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RT @ursularingham: Panel #thrillerfest14 Unforgettable Ending? @thecreativepenn "a nice visual setting and then blow something up."
How AudioSalad Is Saving Indie Music" via @FastCompany
#thrillerfest14 I'm on a panel about unforgettable endings at 9.30 today w/ @amyshojai & more. Come along & ask us anything :)
RT @RyanHanley_Com: @thecreativepenn on Measuring Your Life by What You Create | #84 Content Warfare TV <- One of my all time favorites
How Tarted-Up Book Covers Belittle Women's Fiction" via @FastCompany
Why asking for feedback on your book cover is mostly useless via @Creativindie
"Be a first-rate version of yourself rather than a second-rate version of another writer"
#thrillerfest14 after sessions w/ the FBI and Secret Service, I think British authors need to petition MI5 for future events :)
RT @LukePrestonInk: If a dead body turns up at #thrillerfest14 I don't think the killer would make it to the lobby.
RT @AuthorElinB: Rambo's name, David Morrell's character, comes from the apple Rambo. Fun panel on iconic characters #thrillerfest14
RT @GwenFlorio: Jeffery Deaver - mystery asks, 'What happened?' Thriller asks, 'What will happen?' #thrillerfest14
RT @BSwanginWebster: All fans want are shoutout and thanks #rafflecopter #hashtags #goodreads #fangroups all free ways to get out there #thrillerfest14
RT @acx_com: Andrew the Audio Scientist's "How to Succeed at Audiobook Production" series rolls on! Today's topic: Mastering -
RT @RyanJohnNelson: So sea lion pups roll themselves in sand to protect themselves from the sun. It's just as adorable as you'd expect.
RT @thrillerwriters: "If you don't reveal a bit of yourself, your fans won't reveal themselves to you" great advice on social media frm @jimhanas #thrillerfest14
Finding your social 'voice' can take time but well worth doing to connect @jimhanas #thrillerfest14
#thrillerfest14 getting personal in social sparks more engagement @KristinLFassler
RT @BSwanginWebster: Use the platform you are comfortable with. Tumbler seems to be the one that young adults are using #thrillerfest14
RT @LukePrestonInk: This bullet bookmark is one of the coolest bookmarks I've ever seen. #thrillerfest14
#thrillerfest14 with @RaymondKhoury I loved his book The Sign & he's another London writer :)
RT @ursularingham: Challenges and Rewards #thrillerfest14 panel. New writer advice from @detectivekubu "You will never have a novel unless you write."
Digital Only Deals, Translating Into German And The Launch Of Desecration-Verletzung
#thrillerfest14 @heathergraham has good success with book trailers. @chrisricewriter mentions author collaboration #marketing
#thrillerfest14 @heathergraham is a scuba diver :) me too! Any more thriller writers who dive?
#thrillerfest14 Looking forward to our panel Sat 9.30 in Carnegie on great endings w/ @amyshojai @SeanLynchBooks @ThomasWYoung
RT @BootStrapInk: Love it! "Writers are very weird people. We have obsessions, and we work those obsessions out book after book.” -A.X. Ahmad #thrillerfest14
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