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"What's interesting to me about these services is not specifically the "broadcast" aspect, but the real-time interaction. Watching live video of Fred going about his day may not be that interesting, but a live Q&A with Fred answering questions from the AVC community in video format would be interesting. And yes, totally agree these things need better archiving features. More often than not, when I click on a Meerkat link, it takes me to a stream that ended before I got there. Periscope handles it much better. I wish I should fast forward and rewind the archived footage and, while doing so, see a visualization of how many hearts each segment got so I could quickly advance to the interesting parts." - Joe Lazarus
Re: We Live In Public -
"True. I meant you (Fred) specifically bring your own audience... meaning that AVC readers would tune in if you broadcast on YouNow even if they aren't the best demo for that service." - Joe Lazarus
Re: We Live In Public -
"You bring your own audience." - Joe Lazarus
Re: We Live In Public -
"When can we tune in to the AVC YouNow broadcast?" - Joe Lazarus
Re: Apple announced on Monday that it is selling a... - The Gong Show -
"Not sure if it was intentional on Apple's part, but another thing the $17k model does is it helps people rationalize the price of the less expensive models. The $349 model seems cheap in comparison. If they only offered a $349 model, people would compare it to a Seiko and think it's insanely expensive." - Joe Lazarus
Re: Video Of The Week: Gabriel Weinberg on Search and Privacy -
"Privacy is an interesting angle to compete against Google. Gabe's initial vision of surfacing answers instead of just links is also compelling. What I really want out of a search engine today is indexing & deep linking of mobile in-app content combined with mobile friendly results for web-only content. If, for example, Apple bought DuckDuckGo, incorporated their results into iOS Spotlight search, and also provided app developers with tools to index their in-app content into those same search results, that's a serious threat to Google." - Joe Lazarus
Re: What Just Happened? -
"Regarding 1, is LinkedIn's spot secure for work-related social? Granted, they are the clear leader, but every time I use the service, I can't help but think that focused startups could solve the specific use cases better. Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, do their jobs pretty well for me." - Joe Lazarus
What's the best way to set up Google Hangouts for a work conference room TV? Are there wireless webcams that anyone on WiFi can connect to?
I suspect viewers generally are more attached to a TV show they can binge watch (Netflix, etc). Frequent consumption keeps it top of mind.
Son Little - Your Love Will Blow Me Away Photo by wfuv -
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"I listened to this NPR story the other day. Not sure if you clicked through to the story. It's interesting. Their theory is that advertising and mass media is what drove women away from computer science. PCs were marketed as toys for men. Movies like Weird Science, War Games & Revenge of the Nerds cast geeky boys and men as programmers, not women. Soon, the stereotype impacted women's decision to enter the field." - Joe Lazarus
Re: RAISING OF LAZARUS — Dear College Admissions Officer, -
"Not crawling just yet, but he's working on it." - Joe Lazarus
Quincy. Deep in thought. Or pooping. Unclear.  -
Quincy. Deep in thought. Or pooping. Unclear. 
Jello Bouncing, by Ryan Matthew Smith -
Quincy's devilish grin.
My four month old son's giggle - that's my favorite thing.
Re: The New Foursquare -
"Makes sense to split it into two apps. I'm surprised, though, that they gave the Foursquare name to the recommendations app. I associate Foursquare with check-ins first and foremost. Might have led to less confusion if they kept that brand name for check-ins and gave a new name to the recommendations app. I always thought Google could make a cool local recommendations app based on aggregate Maps data. I'd love to see a Google Map showing trending destinations, popular restaurants filtered by cuisine, heat maps of neighborhoods spiking in popularity & whatnot." - Joe Lazarus
Navdy looks pretty neat: Adds an interactive heads up display for your smartphone to any car dashboard.
Saw a friend's kid yesterday for first time in a few years. He said I got a "haircut". His way of describing my hair loss, apparently.
RT @mattjay: Understanding LinkedIn (via @mkrigsman) < nailed it.
When I think of @foursquare I think of check-ins. They should use that brand for check-ins and create a new one for local recommendations.
"It will be interesting to see how Amino scales this concept and which topics they focus on. The low hanging fruit, in my opinion, are a) topics that already have engaged mobile fans, b) topics that people search the app store in meaningful numbers, and c) topics where fans aren't likely to know many people in real life with the same interest. Take a mobile game like Clash of Clans for example. Millions of people play Clash of Clans on mobile. Millions of people search the app stores for "clash of clans" where the game ranks #1 and Amino could eventually rank #2, thereby acquiring hundreds of thousands of fans for free (SEO). Clash of Clans fans have lots of questions about the game, but it's likely that they only know a few people in real life that share their interest in the game, that they know of. The potential community members are all on mobile, they could find Amino through app store SEO, and the highly engaged fans are likely to have better alternatives other than the web,..." - Joe Lazarus
"Makes sense, both in terms of community member relevance and discovery in the app stores. If Amino can scale this to cover thousands of targeted apps for sizable niche topics, they're almost guaranteed a huge audience through app store SEO if nothing else." - Joe Lazarus
"Congrats on the investment. Reminds me of Watercooler, which was a series of topic-based communities on Facebook that later morphed into Kabaam, a video game company. It will be interesting to see which types of communities gain traction through Amino." - Joe Lazarus
Sitting on the deck of our rental cabin, sipping a beer, looking out at Rocky Mountain National Park. Life is good.
Fireworks filmed with a drone: Happy 4th! 🇺🇸
Re: Tweetstorming -
"I can picture two really different ways to build this into Twitter: 1) allow people to write one long form post using a simple, native HTML editor and generate one link to that single long form post, or 2) generate one link that points to a thread of related posts that are each chunks of 140 characters. #1 would be sort of like embedding a blog post, which encourages to writer to gather their thoughts before posting and encourages the reader to reply to the total long form post. #2 lets the writer post a string of short form, related thoughts and lets the reader respond to each chunk separately. Which is more Twitter-esque?" - Joe Lazarus
I wonder what revenue share @KimKardashian got for her new mobile game. It's climbing the grossing charts faster than any I've seen lately.
I'm now an E-List celebrity in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Come join me and become famous too, by playing on iPhone!
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