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"Jonah Hill wanted to eat a real goldfish because he wanted everything to be real. Everyone was working so hard on this movie that he didn't want to be the person who wasn't. Obviously, regulations didn't allow it. They had a real goldfish and three goldfish handlers/wranglers on set. Hill could..."
"... keep the goldfish in his mouth for three seconds at a time and then they had to put it back in water unharmed." - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have employment data for goldfish handlers nor goldfish wranglers. - Joe
Joe *grin* - Michael W. May
I just had no idea that that could be a career option! - Joe
How does one become a goldfish wrangler? - Melly - #TeamMarina
Start small and work your way up. From tadpoles. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Michael W. May
Rated this 10/10 stars on IMDb.
Rated this 10/10 stars on IMDb.
Loved it, though cried buckets! Scared to watch it again :-/ - Marina's Godmother :-)
Yeah I've had this BluRay on my wishlist for a long time but can never bring myself to buy it cause I know I'd never watch it. Twice in my lifetime was enough. - rönin
I think I've seen it three times now with much time betwixt. Each time was an emotional deluge. - Michael W. May
Michael W. May
Rated this 10/10 stars on IMDb.
Rated this 10/10 stars on IMDb.
Nausicaa is David's joint favourite, along with Mononoke :-) - Marina's Godmother :-)
:) I was pretty fascinated by it. - Michael W. May
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Morning lovelies. thanks for hanging with my shenanigans last night. we had a swell time, didn't we? now I'm in need of much coffee and whispering. *quiet air kisses all around*
2014-09-18 11-12-53.129.jpg
sweeping declaration! - Michael W. May
Good morning. - John (bird whisperer)
gentlemen *nods* - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
*waves gently so as not to disturb too many air currents* - MoTO: Team Marina
*quiet smile* - Big Joe Silence from Android
*gives you the 'sup' nod* - Hookuh Tinypants
O hai, Tamara. :) - Steven Perez
Haha! Perfect photo! - Spidra Webster
Michael W. May
There are 1 new photos in my Flickr photoset "10+ Favs" (10+ Favs). (via @suprsetr)
There are 1 new photos in my Flickr photoset "10+ Favs" (10+ Favs). (via @suprsetr)
I am not sure there actually is... but hey, the new suprsetr is updated *chuckle* - Michael W. May
Michael W. May
the long lost food shot - I haven't done one of these in some time. I don't think this very good. But...
the long lost food shot - I haven't done one of these in some time. I don't think this very good. But...
what is it? it looks good. it looks like i might want to sleep with it. - Big Joe Silence
baked spaghetti with grilled chicken tenderloin - Michael W. May
ohh yeaahhh... - Big Joe Silence
The doctor said I should be able to dance again, but not for a year. I can get through this but I feel grief like a part of me has died, albeit temporarily. BF telling me 10min later I should be glad I'm not paralyzed. Can I be sad, FF?
I mean it's only my #1 coping mechanism AND way to get in touch with my emotions, plus my favorite mode of self-expression, not to mention the only activity that has consistently brought me joy at all times of my life. - Lo from Android
You can be sad. And you can certainly grieve a loss, even if you know it's temporary. - Anne Bouey
YES. I'm so sad for you. I've been out of dance for a month with mono and am heartbroken, I can't even imagine what you're going through other than knowing it sucks times ten million. :-( Sending dance love <3 - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPhone
I recognize that it's good to look at the positive, and I am making a big effort, but that felt so invalidating of my feelings, I do believe some reassurance might be in order. He sounds right, but it feels so shitty. - Lo from Android
On the actual bright side, I've found five ways (so far!) to enjoy the magic of dance despite my limitations. Fuck those restrictions! - Lo from Android
Could you expand your dance to choreography during your down time? - Janet from FFHound!
