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Styleboost is a gallery for showcasing beautiful web sites. It has been around since January 2001 and is all about showing off great designers' and developers' work. - prisca
Thanks for the link. :-) - Johan Bakken
Paul Buchheit
Salmon, beans, vegetables and three meat stew -
Salmon, beans, vegetables and three meat stew
I wish the iphone didn't get the portrait/landscape orientation wrong so often. - Paul Buchheit
An all-in-one meal? If so, where's the dessert? - Johan Bakken
like - nasim moradi
Vegitables?!! Paul, Paul, Paul! - April Buchheit
Brian Sullivan
Version puts a yellow/orange outline around links when you click on them -- not sure to what purpose.
I'm guessing keyboard navigation + accessibility. - Johan Bakken from iPhone
Imorgon lanserar Linköpingsföretaget Twingly tjänsten Channels i stängd beta -
Kanskje du gir meg en invite siden jeg ikke kom inn i Wave? - Johan Bakken from iPhone
Om det är möjligt att ge invites till Twingly Channels och Google Wave så kommer jag givetvis att dela ut alla mina så fort jag kan :) - Svartling
Paul Buchheit
Facebook news feed implemented in Javascript:
It's a pretty cool fb app. - Paul Buchheit
reminds me about friendfeed :) - Chris Hofmann
Wow. I do get that immediate comfortable feeling with it. It's FF minus share and hide plus the miniavatar hack - Micah
Very cool. And so much snappier. Lovin' it already. And Paul, I'm assuming you're going to try to move Facebook in that direction. - Johan Bakken
I love it. Now if only we could use it in Facebook. - Faraz Mullick
Excellent! A bit of real-time here, a bit of hiding there and now we have the best Facebook client. Congrats! - Andrés David Aparicio
The implementation of read state in kind of confusing. I look forward to more iteration in this space... long overdue. - Michael Leggett
awesome - andy brudtkuhl
Paul: does the BSD-CC license apply to code files in the dev URL? - Andrés David Aparicio
how come that it does not update in realtime ? ah, okay,it's not ff... - Lode Nachtergaele
I'd like it more if I could hide individual posts on a one by one basis like I can on FriendFeed. - Thomas Hawk
It also seems like it only went three pages back for me. Would be better to page indefinitely. - Thomas Hawk
To clarify, this isn't something that I or anyone else from FriendFeed created -- it's just a cool app. I don't know anything about the licensing terms. - Paul Buchheit
Our wishful thinking got the best of us, it seems :) - Andrés David Aparicio
I wonder who is behind it, I'll repeat my question in the Fan Page then... - Andrés David Aparicio
it may not be something that FF created, but it's something along the lines of what the FF team ought to consider creating -- maybe as a place to test and experiment with engagement before considering features for broader roll out at Facebook. Creating a FF version of Facebook's news feed, complete with hide functionality, thread bumping, etc. would seem like a far more interesting way to interact with Facebook. - Thomas Hawk
Paul, thanks for sharing it. Andrés, it is indeed BSD-CC licensed and the code is hosted on GitHub: - daaku
Excellent! Thanks, Daaku. - Andrés David Aparicio
nice! I never want to goto again! - Jay
Robert Scoble
What service should we use to let the world know our new baby has been born? Participate here:
When Milan was born we used Twitter and Flickr. is our set. - Robert Scoble
Simultaneous. - Ben Parr
We used TwitterGram to record audio of his cry. That cry is already gone. Sigh. - Robert Scoble
@oprah - Johnny
maybe ask someone to build a new service called for JUST twitter style messages re: babies. you and louis gray could fill that mofo up! - drew olanoff
Heheh. No, what happens is if you don't announce it then the family just keeps bugging you until they know what's going on. - Robert Scoble
i disagree with doing this. but i respect anyone who want to share this publicly :) - Ouriel Ohayon - drew olanoff
i will just wait for the kid's growing up so that he can tweet himself.. kekeh :) - RICK CHOI
