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Kevin Fox
"This is not GDrive" "How is it different?" "That's hard to say, because GDrive doesn't exist." -
"This is not GDrive" "How is it different?" "That's hard to say, because GDrive doesn't exist."
I'd love to see the whole transcript, because it doesn't make any sense as to why he'd mention GDrive and then fail to explain the reference due to the non-existence of GDrive. - Mark Trapp
I'm assuming that the reporter mentioned GDrive or whether this was GDrive. The media has had the idea of a GDrive in their head for so long that they have to bring it up. If Apple came out with a Macbook with a reversible screen the media would be asking whether this was the Apple Tablet. - Kevin Fox
Mark, LOL. - Kol Tregaskes
This is so cool, I hope they provide a syncing application like you get with DropBox - Alastair Montgomery
the article mentions -- but what do you think of (which also works with Linux and iTunes across many devices) ? - Adriano
Does Lost Have The Biggest Ensemble Cast Of All Time? -
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"When Lost returns next month, you'll be seeing lots of familiar faces turning up... including a few you might have forgotten. But does Lost have the biggest cast of recurring characters of any science-fiction show? The answer might surprise you. The sprawling ensemble cast is a hallmark of the modern-day science fiction series. Shows like Lost, Babylon 5, The X-Files, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Battlestar Galactica have featured tons of characters who show up for a few episodes, then vanish... only to reappear, with sudden significance, a year or two later. The hitherto unsuspected connection between two random characters is a hallmark of these shows, and so is the chance meeting between two previously unconnected characters. So which shows of the past two decades have the biggest casts of recurring characters? We looked at IMDB, to find out. Our criteria: Someone had to have turned up in three episodes or more, and young/alternate versions of the same character didn't count. So who's got the biggest ensemble cast? Here's our list, from least to most. " - RAPatton
Farscape: 48 characters ... What if you drop it to just people who've been in five or more episodes? Then you've got just 24 recurring characters. - RAPatton
Battlestar Galactica: 64 characters ... What if you drop it to just people who've been in five or more episodes? Then it's just 42 characters. - RAPatton
Star Trek: Deep Space 9: 70 characters ... What if you drop it to just people who've been in five or more episodes? Then it's just 40 characters. - RAPatton
Bablyon 5: 70 characters ... What if you drop it to just people who've been in five or more episodes? Then it's 44 characters. - RAPatton
Lost: 91 characters ... What if you drop it to just people who've been in five or more episodes? It goes down to 60. - RAPatton
Smallville: 103 characters ...What if you drop it to just people who've been in five or more episodes? Down to a mere 33 characters. - RAPatton
Heroes: 115 characters ... What if you drop it to just people who've been in five or more episodes? Then it drops to 63 characters. - RAPatton
The X-Files: 143 characters ... What if you drop it to just people who've been in five or more episodes? Then it drops to just 47 characters. - RAPatton
Stargate SG-1: 144 characters ... What if you drop it to just people who've been in five or more episodes? It drops to just 67 characters. - RAPatton
but they would also drop well below these on the 5 or more episode filter. - Michael W. May
I notice Doctor Who isn't on the list. I wonder what that list would look like if you were to include all of the series together. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Bret Taylor
Happy holidays from the FriendFeed crew! -
Thanks to Kevin for another great logo... - Bret Taylor
YAY! Snowmens! - Yolanda
Cool logo! :) - AJ Batac
I think they need scarves. They look cold. - Yolanda
Great logo! Simple and fun. - Brandon Titus
great :) çok sevdim bu logoyu :) - Burak Budak
Cool :D - Pedram
Kevin - that is an awesome logo!!!!! - Susan Beebe
+102 for Bill Waterson references in picture Kevin or words Sinterclas - Steve C, Team Marina
cute but what happened to festivus this year? - Laura Norvig
Merry Christmas to the FriendFeed team. You guys rock! FriendFeed reacts quickly and you're adding wonderful features all the time (Thanks soooo much for the "edit" feature.) - Mitchell Tsai
Happy Festivus! - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
Happy festive season to you all as well :) - Niki Costantini
Happy Holidays!!! - David Cook
love it~ - Sunny
Love!!! - Bee
Glad you like it! (And glad people picked up on the Waterson influence :-) - Kevin Fox
Merry Christmas! :D - Ron
Happy Holidays FF crue -- you've made this an excellent and memorable year for many of us. Facebook couldn't have done it without you! :) - Christopher Galtenberg
w00t you gave me the best online year in 15 years!!! ;p Thanks a lot, everyone, for what you've done here XD - Zu from AOD
Merry Christmas to all - Craig Eddy
Merry Christmas! - Svein Håvard Djupvik
Haha! I love horrified snowmen. Merry Christmas to FriendFeed! - Chris Lasher
Joyeux Noel a tout le monde! - Mathieu Ayel
Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! - Anne Bouey
happy christmas, chanukah and kwanzaa. - Deniz Eda Goze
happy chrismas and a happy new year!!! - ethan meccage
Awwwww sniff - Kevin Fox
Happy holidays! Take good care of yourselves and... enjoy those days off! <o> \o, - Zu from AOD
Merry Christmas! - Ian May
Tks and love you all !!! - @Renchin@
ahh, the good ol' days. - MikeAmundsen
Happy Holidays FriendFeers! <superbump /> - AJ Batac
cool!! - Ferzvladimir
*bump* - imabonehead
Sigh. Sometimes it is the little touches, like seasonal logos or easter eggs, that mark a site as a living project, and that you really miss when the developers have all moved on to something else. - Michael R. Bernstein
ای جان چقدر خوبه این - WALL.E
这位大叔是谁啊,真猥琐。我有面部识别障碍,纯粹是好奇一问 - R093r-
涛哥啊~~ - junrxu
涛哥是谁?俺们村里专门掏粪那个? - R093r-
下岗工人鹏伯吧,最近来过深圳那个。 - darwin|1q84
54层——好高高层。。。 - yangwillychen
到底是涛哥还是鹏伯? - mr. lambert
鹏伯?没听说过,,这明显是涛哥啊,,下岗工人还贴个PRC干嘛 - Cheney
@Cheney 鹏伯是PRC下岗公仆 - mr. lambert
不认识,这个人很出名嘛? - 太阳黑子
飘过~~~ - icecream创意设计分享
Mona Nomura
Windows Vista Source Code Leaked -
Windows Vista Source Code Leaked
love - mjc
I laughed out loud haha - Mona Nomura
return LotsMoreMoney; :P - Bee
fantastic - you have a fine reservoir of good material Mona - PaulJohnson
Hardware incompatibility error; Driver incompatibility error. if (still_not_crashed) HAHA @Paul: Thank you, for your words. :) - Mona Nomura
HOM C# :O - Hossein Norouzi
C# doesn't use include-directives - they'd be using. That's some pseudo-C :P - Jemm
I'd love to do similar joke about OSX or Linux, but I'd be too afraid of a mob attacking me due to blasphemy ;) - Jemm
hahahaha!! It's supposed to be funny, you guys! - Mona Nomura
ha ha ha *snort* ha ha. Joni, it's Mona#++SE.NET - Kevin L
You couldn't do a "source code leaked" joke for LInux! - Kevin L
Mona: it is ;) klecu: ah :) Now I know how Powershell got its code name.. "Monad" - Jemm
HA! - Mona Nomura
There's a bug in there. Where's the if statement immediately inside the if still_not_Crashed condition that checks "If(bootLog.BootsSinceLastCrash >2), throw new BSOD();". - The Fat Oracle
funny - but i've never had a problem with Vista - in fact I'm a Mac owner who LOVES vista. take that - andy brudtkuhl
LOL :) - AJ Batac
Joni: Nobody makes fun of Unix-like operating systems, or they have me to answer to. :) - James Rishabh Mishra
Mona - Did YOU do this ?? :) - Charlie Anzman
That can't be it. Where's that call to sleep() ? :) - Morton Fox
I'm pretty sure I saw that in the background of an ad in Linux Format a while back, actually. Something extremely similar, anyhow. - i80and
love it! - Geoff K
while(!crashed) { laugh(); } - imabonehead
Why are the Firefox name's here? - huacnlee
lmfao at the commented out "Welcome to Windows 2000" - Eric Kerr
omg, Akiva needs to see this - Josh Haley
seven is just a line away - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Oscar Antonio Moralí
"Portable Ubuntu for Windows is a Ubuntu system running as a Windows application." - Oscar Antonio Moralí from Bookmarklet
Sorry,I don' t like it.Linux is not a app for windows in my mind. - 微笑の迪妮莎
either way, can be a great way for people to learn and get familiar! After all that is exactly what people using virtualization do, and in many cases it IS linux within windows. This just makes it a simple 1 step process for laymen? - Iphigenie
Most people will think it like this:Now I can use linux in windows ,why i need install linux in my PC?may be this way can let people use linux,learn it,but,Just a windows 's app. - 微笑の迪妮莎
Not to be fanatic; there are a huge range of people afraid of using Linux, afraid of being changed, this will help 'em to get in, I think. - Sepehr Lajevardi
I would like to download it and have a try with Linux. It's so convenient. - yezi
Robert Scoble
Rackspace announcements: Cloud Computing Price War to come?