Lo, you get to feel any and every way that you feel about not being able to dance. Or about anything else, for that matter. *sends speedy healing love* - vicster: full-bodied
I hope you're better soon. Losing a creative outlet really sucks. *hugs* - John (bird whisperer)
Absolutely!!! I'll be sad with and for you, in fact. *hug* - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
I figure we feel sad when bad things happen because it's part of how we grieve - you can still be grateful about other things, but still sad about those. I hope that your recovery is swift, but it feels totally understandable to be down a little about your situation now. - Jennifer Dittrich
Thanks guys :) It's a real boost, since I see so few people these days. - Lo from Android
Thanks for the dance love, Penguin! First thing I did after that discussion was text a dance friend... you get it! I also really appreciate the choreography suggestion, I've had a multi-year project on the back brain burner for a long time, and that sounds great. I was discouraged about not being able to do much even mentally for a while, but it's getting better with less painkillers. - Lo from Android
The grief of "what might have been" is part of our physical limitations the grief of :"what if" and "what now" I hope you can find solace in music and movement that is perhaps not dance but something else that is you escaping your sadness and static place. Know perhaps that your feeling now could enrich your palette of emotions for a dance you build in your mind that others may share. I send you peace and empathy and healing thoughts and the knowledge that this to shall pass - WarLord
Emotions are seldom an either/or, strictly one emotion affair. We feel many things at once. They are all valid. Hope and positivity for the future and grief and sadness for the now often live comfortably (and uncomfortably) together. - Michael W. May
Why So Many American Workers Lack Ambition |
Hmm... prioritizing one's happiness and keeping stress down does not equate to lack of ambition. Neither is lacking the education required to advance. Corporate tunnelvision view is narrow. - Michael W. May
Mary Carmen
Lunch time poll topic: do you pronounce the words Mary, merry and marry differently?
oui - jambina
Mary and merry are the same. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Yes, all different. - Mark H
Si - Mair-y, meh-ry and mah-ry - Marina's Godmother :-)
Close enough to the same to not be noticeable. - Jennifer Dittrich
What Jen said. - Spidra Webster
Two out of three (Mary and marry are indistinguishable). - Walt Crawford
All the same for me. - Stephen Mack
Ditto to Jennifer. - Hedgehog
Nope. - Steven Perez
All the same. - Ken Morley
Pretty much all the same. - Christa
exactly the damn same. like pin and pen - ellbeecee from Android
All the same. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Differently - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
Mary is Meh-re, Merry is Mer-re and Marry is Ma-ree - Johnny from iPhone
Mm, Mary and marry about the same. Merry is different. Marie is different as well. - rönin
you are a Long Islander you know how WE pronounce it...the right way ;) - GRANDMAFORSCARLETT
I didn't realize there were different ways to pronounce any of them. - Michael W. May from FFHound(roid)!
They'll all sound the same coming out of my mouth. - Jenny H. from Android
All differently. - April Russo
In my head I do .. Not so sure about my mouth. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Michael W. May
Rated this 7/10 stars on IMDb.
Rated this 7/10 stars on IMDb.
lots of... errors... but entertaining - Michael W. May
There were too many close calls on every situation. Every. Damn. Time. - Joe
Michael W. May
An old man on campus waits for his hot, young coed to get out of class @ Ferris State University
An old man on campus waits for his hot, young coed to get out of class @ Ferris State University
Stalker! - Steve C Team Marina
*sagenod* - Michael W. May from Android
What was the first concert you every went know mine was the Beatles......go
Peter, Paul, and Mary - Greg GuitarBuster
First without my parents was Funk on the Green, Parliament Funkadelic, One Way, Bootsy Collins...1978. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Depends on how you define "concert". Does this include the local band who plays in a bar? A show at a county fair that you see with fair admission, but you don't really care about the band? Where you pay to actually see the band? - Joe
My dad took me and a friend to see Styx on the Mr. Roboto tour. \m/ - Steele Lawman
The Kingston Trio in 1960. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Blood, Sweat,and Tears with my parents. U2 with The Pixies opening as my choice. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
Huey Lewis and the News (with parents, since I was in the 4th grade, but at my insistence), first show without parents was They Might Be Giants - Meg VMeg
Fobia, a Mexican rock band. :) Late 90s, I think. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Midnight Oil. - Bren from iPhone
The Pixies, around 1988 - Pete : Team Marina
Aerosmith 1975 - Hershey, Pa - Janet from FFHound!