The problem is the family will likely to be the last to know if you use the web... Grandma does not check twitter very often! - Ben
Definitely Facebook statuses. That's what all my friends did when their baby showed up! :) You kinda don't want the world to know... just the people who know you! - Jackie Miao
Better yet, on, friends and family can follow you and choose how they want the alert. - drew olanoff
sms to family + twitter. family proceeded to spread rumors on facebook, saving us the trouble. - Leyla M
Have Kanye interrupt... worked for him - Johnny
Justin.TV Stream it live! *just kidding* - Adam Jackson
Keep it simple - Facebook and Twitter - Mike Doeff
What about something like: http://hasthelargehadroncollid... - Johnny
i second US mail. i have a copy of one that my parents sent out when i was born and it's pretty meaningful to me :) - Alexis Hope
johnny, i love that. haha. - Alexis Hope
email broadcast :) - esaarem
Jackie: actually letting the world know last time on Twitter was really great. Lots of people follow us and want to know what's up. - Robert Scoble
Probably a combination twitter and PicasaWeb. - Adam Martin
Anyway, looks like the baby has a good chance of coming Saturday. - Robert Scoble
Drew: is a bad URL. Are you sure about that? - Robert Scoble
Robert, make sure to enjoy the moment! - Mike Doeff
Mike: the moment is always fun and crazy. Looking at the pictures of Milan I can't believe that was just two years ago. Time is going too fast! - Robert Scoble
Email Gallery to Posterous >> E V E R Y W H E R E - Tanner Powell
Robert, I just told Alan Levy, their CEO, to contact you about a new product they're working on that would work well for that. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: Cinch will have potentially the same problem that twittergram had. How do you know they will still be in business five years from now? - Robert Scoble
But I do like BlogTalkRadio and hope they do stick around and would love to use them for Ryan's birth. - Robert Scoble
Robert, it's RSS, and the audio's downloadable. You can back it all up. - Jesse Stay
Your Google Reader will have backups. So will FriendFeed (assuming it's around) - Jesse Stay
Jesse: yeah, right. Audio on my hard drive is lame compared to audio on the Internet. - Robert Scoble
Robert, Google Reader and FriendFeed aren't on your hard drive. :-) - Jesse Stay
That's the same problem with any company you do something like that with - it's up to you to have backups in place to be sure your data stays around after they go away. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: quick: find that audio on my Google Reader. You can't. FriendFeed wasn't even in existence when Milan was born. Shows how fast this industry moves. - Robert Scoble
That's why you've got to add it to your Google Reader, or save it as a backup. - Jesse Stay
The highest bidder? - Andrew Warner from iPhone
Jesse: what's funny is I rarely use Google Reader today. It's so slow for me that I can't bear to open it up. - Robert Scoble
It makes a good backup though, and Google will be around for awhile :-) - Jesse Stay
Jesse: remember Google's Dodgeball? So much for being around for awhile. - Robert Scoble
Robert, that risk is with everything you do online, which is why you can't use that for an excuse. If you want a backup, put it on disk somewhere, which is what Cinch allows you to do. At least it automates the distribution for you though. - Jesse Stay
Have Rackspace set up a script that reads the RSS from cinch and stores each file on a backup somewhere. Or trust Cinch to do that. Or do it manually. RSS is the most basic form of distribution so you can do what you want with it. - Jesse Stay
Note that I have no financial obligation to Cinch - I just like Alan Levy. He took me and Dave Winer to a Mets game while I was out there. :-) - Jesse Stay
I also like the basic premise - it's nice and open and easy to work with at the very basic level. - Jesse Stay