Wow, more of my vendors get thrown together into the same company. Yay, less bills! So I guess the next version of JungleDisk won't require S3? - Mark Trapp
Awesome! Rackspace FTW! congrats guys! - Susan Beebe
Mark: JungleDisk will give you the choice of either S3 or Rackspace's own services. - Robert Scoble
This space needs more competition... I'd like to see more usability improvements (it shouldn't be so hard to set up a simple web host). - Brian Roy
Nothing like healthy competition to benefit consumers. - Tyler Golden from twhirl
Interesting move as the cloud grows and is starting to have some outages - Chris Miller
Robert: any indication of when the JungleDisk and Slicehost merging would be complete? - Mark Trapp
Very nice! Posted this to Hacker News. I'm sure a lot of geeks will appreciate this move ( - AJ Batac
Mark: the way they are talking, by the end of the year. I'll get an official answer after the event. - Robert Scoble
The size, quality and resolution of the live video stream is amazing. The best I've ever seen. I even saw Scoble tapping away on his notebook :) - Mark Krynsky
Mark: we're in the Austin CIty Limits studio. Good to hear the video is clear! :-) - Robert Scoble
They just announced a partnership with Limelight Networks too. - Robert Scoble
They also announced a partnership with for email in cloud services. - Robert Scoble
It's exciting, and Mosso is a leader in the cloud, but..erm...well...I think you'll see many guys who host websites with Mosso still 'iffy' about the reliability. Wonder if they are going to push some more resources into Mosso operations. - Andrew Leyden
Andrew: Yes, is the answer to that. - Robert Scoble
i'm trying to see what differentiators are vs S3, dropbox, MS Live Mesh etc - adolfo foronda
I wrote a post with coverage from an amazing Cloud vendor called Workhabit who specializes using Amazon EC2 to host Drupal sites. Info & some great presentations from them here - Mark Krynsky
Christopher: SliceHost was a very profitable company. The founders told me they came to Rackspace because of how many data centers they were building and the resources that were available to them. - Robert Scoble
One of the benefits of Amazon is seamless integration. I wonder how all these distinct services can be brought together into one cloud with an API and fast and favorable bandwidth pricing? - Todd Hoff
Robert: Thanks. One of the things that scares me about cloud vs. server is if my server crashes for some random reason, I can call a techie at the data center who can focus on repairing 'my server' as soon as possible. If the cloud crashes, then I'm sort of at the mercy of when they can deal with the 'bigger issue' which might take longer than fixing say one box. (I should note I use both mosso & ded. servers) - Andrew Leyden
Just a random aside about Friendfeed. Look at all the comments here in just 25 minutes. Definitely a tech interested audience on this site. - Andrew Leyden
Andrew I think we're going to see a move to multi-cloud operations so that instance of the cloud was really down you failover to another cloud. Some cloud vendors are positioning themselves as a redundancy option to Amazon. - Todd Hoff
Ooh, the slicehost offering sounds interesting for personal hosting. I've heard some good things about them and intro packages starting at $20 a month? I need to look into them. - Mark Krynsky
Does this mean they're going to fix Jungledisk on Windows? Around here, we call it Crashy McCrashalot. - Brett Kelly
Mark: I've used them for a few months for personal hosting, and they are definitely worth a look. We just started using them professionally for our low-end sites a month or so ago. - Mark Trapp
@adolfo you're listing services across different layers in their integration of the Cloud. This stuff can be confusing and we need more people to start doing a better job of explaining this stuff. - Mark Krynsky
The Limelight thing sounds very interesting, a lower cost way to take advantage of CDN. I wonder what Akamai are thinking... - Elizabeth McLaughlin
@mark krynsky good point, it's a nice suite of offerings via aquisitions and partners. Guess it never hurts to have competition, heres to price drops across the board. - adolfo foronda
I don't know if I should "like" this or not. I've been a loyal Slicehost customer for 8 months now and I have been very happy with things the way they were. Still, congrats to those guys. - Benjamin Golub
Retweeting @lalorek Rackspace paid $11.5 million payable in cash and stock, with potential for up to $16.5 million more for Jungle Disk & SliceHost - Robert Scoble
I just bought a copy of Jungle Disk this week. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Thanks for the info Mark Trapp. I've wanted to look into personal hosting in the Cloud, but prior to this it was ~$100 a month to do it and not cost effective but now at $20 it might be worth dipping my toe. I feel there will be a major shift and the majority of sites will be using the Cloud in ~5 years. - Mark Krynsky
I guess I'm a minority here but my favorite feature of S3 is BitTorrent seeding/tracking. Any sign of that coming from RackSpace or other cloud providers? - Louis Choquel
Louis: I asked them about that. It's definitely on their list of features they want to do, but they have other stuff to do first. - Robert Scoble
Did you see that Amazon EC2 just announced Windows installs and an SLA? Probably trying to one-up these announcements. - Dan T
I have waited for the spark to light the silicon valley rebuilding process, let the ideas flow, and I would like to work for Robert and Rackspace. - Nicholas Chase
I would love that. Please reduce my bandwidth costs from EC2 and I'll switch. All this communication with the Twitter API and Social Graphs is getting really expensive! - Jesse Stay
Mona Nomura
"[Chrome] Extremely skinny, but very cool and friendly. However, when it comes to the bedroom, she is very inexperienced and has little to offer. [IE] For most, she's the first woman they tried. She's really easy but can get you infected." LOL - Mona Nomura
Where is IE? - Håkan Dahlström
I just can't get past the anorexic model - BEX
Click on the link, Hakan. "IE: For most, she's the first woman they tried. She's really easy but can get you infected." HAHA - Mona Nomura from IM
They all look pretty good to me. Chrome though definitely needs feeding. - Brian Sullivan
At the pole dancing convention - Michael W. May
The pictures are the right choices for the captions, imo. Lighten up, people. It's a joke! - Mona Nomura from IM
The only reason I'm staying away from chrome is because of they have terrible RSS. I haven't used Opera in a long time and I love FireFox because of what it can do with Twitter. - Patrick from twhirl
I know too many "Operas" durnit... - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
I'll take a mix between Opera and Safari please. - Amani
Lindsey LOL!! - Mona Nomura
Hahaha :D - Joe Dawson
Ginger, Onur, Ginger. - Roberto Bonini
Ntng wrong with missionary style - i like chrome n missionary ( rathe than some fancy doggie style !!) - viki saigal
Yeah the Chrome girl is HOT. - Will Higgins™
funny! - Susan Beebe
Jaj! Muy bueno! - Gaston
I would take firefox anyday of the week :-) Out of those, how would internet explorer look? Would it be an eighty year old granny or some such? - Richard A.
真贴切。 - Sunny
I judge IE looks very old and banged up. And as most have mentioned my pick is Firefox - ЯIИGҜIИG
hahaha - Shevonne
I prefer foxy one ;) - Burçak Çubukçu
ok, Safari is the best. FireFox is second, Opera 3rd and Chrome is the worst. IE is the backup. I use Opera BTW :D - Hakan Yuksel
why is chrome the worse? - Rob Sellen :o)
cuz it's Google - sofarsoShawn
I don't agree.... try manging online without google.... - Rob Sellen :o)
@Rob, That girl seems so unhealty. As a man I am just considering the look of the girls :D not the actual functionality of the browsers. - Hakan Yuksel
I love Firefox for the extensions, of course. Safari and Chrome, for me, anyway, are one and the same. - Mike Nayyar
lol... the firefox gal sure looks great tho ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
& Google starves it's employees & keeps them in cages - sofarsoShawn
dont alot of companies? - Rob Sellen :o)
nope, only Google - sofarsoShawn
really and how the hell would you know that lol? - Rob Sellen :o)
the CIA & Kol Tregaskes - sofarsoShawn
huh? you are the CIA? - Rob Sellen :o)
oh boy.... - .LAG liked that
no .lag they are women mate ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I'm not at liberty to discuss...the investigation is ongoing - sofarsoShawn
this is photoshopped... ew, gross - Melissa Janine
lol... ok.. whatever, so you just state online that they ARE investigating it... which aint what I asked... I asked if YOU wewre in the CIA? - Rob Sellen :o)
ok.. so how the heck would ya know what they are "investigating"? not sure they make that kind of info public... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
LOL oh boy...I must repeat: not at liberty...please direct further questions to Mona N. <:o) - sofarsoShawn
right... ok.. so why bother saying it at all .. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Wheres Safari? - TheHenry
open the link - kooki
@Ann, the next v.Male is all yours - sofarsoShawn
1 Opera please - Neya
There was a time when I used opera, back around 98 or so and it served me well. - Richard A.
The pic for Chrome is a well-known photoshop. LOL @ IE being a whore. :D - fn (fairnymph)
Good to hear (well-known Photoshop). :) - Mona Nomura
中文版请看这里: - pestwave
哈哈 真搞 - cch
Um...forget about installing a plugin :) - Mark Krynsky
Shawn, RE: above comment: eh? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Paul Buchheit
How FriendFeed uses MySQL to store schema-less data -
"Another interesting detail is that this is roughly the 4th iteration on the FriendFeed backend since we launched 17 months ago. If you look at the the graphs at the bottom of Bret's post, you can see that our previous system was about to die -- average pageview latency had increased from about 135ms to 260ms in less than a month! (not a good trend) This new design also accommodates some important upcoming features that would have been problematic in the old system. This experience reinforces my belief that it's better to be quick than brilliant. If we had wasted a lot of time trying to build some really smart, super-scalable system right from the start, it would have inevitably been over-optimized for the wrong things, since the product and requirements have changed quite a bit since launch. By continually rebuilding the system, it stays relatively simple and close to our actual needs (plus it incorporates everything we learned from the previous iterations)." - Paul Buchheit
Robert Scoble
New Twitter movement: unfollow everyone. Discuss why or why not this is a good thing:
@loic started this with a script he had built. He unfollowed everyone yesterday and now only is following 22 people. - Robert Scoble
@loic told me it feels like he took a bath. - Robert Scoble
@loic says that having a small number of people he intimately follows lets him build real relationships online again. - Robert Scoble
i just think people shouldnt take all of this so seriously. - Terry O'Fee
@loic says that if you try to follow thousands of people there's no way to see all the tweets. That is true. If I refresh as fast as I can I can't see all the Tweets coming into my account. - Robert Scoble
I have been actively unfollowing--not everyone--but anyone that seems not directly relevant or familiar to me on some level. Twitter has become a far richer experience since employing this technique - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Well how will you will you filter than or get to the things you like? A group of people you follow is in my experience one of the best information filters you can have. - rick
I'm now following just over 100 people anyway - VIVANO
there is more than one way to do twitter. both the @loic and @scobleizer way are right. - Peggy Dolane
Oh, I'm sure it's an annoying mess with about 400 items per minute that mean absolutely nothing to you - Dorian Muthig
i have some really good friends i talk to on a regular basis. some i have conversations with. some proper celebrities because i cant help myself. the rest i suss out. if all they can talk about is ff and twitter, i may unfollow myself. - Terry O'Fee
@loic and I see that there's something new happening. First, search like is totally changing our inbound. Second, using services like friendfeed lets you group and manage large numbers of followers, so you'll still have the inbound, especially as more and more people join both friendfeed and Twitter. - Robert Scoble
instead of unfollowing, I use FriendFeed to filter/group the tweeters according to their priority for me - Alexander Benker
I agree Robert- following folks sometimes can be a total waste of time and waste of twitter. Quality over quantity seems to be the new movement of late and I have to agree fro the most part-I am tired of getting spammed and DMed by spam which we all have to delete. But I have always followed quality- and that is why I am responding to your tweet dude. - DougFirebaugh
Sure when you have the amount of followers that you do and they will just listen it makes sense. But not for the average user of twitter. It's not about just being followed. I think you may have lost touch with the whole thing. You two are in the top 2%. Twitter is a completely different user experience than the other 98%. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
So are we calling this Follower Bankruptcy? - Mike Doeff
This one of the reasons to have track, so you can follow your real friends and still discover new people - Christian Burns
Robert, Twitter is a river of 140 char messages. Dive in when you feel like taking a bath. Get out when you had enough. Loic and you should stop whining about the drawbacks after you start following thousands of people ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
let's see robert unfollow everyone in friendfeed too. hah, that'll be the day. - Terry O'Fee
Reuben: I haven't decided to yet, but @loic sure makes a good case for it. - Robert Scoble
IMO, it's not a great idea. People will see this as a negative action toward them and unfollow you. If everybody were to unfollow everybody they know, twitter would become a meaningless array of nothingness. "If it ain't broke, don't unfollow it." - Zerhynn
I have never bought into the mass followers approach and find that I have to find at least 2 or 3 tweets interesting within a page or two, in anybody I would choose to follow. I am interested in connection with people with similar interests and I don't think it makes sense to just build up volume. - Kirti Vashee
There's certainly a buzz around this, we just talked about it on our podcast tonight. What sucks about unfollowing is losing the news-stream of information you're trying to capture--stuff you may not have notice/found. Maybe Twitter should implement groups, a'la tweetdeck? - Paul Salzman
Although I do agree that you do not need to follow thousands of people. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
interesting concept - guess that is what I use tweetdeck, friendfeed and socialmedian for to allow me to focus on issues because I carefully selected the people I follow after reviewing their sites I see merit in unfollowing everyone just as I see in using third party apps - it depends on the individuals preferences - Lionel Spearman
It's both good and bad. For one if your reduce the number of people you follow to a minimalistic amount you can build richer and more vibrant relationships with the select few. The bad however is that your world view is now much smaller than what it would have been. I'm actually thinking about unfollowing a mass of people to get back into a manageable range where I can read all of there tweets and then search for anything else. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Why is it a new movement when SM gurus start doing it? I follow those that have similar interest or to learn different point of views. I have no goal to have the most followers or the best twitter grade. Twitter is about the relationships you build. Friends are relationships that I have built over years of trust and loyalty. - Kyle
I would consider it, but I would have trouble shutting out that many. I am following 1000 and being followed by 1500 - Christian Burns
Having just decided to join the follow you movement I think unfollowing everyone is an unfriendly move, why not make a group for the 22 friends you really want to follow:) - Suzie Cheel
Then there are some who follow then unfollow and follow again. lol. - Carolyn Chan
One problem with not following everyone: only people you are following can send you direct messages on Twitter. That's one thing that's keeping me from running @loic's script. @loic points out, though, that most of my DM's are now spam. He's right. - Robert Scoble
I've been speaking about that for a weeks, and applying it, glad it's finally trickling to the a-listers. - Richard A.