They Might Be Giants - Steve C Team Marina
Billy Joel, The Bridge tour, '87 I think. I was 11 or 12. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
My choice, Simple MInds, '85. Got in my first accident on the way home in the wee hours. As a kid, the parents took us to many country, bluegrass, rockabilly shows. I don't recall the first, but I saw Willie and Johnny and June a few times back then. - Michael W. May
No Doubt in 2009 - Jed from iPhone
Teddy Pendergrass, early 80s. - Steven Perez
Little Richard, 1955 - Cristo
Pink Floyd, 1988 - Steven Luckymen VMF-214
All About Eve, 1989. - Mark H
B-52s and Violent Femmes. 1991? - kendrak from Android
rush, tom sawyer tour - chaz2b
David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) on his first solo tour in 1984. Reunion Arena in Dallas (RIP). rocked. - Big Joe Silence
the first concert i was TAKEN to as a child was probably Harry Chapin. sometime in the 70s. - Big Joe Silence
Pure Prairie League (also Confederate Railroad) 2000-ish Or it may have been LFO and Blaque. The PPL was more a family event, to go hangout with Craig while he was nearby. - NOT THE CRICKET
The Bangles, summer 1987. My parents may have taken me to one prior to that, but that's the first one I remember attending without parental supervision. - Corinne L
Glass Tiger (as part of a school trip). First concert on my own steam (with a buddy): Monsters of Rock, Pontiac Silverdome, 1988 - Brent Schaus from FFHound!
Modest Mouse in 1998. - Kristin
INXS, the kick tour. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Elton John in 1981. - Friar Will
I would have loved to have seen INXS live! - Marie
INXS was my second concert ever. The Tamaras of ffeed know what's good. :) - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
I saw INXS on that tour! SOOOOOOOO good! <3 My first big concert was the Bee Gees in 1979. - vicster: full-bodied
Jethro Tull - Living with the Past (Aug 29, 2002) - April Russo
Ray Charles - Iván Abrego
INXS - August 1988 - Nassau Coliseum (Kick Tour?) - Yvonne Renee
Small or large? - Melly - #TeamMarina
Parliament Funkadelic #nosurprise - MoTO: Team Marina
Jean Luc Ponty - Kevin Johnson from Android
holly #ravingfangirl
Dog turns on stove, starts fire in N.J. home -
"A fire broke out in a home on Norwood Drive on Friday night after a dog accidentally turned on a stove, which then burned a laptop that was on top of the stove, police said." - holly #ravingfangirl from Bookmarklet
why was the laptop on the stove?! - holly #ravingfangirl
hey, some of those apartments are tiny ;) - Michael W. May
Michael W. May
Alix May
Taking my last chance at drunkenness before school starts. :D
*hic* - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Achievement Unlocked ;) - Michael W. May
RT @tkingdoll: In lighter news, Reddit thread on "bad dates" yielded this brilliant story.
RT @tkingdoll: In lighter news, Reddit thread on "bad dates" yielded this brilliant story.
... - Alix May
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
I just got laid off. Fuck.
Aw, shit. (((t-ra))) - Spidra Webster
(hugs) I'm sorry. - Steve C Team Marina
:( - Todd Hoff
:( - Amit Patel
(((t))) - Julian
Damn. Sorry to hear it. - Jim: with more caffeine!
I'm so sorry. - Jed
Oh, no. :( *huggle* - Alix May
Well hell. - Kirsten
:( - Amir
Oh, crap. I'm so sorry :((( - Jennifer Dittrich
:(((. so sorry to hear that - WarLord
thanks y'all. I'm just... I dunno, kinda shocked really. I knew something was wrong, but didn't want to believe it was that bad. dang. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Damn. Sorry to hear that. Hope something better works out for you. - SAM
Oh jeez. - Joe
ow. so sorry to hear - MoTO: Team Marina
That sucks. - Steele Lawman
Aw, hell. I'm sorry t-ra. *hugs and hugs* - vicster: full-bodied
Oof, I'm sorry. - Anika
Oh, I'm sorry! - Katy S from iPhone
Oh no. - Marie
Sorry - Rodfather
aw man. sorry to hear that. - holly #ravingfangirl
Damn it. I'm sorry. - Betsy
:( So sorry to hear that. (((t-ra))) - Anne Bouey
:((( *hugs* - Tamara J. B.
