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RT @mattjay: Understanding LinkedIn (via @mkrigsman) < nailed it.
When I think of @foursquare I think of check-ins. They should use that brand for check-ins and create a new one for local recommendations.
"It will be interesting to see how Amino scales this concept and which topics they focus on. The low hanging fruit, in my opinion, are a) topics that already have engaged mobile fans, b) topics that people search the app store in meaningful numbers, and c) topics where fans aren't likely to know many people in real life with the same interest. Take a mobile game like Clash of Clans for example. Millions of people play Clash of Clans on mobile. Millions of people search the app stores for "clash of clans" where the game ranks #1 and Amino could eventually rank #2, thereby acquiring hundreds of thousands of fans for free (SEO). Clash of Clans fans have lots of questions about the game, but it's likely that they only know a few people in real life that share their interest in the game, that they know of. The potential community members are all on mobile, they could find Amino through app store SEO, and the highly engaged fans are likely to have better alternatives other than the web,..." - Joe Lazarus
"Makes sense, both in terms of community member relevance and discovery in the app stores. If Amino can scale this to cover thousands of targeted apps for sizable niche topics, they're almost guaranteed a huge audience through app store SEO if nothing else." - Joe Lazarus
"Congrats on the investment. Reminds me of Watercooler, which was a series of topic-based communities on Facebook that later morphed into Kabaam, a video game company. It will be interesting to see which types of communities gain traction through Amino." - Joe Lazarus
Sitting on the deck of our rental cabin, sipping a beer, looking out at Rocky Mountain National Park. Life is good.
Fireworks filmed with a drone: Happy 4th! 🇺🇸
Re: Tweetstorming -
"I can picture two really different ways to build this into Twitter: 1) allow people to write one long form post using a simple, native HTML editor and generate one link to that single long form post, or 2) generate one link that points to a thread of related posts that are each chunks of 140 characters. #1 would be sort of like embedding a blog post, which encourages to writer to gather their thoughts before posting and encourages the reader to reply to the total long form post. #2 lets the writer post a string of short form, related thoughts and lets the reader respond to each chunk separately. Which is more Twitter-esque?" - Joe Lazarus
I wonder what revenue share @KimKardashian got for her new mobile game. It's climbing the grossing charts faster than any I've seen lately.
I'm now an E-List celebrity in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Come join me and become famous too, by playing on iPhone!
If you search Vimeo for "fart", the webpage makes fart sounds as you scroll up and down the page:
WingSuit BASE - Kjerag Bolten Exit - Claustrophobia full version -
WingSuit BASE - Kjerag Bolten Exit - Claustrophobia full version
This is a map of my LinkedIn contacts and their connection to each other: The outliers are most interesting to me.
My boy Quincy turned 3 months old this week.
Twitter now supports animated GIFs?!?
RT @latest_is: Starting the summer off right w/ Vine Magic
Bold move for Facebook's Slingshot to require people to send a photo back in order to see the photo sent to them. Curious if it will work.
RT @haynes_dave: Great read from @bwats reflecting on reputation, fundraising and execution after two years at USV
Biz Idea: Order groceries online, pick up in warehouse equipped specifically for drive-thru checkout only. No need to get out of your car.
RT @gamezebo: Backflip Studios’ Ferno is Your Next Mobile Addiction
Been up since 2AM. Today's gonna be a rough one.
I dig the way the bird zooms towards the screen as the Twitter iPhone app loads after the latest update. Chirp chirp!
♫ Norah Jones - I've Got To See You Again
Two Dots, the sequel to Dots, looks really well done: Same simple, fun gameplay. Likely way better monetization.
Off the grid! (aside from the cabin's WiFi)
Quincy turned two months old yesterday. Photo by my wife Emily.
Re: App Constellations -
"Constellations and cross-promotion is a good strategy for a number of verticals - including games. My company, Backflip Studios, grew by creating casual games like Paper Toss that appeal to a wide audience, then cross-promotion higher yield games like DragonVale. Similar opportunities exist in other verticals large and small as a way to tackle increasingly competitive customer acquisition costs. For example, as a recent first time dad, I was thinking someone could create a nice business with a constellation of simple, well-designed, single purpose apps for new parents: fertility monitor, baby names, contraction timer, nursing tracker, Q&A forum, and whatnot. My wife and I used all these, but most of the apps sucked and finding the next one was always a tedious process. Lots of good businesses could flourish by tackling constellations serving a particular segment of customers." - Joe Lazarus
If you like dogs, you use Instagram and you're not following ThisWildIdea over there, you're missing out.
Re: RAISING OF LAZARUS — Happy Mother’s Day from Palm Springs. I thought... -
"Thanks for having us, mom! It was great seeing you all. Enjoy the rest of the week in Palm Springs." - Joe Lazarus
Delicious is sold again? First Yahoo, then Chad Hurley, now Science: Hope they put it to good use. Used to love it.
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