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Joe Dunckley

Joe Dunckley

Science publisher, skeptic, blogger, photographer, nerd.
People have been telling me all day that I look smart. I hadn't realised how low their expectations of me had fallen.
That reminds me. Anyone want to buy a station/pub bike? It's rubbish, but apparently it still just about works...
Poor neglected station bike. I can't say I've missed Sutton these 3 months...
Thinking of selling roadster. Dunno whether to put "conversation starter with a certain fixie riding demographic" in for or against column.
Bumped into the screechy train that wails outside my flat at 10.40 every evening.
Friend in Detroit helpfully reminding us that she could get a 4 storey colonial mansion for the price of 1 bed ex council flat in Zone 4.
Someone prompted me to log into thingbox for the first time in 6 years. Good to see that the list of recent posts hasn't changed a bit.
RT @cotchdotnet: Anyone I know use that 500px? I finally decided to try it, as if I don't already have enough sites to look after...
Radical stuff from Labour there. Real shake up of the system. A serious solution. Definitely not vacuous irrelevance.
Plume is rubbish at images :| Basically, the point: 54 pages in and I'm starting thinking the lack of apostrophes might not be intentional.
Always hard to tell with Annie Proulx whether they've cocked up the typesetting or if it's a deliberate style choice
See, I can't even construct a basic sentence without mangling the grammar.
I'm putting my inability to achieving anything today down to Dave's syndrome. really is a trifling little thing.
Meeting an old friend... it has been 5 years. I know what you all say behind its back, but...
Had @cyclestreets recalculate route. Within 2 minutes it's absolutely insistent that I don't go to the places I've just asked to go to...
I did wonder why it was sending me this way.
Oh, so apparently cyclestreets has a "quietly reroute me to a random different destination mid ride" feature.
That said, it's always good to be reminded that we did once, briefly, know how to do an acceptable job of these...
Passing french tourists on the "avenue vert". Feel so bad for them getting tricked into this. At least I knew what I was get myself in to...
It's that kind of attention to detail that has won the National Cycle Network the respect it has today...
Choose your own adventure.
Ah, cyclestreets/ncn directions. Surprised it took this long...
It's alright out. Could be better.
.@RogSymonds @ambrosen @t1mmyb using a bicycle to get to work does not make somebody a "grass roots participant" in cyclesport.
MT @SustransCymru: why not use the NCN to get to the beach this weekend? << Four reasons:
Oh, I see Miliband's speech writer caught the repeat of the Prentiss McCabe "death of spin" wheeze episode on Radio 4ex this week too.
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