I'm sorry. - Eric - Poppa Large
sorry to hear that - Shevonne
:( Sorry to hear - Me
:( I'm sorry, T-Ra. - Stephen Mack
oh wow, you gais! you are so sweet. thanks for all your comments. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
I'm sorry, t-ra. Entirely their loss. - Brent Schaus from FFHound!
I hope this is a only a temporary setback for you. - Mark H
😢 - Steven Perez from Android
crap-o-potamus. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Oof. Bummer. Hope things turn around fast. - RepoRat
Sorry, t. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
So. very. Sorry! :( - CarlC
:( That sucks. - rönin
I am sorry - Patrick aka Damexican
Crap. - Meg VMeg from Android
wha??? *HUGS* is there anything we can do to help? - Sir Shuping is just sir
:( - imabonehead from Android
So very sorry :( - Janet from FFHound!
Oh no, sorry to hear that! - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Oh no! I am sorry to hear this news! - Hedgehog from Android
Shit. I'm sorry, honey. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I'm so very sorry about this! - Galadriel C. from Android
oh shit (((((t)))) - GRANDMAFORSCARLETT
Thanks again, everyone. Y'all are so good to me. I truly appreciate being part of this community. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Just saw this. Dammit, dammit, dammit. May the sucky part end soon and lead to something truly awesome. - Corinne L
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Stuff 'em, they don't deserve you - Mo Kargas
Oy. I hope it's because the universe needed to free you up for the effing fantastic plans in store for you soon. - Kristin
*hugs* - Michael W. May from Android
Damn. ((((hugs)))) - J. Marie B
Ugh! I'm so sorry :( - Jen
I hope this turn of events proves to be an opportunity to pursue something new and exciting. I know you will rock, whatever else you do. - Bren
Thank you, boo. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
:-(. I'm so sorry. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Oh, no. :( - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Sorry to hear, let's talk I may have a project that might be interested in. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
oh Fuck! that sucks! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Monique Judge
RT @smethanie: Making my kids watch old-school episodes of Knight Rider and my daughter said, "So, it's pretty much just a car with Siri built in?"
omg - Meg VMeg
*cackle* pretty much - Michael W. May
Michael W. May
SSA Disability (re)eval appointment this morn. More hoops than when first granted 10 years ago, despite VA raising it to 100% perm since.
And stress. - Michael W. May
Oof. **hugs** Hope all goes smoothly. - Kirsten
It went... fast. Hoping there are no road bumps. He spent all of 12-14 minutes with me, including 5 minutes of what can only be described as quiet time. - Michael W. May
Michael W. May
Concerning Do-Rite Donuts: "It's deep fried cake, what else is there to understand?" #pixieism
*sagenod* - Michael W. May from Android
Wisdom - Tamara J. B.
Michael W. May
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Beangrowers (45), Milla (22) & All India Radio (13) #mwmradio
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Beangrowers (45), Milla (22) & All India Radio (13) #mwmradio
Home improvement is loud. Headphones are good. - Michael W. May
Michael W. May
iCreation G-700 Bluetooth Handset Docking Base Cordless Phone System For Samsung Galaxy Sll ,Slll and S4 Smartphone - -
iCreation G-700 Bluetooth Handset Docking Base Cordless Phone System For Samsung Galaxy Sll ,Slll and S4 Smartphone -
Why does this exist? What need have we of a cordless (bluetooth at that) phone for our, er, phone..? - Michael W. May from Bookmarklet
*scratches head* hrmm - Tamara J. B.
