Vernacular matters in marketing. Don't speak Geek. @microsoft Clutter. YamJam. Catchy. Love it.
Something good happened at the San Diego @IKEAUSA store yesterday. #VeteransDay
Holy Crap! Could setting up an Apple Genius Bar appointment be more difficult? The process is changed. Comments anyone?
My long-winded take on healthcare costs:
Maybe, in a distant alternative universe, BGR bloggers report news rather than source sites sourcing others.
Our Neighborhood Library -
Our Neighborhood Library
Profit should never drive news reporting. The Fourth Estate serves the public trust, which rewards with fees.
The big news isn't the smartphone's arrival at Verizon but the naming: "HTC One (M8) for Windows". No "Phone". Implications are huge.
Fry's brilliant Samsung Chromebook 2 marketing strategy. I'll buy two! #chromebook #fail
Microsoft could try a truth-in-marketing approach and rename IE: Internet Incompatible. @Waynewill1
Maybe he could have gotten away with murder, if he followed Siri's suggestions. Hey, he asked. #siri #iPhone
Not bragging. Want to help others. Adopting high-protein, low-carb diet, my weight fell from 182 to 152 in 13 months. Little exercise.
RT @vicenews: Russia is bringing trucks full of aid to Ukraine's border. That is making Ukraine nervous:
MBA: "I've got a lot of stuff to carry". SP3: "You are more powerful than you think". Brilliant turn-about marketing.
MBA: "I've got a lot of stuff to carry". SP3: "You are more powerful than you think". Brilliant turn-about marketing.
I struggled to headline this one. "Should I be surprised Microsoft's platform is a roach motel" almost made it.
My general dissatisfaction for @Outlook grows on @Windows 8.1 client. Lousy sync and bounced emails top the list, mostly related to @Gmail.
RT @SDuncovered: More reasons to miss Robin Williams. He biked in San Diego triathlons + supported the Challenged Athletes Foundation.
I'm usually not big on mellow music but must recommend the new @angusjuliastone album. Every track delights.
I love my colleague @NoFanboi but about @surface Pro 3 marketing, we disagree. My rebuttal:
I couldn't disagree more and will have to rebut this one;
I spent my Sunday morning writing this: #reporting #FourthEstate
My response to receiving "Readers United" letter from @AmazonKindle. Hachette's thing is "Authors United".
Here's another Infographic shilling for my ebook. Spoiler alert: The vampire sucks. #myblood
I humbly request the @wattpad team to create @windowsphone app. Even a webapp that runs in mobile IE would be good enough.
News Gatherers, my ebook "Responsible Reporting" is free on Amazon all day. Grab it while you can.
RT @mikko: We confirmed that the Xiaomi Android phone does silently send your data to a server in China:
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