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Why Indie Authors Need A Team thx @brucemccabe1
RT @AngelaAckerman: @thecreativepenn I write for readers, so the reader's opinion is the one I care about. :) @samatlounge #etherissue
RT @DebbieYoungBN: #Etherissue Most readers neither know nor care whether a book is #selfpub. They just want a good read and professional quality production.
Agreed RT @samatlounge: #EtherIssue Dan Brown, 50Shades etc etc not described as 'good' books by literary folk. But sold & read by millions
#etherissue Plus, the lovely @Foyles will allow our indie panel to sell our print books at their store :) awesome example! @IndieAuthorALLI
#etherissue Very pleased that @CrimeFest has opened up to indies & we have a panel of New Indie Voices on 18 May in Bristol :)
RT @OrnaRoss: @Porter_Anderson "bad" is subjective - if all agree they're bad, they fall to nether regions of Amazon or Smashwords & don't bother anyone
RT @AngelaAckerman: @Porter_Anderson Bad SP books fall & good rise. Most writers understand this & so are getting better at honing craft #etherissue @OrnaRoss
Agreed RT @Roz_Morris: #Etherissue Most professionally presented indies agree with the industry's wariness of amateur selfpublishing
Am excited! RT @KristinaHSvens: Just had a very creative meeting with @thecreativepenn talking about e-book, publishing and marketing.
Just talked to Swedish author about emergence of #selfpublishing in Sweden - now I see Amazon there! Exciting!
RT @Porter_Anderson: You can now add books you’ve purchased on @Amazon (print + digital) to your @Goodreads shelf: @suzanneskyvara
Twitter's New Profile Layout Is Here: What You Need to Know via @hubspot
RT @paulkbiba: Goodreads makes it easier to add your Amazon book buys to your virtual shelves
RT @acx_com: ICYMI: Mastering The $50 Bounty Program. Money making tips on THE ACX Blog -->
Save Time In Getting Book Reviews And Formatting Book Sales Descriptions w/ @JimKukral
ooh look! Pentecost, An ARKANE Thriller (Book 1) - #iBooks
RT @elizabethscraig: Author’s Earnings: Mid-list Print Sales: @author_sullivan
RT @TheCrimeVault: If you observe the Kindle Spring bargains, you'll find @cjlyonswriter's Blind Faith & @AlexMarwood1's Wicked Girls for £1.99. Easter reads!
RT @Al_Humphreys: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry on What the Sahara Desert Teaches Us About the Meaning of Life
"To Audiobook or Not to Audiobook? Let the numbers decide." via @creativindie
RT @paulschratz: Noah takes Scripture, and art, seriously, says philosophy prof. via @BCCatholic @RussellCrowe #filmcriticism
"What It's Like To Design A Font From Scratch" via @FastCompany
"Female Authors Dominating Smashwords Ebook Bestseller Lists" via @markcoker
"suffering and joy can’t be pulled apart...each contains, and co-creates, its opposite" @OrnaRoss
Game of Thrones fans create an interactive map of Westeros... via Google Maps via @guardian
Getting Down to Writing. On Creative Workspaces thx @Pen_Heaven w/ @KMWeiland
"Make your book part of your every day. Get it done." via @anthonystclair
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