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RT @kellabyte: Whaaat! Microsoft is porting .NET to Linux and OSX? Hell has frozen over?
RT @kellabyte: ".NET Framework 4.6 & Reference Source source is being relicensed under MIT license, Mono (and you!) can use src code to the .NET Framework"
RT @mahemoff: Number of days @stevebmicrosoft kept .Net closed-source: 4375. Number of CEO days until @satyanadella opened it: 280. Damn impressive
RT @mahemoff: Many talented developers have been labouring away in MS’s silos for years, must be happy days for them lately.
Nice improvement to @intellijidea - debugger shows variable values inline next to code.
Now that's some impressive PCB fixer uppering.
SSL libs have had a bad time recently. OpenSSL, Apple SSL, GnuTLS. Amazingly Microsoft managed to avoid it. Oh wait.
RT @dalmaer: iOS devs, you may have some great stuff but do you have support for teleporting Goats like Android does?
Damn! More than $9B of stuff was sold through Alibaba's network today. That's close 2.5x US's Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined!
My friend has launched a Kickstarter: Flashlamp: Flashlight in a lamp. You know the drill.
98... 99... 100! I officially have a problem.
Buying soooo much stuff on Aliexpress today (one day 11/11 sale). Mostly holiday lights and gifts. Thanks for the tip, @shemag8.
Any recommendations for mass USB chargers? e.g. Charge 20+ phones at once.
RT @marcwrogers: A punch-card Möbius strip - the original infinite loop.
RT @Ariens: @joewalnes Joe, not sure if we're too late - we would recommend an Ariens Compact or Deluxe SnoThro for your area!
In anticipation for another Chicago winter, I think it's time to invest in a snowblower. Anyone knowledgeable on such matter?
I'm addicted to buying stuff I don't need from aliexpress. Today: glow sticks
RT @stshank: Google’s instructions on how to get your email to stand out in the new Inbox interface: (I hope this won’t be abused)
RT @TechnicallyRon: It's easy to think Penguins are cute, but what are the real facts?
RT @paulwrblanchard: "Creating a password reminder just keeps getting more and more emotionally draining" - @JamieDMJ
Don Norman on 3 ways good design makes you happy (2003)
2015 will be the year of SVG. Just like it was meant to be in 2005, but this time it's actually good.
RT @ChromiumDev: "State of Blink" slide deck: Covering Blink status, goals & priorities
Hey @withings I love your new sports watch! I want it! But your website is sooo slow I gave up trying to pre-order.
RT @jongold: but really, if you're building a car & you have a skateboard as your MVP, you're doing it wrong. #worstgraphic
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