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Joanna Burridge

Joanna Burridge

1st Year Student at University of Leicester. Biological Sciences (Physiology with Pharmacology)
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#MyDiary 31/03/2011
The week has seemed emptier than usual as I don't have any practicals this week it's strange only having one more hour of uni this term but also somewhat of a relief as it will be good to have the break. I enjoyed yesterday's #BS1006 lecture about renal function etc as it reinforced my A-level knowledge and I'm looking forward to the next one tomorrow. I'm away for the weekend :) but have monday and tuesday next week to wait before I go home for the holidays so I intend to start a bit of revision and assess what I need to focus on - Joanna Burridge
BBC iPlayer - The Truth About Lions: The Social Cat -
Thought this is good for #BS1013 as we had a video lecture about why lions are social and this is a very similar more recent documentary about it - Joanna Burridge from Bookmarklet
i watched that last night, i thought it was really good :D - Ismahane Messahel
Yeah its almost exactly the same - i made some decent notes this time! - Joanna Burridge
I'm not doing the same module as you, so i only watched it for the sake of it lol, but i'm glad to hear that you got some good notes. I'm also pretty jealous that one of your lectures was to do with lions :P sounds very interesting indeed :D - Ismahane Messahel
#MyDiary 24/03/2011
It's been a good week had practical 3 of the physiology practicals today found taking blood pressure and getting the ECG done really interesting. As I had an hr or so between the end of the practical and the lecture at 12pm I got the last #BS1011 assessment done which was great. I'm having some difficulty with my module choices as I want to stay with physiology and pharmacology but can't decide which additional modules I want to do alongside the compulsory ones. I'd like to do infection and immunity but need to do microbiology I and II to do so and I'm not sure I'll enjoy them :/ hopefully I'll see my personal tutor next week to get some advice - Joanna Burridge
Biodiversity's ills not all down to climate change : Nature News -
I think this is very topical at the moment as conservation and climate change begin to dominate the media and it's very relevent to #BS1008 in which we have discussed biodiversity and conservation. I particularly like the Q&A format of this Nature News article as it makes the whole article more approachable and outlines clearly what each paragraph is about by means of the question at the start - Joanna Burridge from Bookmarklet
#MyDiary 18/03/2011
It's been a busy week for me despite the drop in the number of uni hours partly due to various sporting and social events which was welcome after a tough first half of the semester. Work has also been going well I've made provisional 2nd and 3rd year module choices I've been reassured by our current #BS1006 module that physiology and pharmacology is for me as it's really interesting and its good that I do get a couple of modules to choose along with the core modules for my specialisation. Need to arrange a personal tutor meeting to finalise my choices. I do want my #BS1009 essay and practical book back now that some people have them but will have to patient. Can't believe only two weeks until easter holidays! - Joanna Burridge
I know that our #BS1009 practical books will be returned via our pigeon holes but how do we get the essay back?
Same way I thought.. - Paul Allen
BBC - Wildlife Finder - Flat-tailed geckos facts, pictures & stunning videos -
BBC - Wildlife Finder - Flat-tailed geckos facts, pictures & stunning videos
Today in our #BS1008 lecture community ecology was discussed including the use of cryptic colouration by organisms to escape detection by predators or their prey. These flat tailed geckos show incredible camouflage by imitating the leaf litter of the forest floor. They may also imitate leaf bark. - Joanna Burridge from Bookmarklet
How the penis lost its spikes : Nature News -
I'm sure everyone will have to have a little laugh at this article despite its scientific basis - it concerns how humans evolved to develop bigger brains and in the case of men smooth penises (they used to be spikey!) Apparantly its down to a change in lifestyle in ancient humans from polygamy to a more monogamous one. I think this is relevent to #BS1008 in which we have been discussing mating strategies and parental care - Joanna Burridge from Bookmarklet
#MyDiary 11/03/2011
Well I've enjoyed this week so much more compared to the last! I'm looking forward to the first relatviely work free weekend I've had in a while. The timetable is much easier and I'm finding both modules really interesting at the moment I particularly enjoyed the physiology practical. I've just completed the #BS1011 assessment full marks! I had some trouble with the last three questions last night and decided to revisit them today and realised that I needed to construct a formula for each cell so I had the exact numbers which meant my chi square values were no longer zero thankfully. I feel I can relax a bit now which is great especially as I'm giving blood for the first time later today :) - Joanna Burridge
#MyDiary 06/03/2011