So the question is, when will FF get DMs? - Christian Burns
you still have email, robert :P - Terry O'Fee
Not sure I agree. Even with a small "following" I get real nuggets via DMs. Besides - it is rude to mass unfollow :) - Rob La Gesse
I kind of wish I could limit my follows to 150 - Christian Burns
I have been thinking about this a lot. Recently I blogged about how opening up my Facebook to everyone who wanted to connect was not really resulting in meaningful relationships. We don't have the time to be engaged with that many people. We can put content out and discuss when they respond, but to actually use the medium in the way I used to when I had just a couple friends on there is no longer possible with so many people. Likewise, with Twitter. - AV Flox
I won't be sad or hurt if @Scobleizer unfollows me. Frankly, not all my tweets are that relevant to the guy. Just so long as he checks his @replies and answers me every blue moon, that still falls in the category of a good relationship on Twitter. @shelisrael has an unfollow/follow as you go motto described on his blog, it makes sense to me. - Phillip
It was my script. I'm the new guy at seesmic. I wrote it for loic today. if anyone wants it, I've got it. kick this movement into high stream. If you look at the first person in loic's follow list, its me now :-) - Zac Bowling
But Robert, I thought you couldn't check your DM's? I remember seeing quite a few tweets from you saying "DON'T DM ME - EMAIL ME INSTEAD" etc. - Brandon LeBlanc from twhirl
What a load of BS. Do the math. - Stephen Grant-Jones
Since I run much smaller number that Loic & Robert, my systematic subtractive technique works--if I had thousands of spamming DM--I would run Loic's script. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Brandon: I tried getting people to not send me DMs. Doesn't work. People were trying to do business with them (and still are). It's probably the single reason why I won't run the script. - Robert Scoble
I love the spontaneity and surprise of many friends. I would never give it up. I discover things every day that delight me. - John Kremer
Besides, if I really need to send Scoble a DM I can just call his Cell phone - Christian Burns
A lot of the conversations that are still happening are interesting but the relationships built are no longer as close as they were when I had only a couple of followers. It's funny that you tweeted about only having 150 followers on Friendfeed and that's more conducive to quality relationships. Isn't 150 the Dunbar number? Loic's movement is worth reflecting on. I've been making use of Tweetdeck again to scale down the groups. It's helped but Loic's solution is seductive. - AV Flox
This can be very short sighted. A great way to send the message, I don't want your business or money. - Sylvia Webb
it would almost be a good idea except for one thing - @reply can only be seen by followers. It would be great if this were not the case, and I can see the spam potential if it were, but limiting @reply to followers, if you;re not following anyone, means everyone is in a big room shouting over each other instead of conversing. - Brian Benz
New craze for newbies to twitter, following a small number of people and filter the rest for useful conversations. Quantity is not quality! - Carl Plant
i'm far more suspicious of those following me than i'm concerned about who I follow. I'm always looking to prune my Twitter follows and -- what can I say -- it's hard... lots of people in my twitterfeed tend to add value more often than not! - Andy Sternberg
Also, does this approach not create a new A-list in a different place? - Brian Benz
Just goes to prove that Steve Gillmor is always right, eventually you will see it his way :) - Christian Burns
Do what works for you. If it stops working for you then make a change. I don't think there is any reason for debate here. To each his/her own. - Katherine Druckman
@Robert it isn't possbile to say to people not to use DM. And if you feel like you should build up such a large crowd you follow or that follow you then accept the consequences. You get value because it lets you be an information hub and provides you overall sex appeal in the tech community. In return you will have to accept that people try to get access to you to get back some of that value for themselves or their products. - Alexander van Elsas
if it ain't broke. don't fix it. i wouldn't unfollow everyone but i do find myself filtering more. being open and keeping channels 2 way has allowed me to meet some amazing contacts interested in doing business in China. to unfollow people would be to cut off these channels for me. a lot of these contacts are via DM. everyone's got a different way of using twitter. - Christine Lu
Brian: why? Not sure what you're getting at there. - Robert Scoble
It's not necessary to see all the tweets. You can use Tweetdeck and other services to make sure you don't miss your favorites. I still love the nuggets I discover -- like this post -- that I would not discover if I stopped following so many people. - John Kremer
I can make it easy for @loic. Nuke the account and start over following the 22 people. - Christian Anderson
Am I wrong to say that if you use Twitter search @yourusername you can't see @replies from people NOT following you? I tried it and it seems to work for me. - Phillip
Christine: it's all broken, it's just that I have gotten used to routing around the fail whales and the stream flowing through Tweetdeck. I "media snack" and just sample from the stream flowing by. It doesn't bother me too much either way. I do find that friendfeed is a far better place and it's great to see more and more people discovering that. - Robert Scoble
Phillip: bing! Oh, by the way, I'm following everyone on this thread. :-) - Robert Scoble
Geez, Loic is like the drama queen of the web. - Orli Yakuel
Christian: actually that's probably what I would do if I was tired of a high-flow account: just start a new account with only a few friends and lock down the followers. Maybe that's the solution for true addicts like me. :-) - Robert Scoble
I'm unfollowing everyone on twitter and friendfeed who I don't know personally or isn't local. Sorry peeps, Twitter and friendfeed works best like that. Once I get everything clean, feel free to let me know you're still following me and I'll follow back. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Orli: oh, if you can't have some drama what fun is social media? ;-) - Robert Scoble
I have a simple, less radical set of rules: 1) use groups, 2) un-follow anyone who spams you with direct messages and 3) move questions/conversations to friendfeed. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Robert, stay as you are, please. - Orli Yakuel
Orli: don't worry, I'll always follow you. :-) - Robert Scoble
I too use FriendFeed's and TweetDeck's group functions to prioritize the tweets that comes in from my followees. - Vinko
52 pages, 1025 people I follow on twitter. Each one was added by me for a reason. No auto-follow. First person ever followed was Jason Calacanis over two years agao. - Christian Burns
My twitter name is @infoliberation. I find that Twitter is short and sweet and Friendfeed is for a much more robust conversation. I love the marriage of the two. I think Friendfeed is helped greatly by Twitter's jumping off point. What else can you say to that? - Phillip
damn...right when my followership just started taking off. :-( - Jason Salas from IM
I agree with Katherine, to each his own. I've got just a wee 2000 followers, but enjoy popping in to respond to whatever random tweet catches my eye or relevant tweets I've found through saved topic searches. Hey, I even got a new client today - so I'm doing just fine with how things are now. - Cheryl Allin
please people, let's try for tomorrow for a day on this where we dont talk about twitter or friendfeed. there's other stuff to talk about... - Terry O'Fee
Robert, come on... this is not what I'm worried about. I think that you really know most of your friends, or for at least trying to communicate with people you don't know. With Twitter you get to know new friends & content based on the same taste/interests - to follow only people you know, is like taking two steps back. (and thanks for following me!) - Orli Yakuel
Not sure why you would need to unfollow everyone to keep track of what your important people tweet. Just form a group of high-profile folks in TweetDeck and it'll do the same thing, plus you can still follow everyone else for when you want to jump in the stream. - Cory OBrien
i just unfollowed a couple of folks, it's true, we can live without twitter,facebook and friendfeed. How about for lent we give up facebook, twitter and friendfeed? - Dh'ennis Dömingö
Robert - Limiting followers = limiting DMs and replies and tweets you can see from others - In Loic's example 22 invitees (followers) that get to have a seat at the table while the rest of us can watch the action passively. TO me this would be as exciting as C-Span. :) - Brian Benz
I think everyone will find their own Twitter preferences. I'm following 606 right now. In a week or two I may clean out some of the driftwood - people who've gone silent or have switched to topics that aren't interesting, but then I'll add some new folks to make up for it. I don't catch every Tweet, but the stream keeps running. So long as it's populated with interesting folk, the Tweets that I do catch are more likely to be interesting as well. - Heidi Cool
Orli: I've decided that @loic is wrong. But he's also right. Twitter, you see, is really broken for interacting with large numbers of people. Friendfeed is much better. - Robert Scoble
I think Loic let things get out of control. Robert, considering how many followers you have, you seem to be able to manage your account better than anybody. If your truly are looking for a quality experience, you have to decide what works for you. I always thought it was about quality not quantity:-) - Michael Fidler
@loic I think its cool that you rebooted who you follow - Christian Burns
On Pownce I used to try to keep track of all posts (and followed fewer people) but Pownce was more indepth. On Twitter one can glean a lot from just a small percentage of what's there. - Heidi Cool
Robert, with that I agree: FriendFeed is better for long and real conversations. - Orli Yakuel
I agree groups in tweetdeck help you filter very well without missing some occasional random tweets. keeping up with your @replies is more critical than every single tweet. - Alistair (alpinefolk)
Robert - you should unfollow everyone and see what happens. make sure that script stores everyone you are following in a db in case you want to re-follow after the test. - Gerard
While I didn't unfollow everyone, I cut out a lot of who I was following. Might be rude, but it's not meant to be that way. i no longer have the time to follow so many people. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Gerard: it would cause too many messages to fly around. People get their feelings hurt if someone unfollows them. - Robert Scoble
If I unfollow people, then I'd be digitally talking to myself. I can do that IRL - Outsanity
My feelings wouldn't be hurt - I'd doubt if I'd even realize it - that's not what I'm using Twitter for - just silly to me. - Cheryl Allin
Outsanity: that's not true. Who you are following is your inbound. You can get inbound other places, like or - Robert Scoble
Twitter is what you want it to be. That's one of the fascinating things. My own view of it has changed a dozen times since I started. Everyone has their own philosophy about how to use it, and they are all valid. As for me, I'm simply not going to follow anybody who doesn't follow me, and I will follow anybody (as long as they are real) I just unfollowed loic. The World is flat. Will I miss out? Perhaps, but if I want to know what the 'important' people are thinking I can just go to their sites. - Stephen Pickering
Robert: You're currently "following" 69,188 people on Twitter. If one of those people has their feelings hurt because you unfollow them and they no longer have 1/70,000th of your attention, they have a screw loose. - Ken Sheppardson
Twhirl gives you inbound with saved searches, each search a tab stream. I love it. Create a saved search for keyword 'RT' and see what's hot or a saved search like 'chrisbrogan' and follow him and all who @ him. - Cheryl Allin
I say bite the bullet, clear things out, add some searches in Tweetdeck or one of the "track" services, and follow people manually as your real relationships warrant. You can alway run a script to just follow everybody later if you miss the noise. - Ken Sheppardson
Robert: I unfollowed according to three criteria 1. Does the person follow more than a thousand 2. Does the person respond 3. does the person tweet links and RT rather than content, the fourth is whether you're unlucky enough to tweet when I'm in unfollow mode. Result: A more social timeline. - Richard A.
