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The Google Material design guide is not just for Android. Great content for anyone designing for web, mobile, native.
You are not late (via @osi)
g()()()()()()()()()("al") -> "goooooooooal"
RT @mijustin: It's alive! You can get your copy of the Build Your Audience course now:
DevOps opinions: what's your preferred way to start/stop/check-status of your applications?
RT @ericbaize: In 10 years, I have not found a more effective picture to explain software security. #swsec
RT @samnewman: My ‘Building Microservices’ book is available in early access, which means 1st draft 2/3rds complete, and unedited:
If you're building open-source products and what to look appealing to potential users, try mimicking @hashicorp products. Great websites!
I predict YoAuth will be valued at $2.2B in about 19 minutes.
Oh what the heck. I've submitted my tiny JavaScript library to HN. You know what you gotta do:
I also have a version of TinyTest for C. Unit-testing library with (almost) no features, and hense (almost) no crap.
JavaScript devs. If you like words like Grunt, Bower, NPM, Gulp, etc, I can assure you that you WON'T like TinyTest.
Now thinking about lofi wireframes. Any examples of how to sketch motion interactions on paper? (That's lowercase sketch and paper)
RT @chris_stevenson: . @joewalnes aren't most icons arbitrary now? When's the last time you used any of these in real life? 💾📨📋📎📞📁✏
Ok, so I know the burger menu icon is not meaningful, but everyone understands what it does. So it's good right?
Mobile UX friends: What tools do you use for high fidelity mocks to demonstrate motion and interactions? (Is Origami any good?)
Game of Thrones outtakes:
Game of Thrones outtakes:
Nice hack to breadboard with surface mount components. I'll be using that. via @hackaday
Linus off on a rant again. This time about how GCC 4.9 compiles a broken Linux kernel.
UK Government standardizes on using open standards for document formats. No need for prop software. Thanks @zahedab
It's Friday. Who do you recommend following? And why?
Reasons people struggle to understand what I'm saying: 1. British accent 2. I have braces 3. I'm most likely drunk
Morning. 'Sup?
RT @raphaelschaad: iOS devs check out Flipboard’s inspection tool by @ryanolsonk
RT @DavidMMuscat: If you have a parrot and you don't teach it to say "Help me, they've turn me into a parrot" you're wasting your time.
Latest Gmail iOS app seems to forget about my account every few hours. Anyone else have this problem?
Preview of the new @novaphotos blog: Lightsauce
Currently getting a 9.75% engagement rate on this promoted tweet. Which is a pretty good rate. But also kinda sad.
Everything on the Internet is true. Everything. Just wanted to clear that up.
Anyone using Mori JavaScript library in the wild? Experiences?
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