Use 'em all - phone calls, sms, Twitter, Facebook, FF, blog post, etc. I'd love to get cards printed up and send them out, but dang, that would get expensive at 55c per card just for postage, plus when do you find time with a newborn in the house? - Melly
Robert: Twitter's not mainstream in SE Asia yet. I've observed that most folks here are still relying on Facebook to reach out. Twitter works great for public figures who engage generously with their followers like yourself, though I wonder if that works as well for career network marketers with 15k+ followers. I don't think most of their followers actually care... I think regional... more... - Jackie Miao
Jesse: the thing is if you can't get to your items it doesn't matter that you have them backed up. Everyone's Tweets are still online, but no one can get to them. Backups won't help. - Robert Scoble
Robert, you can get them when they come out. Remember your blog? Again, with anything you store it's your responsibility to make sure you get a backup. Also, if you talk to Alan Levy you may like what he's working on - it may solve some of your concerns. - Jesse Stay
FWIW I lost the first cries of my baby as well - need to ask Alan if they still have backups. I was stupid for not downloading it at the time. - Jesse Stay
My Ustreams of it all are still up though: (just the before and after shots, don't worry) - Jesse Stay
Ustream is extremely hard to backup - I wish they provided RSS like Cinch. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: oh, that's right, wasn't Twittergram a service of BlogTalkRadio? - Robert Scoble
twitter of course! Then we'll all know exactly the same time as you! LOL - Technogran
Oh and Ben, this Granny checks twitter all the time! - Technogran
Robert, yeah - they did Twittergram, and are now shifting that focus to Cinch in a much less platform-reliant manner - Jesse Stay
Jesse: can you ask them about Twittergram? It would be nice to get that MP3 out of the system. - Robert Scoble
Use the oral/aural tradition. Write a poem or a song. Play, speak or sing it. Record it. Publish it everywhere, everyway. It will be heard and remembered. The media will not be the message. The message will be the message. - David Newman from iPhone
David: If I were a poet or a songwriter, that's what I would do. I'm not. But I can take video, shoot pictures, and write. So that's what I'll do. - Robert Scoble
The local paper, to be sure that the baby can survive Birthers when he's up for the presidency. - Kevin Fox
Robert yeah - thanks for reminding me btw. I want to get my baby's first cries out of there as well. :-) I'll ask Alan. - Jesse Stay
I forgot to get a copy of the local paper for our last baby. I was too focused online. He'll be the only one of our kids without one. I keep kicking myself for that! - Jesse Stay
Tyson, @maryamie held a contest among our close friends. Most of them thought it would happen next week. Ryan's due date is September 26th. But looks like it might happen Saturday. They are pulling us in for a procedure and they said it will probably start the process on Saturday. We will know by noon on Saturday, though, what's up. - Robert Scoble
The baby will be a boy or girl? - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Jannifer: it's a boy. His name will be Ryan Soroush Scoble. Yes, RSS. - Robert Scoble
OH that is awesome!!! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Tyson: and Milan's initials are MS and his middle name is William, same as Gates' first name (and my dad's). So how's that for geekdom! :-) - Robert Scoble
The Pony Express! - Johan Bakken
Tyson: I doubt this conversation will last online until he's old enough to care about looking back. - Robert Scoble
it is perhaps that i am developing a luddite side but it seems such a strange question to ask - put it in one place and it will cascade naturally everywhere anyway, and I imagine you'll be busy with real in person things... PS: or make someone's day and use a service you dont use much or havent used yet... - Iphigenie
If you have to do it online email. - Crispin Heath