Sounds like Loic needs to fix Twhirl to manage his followers better. He doesn't have to pay attention to every single one, but he does need a way to build relationships with those he wants to. Twhirl is horrible at this. - Jesse Stay
@Jesse Stay, I use twhirl and it's fine for what I do, but that's because I culled my follow list removing all those that aren't active conversationalists. - Richard A.
Reuben, My timeline is far more fun now as a result :-). Took a few experiments to find the right method though. - Richard A.
At a certain point if you had autofollow on you have no choice but to start over because a) you can follow the number of tweets and b) you will stress the Twitter servers out. - Jason Calacanis
Reuben. I don't use auto follow, For me to follow someone new I want to see how converstional they are first. That's when I might consider them on twitter. - Richard A.
Robert: Is this the flip side of what Jason and Michael were taking you to task on a few weeks back on GG? Is it time to do more meaningful *listening*? - Ken Sheppardson
Robert: I 'think' I was the first person with over 20k followers to do this. Though in my case, I totally reset my account - zero following / zero followers. it has been a universally great experience to me and massively increased the value of Twitter to me. - Jim Connolly
Ken: yes, I think this has a big part to do with addiction too. You keep trying to follow more and more until you snap. - Robert Scoble
An interesting idea, as I have found I have followers but a very select few who actually respond regularly, I wonder if it is matter of depersonalization, losing what it once represented as a means to an end. Certainly it could be a good idea, but many of those who I have found were those who had spoke on something of interest in the wide swath of sea that is twitter. So I will consider it, but am not sure if there will be follow through anytime soon. Though I guess it would depend also on how effective. - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa
As someone has probably already pointed out in a more eloquent fashion, Loic's company makes a Twitter client. Surely he should build tools into that client to make the overload problem more manageable and certainly not try to set a trend of "hey it's cool to unfollow lots of people now". That sort of sends the wrong message to people about your company and it's thinking. - Pete Gilbert
I don’t see how this is even an idea to be considered. If we unfollow everybody and everybody else unfollows the rest, then Twitter will become a very lonely place. Boring place with no use what so ever… I strongly disagree with this. - Spyros Papaspyropoulos
This the Loic Le Meur trend he catch big head, because he is personnal friend of Sarkozy , the small napoleon - Yann from twhirl
agreed @peter, it's nonsense, companywise, to promote that kind of message when you try to spread your twitter tool.Anyway, I think it's more a trend problem, the 2009 fashion is to unfollow everyone and @loic cannot do unfashioned thing because this is how he builds his reputation and his company notoriety.Dommage... - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
There is no point being on twitter if your purpose is to broadcast. For broadcasting blogs and other platforms are more interesting. If you take dialogue away from twitter you undermine the most active members of the community because they will feel people are using the site too passively. Why do you think social networks fail, lack of involvment. At least by reducing the number of people you follow you increase engagement on a per person basis. It becomes personal once more. - Richard A.
@ J-C verde, as you said is dommage, Loic catch the big head , i guess when he will realize that will be too late - Yann from twhirl
It's beginning to feel like the @1938media technique--in reverse--sans personality shift. Loic will now certainly be the topic of many blog posts in the next day or two. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Spyros: totally wrong. We'd still be here at friendfeed and would still show us other people. - Robert Scoble
@Robert and what is the criteria to detect people in such a huge stream? Come on, this is a network thing: you follow someone because someone else you share interest with has followed him, much more than picking up in twitter "all" stream... - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
Jean: I am very adept at scrolling through a huge list of names and telling you something about most of them. Friendfeed is where I spend most of my time, though. - Robert Scoble
GREAT idea Loic, way to prove your software really can't handle the numbers. This is a weird move from a very smart man. - Jim Connolly
Understand, Robert, but I think that setting up filters (like you did) is a better way than unfollowing people, which seems to be a "2009 trend" with no real reason, even more when you promote a twitter tool.You barely say "my tool suck, so I can't do anything but unfollow you'.Bad move, IMO. - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
I think Loic displayed a certain degree of immaturity in handling twitter as a tool. It is as overdone to follow everyone as it is to unfollow radically. Inspired by the debate, I felt a bit like Moses today ( ;-) ), and subsequently assembled bloggi's Ten Commandments of Twitter: - Mark Jacobs
Jean: agreed. I like friendfeed as an answer a lot more. Just open up a list and put the people you want to really follow in there and keep everyone else out. - Robert Scoble
for the one devellop a twitter tool like Twhirl , i admit is a strange behavior, maybe is normal he is french - Yann from twhirl
@yann I'm also french and I don't understand too. - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
As Twitter's user numbers have INCREASED it's usability (to me) has DECREASED. Is it just me? - Jim Connolly
I can understand Loic's reasons, but I don't agree with it. I don't personally know 95% of the people I follow on twitter. It is however neither relevant nor important for that to be a pre-requisite to starting an interesting conversation. I don't auto follow people and i only pay attention to whoever I want to irrespective of the number of people i am subscribed to. Moreover, a large number of people have occasional sparks of interestingness. So if one can learn to ignore; the more the better. - Parth Awasthi
@Jim_Connolly It is the old law of decreasing returns when new media trivialize. But usually, I am pretty untouched by it since (having been around since February 2007 in twitter) I only follow some 350 people to this day. So I get a good result from my circle of followees. Also, I try to give by helping out new twitter users who have questions. - Mark Jacobs
@Parth_Awasthi I think, lioc created a big mess by first auto following, and now seeing no other way out than to unfollow. Somehow, it makes me giggle a bit :-) - Mark Jacobs
You guys have way too much free time on your hands with this nonsense. - Wayne Schulz
Too much drama. It's funny how many social networks bemoan lack of users and with Twitter, the opposite problem is the subject of complaints - "there's too many bots and DMs! oh my!" Bleh. - Eric Gonzalez
hey guy don't confuse is only one Guy got the big head this is not a trend - Yann from twhirl
I really don't share opinion about Loic putting this on a personal way. This is a strategy mistake (company-wise), a trend mistake (2009-ish fashion)...But not a big head problem. Loic had thousands reasons to have a huge head issue before and did not, so I don't see why it would be the case now - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
this become a hot topic, maybe to much for that - Yann from twhirl
at always promote himself as rock Star , finally he catch the big head - Yann from twhirl
Robert Scoble: What about the people that are using only Twitter? What about the ones that don't use FriendFeed? Ok, we might be crazy having many many accounts on most of all social platforms, but other only use one or two. By unfollowing everyone, there is no Twitter as Mark Fletcher said. - Spyros Papaspyropoulos
I'd agree with someone earlier Loic wants to keep his followers but follow less bet he wouldn't have started that policy at the beginning otherwise he would have a few k followers at most! If he had real balls then he would delete his account like @jimconnolly did and start fresh but he wont as he still wants to 'use' the big following he has, talk about one way! - roger byrne
don't have to start unfollowing anyone as i didn't start following everyone in the first place.. never really understood the auto-following of twitterers i started following.. you've got twittersearch to find people with common interests.. - Johannan Edelman
@scobleizer @loic So much as issues matter, people also matter. Unfollowing people because there is an alternative way to search for issues or interests is limiting the scope to generate them in the first place. Following more people signals belongingness and interests or issues heard. On the other hand, small followings signals selfishness and is the same as 'greed is good'. - Moses Kpetigo
Interesting: so would @loic also encourage all his followers to stop following him? so he could stick with his few twitter fellows? If I remember, he was the one all about numbers and authority. It seems like, once you've reached enough, you're safe ppl will follow you no matter what, you have good "authority" and then you can unfollow all the mass and become a Twitter snob? It sounds too much like a strategy to me. In which he succeed, no doubt. Will he lose credibility? I wonder. - May
I like Robert's snack analogy: I consider Twitter as a news source roughly tuned to my general interests via who I decided to follow. In this respect I could follow lots of people, since it makes sure that each time I go to Twitter, I will find something interesting to me. I know I won't be able to read everything, but I don't care, it's just like in a book store I know I can't read all the books, but I like to sample in the sci-fi shelves - Antoine Bertier
@loic is becoming way too elitist lately. i didn't hear him complaining when he was following thousands of people to promote seesmic! - Alensa
@antoine Exactly right imho most have never claimed and quite the opposite actually specified they don't/can't read every tweet but when they are on they are on and dip into the party! Loics party just got real small! ;) - roger byrne
while is useful, twitter puts you on the front of the wave not searching to catch up afterwards - Mark Parssey
i constantly wonder how you keep up with sooooo many followers. doesn't it drive you nuts???? - Francisco Kemeny
My twitterverse contains people I pay attention to, people that I have so I can search and some that I just follow for a moment and then remove. - Josef Finsel from twhirl
Human attention spans (and time) are limited. Twitter and IMing are a large 'experiment' , still a work in progress--the jury is out! - JimmyJet
If you have so many followers that you have to unfollow because you didn't follow based on what the people were saying, but instead followed to up your "network", then Twitter probably isn't the venue for you. Check out MySpace and do that... - Nicki Laycoax
*yawn* what's new here? nothing. @fidlr and others started the twexpire type experiments (look up the script if you care) long ago; not loic or scoble. i specified the #egosphere vs. #cognosphere usage scenarios long ago. @JimmyJet and @DidierLahely sum it up well. In another sense, all of this is IRC and Usenet for dummies. - michael silverton
it's a good exercise to see how much you really miss the tweets of those you unfollow. And also see how many of them will remain followers after you unfollow. - Mihai Secasiu