LOL - lris
I hope that cordless phone will pair with my bluetooth headset - lris
Umm, maybe for people who have to make a call but have no power in their actual phone and can't be bothered to find a cable to charge the phone? - Ken Gidley
Michael W. May
Pixie had her gallbladder surgery this morning and is in recovery now. All went well :D I guess tweets are having issues coming through :/
Sleep and some food is in the immediate future, before discharge in a couple hours or so. - Michael W. May from Android
I'm glad everything went well, and wish her a speedy recovery! *hugs* - Jennifer Dittrich
I'm glad it was successful. - John (bird whisperer)
I'm very glad that the surgery went well and hope she has a complete and speedy recovery! <3 - vicster: full-bodied
❤ - Alix May
Hugs!! - Janet from FFHound!
I'm glad it went well! - Katy S
Good good. Relax so you get all healed! - Eric - Poppa Large
One thing I learned post gallbladder removal. Buffet eating and most fats are not your friend. Explosively they will be your enemy. Liver must learn how much bile to continually produce. It goes wonkers in the learning phase. - Janet
Glad to hear that it went well. Thanks for the update, and speedy recovery, Alix! - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Monday afternoon I'm at Endoscopy Center to have my Gastro Doc scope me. We are at a crossroads. After multiple bowel resections the connection of my small and large bowel is suspect. Is there inflammation, maybe microbe spill from large bowel maybe scar tissue is restricting flow... Lots of questions Answers? Not so much. I don't clean out well...
I don't clean out well So today is liquids only and enemas in the morning Hopefully he can see enough to make us some better choices going forward. The very good news: Doc is a good guy with a caring heart He has my confidence and trust and THATis most of the battle well that and a whole crap load of Prednisone - WarLord
Wish you all the best. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Bah... - Michael W. May from Android
Good luck and hopeful for successful diagnosis/treatment. - Janet
Thinking of you! Hope you get some answers! - L.A.M.B. tbh
Michael W. May
Sarah Mclaughlin with my amazing wife @ambertides @ Meadow Brooke Pavillion
Sarah Mclaughlin with my amazing wife @ambertides @ Meadow Brooke Pavillion
Wow. Sarah Maclaughlin looks a lot like you. :P - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
*chuckle* - Michael W. May from Android
I was thinking the exact same thing, Mr. Noodle. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
*McLachlan - Alix May from FFHound(roid)!
Soup in a TARDIS
"Chapter IV - The Homely Girl: Never was the case of the homely girl more hopeful than it is today. In any age and under any conditions, the beautiful girl has an undoubted advantage over her plain sister. But modern beauty aids and the emphasis on individuality make it possible for the homely girl to create an impression that will hide most of her
physical shortcomings...Good health in itself forms the basis of attractiveness. The normal young girl who allows herself to become overweight is stupid and short-sighted. Men do not like walking skeletons, but neither do most of them admire fat women." - Love and Marriage by Ann Bruce, 1931. - Soup in a TARDIS
... - Michael W. May from Android
Steele Lawman
YouTube - Bright Eyes - Lua (Coachella 2005) -
YouTube - Bright Eyes - Lua (Coachella 2005)
At first I was irritated that they had a little snippet of an interview over the song. Then he said "Friendster," and all was forgiven. - Steele Lawman from Bookmarklet
*opens in background tab for later* - Michael W. May
Bump. - Steele Lawman
Re-bump. - Steele Lawman
Again! - Steele Lawman
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Holy carp, heart rate spike! Phone rang and I was convinced it was shy guy cancelling. He was just making sure we were still ago. Deep breaths.