You should go with some form of SAP installation. - Rich Puskarich
Alternative thought: Let Maryam decide. - Sue
Don't say a thing online. Tell your friends and see how long it takes to 'leak' online. - Andrew Leyden
@qik & a Flip camera? Qik will go to Youtube automatically, tell twitter/fb/ff. Flip for higher quality and backup? photos - send it to @pixelpipe :-) - Courtney Engle
Robert, you should check out Cinch again. I can get you the iphone app pre release but it works on your mobile phone as well. The app can add photo's and text to your audio file. - alan
OurDoings because 1. OurDoings is here to stay, 2. You'll be busy, 3. OurDoings captures the story like nothing else. - Bruce Lewis
When our sonwas born two months ago, I used for photo and video which in turn sent updates to Twitter, ff, facebook. Now? I would probably just email them to posterous and have posterous do notices to keep it simple. - Brett G from iPhone
Shepherds have been known to be used. For my own kids, we called some by phone then emailed the balance of people. Of course I eagerly updated the baby pool website ( <--100% bias for me to mention that, btw) to see whose predications were closest. But, all of these are old school methods, I'm sure you'll come up with something creative. :) - Micah
Congratulations Robert... may God bless you and yours : ) - Mark Harai
Congrats Robert. - Al Stevens
my family around the globe has announced new babies via Facebook! Still tends to be more personal. Congrats! - Michelelarge
Buried in the New York Times' scoop about eBay announcing a Skype deal today: That Google, long a rumored suitor for Skype, had entered discussions to buy the Internet phone service last month. Google ended up walking away from the deal because a legal war with Skype's founders over its underlying technology could leave the company "vulnerable to immense damages," the New York Times' Brad Stone and Clair Cain Miller report. Google was also reportedly worried that owning Skype could alienate its relationship with wireless carriers, who are increasingly rolling out phones based on Google's Android operating system. They're right about that: Carriers, which still get the majority of their revenue from selling bundles of calling minutes, are still very nervous about Skype. For example, AT&T has blocked Skype and other Internet phone services from Apple's iPhone, except over wi-fi connections. But it's also a sign that Google thinks that mobile advertising -- the way it eventually plans to... - pb:
Is it just me or does it look like Sergey and Brin are preparing for some sort of advanced Kama Sutra move here? - Sparky, lurking
Whatever happened to Gtalk/Skype "interoperability" they were talking about three years ago? - Chuck Kahn
Sparky: Sergey and Brin? - Johan Bakken from iPhone
Magnus Kolstad
Noen av Tommy Sydsæters gamle «Teite tryner» er litt mer kompliserte å fargelegge enn andre.
Tommy rumpetegner? - Johan Bakken
Kol Tregaskes
What format did you start listening to music on?
Soon, we'll buy music on chips (actual potato chips, not computer chips). Until then, let's reminisce. - Tuesday's Plinky question: - Kol Tregaskes
Vinyl! - Melly
Audio Cassette. - Arawak
Mostly cassette but some vinyl. - That's So CAJ!
78's - honest. We had a bunch of them when I was a kid. Then 45's on a spindle that played a stack of them into a radio. First 45 was "Rock Around the Clock". - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Cassette and vinyl - Joe Dawson
Vinyl. Then 8Tracks. Then Cassettes. Then CDs. Then MP3s. So, I guess i have run the gamut. - Martha
cassette, then lots vinyl - Ronald
Vinyl - Robert Davies
33 1/3 Vinyl Albums - my 1st two were Beatles Hard Days Night + the one o them Jumping on the Rooftop in their Beatle Boots?? Twist + Shout?? I just remembered my Grade 4 Teacher wouldn't let me play them during Indoor Recess!! Damn Long-Haired Hooligans from Britain!! ;)) - Billy Warhol
I thought it was tape, but my first system was actually a record player. Wow, I don't feel that old. - Rob H.
