really had any serious issues with the video quality itself. Every once in a great while I'll get a video that won't load, but other than that, it seems to work okay." - James Mowery
JMowery on Noise from rumbling of my neighbors truck, EVERYDAY -
"That really sucks. I moved recently out of an apartment complex because of upstairs noise, so I genuinely feel for you. First off, yes, there are laws in place that prevent such things. However, I'm not a law expert. I was looking into this, but since I was in an apartment complex — which is private property — and the sound was resonating from within the same private property, I don't think there's anything that could have been done. But with houses... it's different. Do your research. Go here to view Chesapeake city ordinances for noise: Search "noise" and see what you come up with. I already found several ordinances that apply to vehicle noise and to noise in general that could possibly apply to your situation, and you can let your neighbors know they are breaking the law. Before you go have a serious chat with your problem neighbor: talk with all of the surrounding neighbors and make sure all of you are on the same page..." - James Mowery
JMowery on Official Twitter app vs Tweetbot vs Twitterrific - what do you use and why? -
"I use Tweetbot. I swear by it. Its support for lists is what keeps me around. OT: It seems Twitter is quite hellbent on ruining third-party applications. It should not shock anyone if in a few years there are no third-party Twitter clients — just one official Twitter app for platforms (like Facebook). Twitter would be motivated to do this so they can control the user experience and, most importantly, **advertising**." - James Mowery
JMowery on Any cool tricks you know of? -
"A lot of people don't realize that the built in photos app is a fairly capable photo editing tool. Photos app > view a photo > tap edit > tap the dial icon on the very bottom > edit away! — [Visual Reference](" - James Mowery
JMowery on Anyone know any good RPG games, things like Goblin Sword -
"Here's a few recommendations, some free and some paid: * [Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic]( * [Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut]( * [Bauldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition]( * [Hoplite]( * [Adventure To Fate Battle Arena](" - James Mowery
JMowery on beats vs spotify -
"I've actually been bouncing between Spotify, Beats, Google Music, and now I'm on Rhapsody. All these companies keep offering free three-month trials (I usually find those deals on Slickdeals), and I just keep jumping on them. (Admittedly, Rhapsody has one of the worst interfaces out of the bunch.) By the time my Rhapsody trial is up, I'm hoping that Apple announces their new music thing and I can see if it's worth the money. Tighter integration with the iPhone sound interesting in theory. Beyond that, at this point I'd have to say Spotify takes the win purely because it's the easiest to navigate and manage, and it seems to have all the music I could ever want." - James Mowery
JMowery on TouchID Problems on iPhone 6 Plus -
"Thanks for responding! I was thinking it was time for me to take this in to get checked. Did they fight you on it when you took it into the store? Or did they acknowledge there's an issue?" - James Mowery
JMowery on Calling all FIFA gamers and soccer enthusiasts! -
"/u/killerb54 This sounds like it was fun. Have any pictures of the event?" - James Mowery
JMowery on Average rent and utilities? -
"No problem at all! And, yes, [spreadsheets are cool](! :D" - James Mowery
JMowery on Average rent and utilities? -
"P.S. I would very strongly recommend Chesapeake as opposed to Portsmouth. Suffolk (which is where I recently moved to) also has potential if you're looking to rent a house, and some potential for apartments. P.P.S. I've crunched a ton of numbers on this (as you can see from my prior post), so I consider myself a bit of an expert from all the crazy amount of research I've done on apartment living around the area. So if you ever have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message on here and I can surely help you out a bit more." - James Mowery
JMowery on Average rent and utilities? -
"In some newer, two-bedroom apartments in Chesapeake with heat pumps I've had electricity bills around $50 - $85 for the whole year. Rent was around $1200 - $1225 for two bedroom. One bedroom apartments are probably anywhere from $150 - $300 less per month. I created and maintained a spreadsheet over the past two or so years with apartments in the area (though I haven't updated it in a few months) focused in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. It's just my personal experiences with viewings and research. I haven't really cleaned it up for public viewing, so don't expect much, but maybe it'll help you or someone else in some way:" - James Mowery
JMowery on TouchID Problems on iPhone 6 Plus -
"/u/SickMyDucky - Curious if you ever got this issue resolved? I'm experiencing the same thing. My iPhone 5s never had this many problems getting my thumb print. Now that I've upgraded to the 6 Plus it seems like I'm having to wipe the fingerprint sensor every two or three uses to get it to take." - James Mowery
