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RT @jerols: Focusing on putting the finishing touches on my App Making online course. I am really excited about it!
Add a little bit of chaos to your life by ensuring the first line of your git commit messages always have 51 chars.
I just backed SNAP! 6 - The Easiest Way To SNAP A SHOT With Your iPhone 6 on @Kickstarter
Adobe Shape: Draw on paper. Take photo with the app which converts it into editable vectors.
RT @addyosmani: Runnable JS, CSS & HTML snippets arrive on Stack Overflow with revision history & an editor
RT @flyosity: Sennheiser makes weird commercials.
RT @sampullara: I guess being CEO of Oracle is like Hurd and Cats.
This actually pretty hilarious! @iJamieH injected JavaScript into DNS records to XSS poorly written whois sites.
If you've never used any Alibaba services, start at Consumer stuff direct from China. I use it a lot.
All the western companies you'd have to combine to get something like Alibaba. Yeah, it's big.
Yes! No! Maybe. (I don't know. Can you repeat the question?)
Gurrrrrgggh. Can't put how I feel about this into words. TLDs owned by big companies. ICANN why??? (oh yeah, money!)
RT @mxcl: Scroll wheel events are interpreted by `less` in on Yosemite. Feels really great. Thanks team!
Samsung Galaxy Edge: magnificent engineering. Missed functional opportunity. eg. Can't lie it face down to see important events along side.
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. I Just. Don't. Get it.
Excited to see the new Dyson robot vacuum cleaner. I want it to fight my Neato. This one:
I've followed webOS a long time. Amazing tech, user experience and architecture. Fucked up repeatedly by management.
The CSS shapes editor extension for Chrome (by @razvancaliman) looks awesomeballs!
Yay! Split side-by-side diffs in @github!
Software publishers: If you're sending me email offering financing options for your software, you've probably got your pricing model wrong.
I'm talking at GOTO Aarhus & Copenhagen on my journey of software->hardware. 10% off code: Walne50 #gotoaar #gotocph
RT @mrcunsolo: @joewalnes replaced by 'Request a Beta Invite'
I miss the days of every website being "under construction". Whatever happened to that hard working little chap? Also, <blink>.
RT @philgibson01: Meanwhile outside the Ecuadorean embassy, police prepare an Assange trap ready for in case he emerges.
RT @iamdevloper: What if it isn't really imposter syndrome but you're really just shit?
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