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I am out of dandruff shampoo, so I put on a white t-shirt today.
I am pretty certain that I just got mistaken as @wcsportscamp, which is honestly a big ego boost for me.
hakuna matata
RT @AnnieCushing: Annielytics Dashboard Course Coming To A Living Room Near You
Ate a lot of sushi last night.
Wayne's World is 110% American.
There is a lot of fear and confusion about links these days. But I honestly don't think there's a better way to get higher rankings. #SEO
Have any big plans this weekend?
This is probably one of my favorite SERPs
If you are a programmer, then you are going to love this!
I investigated The Aetherius Society who believe aliens are Gods amongst other things - Joe Hall
If you like Star Wars then you will likely love this! (Cc @SEOAware)
Well this just happened.
RT @dr_pete: We've added Payday Loan 3.0 and the Authorship Photo Drop to the Algo History - (h/t @joehall) cc @Moz
RT @jimboykin: You don't have to use your real name for Google + anymore! You can use Pen Names or Persona's !
.@randfish This is a really great post man! Good work calling the reviewers at WMT out.
Today is National Hot Dog Day!!
Unfortnately, I can't make @SearchExchange this year! :( But all of you should, and have a great time!!!
It would do a lot of SEOs a lot of good, if they pulled themselves out of the SEO bubble, & tried to understand the world in a different way
Also, Kacy Catanzaro, is amazing.
RT @dohertyjf: To fight Google and Foursquare, Yelp frees its data (yay!) -
I wish people would stop talking about space elevators. I don't care how fast its moving, no one wants to sit in there for 62 miles..
I wish Twiitter's UI had a dedicated page for DMs. That dumb little popup thing blows.
Ok, @alyankovic, you have made your point. You can stop now.
My good buddy @AndyBeal just launched a new venture that some are calling the Anti-Facebook>>
What is a good tool for looking up potential domain name variations?
Rooney's goal vs Uruguay from the stands. Good video of perhaps the best team goal of WC2014. - Joe Hall
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