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Joe Dunckley

Joe Dunckley

Science publisher, skeptic, blogger, photographer, nerd.
Ah, I'm sure that'll provide some entertainment when I get a moment...
"Stress and the city: Urban decay" - (yes, I'm very behind on my instapaper backlog)
Which I guess could be taken to mean psychedelic drugs.
Might be time to put the keyboard down for the day. I seem to be writing a piece about cutting edge biomedical imagining methods.
I might. It's just down teh street. MT @johnstreetdales: I'm speaking at @WandsLS tomorrow. Come along. It's in a pub
Stumbled into a sad world of terminal twitter feeds of deceased people: preserved angry defences of the quack remedies they were taking.
Training for the new CMS. Think I might ban anybody who doesn't automatically maximise their browser windows from editing the new website.
Let me remind you. There's a spring bounce every year, and spring was earlier this year.
"@citycyclists: Cycle trips up 19% last month on same period last year" Y'all do remember March last year, right?
What people RTing that Plymouth Herald letter need to know is that Plymouth is a backwards dump where no sane person would chose to reside.
Google trying to be helpful by treating "sentence" as a synonym for "arrest". I wonder if they sought legal advice on that?
Although paradoxically, it could now tweet its own failure to tweet anything amusing or relevant, thus returning it at least to relevance.
I guess in a way it's something to celebrate, the fact that @_youhadonejob ran out of stuff worth tweeting so quickly.
Oh if you missed it at the weekend, look, I added Tony Benn to the photoblog:
Stalbridge Cross should stay where it is, early 1990s?
Seems my day has mostly been spent hitting "send" again and again on illustrated tweets that @ThreeUK is incapable of delivering :|
They were still out there at nightfall. I don't know how they keep going. I know I couldn't.
Saw lots of people out participating in teh motorthon this afternoon. Good effort! Hope you all raised lots of money!
Delightfully specific, but...
The Sustrans NDWN has succeeded in breaking the first part of the Dawes of the day. Let's see what it trashes next...
2km out of town and you're on the wonderful national dog walking network.
File under "we're actually getting worse at this stuff."
It's good to see that on these dark afternoons, South West Trains are keeping their platforms well lit.
RT @cotchdotnet: Finally got around to photoblogging Tony Benn, lookit here:
I keep getting emails and thinking. "Ooh, a retweet, exciti-- Oh, it was me, I did that 2 seconds ago."
RT @joedunckley: I forgot, Pinker chose a carbon fibre bicycle as his luxury item. What an idiot. His desert island isn't going to have any roads.
A pair of London's modern design icons this evening. Let us hope their fortunes will be equal.
...surrounded by stunning natural beauty but mostly cut off from it by a wall of traffic.
...talking tourist boards & transport links. Noone's mentioned that Ft William is an ugly mess of concrete, dual carriageways + guardrail...
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