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RT @BloombergNews: Obama's FCC request: - No blocking websites - No slowing content - No "fast lane" deals
RT @HistoryInPics: "No longer to be feared", New York Times article about Adolf Hitler's release from prison, December 20, 1924
RT @design: We're open-sourcing the entire @Twitter emoji set. 🎉😍👏💓🙌😘🎁🎊
RT @piraja: Slack + Giphy = <3
On our way back home after a couple of great days in sunny Mexico. #websummit
RT @Jonnotie: Hot damn, for mac is great. Great working app. Just what I need.
RT @jakelodwick: Writing a new @SlackHQ bot that shares friendly reminders of upcoming company events.
RT @bakkenbaeck: We've helped Chris Kalani build @wakeinc over the last year—today we pushed out a little teaser page for it! —
RT @wakeinc: Hey! Go sign up to get your team early access:
RT @rovdyr: The Verge: “Slack users spend nearly 10 hrs in the app every day”—it must be so exciting to work on something with a usage avg like that.
RT @kreativejobber: søker inspirasjon og innholdsansvarlig (deltid) i Grünerløkka, Oslo. #kreativejobber
RT @pasql: Can't tell you about Wake yet, but I'm sure you'll see something here soon enough:
RT @pasql: Tools of the future that are here today. Keep your eyes glued on: Form, Framerjs, Pixate & Wake.
RT @TheNordicWeb: Orbit: Norwegian Artificial Intelligence as a service by @arcticstartup
RT @bakkenbaeck: We are looking for another talented iOS developer to join our team in Oslo. Drop us a line!
RT @bakkenbaeck: Big day! Officially sending Orbit into space, and spinning it off into its own venture.
RT @artypapers: Yo beating Slingshot says more about Slingshot than Yo.
Finally decided to Preorder Osmo. Looks very promising. —
Just spotted George Lucas in Beverly Hills Cop III. The perfect end to a perfect evening.
Learned a mind blowing Facebook Messenger sticker trick from Kalani today. My world is turned upside down.
RT @jaredbkeller: YES YES YES RT @FirstWordNick: #BREAKING Producer tells @BloombergTV that Sharknado 3 has already been greenlit
RT @ThatsEarth: On this day, 45 years ago, the greatest picture ever was taken.
Warming up for tonight's final by re-watching the 1986 final between Argentina and West Germany. It was a very different game back then.
RT @Malarkey: 0:5 at half time isn’t a score line I expected.
RT @WorldCupPosts: Brazil vs Germany heat map -
Classy incident a few minutes ago where a Brazilian fan dry humped the Danish TV reporter who was interviewing a German fan about the match.
RT @atjamie: Actual email from Path trying to convince me to come back. I couldn't have made this shit up if I tried. Comedy gold.
RT @OfficialDCosta: how many times can you change nationality? asking for a friend
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