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Tried to explain the difference between CSS frameworks Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation. Best I could come up with: "Zurb has squarer corners".
Yo is like sooo totally 2 weeks ago. Ahoy is where it's at.
How to build a crr-rrr-aazy-faaaast laser camera flash trigger. With $2 worth of parts. By @ascorbic. Respect, man.
Questions for those that practice the fine art of #devops... what's your preferred programming language for #devops stuff?
I really want to build one of these LED walls.
Congrats to @FitnessCubed for hitting your Kickstarter funding goal with Cubii!
Public safety warning: It's hipster beard molting season.
There's a new big-data store coming to town. CockroachDB: similar to Google's Spanner. Use as key/val or SQL.
RT @RosePastore: And to the north, the creeping kingdom of Google Earth
RT @WYPDogs: We don't like to brag but we've just caught 4 suspects who've been on the run from a high security prison since 1972
So bored of seeing lame corporate Promoted Tweets. So I’ve started my own promoted campaign.
RT @MikeAtherton: 1980s kids' book makes a mockery of 'should designers code?' (i.e. learn a bit of HTML/CSS).
Every time I hear someone say #IoT I have to ask for clarification. "Are you talking about the Internet of Toilets?"
RT @tomcreighton: This is what the future is all about, what a time to be alive. (via @strandell)
Apple's always been a stylish company. Especially their 1986 clothing range.
Thanks for the drill/driver recommendations all. I think I'm going to get this: (blame @bobmcwhirter)
I'm expecting a lot of recommendations for DeWalt drill, but are there any other lesser known brands of similar quality with better value?
There are certain things you need to replace every few years. Phone. Laptop. etc. It's time to replace my power-drill. Recommendations?
Currently listening to Twist is the New Twerk album by Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox. So nicely done.
RT @MikeWesterfield: My new book, 'Make: Rockets,' is now out as an Early Release #ebook from @make
RT @destraynor: Four Things I Wish Every Chart Did
The leaked iPhone 6 images looks suspiciously like a photoshopped iPod Touch 5th Gen. I call shenanigans.
RT @darth: someone stop this guy i mean seriously
"Sorta" is a new notebook. A bit like Moleskine, but it has full CRUD capabilities.
Thanks @lauer_john, @shapeoko for the shout out. #webgl #cnc #gcode Chilipeppr looks awesome!
RT @shapeoko: Shoutout to @joewalnes during my google hangout with +johnlauer. Skip to ~36:00 for the #chicago plug!
RT @shapeoko: Shoutout to @joewalnes during my google hangout with +johnlauer. Skip to ~36:00 for the #chicago plug!
Just seems like it's better to reward those who type stuff correctly. Penalize the password fat-fingerers with "I forgot my password".
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