It's been nice to hand in all the various essays and reports that have been due in this last week I've only got one more paragraph and the conclusion for my microbiology essay left although I also have the whole of the last animal and plant physiology report to do :/ looking forward to what will hopefully be a more relaxed half of the semester as the timetable becomes less packed - Joanna Burridge
#MyDiary 26/02/2011
Can't wait to complete this next week so the timetable gets easier - and in theory all my essays will be done too! Its been a bit of a rough week and I don't really feel I can relax for the weekend either as we have so much work. Hopefully it will be worth it. In terms of the uni week its been ok #BS1005 is really interesting me at the moment - I think that bacteria are more interesting after all - Joanna Burridge
The better to eat you with: functional correlates of tooth structure in bats - Santana - 2011 - Functional Ecology - Wiley Online Library -
This article relates to the recent lectures in #BS1013 concerning animal jaws and teeth and their link to the animal's diet. The focus of this article (bats) is interesting because bats have a varied diet including insects/fruit/nectar so their teeth and jaws will vary according to their diet - Joanna Burridge from Bookmarklet
#MyDiary 19/02/2011
Think its an 8/10 for me this week practicals have been well timed and relatively stress free and the lectures have bee good too. I was glad that I went to the #BS1011 help session in the end and I also went to the genetics help session too as it seemed logical when I had the hour between the IT help session and the microbiology lecture. Will be trying to get as much as possible done this weekend to ease the stress that I otherwise get in the week - Joanna Burridge
Dumped drugs lead to resistant microbes : Nature News -
This article shows the incredible ability of bacteria to not only develop resistance to antibiotics but to confer the resistance to other bacteria via the use of plasmids which we covered in the last #BS1005 lecture. Its incredible that the exchange of plasmids occurs in running water with so many environmental factors involved when in the #BS1005 practical we had to heat shock our bacteria in calcium chloride to induce plasmid uptake - Joanna Burridge from Bookmarklet
don't really understand why I'm wrong in some questions for the first #BS1011 assessment I can technically see why but why would you include the cells that had words in them in a calculation?? I omitted them and consquently was marked wrong for 'not the simplest formula' reason which has annoyed me a bit
Come and talk to me on Thursday and look at the examples in the Excel II folder on Bb. - Dr Alan Cann from iPhone
Thursday is a busy day for me so it will be difficult to see you then Dr Cann - I could always speak to you about it in a Monday help session which I am finding increasingly necessary to attend now. Its not a huge problem I was just curious but from speaking to course mates it seems that including the word containing cells makes no difference to the end answer so that's the reason I was wrong - Joanna Burridge
The human genome at ten : Article : Nature -
There are several more articles, reviews and editorials on the Nature website concerning the decade since the human genome was sequenced. Its very relevent to the #BS1005 module and this one considers the impact of the acheivment. It is surprising that although some drugs have been developed to target genetic defects that cause cancer and disorders, the clinical application that the human genome sequencing promised has not been fulfilled as yet - Joanna Burridge from Bookmarklet
#MyDiary 12/02/2011
The week has gone well nothing too taxing except the constant reminders of all the work that we have to do :/ I've started by animal and plant physiology essay and have prepared most of my presentation for monday. And on top of that there's the lab write up and the excel exercise which looks extremely time consuming. Lectures remain interesting and the practicals have been more relaxed this semester. I'm planning a weekend of work but I will have a welcome break today as a friend is making an unexpected visit to Leicester to see me for a few hours :) - Joanna Burridge
Does anyone know the volume of the cuvettes we used in the #BS1013 practical? Only you need it for one of the calculations
Hmmm not sure, because they weren't the normal 1cm ones were they =S ... - Rachel Bell
no they weren't they're called like semi micro cuvettes I looked them up but still not sure on a definite volume value - Joanna Burridge
For anyone that's had a similar problem I've been told by Dr Borg that you use the supernatent volume in part 2) of A3 which is 5.0ml - Joanna Burridge
Neuroscience: Root of resilience under stress : Nature : Nature Publishing Group -
The impact of genes (#BS10015) in all aspects of life is shown in this article which shows that genetic differences in two strains of mice resulted in less or more of a specific protein that confers greater stress resilience being produced, and that individuals with less than normal levels succumbed more easily to stress. This kind of research makes you realise how genes affect even personality traits such as stress response. - Joanna Burridge from Bookmarklet