Vinyl. We had 8-tracks, too. - LB needs a vacation
Vinyl. - Rochelle
Wax cylinders. - Akiva
45 => 33 1/3 => Cassette => CD. my parents had some 78s laying around the house & friends had 8-tracks; I never liked 8-track. - jbrotherlove
8 track & 45's. I remeber dancing in front of the record shop on St. John's Place and Ralph Ave. in Brooklyn for quarters to purchase new James Brown Records. - professor daddyo
Cassettes for me. I bought a few vinyl records but not many. I bought loads and loads of CDs but very rare to buy any physical media now. - Kol Tregaskes
Hmm - I am guessing that people are wrong -- I first listened on radio -- wouldn't that also be true of most here as well? - Brian Sullivan
Maybe radio doesn't qualify as a "format"? - Brian Sullivan
The "Theatre of the Mind" Radio!! FM "no static at all" lol (there was a little AM in there ) ;) - Melanie Reed
Vinyl & 8-tracks. Vinyl has never left my life though. - Anika
Somnabulist, was that always virgin vinyl acrylic? Direct to disc? :) - Melanie Reed
Well, for all those vinyl lovers, always remember Nick Cages' endorsement from "The Rock": "These sound better." - Melanie Reed
Glen, actually, I think it was people singing to me that came first. You're right. - Melanie Reed
Records... and cassettes... - Paula W
vinyl first (45s and then LPs) and then cassettes. i gave 8-track a miss. - Big Joe Silenced
Cassette and vinyl. Cassettes (and eventually CDs) were more common when I was growing up, but we still had the turntable set up in the dining room and I was a fiend for my dad's records... Stones, Grand Funk, CCR, Skynyrd... it's no surprise I'm still big into classic rock. - Lola Bean (Penguin)
my first 45 was Tubby The Tuba. my first LP was The Beatles - Rubber Soul. my first cassette was ELO - Time (my second was Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon, so i hope i get some slack for that). my first CD was Rush - Exit...Stage Left. - Big Joe Silenced
8-Track tapes - My God, I am soooo old. - Friar Will
i must be ancient. :P - Big Joe Silenced
Transistor AM radio. 45rpms. LPs. - Spidra Webster
The first song I remember playing in my room is "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" on 45, on a portable record player that had its own speaker. This was in the 1970s, so I guess the song was already 30 years old by the time I heard it. - Phil Glockner
LP Records, we still have the LPs around here (someplace), many of which are older than I am... - Grant Bierman
LPs and audio cassettes - Ciaoenrico
Vinyl, 8-track, and radio - Rodfather
Vinyl, from my parents' collection. But I when I started buying music it was cassettes. - Franc, a rememberer
Radio and jukeboxes (in Romania) - Adrian
Vinyl, 45's and 78's - We had a red Disney record player, it was so cool - comix aka martha
Vinyl. - Derrick
CD-ROM - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Vinyl. - Kisha from BuddyFeed
In person - saw Jefferson Airplane when I was 3 years old :) - outside of that, LP's and 45's. - Tsali - A dude man
Cassettes. Never heard a vinyl before I started going to clubs with DJs :-) - Pandu ● IT Optimizer from fftogo
Cassette! - Andrew Dobrow from iPhone
vinyl here too -- pretty much all LPs - Nathan Rein
8 Track/vinyl - Scoble, Alex Scoble
My dad's Beatles/Dylan vinyls, my mom's Marxist vinyls, some cassettes and radio. - Johan Bakken
Vinyl and 8-track. LOL. - Victor Ganata
Probably vinyl. - John (bird whisperer)
Oh man, the question alone makes me feel old! - Karma Martell
Phonograph cylinder. - Amy℠
I'm so old... had a childhood record player (vinyl, obviously) and at the time (circa 1960), many 'children's records' were 7-inch 78s! (Golden Books had Golden Records that were bright yellow). - The Web's Wendell Wittler
vinyl and radio. - Laura Norvig
listened to radio and vinyl, first owned & selected music was on cassette - Mike Chelen
Cassette - Mr. The Jason Fleming from iPod
Vinyl for me. Not LPs, at least at first; 45s. I still have all the old LPs from my childhood, at least those I haven't replaced with better copies (because I ruined the old ones when I was a kid), plus I've collected 1,000s more! And I listen to them. My next computer-related acquisition, at least after I get a new power supply and video card for my Dell (to run Windows 7), is a USB turntable. Of course, I got rid of the old 45s decades ago... - Dennis Jernberg
Vinyl - Deepak Singh
33s (a few 78s) and radio - Mitchell Tsai
8-track, i guess. Also reel-to-reel and vinyl were around, but we weren't hifalutin enough to have reel-to-reel. - j1m
Cassette tape with a Panasonic Mini player / Recorder .... I used to record my favorite song from other tapes using a karaoke double tape player - Nightwatcher☣
Not sure if it was vinyl or 8-track - MiniMage
This depends. If we're talking about the first music I purchased and listened to that would be cassette tape. First music ever listened to period would probably be 8-Tracks and Vinyl. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Vinyl and reel-to-reel tape. Oh and radio - Pete Gilbert
O - I forgot DAT and reel to reel, from my studio and live recording days!!!! - Martha
1/4" full track @30ips with Dolby SR? - Big Joe Silenced
tho, IMO, at that tape speed i really don't think noise reduction is really that important. - Big Joe Silenced
Vinyl /Compact Cassette - Kevin J Hatton
Bumping for later. - Kol Tregaskes
records (45rpms even) & 8-track, ;) - chaz2b
Winckel Great idea! I have a brand new turntable that's never been used just sitting around. would be nice if it could be converted. - Melanie Reed
Johan Bakken
Today: Great fun hanging out with my daughter by ourselves all day, ate lamb chops, watched Mad Men, followed by @scobleizer on GReader.
