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Joey Gibson

Joey Gibson

Senior Architect for Spectrum K12 School Solutions. I love Java, Scala, Groovy, Ruby, Koine Greek, my iPhone and Tae Kwon Do.
Dear @QVC, that iPad 2 “deal” was not a deal. iPad Retina is $399, less than your price for iPad 2. Crappy accessories don’t make up for it.
Those @DollarShaveClub commercials are hilarious. #FB
Obnoxious bumper sticker, “Try Jesus! If you don’t like him, the devil will always take you back.” Yes since those are the *only* 2 choices.
Why the heck do I have to shutdown Chrome to install an update for @Microsoft Office for Mac? #FB
These chips are strangely tasty. Odd, but tasty.
My cats lounging. Again.
Dear @JackKingston, voting 40 times to repeal the ACA is not something to be proud of. It’s a sign of insanity. Get over it, already. #FB
Dear @JackKingston, your fake Obama phone call ad is pathetic. You wish he cared that much about your run for the Senate. #FB
I’m watching a documentary about Pete Seeger, and I’m fascinated with his speech patterns and the timbre of his voice. #FB
vintage everyday: Outrageous Fashion Ads From The 1970s
If you’re not watching #CallTheMidwife on PBS, you’re truly missing out on a fantastic show. #FB
Betrayal at House On the Hill. #TableTopDay
In case anyone cares, I’ve got a Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin record playing right now. Loves me some Serge. #FB
Could you care less? Really? | David Mitchell's SoapBox - YouTube
Ted Cruz is such a whiny asshole.
Dear @GSN, you have about 35 years of Family Feud reruns to broadcast, WHY THE HELL do you keep showing the SAME ONES OVER AND OVER‽‽ #FB
I've now got this 1962 record by the Chad Mitchell Trio spinning.
I bought a BeeGees album from 1969 on vinyl over the weekend. I knew they had a different pre-disco sound, but this is unexpected. #FB
I swear, if we could ban April Fool’s Day, I’d be very happy. I hate all the stupid pranks and bogus articles today. #fb
Your April Fool's Joke Sucks. - Anil Dash
I found an old Hohner accordion today that called to me, but it was horribly out of tune, and smelled like it was full of mildew. #NoThanks
I finally got around to installing Cursive for Clojure in IntelliJ. I think I like it. The structural editing (ala Paredit) is nice. #FB
George Carlin On Flamethrowers | Joey Gibson's Blog
Dear @FedEx, any chance I can persuade you to deliver my package today, since it’s < 20 miles from my house at this point? Please? #FB
The singer for @TheKillers always seems like he’s having a really good time singing during concerts. That’s nice to see. #FB
Dammit, @RealRonHoward, your accursed Apollo 13 makes me cry every damn time I watch it! Every. Damn. Time. #ItsSoGood #FB
For my Sriracha-loving friends. Homemade Sriracha Salt
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