I've completed the #BS1011 excel assessment and it keeps coming up with a 'Session Error' box. Don't understand why. Also the assessment status is 'Needs Grading' - is this right? Only all the assessments in the previous module were graded instantly
Can't help on the error front, but I imagine the needs grading is correct, as each persons excel will need marking my Dr Cann, so will take a while to get a grade back =) - Laura
The first two assignments need to be marked by Dr Cann manually, so there isn't a mark created automatically. When do you get the session error? - Dr Jo Badge from iPod
Ah ok I did assume they'd need grading and I get the session error when I pressed 'Ok to see results'. The results came up fine but the error box did too. - Joanna Burridge
#MyDiary - 02/02/2011
The first few days have gone well introductory lectures always get you back into study mode easily. I think the genes lecture today has been my favourite so far as mutations and their consequences interest me. I enjoyed the microbiology practical despite mutilating a few of the agar plates when streaking practice makes perfect! I'm aware of the impending workload - 3 essays in four weeks! I find it odd that some people have already been set their Animal and Plant Physiology essays while others like me have to wait until to next week. Tomorrow is going to be difficult as I don't like having to be in uni 9am to 6pm but hopefully it should be ok - Joanna Burridge
do we need to learn all the amino acids for #BS1015? Structures etc? Seems a lot :/
Tired bees make poor dancers:
Had to post this one Dr Mallon loves bees and Dr Gornall mentioned the waggle dance only yesterday in the #BS1012 lecture. It seems sleep deprivation affects bees and people alike. Here it's been found that sleep deprivation affects bees' ability to indicate the direction of the food source via the waggle dance although the ability to communicate the distance seems unaffected by sleep deprivation - Joanna Burridge
I posted a similar article yesterday from New Scientist, there seems to be a lot about the Bee's waggle dance and its poor communication! Its great though, especially when it keeps cropping up in #BS1012 - Paul Allen
Yeah its one of the things that ties the module together as it links an animal and many plants - Joanna Burridge
completed the last #BS1010 assessment just now - module completed! (almost anyway :D ) - when I saw it was logs I thought I was in for a long one but it was surprisingly straight forward :)
#FridayReflection What is the most important thing I have learned this term?
I think the important thing for me is to get help when I need it. This has been particularly evident in my confusion about equilibrium and lack of effort to get it resolved which has probably resulted in me missing my chance by not going to a help session. If a similar situation arises (and it probably will!) of me not understanding something I will be much more likely to go to any available help session. Hopefully in the meantime I can begin to understand equilibrium better on my own - Joanna Burridge
Scorpions glow in the dark to detect moonlight -
I keep finding articles related to flourescence the #BS1015 presentation sparked my interest initially. In this case, unlike the permanent presence of GFP in Aequorea victoria, the flourescent product these scorpions produce degrades after a small space of time. It is almost like a body clock as when the scorpions can detect their own flourescence they know that it is dark and that it is safer for them to come out and hunt - Joanna Burridge
Video microscopy reveals molecules in motion:
This technique called stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) microscopy allows the motion of molecules to be seen without the need for flourescent probes - watch the videos of 'a mouse's sebaceous gland and real-time blood flow' they are amazing. This reminded me of my #BS1015 presentation as I did GFP and how there is a constant need to develop better ways of viewing molecules - Joanna Burridge
is nearly half way through revising Dr Rawlings lectures on organic chemistry for the #CH1070 multi choice exam - not too bad so far :)
same here, but still a lot more to do if i'm going to be finished on time - Neil Nathwani
I know but thinking positive at the moment else I'd just give up :D - Joanna Burridge
I've tried every method possible but cannot get the answers for two of the equilibrium multi choice questions for #CH1070 :( wish I'd made it to the help session. I get the other questions but cannot get to the answers they say are correct for these two questions >:(
#FridayReflection Google Reader - addiction or annoyance? How many feeds are you subscribed to on Google Reader and how often do you go there? Could you live without it?
I'm not subscribed to enough really which is why I spend ages going through the ones I am to find something suited to my level of knowledge. I think I will subscribe to some of the suggested ones which will hopefully make it easier. I find using it ok it is good when something relevant comes up and you can link it in to the course - Joanna Burridge
Did you seed the list of feeds I suggested earlier? - Dr Alan Cann
Yes I did thanks :) - Joanna Burridge
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