I forgot one small detail: I got really, really impressed by the new PS3 EyePet trailer. So that's my entire day summed up. - Johan Bakken
Whitney Hess
Does anyone have any experience with ? Yay or nay?
Yay. Love it. Been using it for a year and a half. - Johan Bakken from iPhone
Joshua Porter
Worst UI You've Ever Used - Stack Overflow -
some really bad ones in here - Joshua Porter
Word. There's truly some bad ass stuff there. - Johan Bakken
Kol Tregaskes
BackType vs Disqus vs InstenseDebat vs ? - who wins for you or do they each have the purpose?
What abt CommentLuv BlogLuv etc? - TrafficBug
I'm trying to research this as well. And what about JS-Kit's Echo? - Johan Bakken
Johan, let us know how you get on. - Kol Tregaskes
Is Echo even publicly available yet? - Akiva
I like Disqus at the moment because they integrate BackType comment slurping and they have a full commenting engine going on. ID doesn't have BT and BT doesn't really work as a drop-in comment engine. - Daniel J. Pritchett
By the way, I'm using Disqus and am really interested in their new v3 coming out this week. - Akiva
Disqus all the way for me. I've never tested ID but BackType does has its purpose, just not one that fits me. Looking forward to v3 of Disqus also. - Corvida
Oguz Serdar
Survey: More Employers Use Facebook To Vet New Hires Than LinkedIn | paidContent -
Survey: More Employers Use Facebook To Vet New Hires Than LinkedIn | paidContent
"Facebook may be the stickiest social network here in the U.S.—but LinkedIn is thought to be the default network for a “professional” profile and job history. So why are more employers using Facebook to do background checks on potential new hires than LinkedIn?" - Oguz Serdar from Bookmarklet
Like I look for bad reviews for a product first, I would guess employers look for dirt on possible new employees first. There's much more dirt on Facebook. - Johan Bakken
Ah, thus why I have every thing on my profile set as friends only. - Wizetux
+1 Wizetux. Anyone who hasn't learned that by now deserves the consequences - LANjackal
FTA: "... until the network finds a better way for people to segment what info outsiders can see ..." - Huh? FB has more privacy settings than you wave a stick at, and it's easy to be very selective in your sharing. - LANjackal
Facebook's privacy settings are pretty awesome compared with similar sites - I'd say it's one of the reasons I migrated to it. - Amy
Amy, +1. in addition to wizetux, that mean your FB friends won't be your next employers. :) ? we know some examples like this >> - Oguz Serdar
as related to the subject: "45% of Employers Now Screen Social Media Profiles" - - Oguz Serdar
Geir Arne Brevik
@kristineKW der røyk min positive innstilling til mer skotsk selvstyre
Ditto. - Johan Bakken
Mike Bracco
What are your top 3 favorite paid online subscription services? Mine are Evernote Premium, and Pandora One.