I'd argue that having 23k followers is 'doing it wrong' & you should unfollow and start over. I follow 329 right now and the signal-to-noise ratio is manageable. It's a mix of people I know intimately, casually and professionally, and that's where I have the conversations and relationship-building. Next is a handful of news and interesting/high # of followers people. Then, a few individuals with similar numbers as me I found interesting, which has allowed for Twitter-specific relationship-building. - Laura Hall
I agree with @Johannan Edelman I have never used the autofollow function and have felt those I do follow provide value to me. - Jill Howard Allen
As an additional note, if I were to increase my activity and wanted to manage those relationships, I'd start doing filtered lists. - Laura Hall
Groups/filteting seems to be a more sensible and positive sltuion to the "too many followers" problem. eh. - Doug Haslam from twhirl
It's nice that people find what works for them, but there is no "doin' it wrong" There is only "doin it with clue" or "doin it clueless" ... if one doesn't know WHY one is doin' it, no life coach, guru, or A-lister can help. Form your own experiments and execute them. You need no approval or permission from any seeming authority figure. Look up #cognosophere and #egosophere if you care. P.S. PeopleBrowsr breaks ALL these assumptions; it's a completely new kind of literacy beyond Twitter and Friendfeed. - michael silverton
Loic forgot how he use Twitter for promte seesmic ...... why not unfollow him too ?? - Yann from twhirl
I guess I just like to see what people are up to. Isn't that what it was all about before the marketing types took over? Now it's about "getting value" and "managing relationships". I joined so I could tell people what I was having for lunch. - Shawn Farner
I like being in your Twitter stream, I like the idea that thought leaders and influential people like yourself occasionally get to read my updates. You know, once in a blue moon I come up with a great idea, and it's cool to know that in turn this might just inspire Scoble, or Fry for that matter, too. - Terje Fjelde
On the other hand I hate reading about strangers "spending the entire day in bed" or "being bored," so I only follow people who add quality updates on my own account - Terje Fjelde
the main issue comes from the fact Twitter does not help users follow and decide efficiently on new followers. Robert if you are interested we have created a new service called if you are interested i ll drop you an invite - Ouriel Ohayon
Twitter has provide me a way to build a network of people and experts very quickly in fields where I previously did not have contacts or experience. To blanket unfollow would be like cutting my nose off in spite of my face. - Stephen Terlizzi
How will this help...what will it do? - John Flynn
ouriel: sure, send it to - Robert Scoble
robert: you ll get it in a few days, just after we migrated servers. i am sure you ll love it :) - Ouriel Ohayon
That's not new. Loic didn't start a trend. I've only bee using these services since May and I've done it on several occasions and not just on Twitter. Several people have. - Anika
I did that for a while on my first (now private/personal) account, and found myself going to 5-6 follower's Twitter pages to read the news (ala RSS reader days) a couple of times a day. Now that I have a public account, I creeped up to 75-100 again but am consciously rotating folks in and out of my "Top 50." My Twitterstream is like a living, breathing being, I guess! But by intensely following different people at different times, I learn something new and can move on. It's quality, not quantity. - travelninja
Robert - the idea of reducing who you actively follow and relying more on search notifications is the premise of this post: "2009 Prediction: As Social Connections Reduce, Keyword Tracking Increases" - Hutch Carpenter
Chris: on friendfeed just stick the people you want to rarely follow into a list, or do what I did: put the people you REALLY want to follow into a list and read that everyday. That way you'll still have the massive inflows somewhere else when you want those too. - Robert Scoble
Chris: there is something to that, by the way. But you've only touched the surface of the breakage that happened the past month. Go deeper there and you will find the truth. - Robert Scoble
Chris - Lists have answered this quandary for me. The bacon memes are fun, but I didn't want them filling up my main feed. And during the day, I have a professional need to focus on the world of e2.0. Lists really do serve the purpose Loic set out to accomplish. - Hutch Carpenter
unfollow everyone on twitter, FB and every other social network. UK scientists sez that these SN sites actually rewires the nueural network within the brain and thereby making an individual more selfish and self centered. Thus cause pyschological damage to themselves.. :(- (p.s Link will follow- I just heard it this AM on FM while communting to work !!) - Peter Dawson
Chris: even the petty ones are deeper if you dig beyond the ego damage. - Robert Scoble
Bad thing, and if you do it, you will confirm that you A-listers only exploited social media as your broadcasting tool for your own political agenda and not as a true conversation. - Prokofy Neva
I got over the ego damage quickly cause # of followers never did matter. But what remains? Twitter has harmed its community. This is an easy mistake to make and it's one that comes out of @ev and @biz's arrogance. They rarely use their own tools, by the way. Look at @ev's account and tell me he's really a great Twitterer that talks with tons of people. He does not. - Robert Scoble
What's even funnier is that the guy who actually came up with the idea for Twitter, @noah, is not one of the suggested followers while other people on the team are. I should write a book about how funny this all is. - Robert Scoble
@loic seems to have quit over inane DM spam thanking for following, etc. Is there no way to stop automated use of the tools? - Prokofy Neva
Prokofy: that's not really a good reason to follow everyone. But there are plenty of other good reasons, so I keep doing it. @Ryo you're off the rails. Get back on track. You're close to the track, but not on it. - Robert Scoble
BS meme! the unfollowers just want to blast their mouths off and not listen to what others have to say - DC Crowley
Prokofy: no. Twitter's DM feature really sucks. It always has. I just use it because everyone else wants to. - Robert Scoble
Twitter's DM is a reinvention of a wheel named EMAILS. - directeur
directeur: only done in the most lame way possible. - Robert Scoble
Much like the FF comment system is a reinvention of vBulletin/phpBB, done in the most lame way possible. - Ken Sheppardson
Lame? I like it. - coldbrew
Everything is a reinvention of Usenet or E-mail, or N. Just like everything on the Internet is a repost of a repost. - Sam Levine
Let's play this out...if everyone unfollowed a significant % of those whom they don't care about...then it would INCREASE the ability to communicate with those they do care about without all the noise. I'm sure we would all agree this is a good thing. However, if we were to unfollow EVERYONE...are we little more than individual broadcasters that never allow for a two way dialogue? This would dramatically change the landscape of Twitter because a profound hierarchy would emerge: "follows" and "follow-nots" - Drew Sams
Drew, I've been writing about that topic for a while now, but especially in recent weeks with the influx of new twitter users who don't attempt to converse yet. - Richard A.
Don't you think it has incremental feature improvements each time though, Levine? - coldbrew
Depending on how you use FF, it is much like IRC combined w/ Usenet - coldbrew
Richard: most new twitter accounts I'm seeing lately are bots. Not real users and provably so. Real users display random behavior. The new accounts do not. Humans are never consistent. - Robert Scoble
Maybe they had a falling out and Noah is no longer welcome? - Tony C
Richard, thanks for sharing...this has been a topic I'm really interested in. I'll head over to your blog and check out what you've written. Cheers! - Drew Sams
One way in which the FF comment system is lame: comments on Scoble threads move so fast that in the time I've typed this, there will probably be five other new comments. Yet FF will chose to hide some of them and instead say "20x more comments". When I click on that, the thread expands into 5+ pages of comments, and I have to scroll down and try to remember what I saw last. Lack of read/unread status and/or visible (non-mouseover) timestamps are pretty significant time sinks/inefficiencies. - Ken Sheppardson
Enough off-topic. I think this is ironic on a number of levels: - coldbrew
A way to think about Loic. There are a lot of gamers who follow huge numbers, then unfollow massively to look A-List. Loic is A-List. But even so, ask yourself what *you've* gotten from Loic. If you can't answer that question, your unfollow decision should be clear. - Hutch Carpenter
Matthew: Workin' on it :-) Coldbrew: Who appointed you guy who gets to decide what's off-/on-topic? ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Sheppardson, not sure. Just using the convention of looking at the post title. Do you have another metric by which to judge objectively?\ - coldbrew
There's the 1st piece of irony, DeVries, " There are tools to filter and refine your communication with Twitter and Friendfeed." Le Meur's company, Seesmic, makes one of them, but it can't do its job ;-) - coldbrew
coldbrew: I'd explain, but that'd be off topic :-P - Ken Sheppardson
2nd piece of irony comes from the fact that Scoble is disseminating it, but he seems to be keeping a very objective stance, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with Le Meur's justifications for his actions. - coldbrew
Scoble, of course, is "well known" for following so many people all over the ecoshpere [edit: and that is ironic to me] - coldbrew
I find the trend puzzling especially (as @Jim Connolly pointed out) when it's someone like Loic who actually built a tool to help bring method to this madness. Robert, you make it seem so easy and I am in awe as to how you manage to respond to thousands of your followers, both here and on Twitter. It's obvious that not everyone can do it, it's probably getting overwhelming for some. - MiaD
Matthew: TOTALLY agree with you. I probably wasn't the clearest in my comment above. While I choose to unfollow bots and spammers, I prefer to use tools like Tweetdeck and others to filter conversations. The second half of my comment is what I think will happen if we go the nuclear route: Social media will just become a marketplace where ideas are broadcasted but never sharpened through the dialogue process...I don't want another place where ideas and products are hawked at me without my ability to dialogue - Drew Sams
Well played, Sheppardson. - coldbrew
Anyway, promiscuity in public isn't good? - coldbrew
Unfollowing enmasse isn't good business. GKawasaki "gets" Twitter. @Loic either doesn't get it or doesn't know what 2 do with it. I unfollowed him back. - Now Voyager
first the morons were all bout braggin bout how many followers they had, now they realize "oh shit, I can't figure out who said what and when" so now they get to un-follow & that is news. Give me a fucking break, follow or don't follow for the right reasons.In reality at the most people can have 300 odd relationships with people and sustain it beyond that it is just Hello and good bye and that's about it. - Baba
"I unfollowed him back" Oh did ya' now? - coldbrew
This is like watching a movie about a young passionate teen as he slogs his way the the world, making mistakes, and learning right before your eyes. - coldbrew
If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Unfollowing is always an option, but why do it without criteria??? - Jorge Martins Rosa
I could clean up a little, but I like following several hundred. I started in 2006 by following the broadcasters and some of the people that followed them and that they followed. I've slowly increased the number I follow since then. Some days I add about a dozen and unfollow about eight. I like to slowly see what people are saying, participate a little and really meet people. I can manage following hundreds. - Bill
