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RT @myLapka: Lapka API is now open for developers. Apply now at
Commuting with dad to work this week
RT @a_girl_irl: this 2002 political cartoon become reality
RT @rsg: My old boss @joulee telling @dcurtis a thing or two :)
RT @dvdwinden: Shit @johanbakken says. Such wisdom.
RT @dvdwinden: Facebook buys Oculus VR. Wow.
RT @RonenV: "Notifications" is misleading. Calling them "Interruptions" leads to better decision-making.
Sure I want Android Wear. With that said, the main use case is notifications - and that's definitely not something I want to see more of.
Exclamation: Tumblr. + Yahoo! = !! -
RT Enjoying #PushCars. Great Puzzle game in my iPad
This was new to me, so obviously my mind is pretty blown right now:
RT @garbnzgh: Machine learning gives Google an incredible advantage in creating intuitive user interfaces:
RT @jess: "The scale of this is so outsized I think it will have a huge impact on the life sciences," Zuck, Sergey, Yuri prize
I had no idea that there is a family photo on the moon.
We’re looking for a top notch front-end dev:
Vine's design principles are obvious but still great
RT @remiadetiba: For a tech kingmaker, @Scobleizer's Desert-Island App list is surprisingly mainstream-accessible via @RWW
RT @Textastic: The new Dropbox Sync API looks interesting! Let’s see how it works in practice.
RT @aza: Very proud to say that Massive Health has been acquired by Jawbone. Here's to revolutionizing health!
RT @bakkenbaeck: Humbled to be on the same list as @foursquare (via @younghahn)
Who are the best front-end developers in Oslo?
RT @jukely: Just soft launched in NYC. Music lovers come on board
If you have kids 4+ years old, you need to start using It’s awesome.
laughingsquid: SuperF*ckers, New Animated Comedy Web Series by James Kochalka -
SuperF*ckers, New Animated Comedy Web Series by James Kochalka
Loving Jukely's slick signup page på @xbora:
Google Street View Heads North to Svalbard
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