Let's go this! Belgium is stacked but we are One Nation behind One Team. United we can never fail #IBelieve #USAvsBEL https://twitter.com/joeyben...
🇺🇸 I believe! Wish it was game time, tired of waiting #USMNT
FIFA 14 iPhone/iPad - Japan vs. Australia - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
FIFA 14 iPhone/iPad - Japan vs. Australia
FIFA 14 iPhone/iPad - Spurs vs. Chelsea - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
FIFA 14 iPhone/iPad - Spurs vs. Chelsea
The new "New Age Outlaws" - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
The new "New Age Outlaws"
So over Lou Holtz's hate for #Bama - worked against us for years. F**|< him and anyone that looks like him #rolltide
Nothing sounds as great as Bryant-Denny singing Rammer Jammer to Auburn #rolltide #bitemyassauburn We made their asses quit
On nights like tonight I wish my wife went to #Bama too #feellikemakinglove
And to think we get two more just like him back from injury next season #rolltide
Wasn't sure anyone could annoy me more than Todd Blackledge, but Gary Danielson is pretty fucking bad #rolltide
Sensei Saban says, "Finish him!" - In Mortal Kombat I'm pressing the "fatality" combo #rolltide #bitemyassauburn
Has #bama punted yet?
“@Twan6Deuce: @BenTateRB dang I didn't kno Bama had a bye week this week!” <-- just made Jack Daniels come out my nose
Over-the-shoulder dirt lot TD for Norwood #rolltide 49-0 #bitemyassauburn
Oh hell, that tackle brought up such a big piece of the Bryant-Denny turf I thought it was a fumble #rolltide
Not liking the way Kenny Bell looks on crutches - that sucks #rolltide
You know WCU vs. The Barn might be a good contest #bitemyassauburn
Why does it bring such a smile to my face to squash the Boogers like roaches? #rolltide
Give Williams the assist on that #Bama TD
RT @geauxcrimson: This will be my favorite trash talk FOREVER: Remember that one Iron Bowl where Bama burned a timeout so Barrett Jones could put his show on?
Gary wishes he knew how to tie his shoes… any coincidence he only owns loafers and slippers? Hmmm… #rolltide
See @dholaday - Lacy vs. 5 Boogers is a fair fight #rolltide
I promise - I'm old and fat and I can punt better than that #bitemyassauburn #rolltide
Hell yes!!! Norwood gets a TD #rolltide
Auburn is playing for a trip to Atlanta - Chizik promised them ice cream and a visit to the Cyclorama #rolltide
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