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Joe Dunckley

Joe Dunckley

Science publisher, skeptic, blogger, photographer, nerd.
Decided to support independence for all the nations having just had to write "the NIHR and devolved health departments" for the 100th time.
I've lived here 8 weeks and only just noticed the ironic 20mph signs. I'm getting unobservant :/
But my heart just breaks for them.
Serious case of the compassion/distance from daily life effect. Civil war? Tropical disease? No, sorrow for the owner of a Windows Phone :/
In the pub exploiting the indiscretion of a bunch of BBC news journos. Wondering whether the event is worth live tweeting...
Good to see the Facilities Team at new job have a sense of humour, slipping in that joke at #5...
I might even start *reading* them again...
So I've acquired almost no books for 4 years. 1 day into flat to myself and the hoarding has resumed. Starting small.
Yes, what bicycle helmets definitely needed was this high quality listeners text in debate in the gaps between the records on BBC 6 Music.
Sounds like a less terrible idea than cars driven by people. "Today, value my getting home 2 seconds earlier above all others' lives."
RT @WIRED: Here's a terrible idea: Robot cars with adjustable ethics settings. "Today, value my life above all others." NOPE.
I want more tea but the builders are in doing the bathroom.
Discovered Streatham Hill Oxfam bookshop. V impressed with their science section.
The entire population of France has popped over to stand around in the way of the aisles in Croydon ikea.
.@technicalfault it's rubbish. At Woodhead it's an eroded rocky 45 degree slope sheep path. Another National Cycle Network embarrassment.
Rachel Johnson on the radio there, mentioning that her brother checks what she intends to say in public about him to ensure it's "on brand".
I was considering getting my internet from virgin. Now I'm not.
Dunno if you've ever been drunk at a table full of photoshopped pictures of yourself, but it's a liiiiitle but weird.
Leaving present to team was to PS their faces on horrific stock pics. Theirs to me in post but oh I see what they did
And I've seen so many people in West London in their normal cars not wearing F1 flame retardant overalls #notSafe @KatsDekker @f_cancellara
It's been better out...
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