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From "Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie Everybody wants to live in a Norman Rockwell painting, and everybody’s rea...
Five years after their inception, Chromebooks inch toward replacing PCs and Macs
RT @justaskdan: The justaskdan Daily is out! Stories via @JoanVinallCox
RT @ThisTechGirl: To all cynics who say poetry's dead, I give you “Newspaper + marker = poetry” by @austinkleon
First Tulip on the Block! #spring
Tapping Into the Potential of Games and Uninhibited Play for Learning
Common Core propaganda fails: Well-financed education “reformers” fight common sense
How the Internet of (Wearable) Things is Driving Healthcare Innovation
For the first time, the majority of Americans are using smartphones -- even seniors
Wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Bodyslams Marriage Equality Critics
30 Simple Ways You Should Be Using Google
Twitter’s new Facebook-like profile pages are now available to all users
Logitech announces an even thinner Ultrathin keyboard cover for iPad, three new case designs
Physicists Say Consciousness Might Be a State of Matter
How Did Canada's Middle Class Get So Rich?
RT @deekayw: Let's add "Jenny McCarthy is quoted". MT @JenLucPiquant 15 ways to tell if that science news story is hogwash.
B.C. schools boast success with shortened summer breaks
Meaningful Activities Protect the Brain From Depression
Why Kids Should Be Allowed to Act Out (Scenes) In Class | @scoopit
Saskatchewan restaurant under investigation after dismissing Canadian servers
We're approaching the post-Internet age. You need to learn about mesh networks
Band Responds in the Worst Way Possible After Stealing Photographer's Work
12 Surprising Ways to Use Evernote You Might Not Have Considered
RT @JohnAguiar 5 Alternatives To Using The New Facebook App For Android - .. #moneydummyblog
The Ideal Length of Everything Online, Backed by Research via @buffer
My Students’ Top Ten “Essential Digital Reading Tools” List by Sara Kajder
Reaganomics killed America’s middle class
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