this is you invite people in you're house and studently you kick everybody out without reasons, i remenber when L L M always ask to be followed on twitter . anyway i also kick out from every where and delete my seemsic account .................... some french people when they become famous they got big head - Yann from twhirl
Not sure I agree with @loic but have been thinking the same. The relity is you can only carry relevant conversations with a limited number of people. - RicardoSilva
I think you should do it. Just look at that number. 69,394. It does no good to follow that many people. Wipe the slate clean. - techky
I really think Twitter should have group and thread (at least one level) - Jeremy Chone
I found the original mail on the twitter-dev list:So I have kind of weird request. My boss, who is following 24,386 people (and has 22,752 followers) came to me and wanted me to hack something to wipe out all the people he follows so he can start clean again for various reasons. I'm curious if there is any tools internally at twitter that could help with this maybe because this seems to... more... - Daniel W. Crompton
It's insanely easy to "follow" lots of people. With groups and search in Tweetdeck (sorry @loic) and filters plus tag-focusing services like Twitterfall, I can now focus attention on a "slice" (i.e., a window pane or dialog box). It is very rare that I look at an unfiltered stream. I am almost always looking at a refined view of the entire stream. It kind of reminds me of the Matrix. The "operators" were able to see small nuances in the unadulterated feed. - Lorin Olsen
Nevertheless, I am intrigued by reducing the number of people I follow. I want to have "intimate" conversations and not just blast tones into an echo chamber. In fairness, that is one of the reasons I am doing more in Friendfeed. - Lorin Olsen
@Hutch is quite correct in saying "ask yourself what *you've* gotten from Loic. If you can't answer that question, your unfollow decision should be clear." Exactly!! that should be the criteria for everyone, A-list or not. I've unfollowed some "A-listers" who are focused on things which don't tickle my fancy. Nothing personal of course, the goal is to get focused. - Eric Gonzalez
By the way, I don't mind an unfollow, but what's up with the "tell me why I should follow you back?" business. Doesn't that seem odd? - Eric Gonzalez
what is this twitter of which you speak? - mike "glemak" dunn
Mike, I assume you are not following anybody so you don't need not to take any action. The proposed procedures only concern people who follow somebody else on this thing called Twitter. :-) - Tapio Kulmala
is there an auto unfollow ? - Antoine Bertier
Antoine, No. There was once a rumor that they have tested auto-unfollow in their lab. The performance testing results were alarming. They noticed that they should get rid of 90% of their servers in 2 weeks. The CFO decided that they could not afford that kind of capital losses. - Tapio Kulmala
I just went through my follows on Twitter and removed a bunch of people I'd never heard of before. I forgot I had signed up with when Scoble mentioned it and it's all turned off now anyway. We'll see later if my own followers suddenly will now go away cause they're using the same type of tools. - Paul Wade
People feel slighted when unfollowed - decidedly unsocial. And with tools like Tweetdeck and peoplebrowsr allowing you to create groups (i.e. 'core people', or 'people I know' etc), there's no reason why you can't continue to follow loads of people and focus in on the ones who matter to you. It's social to follow back, and helps build relationships, but that doesn't mean you can't focus on the people who matter to you - there are tools. - Tom Beardshaw
I even had someone I'd met (and we'd made friends on Facebook) unfollow me then add me to a "<name>monitor" twitter account, saying "this is the account I use to keep track of a wider network" - which pretty much tells you they're not paying any attention to you at all. I promptly unfollowed him. Social is multidirectional relationships - I don't like one way relationships - they're bad for your health! I follow everyone who follows me unless they're trying to sell me something - Tom Beardshaw
loic did a reverse feldman trick - henry michel from twhirl
So that's what happened--Loic unfollowed and then refollowed me.;-) Someone constantly keeps doing that on my FB acct., too. I must say, the more followers I get lately who are trying to tell me about how to use social media and internet marketing to get rich, the more this option sounds good. Way too many spammers lately, or just folks who aren't bothering to find out about who you really are and how to have a conversation. Ugh. - Cathryn Hrudicka
Loic method may have been extreme, but I understand where it is coming from, at a certain number, its hard to follow who you are interested in and maybe starting over again is the way to go.. I actually created a second twitter account just for companies and organizations, because I was noticing they were taking over my original account. - Kim Landwehr
Well - Loic simply has one big problem: He doesn´t use Tweetdeck and the Group feature! LOL - Dieter Schwarz
OMG huston we have a problum - Victor Lee Squire
I've already noticed a drop in my followers number. Doesn't matter to me though. - Paul Wade
Drop in follower, but any increase in participation. That's why I unfollowed so many. - Richard A.
With tools such as TweetDeck I can setup groups and searches for those tweets I care about the most. Makes number of following irrelevant. - Robert J Taylor
I give me a chance. follow them for bit see if there interact post anything of value reply to my tweets . If not its just pointless. - John Cusick
That may work for the twitter elite, but for users like me, it defeats the point of twitter, which is to build community by networking. - Kelly
My comment is ...I have no comment :)) - SRivera
I semi regularly prune for my following list for relevance (for multiple values of relevance) - Alec Clews
Terrible idea unless you want to experience true hermit status through the rate of being unfollowed prior to deleting your account. - Roney Smith
Loic Le Merde is a pompous French whiny assehole LooooooooooooooooooooooooL - Yann from twhirl
I have always kept a limited number of people I follow. The noise level has been very manageable. T is only one of the conduits for info. - Dave Ploch
thats retarded - tommy payne from twhirl
Like Dave, I'm careful about who I follow in the first place, and I've only had to unfollow a couple of people who got out of hand. - Julie Barrett from twhirl
I'm a careful user, and this realm showed me how people can react rapidly to certain things. I've been unfollowed more than I did unfollow. Note that I'm a curious type of guy and love discovering things in everyone. I think that can be a good thing for those whose critical to the point of stopping everything second to witness being too much analyzing those to unfollow. Else, why be that critical to the point of massive cleaning? Is digital managing difficult and tiring for some? Reminds me: GReader refresh - Zu from AOD
I got 0 value out of following @loic, so I lost nothing. I also unfollowed. - Mike Lewis
I can do the same thing via a Favorite list in FriendFeed. - Bill Bittner
my god the annoying post that never ends!! :P hahah - Terry O'Fee
Time, there is not enough time to follow everyone. It has to be narrowed at some point to still be productive in your business. I do not mind visiting a stream and subscribing..just like I do not mind unsubscribing. Just doing a total following everyone or not following anyone is absurd. - Brian McClure
At the moment this post has close to 400 likes plus comments. Which provokes the thought: rank Friendfeed posts by likes plus comments (for the total life of Friendfeed). Might be interesting. - Sean McBride
I deleted 700+ people just two weeks ago and it was the most FUN I have had on Twitter in 6 months. - Daniel Zarick
the one unfollow everyone help him to promote is business and push all follower to create a buzz , and decide when he have acheive is target , just take himself as Guru but in fact that will return straight on his face , he will kick out by the community ..... - Yann from twhirl
[∞][twitter needs to make an second time line to US [...] so, we got one to friends and other to network ][ I have 2 accounts to do this] - dbalieiro
Similar to the concept of declaring e-mail bankruptcy. - David Pappas
Then it becomes a broadcast, not an exchange. How about unfollow everyone that doesn't add value to your life. - Martha
Wow, that is interesting timing. Is it spring cleaning time for everyone or what? - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
At least once a week I go through several pages of twitter stream and take a look at everyone on it. I end up unfollowing at least five or six people. I still have hundreds, but it's much less than I would otherwise. - Sandra Fernandez
as for me, good reasons for unfollowing are ppl following you then unfollowing you immediately, or people not posting in ages, or people where after a while you see having absolutely no exchange on any subject or no common interest. I try to keep my following list clear under these criteria to avoid a bloated following list - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
i prune my list every few weeks and add and delete, keeps it fresher - susan mernit
I only follow a few people anyway. The "follow everyone you don't know" thing always seemed crazy to me. - TranceMist
I have no plans of unfollowing any of the people I follow. My setup fits my marketing strategy just fine.. Don't need to jump on the bandwagon. That's the beauty of twitter... do what works for you!! - Jim Turner
The best tool I've found for getting the most out of twitter is Tweetdeck. Set up groups to stay on top of the conversations generated by the folks you're the closest to. - Jim Turner
I do a combination of things. I've always been selective about who I follow; if anyone gets to noisy I unfollow them; I filter it through my FriendFeed; I have specific lists set-up in Friend-Feed (even one for "chatter"); I grab the rss feeds for the Friend-Feed lists I want to focus on and have those directly imported into the RSS feed section of my email client (Thunderbird at the moment.) My email feeds have folders and message filtering rules set-up to move everything to the appropriate sub-folders. - Gail Guy
... I can then quickly identify and scan my favorites, but best of all, I can use my email client functions to "tag" a message a certain color or "star" it as a favorite -- making it easy to find and review at a later time. - Gail Guy
I think this is brilliant. Curbs the spammers, takes away some incentive from the fakes and keeps Twitter honest. More of my thoughts - Chris Leonard
As soon as I got Tweetdeck I started following by subject instead of by the person. - Carl Pruitt
Andru Edwards
Amazon Kindle 2 unboxing gallery -
Amazon Kindle 2 unboxing gallery
Amazon Kindle 2 unboxing gallery
I just unboxed my freshly-arrived Kindle 2 :) - Andru Edwards from Bookmarklet
This thing is way sexier in "real life" than any of the pictures or video I saw on the net. SEXAY. - Andru Edwards
Verry nice. How do you plan to carry it, without a slip case? Or did you buy the cover/case for it? I'm interested how the special hinge for that works. - Josh Bancroft
Hmm...I didn't even think to buy a case. Admittedly, with the original, i just threw it into one of the protective pockets in my backpack and called it a day...but maybe I should re-think that strategy :) - Andru Edwards
I really like the case/cover the Kindle 1 comes with (though I think I'm in the minority with that feeling). With that case, I can toss it pretty much anywhere, and be confident that it will be OK. 99% of the time, it lives in my cargo pants pocket - I take it with me everywhere as part of my "standard loadout". :-) - Josh Bancroft
