Joe Dunckley
So Bruce should just blog then. - AJCann
Well indeed. Med hyp has long been the perfect example of somebody trying to do with a journal something that should be done with a web2 system. - Joe Dunckley from email
I'm torn. One journal less is not a bad thing, on the other hand, it was explicitly dedicated to non-peer-reviewed articles. Indeed, resurrecting it as a web2 project would e a great solution. But how to drive readership? - Björn Brembs
Content (good or bad) drives readership. - AJCann
There will be no tears shed by me. The problem was that many people couldn't tell it apart from a proper, peer-reviewed medical journal without looking closely. It would be perfect as a blog, especially since we could then leave comments detailing why you can't draw those conclusions from the data! - Dave Lunt
Content drives readership, which makes the real problem "how to drive content?" Med Hypotheses got content precisely because it looked like a real journal. Will the same people want to submit to one of Bruce's, uhm, entertaining blogs? Thinking about it further, I actually think it could be a very bad thing if it did try to carry on as a blog -- not necessarily for the journal itself, but for all the other scientists and projects and companies who are just beginning to realise that "publishing" needn't mean an old fashioned journal, but could mean something online, open, multimedia, and all the other buzzwords. There are still people who are very skeptical of such publishing models, and there are still people for whom Med Hypotheses could be their first encounter with such publishing. We don't want to hinder such progress by reinforcing an association between blogging/modern publishing models and a joke like Med Hyp that had such an ignoble end as a journal. - Joe Dunckley