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RT @ThatsEarth: On this day, 45 years ago, the greatest picture ever was taken.
Warming up for tonight's final by re-watching the 1986 final between Argentina and West Germany. It was a very different game back then.
RT @Malarkey: 0:5 at half time isn’t a score line I expected.
RT @WorldCupPosts: Brazil vs Germany heat map -
Classy incident a few minutes ago where a Brazilian fan dry humped the Danish TV reporter who was interviewing a German fan about the match.
RT @atjamie: Actual email from Path trying to convince me to come back. I couldn't have made this shit up if I tried. Comedy gold.
RT @OfficialDCosta: how many times can you change nationality? asking for a friend
RT @finlaysmart: Well the Physio has left on a stretcher
RT @b0yum: Arne kappet den ledningen.
RT @dvdwinden: Nice data analysis of last night's Spain vs The Netherlands by @nytimes.
RT @World: The best part of right now: there are 61 more matches. #WorldCup
RT @dvdwinden: @johanbakken From underdog to hotdog in 90 minutes.
RT @the_vuvuzela: Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
RT @verge: Expedia is now accepting bitcoin for hotel bookings
I have started the process of removing clutter from Added a few new sites now, and promise to post more regularly.
RT @tangentialism: I knew the self-driving car reminded me of something.
RT @Adrian_Paulsen: This ad for @skrekkogle `s product DURR feat.@toddterjeolsen made re regain trust in advertisement (almost)
The new Elevate app from @MindSnacks is really damn good. Congrats @jessepickard (and team)!
RT @emberapp: We have some exciting news… @emberapp with Dropbox support will be out later today… Stay tuned!
RT @bakkenbaeck: We're really happy to announce that @waldal has joined us as Project Manager today. Welcome! —
RT @tommorris: Simple Eurovision explanation for Americans: Europe gets together, collectively gets drunk and tells Russ...
RT @evankirstel: "FDA approves a life-like prosthetic arm from the man who invented the Segway"
RT @rsg: Wow. @Quora is in the next YC batch. Love this idea. Allows mentorship from big company to small & vise versa.
Strava's new heat maps are nice:
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