Michael W. May
The new Tegan and Sara, Heartthrob, is growing on me against my will... 80s-ish, electropop, formulaic, but very well executed. grr... #fb
That's what the reviewers said on Amazon. I bought it but haven't listened yet. - Steve C, Team Marina
It's got a lot of 2000s dance to it as well; can readily feel the influence that working with Tiësto and Calvin Harris, etc has had. - Michael W. May
*comforts* - Alix May
Tegan and Sara are coming to little ol' central Victoria!! I'm contemplating going, but they're playing as part of a festival kinda event and well, you know, 20 year olds will be there and stuff ;) - Penny
I didn't know of them till this week when I heard them interviewed on CBC (and they hail from Calgary!) http://www.cbc.ca/player... - Micah