Go T Go! - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
Date was fun. We had dinner, then went to a place for a few beers. Talked about lots of stuff and mingled with other people. He's definitely a cool guy. My concern is a lack of relationship history. Like, almost none. At age 35. That gives me pause. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Hmmmm. One step at a time, Miss T. Maybe he has high standards - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
could be that he's a bit like me and is just really shy around girls and those he feels comfortable with wanna just be friends - Sir Shuping is just sir
what Sir said. i didn't have any dates between 18 and 25. some people go even longer. reaching 35 without any formal dates isn't that weird, IMHO. he probly had plenty of informal "let's go hang out tonight" get-togethers, i'd wager. - Big Joe Silence
Honestly, some people are just shy and have terrible luck. That's kinda my situation, only a little older - I feel like a weirdo, but I swear I'm not defective or anything. I hope. - Jennifer Dittrich
You all make very good points. Thank you as always for sharing them. I remain optimistic. He has sisters he is close with, and that's a good sign in my book. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
I went on two conventional dates that I can recall, one at 16 and one at 18. I have had few serious relationships, but all had non-date related starts at the least. It worked out well :) - Michael W. May
It isn't 'dates' I am concerned about, but the lack of experience with intimacy and partnership. But as B wisely pointed out, one thing at a time. My ex had never been in a serious relationship before, and that sucked for me on a lot of levels, so I am trying not to hold new people accountable for the behavior of previous people and still honor my experience by listening to my instincts. Y'know, all that messy stuff. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Jennifer Dittrich
Summer Squash Soup + Brown Butter Tomatoes -
Summer Squash Soup + Brown Butter Tomatoes
Show all
"Last week we brought you summer fruit for dinner. This week, we bring you summer vegetables. (Admittedly, both tomatoes and squash are actually fruits, but you know what we mean.) Raw vegetables are delicious in their own right (more crudité, please!), but add a few key ingredients to the mix, and you just might elevate your vegetables to their ideal Platonic form -- or at least make them taste really, really good. Bring out the sweetness of summer squash with a hit of fresh tarragon, then flatter your tomatoes with a generous douse of brown butter and a slice of fresh bread. Your vegetables (okay, fruits) will thank you for helping them to reach their full potential." - Jennifer Dittrich from Bookmarklet
"The List Serves 4 1 large yellow squash 2 green onions, light green and white parts only 1/2 medium onion Fresh tarragon 3 cups vegetable broth Juice of 1/2 large lemon 2 large or 3 small ripe beefsteak tomatoes Flaky sea salt Snipped chives, shredded Parmesan, and croutons (optional) Baguette or other country bread You probably have butter, olive oil, garlic, ground black pepper, and either milk or cream in your kitchen. If not, add those to the list, too." - Jennifer Dittrich
"The Plan 1. Chop the squash, the green onions, and the onion. Sauté them in 1 tablespoon of butter and 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil until the onion is tender, about 7 to 10 minutes. Add 1 minced garlic clove in the last minute or so. 2. Season the squash with black pepper to taste, then add 1 tablespoon chopped tarragon, the vegetable broth, and the lemon juice, and stir it all... more... - Jennifer Dittrich
Nom - Michael W. May from Android
I don't quite have fresh squash and tomatoes yet, but I'm storing this up for then. - Jennifer Dittrich
Michael W. May
Heading to the hospital with my Beloved @ambertides for her outpatient procedure. Silly gallbladder. Any good magic our way kindly accepted
Sending all my love! xoxox - Melly - #TeamMarina
Gentle hugs all round - Pete : Team Marina
*waves my magic wand* - Marina's Godmother :-)
*sending the Zen* - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
*sending hugs, cat purrs, cat headbutts, and good thoughts* (cat purrs and headbutts are from my cats of course) - Sir Shuping is just sir
She just went in; will update when I have news. - Michael W. May from Android
Doc just came out; seems to have gone well and she's in recovery. I'll see here in 45 minutes or so. - Michael W. May from Android
**hugs** for you both. So glad it went well! - Jennifer Dittrich
Good to hear! - Kirsten
I'm glad to hear it went well! Thanks for keeping us posted. *love* - Laura
Speedy recovery, Alix! - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Vitals back to normal. I expect discharge soon. - Michael W. May from Android
In hotel, snug as a postop bug in a hotel bed. She's sleeeeeping :) - Michael W. May
I'm glad she's sprung from the hospital. We'll keep it down over here so she can get some rest. - vicster: full-bodied
Glad to hear all went well. Yay for rest and recovery. Love to you both. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
What errybody said. <3 and *hugs* . - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Hugs - Janet
I'm feeling okayish today. I still have another surgery to go, but glad to be halfway there. :) - Alix May
glad for okayish! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
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