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Can someone with iOS8 please test this, and let me know how it works? (please retweet)
Gave Google Glass a good stress test today by running over it with my wheelchair (on accident)...and it still works!
This is pretty much my life this time of year.
If i were a telemarketer I would pretend to be a baby. Because very few people get angry at babies.
Hows everyone doing this morning?
RT @pandjarov: Check out the NGINX Cache Optimizer plugin for WordPress: Easy to configure dynamic caching + memcached support!
Using the right anchor text in links, is (and should have always been) more about usability than SEO.
Isn't life grand?
RT @AnnieCushing: The Annielytics Dashboard Course Is Live! #measure <-- At long last!
Does anyone know if Adsense's TOS allows for placement alongside native ads?
.@KarlLLarsen is friends with every attractive woman on Tinder. I will now call him The Tinder Wolf.
RT @CoreyHutchins: The Specter of Beheaded Iraqi Christian Children, by @CCPNews:
RT @KarlLLarsen: I cannot stand racism. It's disgusting and petty.
RT @TheTinaVasquez: If you think Mike Brown is an isolated incident: Ezell Ford, a disabled, unarmed, black man, was shot & killed while lying on the ground.
This is probably one of the smartest PR image moves I have seen in a long time
Top 25 Reasons To Attend Pubcon Las Vegas 2014 via @pubcon
I don't know if its the coffee or what, but I feel great today. Like I could fight a bear and seduce a beautiful woman at the same time.
RT @vizionweb: How To Switch To #HTTPS URLs For Optimal #SEO - by @joehall
I love tacos. They are so tasty. They feel good in my mouth and belly.
Ya'll, FYI, @RappinRootbeer is one of the sweetest SEOs out there. He will try to fool you, but inside hes a really nice guy.
"@AnnieCushing: Enough already <-- A fantastic post about depression by @portentint #robinwilliams"
RT @AndyBeal: 25% of small business have zero presence in local search results [infographic] via @MarketingPilgrm
One great example of why hiring a true professional trumps all decisions.
I had a really great visit with my doctor this afternoon. Feels good to get good health news.
How To Switch To HTTPS URLs For Optimal SEO (from this AM)
I have decided to take a couple of weeks off of Facebook. So if we are friends there, you can find me here.
How To Switch To HTTPS URLs For Optimal SEO
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