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Joe Dunckley

Joe Dunckley

Science publisher, skeptic, blogger, photographer, nerd.
I'm sure the @drunkfurniture folk can come up with an explanation for this situation...
There are Xmas decorations up. I don't know if I can be doing with that.
At a pub table with 10 people who are writing up astrophysics PhDs. The evening's going pretty much exactly as you'd imagine.
Still, the brand new King's X parking is 300% oversubscribed, so, uh, that's nice, I guess...
Years since I bothered trying the King's X branch of SSL. Forgot it has signs that bear no resemblance to the streets
Don't like the sound of those spooky ghost islands...
Today's find in the Stuff Pile...
I was more motivated with NSCS. Will use that every day.
May to some extent have hit "submit" on the EWCS consultation at 23:59. I blame rural broadband.
Thanks Labour activists for reminding me that finding Labour policies shallow ineffectual + unattractive means it's my fault if Tories win.
I don't care who leads Labour. I'm put off far more by all their policies being nothing more than superficial tinkering with broken systems.
RT @jrothwell: @steinsky Quantum Carrot sounds like a particularly shit DC superhero.
RT @yppahpeek: @steinsky of course the weird thing about a quantum carrot is that is both a carrot and a wave
Clearing out the now sold childhood home. Who knew 6 foot of books about the county Dorset had been published?
Bikes are more stable without them, 3 fit in the space, they break things. It's almost like @SW_Trains didn't research or test the design.
I wish @SW_Trains would get rid of those pointless wheel holders on the 159s already. Just ripped off a mudguard :/
Should've asked for something realistic, like "respect". MT @jh_f: Ringmer-Lewes being built. DoT Parks cycle cash.
oooh. Tickets to Dilemma with Sue Perkins. Same evening as the Mini Hollands forum. I'd joke about that being a dilemma, but, not really.
Got an alright church...
It was good to see that Liverpool is looking after its trees on these cold mornings though.
RT @cyclingalong: @steinsky Tempted to add a great big d-lock to dwarf these losers.
.@jrothwell there are thousands now, spread along about half a km :|
Although, at least the padlocks people are putting *some* effort into demonstrating their commitment...
Also: apparently memorial padlocks are a thing too now. Difficult to resist posting pictures that would name and shame.
I hadn't realised *quite* how vomit inducing that padlocks situation had become until my morning walk...
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