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Joe Dunckley

Joe Dunckley

Science publisher, skeptic, blogger, photographer, nerd.
Decided new job is fun excuse to reinvent self. And their HR form lets me choose to be Duke, Inspector, Wing Commander, Rt Hon, Most Revd...
That's a weird off topic aside. As if they've only just noticed it themselves and they're bursting to share.
I should use that as an excuse to remind everybody of my most popular (and most plagiarised) photograph ever.
RT @gimpyblog: for drop menu purposes, if Scotland votes yes, can we rename it Alba, & rUK, Albion? < Yes. Definitely the simplest solution.
Sorry colleagues. I handed in my notice so you're getting me in shorts from now on.
Sent somebody a "sorry, I'll stop annoying you with msgs now" msg. Made a typo in it. Spent 15 minutes writhing. OH GOD WHAT DO I DO?
It really annoys me that the You Had One Job twitter just posts random off topic plagiarised pictures/jokes these days. It had one job.
RT @joedunckley: Also: don't trust the Met Office because one time 27 years ago they got a forecast a bit wrong and obviously nothing changes in 3 decades.
RT @joedunckley: Don't trust the Met Office because they predicted we'd get thunderstorms and rain this past weekend, and... errrrr...
Email telling me when I should I pick up keys to flat. Might start allowing myself to get excited soon.
Though I'm very disappointed that my namesake's WP page doesn't explain what it's rhyming slang for. #innocentface
I managed very nearly 29 years of ignorance before it was explained to me yesterday that my given names, Joseph Arthur, are a rhyming slang.
"Another Silent Spring?" << wish monbiot would explain the research instead of just saying "a paper said it" :/
RT @beztweets: If this is their idea of data, no wonder Jersey's clueless.
Eww. I tapped the underside of the train table with my knee and :/
RT @KarlOnSea: @steinsky that's nothing: This from @TyneTom -
Hinton Admiral. This evening is going to be a lesson in places I did not know existed but which I wish did not.
(Seems I should not be allowed on long train journeys drunk and with dead tablet battery.)
For a moment there I thought Voldemort was snoozing in the next row.
Old man opposite on train is casually working his way through a packet of cheese+onion, a bounty and 2 pints of full fat milk. Bournemouth.
I do enjoy the Poole/Bournemouth wrestle over whose university it is. Though one wd expect them both to disown it.
And it's so slow :(
It's alright out. But I think the swml must rank as one of the most boring. Even the Poole harbour bit is boring.
Rocking up from a 5 mile ride exactly as the 1tph pulls in ftw. Alas, it stops at every station between Moreton and Basingstoke.
It's quite nice out. I don't want to leave.
Flowers Of The Forest? Really? At a festival? Well I can imagine quicker ways to kill the atmos than a song about dying in the trenches but.
As @TOtterley notes, this chap at a left wing festival possibly isn't quite aware of the meaning of his hat.
The class of litter you get here...
I love popping down to Tolpuddle. 10% brilliant, 90% amusingly bonkers. Miners' strike posters? Really?
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