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3 Reasons You Should Stop Seeking Validation via @write_practice
"The Business Rusch: Stand Up For Yourself via @kristinerusch
"RedBoox – Bread, Milk, Bestseller" via @hughhowey
How to Decide Which Content to Sell and What to Give Away for Free via @copyblogger
RT @Melcom1: This came as a total surprise but Deadly Dozen has it's 6th week on USA Today! Whoot, whoot, whoot. #146...
"These startups are disrupting the publishing industry" via @wired #lbf14
Awake early buzzing with #lbf14 energy & excited about filming around London today :) day in the life of an author!
Neurocomic: A Graphic Novel About How the Brain Works"
"The Notecard System: The Key For Remembering, Organizing & Using Everything You Read via @RyanHoliday
Game changing #lbf14 :) will blog about it soon :)
"What is the BookBub “Halo Effect”?" via @BookBubPartners
With @steenaholmes at #lbf14 talking branding, bestselling genres & author entrepreneur
"The Audio Self-publishing Revolution Beckons Entrepreneurial UK Authors via @pubperspectives
RT @parismarx: Start your book's description with a hook. Make them interested. Make them want to buy. @rachel__abbott #lbf14
Am excited to be part of @TLCUK conference in June, opened by @doctorow Just saw flier #lbf14
RT @parismarx: Print-only deals are hard to get now because publishers are making the lion's share of revenue from digital. #lbf14 @hughhowey
RT @parismarx: It's a myth that publishers do all the work for an author. There's still a lot of work to do with a traditional publisher. @hughhowey #lbf14
RT @parismarx: The quality of a book doesn't depend on the amount of time you spend writing it. @hughhowey #lbf14
RT @parismarx: Free doesn't devalue literature. Not having a book read devalues literature. @hughhowey #lbf14
RT @parismarx: The value happens in the mind of the reader, not in the pocket of the author. @hughhowey #lbf14
RT @parismarx: .@ornaross prefers to call marketing 'reaching readers.' Indies can build attention over time, while traditional needs it right away. #lbf14
RT @parismarx: Everyone's definition of success is different. Don't just self-publish to to make millions. What's your motivation? @thecreativepenn #lbf14
RT @vforvoice: Hey, @thecreativepenn! Good news! RT @acx_com: ACX is Now Open to UK Authors and Voice Actors!
RT @ficshelf: "Support your local bookseller. They perform a big value to the community", top tips for self-publishing writers @IndieAuthorALLI #lbf14
RT @parismarx: The resounding piece of advice is to write the next book. It's the best piece of marketing an indie author can do. @writermels #lbf14
RT @parismarx: Continually tweak your product description with popular keywords. Watch the Top 100 to see what's selling. @writermels #lbf14
RT @PollyCourtney: "If you offer me $20,000 vs 100 dedicated readers, I'll take the 100 readers every time." - @hughhowey #LBF14. ME TOO.
RT @Alice_Ryan: 'Key issue isn't are you published by a big publishing house or are you self published?-it's is your book right for us' @DailyMailUK #lbf14
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