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RT @EconEconomics: Wealth of the top 0.1% is about to exceed that of bottom 90%. Time for a Piketty refresher?
RT @TheOnion: Mild-Mannered Reporter Suddenly Transforms Into Incredible Unemployed Man
RT @Marc_Leibowitz: Photo of Vladimir Putin's motorcade. Posted without comment.
RT @brainpicker: If you read one thing today, make it @ANNELAMOTT on friendship and the uncomfortable art of letting yourself be seen
RT @arishapiro: This candle in front of a Berlin house where Jews lived reminds us that it's also the anniversary of Kristallnacht.
RT @Carolyn_Bennett: Women's rights in Canada: Facebook, feminism and a furore via @TheEconomist #cdnpoli #women
RT @acoyne: “Digitally, what we’re trying to find out is what are the appropriate ways to ignore people?”
RT @globeandmail: Bruce Anderson: Del Mastro tried to treat courts as he did his political opponents
RT @acoyne: A host of new films show how the nature of media is changing at warp speed - The Globe and Mail
RT @tomflem: It is 'all men': Our culture of predatory misogyny Chest-beating heterosexuals ...
RT @lisegaluga: “Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of a great teacher can be transformational.” @GCouros #bit14
RT @___Danno: It's an outrage how an MP who cheated his way to power & is convicted of election crime still gets a pension #cdnpoli
RT @kady: Sometimes @ElizabethMay just makes so much sense.
RT @AntoniaZ: YES! RT @nutgraf1 If an effort to deal with sexual harassment on the Hill devolves into partisanship, a pox on all your houses. #cdnpoli
RT @Number10cat: Spot the difference: MPs discussing their wages MPs discussing the living wage
RT @JesseBrown: BREAKING: CBC #JianGhomeshi investigation a cover-up before it begins. Management will not be investigated.
Heather ' s November Garden #Oakville
RT @TeacherHann: If you didn't READ it? Why did you SHARE it? @rmbyrne says we need to take time to Stop and think!
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Canada's Ebola visa ban is dumb, xenophobic, and illegal
David Kent, domestic publishing, and the problem of distribution: why yesterday's HarperCollins news matters
Scotland Produced Enough Wind Energy To Power Every Home In October
Washington voters just passed the gun law Congress couldn't—and the NRA is really freaked out
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