Oh wow, you are hardcore dude :) This one is definitely more pocketable :) - Andru Edwards
That kind of gadget pornography needs a warning label - Bwana ☠
Kindles are so ugly. :( - Mona Nomura
I'll get one, eventually, but it's just not worth $360 to upgrade from a Kindle 1 for me right now. Thanks for the droolworthy pics, and let us know if you find a good case solution for it! :-) - Josh Bancroft
very unattractive, agreed. Seems so 1985, but much flatter. Think there'd be a much more attractive solution. That being said, as a utility device replacement for standard college textbooks, it's gonna get mod'd anyway. It's really asking for it. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
I really, really wish I read more - this thing looks so neat and lust-worthy. I just know if I got one I'd marvel over the first book I purchased then never pick it up again. - Sparky, lurking
This thing MAKES you read, Sparky :) Seriously....fantastic. - Andru Edwards
5 Startup Tips From the Father of Gmail and FriendFeed -
5 Startup Tips From the Father of Gmail and FriendFeed
Paul surely is responsible for a large part of what FriendFeed is today, but the parents who were there at birth are Bret and Jim: - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Sasha Kovaliov
SewSew makes the cutest plush toys, including a rain cloud, yeti, snow cloud and more. Lovable. - Sasha Kovaliov from Bookmarklet
Very <3 - Neya
Nia, you somewhere in chat? - Sasha Kovaliov
Now? No, watching Ugly Betty:) - Neya
they are so-so.... - Morgan
p.s. sadeye, vida - Pazh so cute, right Morgan? - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew: yeah, thanks. I got stuck on the second 'so' for some reason. I must be running Windows in my brain today.... Thanks for the emergency CTL-ALT-DEL assist! - Morgan
they would make a nice keychain ;) - Sasha Kovaliov
Yes! The left or the right one would go ;D - Neya
How To Build An iPhone App: A Guide -
Karen Padham Taylor
The 65 Most Romantic Movie Couples - - -
The 65 Most Romantic Movie Couples - -
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I'll take The Notebook and you can keep the rest. - j1m
纸折玫瑰!!有分步折法!巨强 -
韩寒同学的文章越来越有看头了 - Ted GUO
韩老师写一篇就被和谐一篇 - yangwillychen
谁有原文,给看一下? - cheng qi
我这里有…… - Balark Liang from IM
趁火打劫央视,在这里 - Balark Liang from IM
刚才那个链接有问题,是这里 - Balark Liang from IM
韩寒的文章都不错,就是太容易被河蟹了 - laoge
最近又把他订阅了~听他的挖苦还是非常过瘾的 - FlyMeToTheMoon
Seth Greenblatt
Coming Soon: Google Chrome Extensions #pc -
Coming Soon: Google Chrome Extensions #pc
"Google has already indicated that it plans to offer a platform for Chrome browser extensions, but now we finally have what looks like a firm date on when that will arrive. Apparently, a Google developer conference scheduled for May 27th will include a session on developing extensions for Chrome, which leads Google Operating System to conclude that we’ll see the extensions platform go live on or before that date." - Seth Greenblatt from Bookmarklet
I'm waiting! - Michael Fidler
I am sticking with Microsoft Internet Explorer always - Boo to Chrome and Firefox I dont like their interfaces - TrafficBug
Well IE exists and I for one am sticking with IE. IE has still the largest single market share out there. I never liked the interfaces of Firefox or Chrome or Safari or Opera or Maxthon or Flock or what-not. - TrafficBug
Politically, you consider yourself a "conservative" don't you? (Republican if you're in the US) - Michael Collins from twhirl
To each his own, I guess. I really love Chrome's simplicity. For the same reason, I'm of mixed emotions on this issue. On one hand, there are certain things that I would like Chrome to do, so extensions can come along that fix the problem, on the other, I REALLY don't want to clutter it up. Self-discipline, I guess. - Chieze Okoye
Also, @Michael, I think that it's untenable to attempt to link browser usage with political leanings, but perhaps you have other data points that you're basing it on as well? - Chieze Okoye
It's been my … observation … that Republicans like to blindly follow a pack rather than lead. Few (not all) rarely demonstrate the willingness or capacity to engage in independent thought, This fits in perfectly with MSIE. They assume because Widnows has market share that it's superior. They assume that since IE is bundled with it that it must be superior. Either that, or they're afraid... more... - Michael Collins from twhirl
Hopefully, GreaseMonkey will come to Chrome. - jho
Well I am neither Republican nor Democrat - and one thing with Chrome is that I cant export my bookmarks just as easily as I do with IE7 - TrafficBug
Disagree with Collins - it is not because IE comes bundled with my Windows - even if it didnt I would still download and install it and remove any Firefox or Chrome from my system. Another Chrome issue I had was that it was displaying some "web page at null cant be found" and I was very irritated and there is no status bar visible in Chrome may be there is an option to turn it on but I want the status bar to show any javascript errors just as it is in IE7 - - TrafficBug
Wooo LUNASCAPE rules Yeh rock on Ladies and Gentlemen I got a hybrid Browser I feel special :) - Ian Cleasby from twhirl
视频,群众取下了政府的牌子,贵州,德江,2009,2,8 - fordchao
都市客-城市生活频道 » Blog Archive » 泡夜店里的一些江湖常识 -
都市客-城市生活频道 » Blog Archive » 泡夜店里的一些江湖常识
都市客-城市生活频道 » Blog Archive » 泡夜店里的一些江湖常识
没认真看过人的手指 - sarices from Bookmarklet
好像也没办法直接去找那些小女生 吧,万一被人家GG打呢。 - 黑莓极至
靠!长见识! - seven
没注意过 那种场合去的比较少 - RW1231
确实不错的经验。不过有些繁复。我是直接用眼神搞定的。 - somma
Agree or disagree: Converse shoes are teh awesome.
All of the guys in our wedding wore Chucks with their tuxes. :) - Rochelle
Their ok, but I prefer DCs. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
they definitely are :D - Viva Vida
teh old too. I was just watching Rocky I and he was wearing them!!!! - Tamar Weinberg
Agree - Michael Fidler
Love me some chucks! - Mona Nomura
Agree. They're all I wear. - Mattie Kenny
I bought a pair and wore them for a few months, but couldn't get used to them because they have no weight. So I guess I vote "not awesome". I went back to wearing the same Dr Martens 1460s I always wear. - Rob H.
Cool but so uncomfortable :p - Rodfather
Agree AND disagree: Awesome brand. Awesome heritage. But I can't wear 'em. Nothin' but pain and discomfort for my feet. Teh awesome and teh fail together. - Michael Markman
i definitely agree, just got a new pair for christmas too. - davey j.
Bought a pair nearly 2 years ago. Still my favorite and not damaged too badly - Peter van Teeseling from twhirl
Nooooo. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
They are all I wear also. I own four pairs (right now, time to pick up some more). I beat the shit out of them though, although I've heard that some people still wear ones that are over 10 years old. I like to wear 'em with a suit. - Andy Bakun
I don't own a pair, but do think they look nice. - Bryce Roney
So awesome Nijke bought them for 305 million! - Richard Walker
They used to be good shoes for the value. - Pete D
I have a couple of pairs. My hot pink ones are cool :D - Penny
shoes for emos they are. for guys who skated only one summer in the late 80tees. they look weak and cheap. i will insta-auto-categorize anyone wearing chucks to complete fail and call style police without notice. its another great example that money can buy attention. but success doest tell anything about substance. (this is a shoe: :) - Chris Hofmann
Love. I have 2 pair myself. And a pair for my daughter (3). She loves them too. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
yep. I used to wear orange one's in high school. - Thomas Hawk
I like the laceless versions - Jonathan Greene
in the 70's my Converses got worn when we were thinking the financial system was complete gone :) my Dad found a pair of shoes he could get for a dollar. To say the least they were not good looking so I super-glued the Converses back together and wore them for two more years :) - John D Reasor
Agree! - Neya
agree. i need to buy another pair. my red ones are getting a little ick. - Terry O'Fee
Disagree. But the regular flow of new pairs into my daughter's wardrobe tells me I'm probably wrong. - Herb Hernandez
Indeed. They're good enough for a Time Lord. - Steven Perez
Disagree. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
luvs um!! - MicahBear78
Awesome, no question. - holly #ravingfangirl
Agree. Wear them often. - Derrick
Agree, but I don't wear them - Shevonne
Hell yes! My leathers have lasted longer than my marriage! - Vicky
lol, I'm going to be unpopular for this. But I disagree--they look funny! - KyNam Doan
I love my chucks, but a huge fan of Dunlop Volleys... Classic Aussie sand shoe - Alistair (alpinefolk)
i never had a pair of converse shoes. :( - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
I can't wear them, looks like I'm wearing clown shoes or water skis. They're cool on other people, though. - Christian (Simply X)
AGREE! Totally - AJ Batac
Mona Nomura
Michael Jordan "Failure" Nike Commercial -
Michael Jordan "Failure" Nike Commercial
"I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." - Mona Nomura
Jordan FAIL. :-) - Louis Gray
The stats were made up but still one of my favorite Jordan commercials - Rodfather
What do you mean the stats were made up? - Mona Nomura
I remember Jordan talking about the commercial and all the numbers he mentioned in the commercial, he didn't write. - Rodfather
I agree, Haro. Jordan = love. Rodfather - I still don't get it... :( - Mona Nomura
the missed game winning shot stat is true :) - Fred Grott
Paul Buchheit
How Gmail destroyed Outlook. - By Farhad Manjoo - Slate Magazine -
How Gmail destroyed Outlook. - By Farhad Manjoo - Slate Magazine
"As of this week, Gmail has reached perfection." Now maybe they can take it out of Beta :) - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
I thought Beta was part of the product name, Paul. :-) - Louis Gray
That's the only logical explanation. - Paul Buchheit
No, Gmail's not in beta. Google is. That's why the logo clearly reads "Gmail(TM) by Google BETA" - Kevin Fox
Boo. :) - Randy Holloway from twhirl
We have Google Apps at work, but my boss is a Microsoft guru and LOVES Outlook. I LOVE Gmail, so I've resisted most of his attempts to get me to pop Gmail down to Outlook. It's a battle every day. :) - Jandy
I use the in Mac, but everything stays on the server. - Aaron Hood <3 - "Joey"
Not sure I understand this debate. I use to access my Google hosted mail via IMAP. Best of both worlds and Google in no way "destroys" my use of I presume Outlook could do the same. - Nick in Manila
I love Gmail, but they still need better integration with other apps/platforms. For example, Google contacts needs to sync directly (and for free) with iPhone/iTunes,, etc. - Peter Ghosh
@Kevin - They're going to rename the company to Google BETA, Inc soon? ;) - Tyson Key
Sorry, I meant Google Calendar, not contacts . . . - Peter Ghosh
Gmail is a great consumer webmail, but in no way "destroys" Outlook. How does Gmail allow me to book conference rooms, or recall errant emails, or follow SOX retention policies? Both have their place and are leaders in their own area, but one does not supplant the other. - Ryan
Great writeup on Gmail. - Mike Reynolds
gold master gmail! - MG Siegler
one huge reason why Microsoft HATES Google, outlook is just one of the major pay for software offerings by MS that are being eroded in market share due to Google - sofarsoShawn
Comparing GMail to Outlook is like comparing Apples to Fruit Salad. :) They're not the same, even if they overlap on a few features. - Kenneth LeFebvre
I would guess that Gmail is likely destroying Hotmail -- Outlook not so much. Still reason for Microsoft to be pissed at Google though. - Brian Sullivan
@psghosh, GCalendar has started syncing with iCal for some time now - check google's help for this: - Peter Fedin
Creative Destruction - good news for the public! - GlennIsaac
If you're not using Exchange, sure, gmail's a killer. - Mr. Gunn
