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Joey Gibson

Joey Gibson

Senior Architect for Spectrum K12 School Solutions. I love Java, Scala, Groovy, Ruby, Koine Greek, my iPhone and Tae Kwon Do.
I cannot get the Pixies’ song “Gigantic” out of my head. Urgh… #Annoying #FB
Pro-Life Nurse Sues Family Planning Clinic for Not Hiring Her to Do the Job She Refused to Do
Cat owners will know this feeling... - Imgur
Wow. Skinny Puppy is coming to Atlanta TWICE this year, and this time, VNV Nation is coming with them.
How to execute (exec) external system commands in Scala | Scala system exec examples | -
LoLClojure – Chapter 3, Continued -
The only sport I enjoy, and look forward to all year, is The Tour de France, and it’s going on now. @PhilLiggett, the best play-by-play. #FB
One of my cats is getting stoned on some fresh catnip. I don’t like how that stuff smells. #FB
Tonight I fired up the PS3 to play a little @Rocksmithgame… And it needs a system update. Of course, it does… #fb
Huzzah! @fitbit is replacing my Flex that has gone pear-shaped, with a minimum of hassle. Thanks for that! #FB
My company is keeping the temp in here somewhere around “meat locker” level. That’s better than “oven”, but a bit too cold for me. #FB
Contrary to News Reports, a Bank Teller Was Not Fired for Saying “Have a Blessed Day”
Fucking scumbag: Louis Gohmert's Budget Plan: Defund Anything That Obama 'Cares Deeply About' | Right Wing Watch
Walked into the Apple Store with my iPhone 5S’ GPS going pear-shaped. Walked out with a brand new iPhone. THAT is quality service. #FB
Home | http-kit, high performance HTTP Client/Server for Clojure -
WebSo - Joey Gibson
Poussey is officially my favorite #OITNB character. @samirawiley kills every scene she’s in. #FB
Why the hell does updating MS Office on a Mac require me to shutdown Chrome? That makes no sense. #FB
Supreme Court Upholds Little Caesar’s Right to Feed Christian Employees to Lions
RT @NakedAxiom: #SCOTUS majority: family-owned corps shouldn't have to pay for contraception in insurance -government should pay instead. Single payer. #p2
Prince Celebrates 'Purple Rain' Anniversary With Surprise Concert, Apollonia Kotero | Music News | Rolling Stone -
Mou - Markdown editor for web developers, on Mac OS X -
17 Horrifying Jell-O Salads That Will Make You Wonder How Humans Are Still Alive
Rand Paul Dings Cheney And Defends Obama On Iraq
Idina Menzel Handles Her Onstage Wardrobe Malfunction Like A Boss
The air in the office this morning is so dry, it’s given me a serious case of the stabby-eyes. Ouch! #FB
Mmm, starchy, not-quite-ripe banana. :-( #FB
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