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Profit should never drive news reporting. The Fourth Estate serves the public trust, which rewards with fees.
The big news isn't the smartphone's arrival at Verizon but the naming: "HTC One (M8) for Windows". No "Phone". Implications are huge.
Fry's brilliant Samsung Chromebook 2 marketing strategy. I'll buy two! #chromebook #fail
Microsoft could try a truth-in-marketing approach and rename IE: Internet Incompatible. @Waynewill1
Maybe he could have gotten away with murder, if he followed Siri's suggestions. Hey, he asked. #siri #iPhone
Not bragging. Want to help others. Adopting high-protein, low-carb diet, my weight fell from 182 to 152 in 13 months. Little exercise.
RT @vicenews: Russia is bringing trucks full of aid to Ukraine's border. That is making Ukraine nervous:
MBA: "I've got a lot of stuff to carry". SP3: "You are more powerful than you think". Brilliant turn-about marketing.
MBA: "I've got a lot of stuff to carry". SP3: "You are more powerful than you think". Brilliant turn-about marketing.
I struggled to headline this one. "Should I be surprised Microsoft's platform is a roach motel" almost made it.
My general dissatisfaction for @Outlook grows on @Windows 8.1 client. Lousy sync and bounced emails top the list, mostly related to @Gmail.
RT @SDuncovered: More reasons to miss Robin Williams. He biked in San Diego triathlons + supported the Challenged Athletes Foundation.
I'm usually not big on mellow music but must recommend the new @angusjuliastone album. Every track delights.
I love my colleague @NoFanboi but about @surface Pro 3 marketing, we disagree. My rebuttal:
I couldn't disagree more and will have to rebut this one;
I spent my Sunday morning writing this: #reporting #FourthEstate
My response to receiving "Readers United" letter from @AmazonKindle. Hachette's thing is "Authors United".
Here's another Infographic shilling for my ebook. Spoiler alert: The vampire sucks. #myblood
I humbly request the @wattpad team to create @windowsphone app. Even a webapp that runs in mobile IE would be good enough.
News Gatherers, my ebook "Responsible Reporting" is free on Amazon all day. Grab it while you can.
RT @mikko: We confirmed that the Xiaomi Android phone does silently send your data to a server in China:
And people complain about my BetaNews headlines? Oh my. Hey, @ianbetteridge, violates Betteridge's Law?
RT @Comic_Con: Don't forget, you will need your physical Comic-Con 2014 badge to qualify for Comic-Con 2015 preregistration. #SDCC
Now that I've got domain, there's Q how to develop a site around it. If you're sick off bad news reporting...
Thanks @toddbishop for your tweet about wtf domains last month. I protected my brand. So should everyone.
RT @MindTouch: Participate in our #guestblogging program & share thought leadership! #customersuccess #SFDC #salesforce
RT @rossrubin: First AT&T, now Sprint. When it comes to T-Mo, DoJ is a stockblocker.
There's no TV tonight, and I feel a little crazy about it.
RT @osterman: I just realized that I have seen far more windows phones on my trip east than iPhone 5Cs. We must be doing something right.
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