Mine: Evernote, Skype and - Leandro Ardissone ⍨ from IM
I think currently NOD32 & Netflix are only online services I pay for - LANjackal
Netflix - chrisofspades
Evernote and Pandora definitely....I would add flickr pro to that - Freddie Benjamin
oh, and flickr.. there are more than 3 - Leandro Ardissone ⍨ from IM
I only pay for, netflix, and flickr. - ·[▪_▪]·
The only subscriptions I have are Netflix, Gamefly, and XMRadio. Not sure you'd call any of them online services, though. I'll probably renew flickr when I can more cash flow, though. - Jandy
Remember the milk, Flickr and Mvelopes. I've been thinking about upgrading to Pandora One but haven't done it yet. - Ward Seward
Spotify! - Lasse Johnsen
Netflix, Pandora & Wall Street Journal - Jay Clark
Rapidshare, remember the milk, evernote,, ... - Ugur Aydogdu (jnbn)
ehm.. let add: rapidshare,, (a seedbox), and lastpass - Leandro Ardissone ⍨ from IM
Evernote, Remember the Milk and Flickr - Brett Kelly
Also Evernote, Mozy and Flickr. - Oliver Bouchard
Evernote Premium, Dropbox (50GB), and MindMeister - Jim Tierney
Flickr. - Morton Fox
Evernote, Jungle Disk, You Mail, Flickr ,Skype, Netfilx - metalerik
I only have one: reqall. - Jim #teamFFrank
Mozy, Flickr, Github, Amazon (S3, EC2, SQS), Rackspace CloudFiles, Jungledisk - Berk D. Demir
Cecily: Love Backblaze! - been using it for a couple months. Best Mac online backup solution - IMHO. - Mike Bracco
MobileMe, Flickr, Google Web Storage (10GB extra/year), SpanningSync, DropBox, DreamHost. - Nick Humphries
Among some of those already mentioned I use LovelyCharts a lot: - Peter van Teeseling
Mike Bracco: What other Mac online backup solutions did you try and what are the features separating Backblaze from others to be the best? - Berk D. Demir, Flickr, Jajah - Bertrand Doux
Berk: I tried Mozy as well and also played around with a friends machine that had carbonite. I like Backblaze b/c is just works...I literally don't have to ever think about it. It was started by some ex apple guys I believe and it can definitely show in the final product. Very few options - it just backs up in the background. It also stores versions of a file so sequential backups are... more... - Mike Bracco
and Jing Pro - metalerik
Flickr, Zenfolio, MobileMe, and (maybe soon) Animoto - Victor Panlilio
Evernote, Flickr, - jbrotherlove
flickr,, Zune - John D Reasor
Evernote, Mozy, and Flickr - Russellreno
Evernote, Flickr, Toodledo, BitDefender - Wei-Yen Tan
Hosting for my blog. Also pay for flickr, but that wasn't really worth it. -
Flickr and Remember The Milk. Hosting accounts: Media Temple and Dreamhost. - Jorge Gobbi
Evernote is my favorite. It is the one application I will not do without. - Rob Cairns
Cecily & Mike: I've tried Mozy, Carbonite, Backblaze, iDrive and settled with Mozy for no obvious reason. Pretty much they are all the same. A very similar software, same slow initial backup process, versioned backups, easy restore, scheduling and background backup features, bandwidth throttling, being easy with the system resources and close yearly fees: $49.50 (iDrive: 150GB), $50... more... - Berk D. Demir
I must have tried Evernote five times, but can't really get what is SO useful about it. Maybe it's the "how" - can someone direct me to how they use it and why it's useful to them? As far as paid apps, Pandora, Carbonite and Extra Storage on Google. That's it. - Vince DeGeorge
Vince: check out Evernote's blog as well their tumblr blog They have some great use cases on both sites. Maybe that will spark some ideas on how to utilize it. It's one of those things where you have to kind of be conscious of it and make yourself use it - then after a while it naturally becomes part of your workflow - at least that is how it worked for me. - Mike Bracco
Was forgetting Animoto for which I will subscribe very soon - Bertrand Doux
Thanks for those, Mike, very helpful. I think you're right... I just need to make an effort to get it into my workflow. I think it may work well to document ASP.NET snippets I use often (maybe). - Vince DeGeorge
Vince: Yeah and what's helpful as Evernote progresses is that the service is getting faster and better integrated into the OS - which makes it less obtrusive and easier to work in. - Mike Bracco
flickr,, rememberthemilk - Jason Toney