JMowery on Now that the iPhone is really holding my attention, can you point me in a direction -
"Check out the following podcasts: * [Night Attack]( - Comedy. Always makes me laugh. I just got into this a few weeks ago and haven't regretted it since. * [Reply All]( - A take on tech in an intriguing way; the production value is the best I've ever heard, and each episode is around 10 - 15 minutes. * [TWiT]( & [Macbreak Weekly]( - The best for tech and Apple, respectively. * [ScrewAttack - SideScrollers]( - I haven't listened in a long time because, you know, life, but this used to be my favorite video game podcast network. Check out SideScrollers in particular. I'm also interested in picking up a few more podcasts to listen to that I might not have listened to before, so I'm interested to see what others suggest." - James Mowery
JMowery on What's on your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus today? Must get recommendations? -
"There's tons of great stuff for iPhone 6 Plus: * [Todoist]( (best productivity app I've ever used with support for every platform) * [Simplenote]( (perfect for note taking with a solid sync engine) * [Flipboard]( (initially disappointed over Zite acquisition, but the improvements are finally winning me over) * [Instapaper]( (for saving and reading articles) * [Pocket Casts]( (superb pod catcher and works seamlessly with Chromecast) * [Fantastical]( (calendar app with great landscape support) * [Alto's Adventure]( (such a beautiful and relaxing game) * [Motorsport Manager]( (beautiful game, and great if you like motor sports/management) * [Pinswift]( (insanely useful if you use [Pinboard]( I have an even more thorough..." - James Mowery
JMowery on Finally managed to run this game on my 2010 MacBook Pro... Thanks to the resolution mod :) -
"/u/Leinna Do you happen to know how to measure your frames-per-second performance in CS? I'm on a 2012 MBP with Retina, and it's hard for me to judge if I'm getting good or bad performance at times." - James Mowery
JMowery on Bug Reporting Thread -
"I also just noticed this. I agree that, at a bare minimum, the folder should be placed in ~/Documents. (Bonus points if we could eventually customize the location.)" - James Mowery
JMowery on Bug Reporting Thread -
"On Mac, the middle mouse button to rotate and tilt the camera stops working. You can continue to use the mouse wheel to scroll, but clicking in the middle mouse button in stops registering. I'm using a logitech mouse. It sometimes happens when switching out of the application and switching back. But it also happens randomly after playing for awhile. I'm using a 2012 Retina Macbook Pro with an Nvidia GT 650M." - James Mowery
JMowery on Bug Reporting Thread -
"I'm also experiencing something similar that might be related. It also applies to rotation for me. I've resorted to binding memorable keys for rotation and tilt in the meantime." - James Mowery
JMowery on You Can't Easily Place Buildings on the Inner Side of Curved Roads -
"When you try to place buildings on the inner side of curved roads, it's extremely difficult, if not impossible. I'm always placing buildings on the outside of curves, which sometimes doesn't fit what I want to accomplish. The game could solve this by moving the building back from the road a bit more to compensate for the curved road, but it currently doesn't do this. It just says that it can't be built. Does this bother anyone else?" - James Mowery
JMowery on Can my MacBook Air run this? -
"It's a bit of an uphill battle with a MBP with Retina and a dedicated Nvidia GT 650M. I imagine if you could get it to work it would be with the lowest possible settings and only a tiny city." - James Mowery
JMowery on Skipping audio? -
"I've also heard stuttering with the audio. Using a MBP with Retina with Nvidia GT650M." - James Mowery
JMowery on What are you playing to kill time till release? -
"I've been staring at my Steam library for days, trying to play any game. Any game at all. CKII, EUIV, XCOM, ETS2, FM 2015... I can't do it. I just look and have no interest in opening up another game. I just dwell on it, and then move on to watching videos or streams of CS." - James Mowery
JMowery on Congratulations, Colossal Order, you have made me pre-order a game for the first time. -
"This is only the third game in my life I've ever pre-ordered: Gran Turismo 3, Grand Theft Auto V, and now Cities: Skylines. I just sincerely hope it runs well on a Retina Macbook Pro." - James Mowery
JMowery on Best Steakhouses around HR? -
"I can vouch for Aberdeen's Barn. But it's expensive. Texas Roadhouse is good but only on the weekends (steak quality is worse on weekdays for some reason)." - James Mowery
JMowery on Why does the entire world hate my last name? -
"Yup. :)" - James Mowery
JMowery on Why does the entire world hate my last name? -
"If you know, is there a logical reason for that... or is it just because?" - James Mowery
JMowery on Are Apple's App-Specific Passwords Broken for Two-Factor Authentication? -
"Seriously? What's with the attitude? I'm asking if anyone else has had similar problems. No need to be a jerk about it." - James Mowery
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