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Derek Jeter announces his 1st new post-career project:, a site for athletes by athletes - Joe Hall
Every nightmare you ever had about American sports bros in one video: - Joe Hall
NEW: Spoke to Diego Poyet earlier this week, suggests previous owners to blame for contract oversight: #cafc - Joe Hall
Cain Hoy terminates interest in Spurs, believed to have offered around £400m - #thfc - Joe Hall
The Lessons of ‘Lost’: Understanding the Most Important Network Show of the Past 10 Years - Joe Hall
so money? RT @ComplexMag: Vince Vaughn has also been confirmed for "True Detective" season 2: - Joe Hall
URL Parameter WordPress Shortcode Plugin -
Shares of Chinese internet company jump 89% after mentioning Alibaba in press release - Joe Hall
Confirmation of what everyone was expecting: Alibaba is about to raise a hell of a lot of money - Joe Hall
Can someone with iOS8 please test this, and let me know how it works? (please retweet)
Gave Google Glass a good stress test today by running over it with my wheelchair (on accident)...and it still works!
Can't claim to know too much about baseball. But I do know that Derek Jeter in some great ads: - Joe Hall
No Longer A Ninja, But There Is More To Come! -
This is pretty much my life this time of year.
If i were a telemarketer I would pretend to be a baby. Because very few people get angry at babies.
Hows everyone doing this morning?
RT @pandjarov: Check out the NGINX Cache Optimizer plugin for WordPress: Easy to configure dynamic caching + memcached support!
Using the right anchor text in links, is (and should have always been) more about usability than SEO.
Isn't life grand?
RT @AnnieCushing: The Annielytics Dashboard Course Is Live! #measure <-- At long last!
Does anyone know if Adsense's TOS allows for placement alongside native ads?
.@KarlLLarsen is friends with every attractive woman on Tinder. I will now call him The Tinder Wolf.
RT @CoreyHutchins: The Specter of Beheaded Iraqi Christian Children, by @CCPNews:
RT @KarlLLarsen: I cannot stand racism. It's disgusting and petty.
RT @TheTinaVasquez: If you think Mike Brown is an isolated incident: Ezell Ford, a disabled, unarmed, black man, was shot & killed while lying on the ground.
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