Well done article. - Micah
I turned my tom(at) email address over to gmail and I have to say that the reduction in spam is nothing short of remarkable. Every now and then I check the spam file and feel bad because real email gets trapped in there, but by and large it's awesome. - Thomas Hawk
Feels like I'm preaching to the choir here but have been using gmail in one form or another since almost the beginning. After spending years using mac mail to consolidate accounts went full gmail a few months ago because it just works better and the extras are great. Don't see how anybody can top it. The only other one I've tried which shows some potential is - Mike Elliott
Gmail rocks! Once you start using it there's no going back. Two niggles though: Multiple signatures and blind group mailings, please! - Todd Brunner from twhirl
Gmail seems great at first - but recently, I have seen several messages disappear from my Inbox while I watch. Sometimes they reappear next time I check - sometimes not. Searching for reports of Gmail eating messages turns up a disturbingly high number of hits. Destroys Outlook? Maybe. Destroys messages? Yes. Not good enough, even for a free service! What use is 7 Gb of space - when it isn't 7 Gb of *reliable* space? - James from twhirl
so gmail finally has complete windows compatible keyboard macros, syncs my to my mobile phones, I can do my mailings with them, has an integrated crm system, and more? great. </sarcasm> (and I say this as an avid gmail user ...) - Nicole Simon
Switched to Gmail from Outlook and never looked back. - Roberto Bonini
didn't Bucheit invent Gmail according to Louis G? The opening shot in the downfall of Microsoft...? - sofarsoShawn
He was on the team, yes - and did the prototype for the Gmail Ads, i belive. Don't be modest Paul. - Roberto Bonini
As much as I love gmail (I've got several accounts), I couldn't use it an office environment yet. Want to covert an email to an appointment or task just drag it to the calendar or task list in Outlook. Outlook also has search folders so I can set up folders for emails I got today. I know there are GreaseMonkey extensions to support search folders but Gmail's date searching is just crummy. - Andy Davies
I wish people would stop killing the aps I use...I hate that. - John D Reasor
Dukeswharf: POP/IMAP> Thunderbird> Enigmail (PGP) = offline+security+no ads (but no "new" features) - coldbrew
Nice. I still have more trust in self-administered PKI; is that naive? Are they using asymmetric or symmetric crypto? - coldbrew
Outlook destroyed Outlook the way MS destroys it's other products (and I have been an Outlook fan since '97): it became bloated and slow. - Peter Ghosh
I'll still use thunderbird since I have to centralize many different mail accounts (and want them to be clearly separated), but I must admit that Gmail made a good point here :-) - stanjourdan
Jourdan: Do you use PGP? We should have a key-signing party room on FF. Maybe I'll make one now... - coldbrew
Gmail is far from destroying Outlook. I still have to use Outlook for plenty of things. It is just a different tool. Feature by feature Google is way way behind Outlook. - Patrick Allmond
Gmail is the small business solution. Major corporations are way too private to be communicating outside the Outlook box. Yet Outlook has been shown in the past to have vulnerabilities. Security is less of an issue with smaller databases. Suits prefer the worn path, the grey rut. - Phil Boiarski
Sorry, I meant gmail's encryption. I don't think it has any PKI option. does it? - coldbrew
I don't understand that argument, Mark. By the same logic, Google couldn't be anything more than a niche search provider because nobody would trust a search engine that everyone uses. - Kevin Fox
"When Outlook fails on one computer, only one computer and one user is affected." Right, because a software vulnerability in Outlook is programmed and rolled out on a per customer basis. - virtually
There's just no way I'll use email software that uses the one-message-per-row paradigm again. The productivity gains from Conversations are just enormous. - jakebf
@mark: that's entirely true, if kind of a moot point based on the probability. If visa went down tomorrow, nobody would be able to pay for much of anything. If Comcast went down, most of us would have no internet connection. It's clearly your prerogative to run all your own software infrastructure, but I'd rather have the convenience of web based software. - Joel Webber
A lot of commentators are discussing chalk and cheese. Outlook is an email CLIENT / Application. GMail is another Client / Application. How you use each one is entirely up to each user. Most non-technical people think of Gmail as something they access via their browsers, whereas Outlook is a Microsoft Application that runs on their PC. Not entirely true. you can access GMail servers using any client (Outlook/Thunderbird). - Chris Wright from twhirl
Gmail+Gcal is an Outlook killer, no doubt about it. The day Gcal started sending SMS to my mobile with the reminders it also killed my old Palm Treo. - Jordi Soler
What Gmail does is make using Email for the normal non techie person easy. The reality is most home users do not use the power of Ouitlook. The issue with Gmail is good lick syncing a pda or smart phone to it it works well for the calendar but not for contacts. Also Gmail does not give you an e asy way to store messages in tact offliine. Outlook has a PST file for offline storage and backup. - Rob Cairns
As has been touched on in this thread. Gmail and Outlook are largely orthogonal. Outlook is a client. Gmail is a mail provider with a client. You can use Outlook with Gmail or another mail provider, but either way if that provider goes belly-up you're going to stop getting your mail for a bit. If you're concerned about your mail archives being hosted with someone else, then you should keep a local copy using a POP client, no matter what mail provider you happen to put your trust in. - Kevin Fox
I went from using internal gmail at google to using Outlook at my new job, and while I think there are good things and bad things about the two platforms, I miss the speed and portability of gmail, but I like some the task/calendar features in Outlook. If I had my druthers, I'd use gmail. - Ginger Makela Riker
"Gmail+Gcal is an Outlook killer, no doubt about it." Afraid not, Jordi, because GMail Contacts is a big ol' steaming cup of FAIL. When Google gets their act together on Contacts, then Outlook will be threatened. - John Craft
Outlook is a platform for working with "items"... countless times I have dropped into the built-in macro language to do things with my email, tasks, appointments, contacts, etc., that I could never do with a webmail application like Gmail. I wish I could stop using it, because I'll admit it's a hog on resources, but there is no alternative that will do EXACTLY what I want to do like Outlook will with my custom scripts in it. :) - Kenneth LeFebvre
GMail via a web browser is just using IMAP to access/control the mail on the mail server. You can set up Outlook/Thunderbird to access GMail using IMAP. It would be more accurate to say that using the GMail web interface has reduced the number of people using other client applications for accessing their email. - Chris Wright
Why are people comparing apples with oranges here? Client vs service? Thunderbird may beat Outlook, but not Gmail itself. I do recognize the web client is good, but is not nearly as flexible as a standalone. Plus, as has been mentioned by others, I need multiple account processing. Gmail fails at this. Gmail will remain my service of choice in the end. Tbird at home, Outlook at work. - Vince DeGeorge
@Vince, GMail does support multiple accounts, see - Shakeel Mahate
@Enver: One example is automatically filling out my weekly timesheet from my calendar. Another example is automatically searching our company's online directory to grab mugshots for all my contacts, so I have their pictures to help me remember who's who... :) This is why I say Outlook is a *platform*. It seems to me that it would be an extraordinary amount of work to use something like Greasemonkey to actually add significant new functionality into Gmail, rather than just enhancing the user experience. - Kenneth LeFebvre
BTW, I'm not knocking Gmail. I actually use it to host my own email domain... I'm just making the case that it's not an apples-to-apples comparison to put Gmail and Outlook in the same category. - Kenneth LeFebvre
Hotmail offline access has been available for over a year now with Windows Live Mail client. Can't make out why the same feature for Gmail is that exciting. They are not the first one to enable this feature. Zoho and Hotmail has been having these for a long time. - Amar Shah
What Trish made for Josh that prompted him to promote her to 'Her Exalted Chef-ita de las Estrellas con Los Nachos Gigantes' status.
hello sushi.jpg
I lubs them - Yolanda
awesome! - Mystika
adorable!! - Susan Beebe
cuutteeee - Shevonne
close enough! great find. - Josh Haley
I could go for eating a little 'kitty' right now... - Jeff P. Henderson
I don't know I feel about this. Terrified? Intrigued? Bemused? - Mike Nayyar
hungry - Josh Haley
suge - Chris Hofmann
i heart hello kitty!! - MicahBear78
Kevin Fox
Meme for the night owls: What's your desktop picture? #desktoppic
Mine is one of my Antarctica photos from a day we haven't gotten to in the blog yet, so I'm not posting it yet. - Rachel Lea Fox
How do these memes work? How do I follow one on friendfeed? Just watch the comments? Is tere a room? How do I add mine to the meme? - Bill
@Bill: Either just normal post to your own feed or then in this new room: - Jemm
Just add #desktoppic to your post and then check this search for new posts on the meme: - Kevin Fox
I love the stuff from Vlad Studio. - Amit Patel
Ride the pig, GIR! - Brian Chang
@Jemm @Kevin Fox. Thanks! - Bill
Here is mine. - jho
@jauder - its a nice picture, why no higher resolution? - bob
#4682b4 ("steel blue") - Seth
@Bob, I have higher res set for friends & family only. If you want to see a larger version, see and wait for the slideshow to cycle through... - jho
Just solid black. I don't look at the background anyway so what's the point? - Morton Fox
mine is a photo of Swedish Chef from Muppets :) - webosapien (Burcu Tüzün)
hello all on friendfeed
Howdy! - Just Mrs. V
这是相当的低俗啊 - ixfx
flickr在国外,和谐国拿他没办法~ - stanleyxu
大家都很低俗嘛! - 小武
nothing special - FlyMeToTheMoon
牛年伊始,看看美妙的身材亦无不可! - Benny Fu
Jim Norris
An Oral History of the Bush White House: Politics & Power: -
An Oral History of the Bush White House: Politics & Power:
"A sweeping draft of history—distilled from scores of interviews—offers fresh insight into the roles of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and other key players." - Jim Norris from Bookmarklet
Just call them the revisionists. - Larry Kless
I feel like that photo is missing the title of the TV show and the words "9pm/8 central." - Keith Coleman
@Keith Yeah... I can't stand that administration, but I'm totally diggin' the photo. - Brad Williamson
It's the original "Mad Men" with slightly less sex appeal. In truth though I found this a fascinating read, although I'm sure some of the interviewees were just trying to rehabilitate their own reputations. - Jim Norris
"I was invited to a conference in Saudi Arabia on Iraq, and a Saudi said to me, Look, Mr. Fischer, when President Bush wants to visit Baghdad, it’s a state secret, and he has to enter the country in the middle of the night and through the back door. When President Ahmadinejad wants to visit Baghdad, it’s announced two weeks beforehand or three weeks. He arrives in the brightest sunshine... more... - Evan Parker
"Since taking office Bush has spent more than 450 days at the Crawford ranch and more than 450 days at Camp David." - that's 2.8 years out of his 8 as president...I'm sure not all of it was vacation, but still that seems way too much. - Evan Parker
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