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5 People You Need on Your Team When You Self-publish a Kids’ Book via @JFbookman
RT @RSPPodcast: Anyone else using the HemmingwayApp? Spots passive voice, long sentences, and rates your writing on a grade level.
RT @Al_Humphreys: If you self publish a book, here is how NOT to showcase it on Amazon: Made me laugh how crap I used to be!
Tchaikovsky on the “Immeasurable Bliss” of Creativity via @brainpicker
How To Find The Right Editor For Your Book thx @JenBlood
Use Images (Not Just Words) to Turn Your Distracted Visitors into Engaged Readers via @Copyblogger
e-Book Cover Design Awards, June 2014 via @JFbookman
"I’m passionate about travelling, my favorite place is Jerusalem” Interview w/ me thx @seveckepohlen
Marvel Comics recasts superhero Thor as a woman
"Girl Geek Academy Wants To Get 1 Million Girls Coding by 2025" via @fastcompany Awesome!
RT @GoblinWriter: A look at different pricing options to get more visibility/sales for your series: #marketing #selfpub
New Authors, Should You Self Publish or Seek a Traditional Publishing Deal? via @GoblinWriter
RT @msashton_writer: How to Succeed at Audiobook Production: Part 3 via @acx_com
Reading Isn’t A Race: How Speed Reading And Spritz Completely Miss The Point via @ryanholiday
To Sign Or Not To Sign: Artists Big And Small Face The Label Question via @PassiveVoiceBlg
8 Editing Pitfalls for Novelists via @nookBN
Love books! #DigitalBookDay – from our imaginations into your hands Today only! via @cjlyonswriter
#FutureChat recap: How can we pay authors what they deserve? via @Porter_Anderson
#DigitalBookDay – from our imaginations into your hands Today only - 407 ebooks for free :) thx @cjlyonswriter
How To Find The Right Editor For Your Book And More Editing Questions Answered thx @JenBlood
"Amazon is invested in helping authors sell books because the only way they make money is if you sell a book"
RT @Porter_Anderson: "To those taking sides in @Amazon vs. @HachetteBooks, [it] isn’t simply a contract negotiation." @LauraHazardOwen
RT @StrangeRemains: Menagerie: The Skeleton Garden of Paris
RT @PassiveVoiceBlg: Elites or freedom fighters: How the Amazon-Hachette battle took on the rhetoric of class warfare
Pentecost. Interview mit Autorin Joanna Penn und zwei Bücher zu verschenken thx @seveckepohlen
How to sell your books via the iBooks store via @IndieAuthorALLI
Wow! RT @rebeccacantrell: @thecreativepenn Thanks! I think it's the first self pub book to win a major award against trad pub books.
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