Evernote, Dropbox and Skype - Sally Church
Mobileme is the only one I pay for right now. - DGentry
Evernote, Flickr, TinySpell and WinPatrol (last 2 Windows only) - Jack&Cleo
Flickr, Zune, Netflix. - Jordan Hofker from fftogo
Flickr, Netflix, Dreamhost - Logan Lindquist
Trying mobileme. - Ashish
Napster, and MobileMe - Edgar Rodríguez
also, emusic. How could I forget them? - Jason Toney
SugarSync, Evernote, LastPass - Johan Bakken
Its got to be Evernote, Flickr and Skype. Noticing a lot of love for Evernote on this list - Robert Davies
For all you Evernote peeps, if you're not already in it, we have a pretty active room on FF: Feel free to join us! - Lindsay
Remember The Milk, Flickr. Thinking about subscribing to Evernote but not sure I really need the premium version. If they add export option to their amazing recognition tool, I may switch. - Jean-Charles VERDIE
Damn me, I forgot the one I use the most: skype... - Jean-Charles VERDIE
freshbooks is great for small business invoicing. I use Pandora One also and Remember The Milk. trying Action Method (really good!) - Julian Seery Gude from BuddyFeed,, and soon :-) - Elian Chrebor
@elian what does Spotify premium brings? I would subscribe for an offline and/or iPhone feature. E-tipi probably but I hope you won't have to pay ;) - Jean-Charles VERDIE
Can someone tell me what does? And what do you get extra with a paid Pandora account? - Mark Traphagen
Mark: Lynda offers professional video tutorials or classes on pretty much any software imaginable (classes are streamed in browser via QuickTime and range anywhere from 2-12 hours. Pandora One is the pay Pandora account. It offers more skipping per day, double the bit rate quality (192 - huge difference from free account) and also a longer timeout period. - Mike Bracco
I thought the bit rate quality with Pandora One wasn't going to be a big deal but it's night and day...big difference. - Mike Bracco
Thanks, Mike! - Mark Traphagen
I pay for Flickr, Plaxo and - Boris
Flickr is the only thing I pay for. At work we pay for Wufoo and love it. - Laura Norvig
Netflix, DeviantArt and that is it. That is all I pay for online besides GoDaddy for web hosting. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
spotify :). - Tobias W.
I only pay for one at this point: Flickr. I am considering Evernote as well. - Adam
Likely Evernote. still test driving it. - Carolyn Chan
No test driving necessary for me, now a premium subscriber :) - LANjackal from IM
giganews unlimited usenet for $25/mo is always tempting - Mike Chelen
Other than my Web hosting, I don't have any paid subscriptions to online services that I can think of. I tend to gravitate toward ad-supported free services. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Johan Bakken
An incredible illustrated Star Wars alphabet. - Johan Bakken
Johan Bakken
Expono is a Norwegian photosharing startup. It's in semi-closed beta, but you can sign up here. - Johan Bakken
Johan Bakken
Online magazine SHIFT presents DOTMOV Festival 2009, a digital film festival aiming to discover talented creators and provide them with an opportunity to show their works. Works submitted from all over the world will be screened throughout the world venues from November 2009 (screening schedule will be different depending on the venue). Last year's total submission was 289 works from 37 countries. The tour schedule will be announced on this page. - Johan Bakken
Johan Bakken
As a Typekit user, you’ll have access to our library of high-quality fonts. Just add a line of JavaScript to your markup, tell us what fonts you want to use, and then craft your pages the way you always have. Except now you’ll be able to use real fonts. This really is going to change web design. - Johan Bakken
Jesper Thøgersen
How come Friendfeed all of a sudden become "the new shit" in Norway?
My thought exactly. WTF. - Johan Bakken
Johan Bakken
I think the categories are well selected. - Johan Bakken
Johan Bakken
50 great examples of infographics -
There are some great examples in this collection. - Johan Bakken
Johan Bakken
20 original hand-drawn type sets. - Johan Bakken
Johan Bakken
Our Favorite Typefaces of 2008 Typographica -
Typographica's favorfite fonts of 2008. - Johan Bakken
Johan Bakken
Is it time to move beyond 960? -
Cameron Moll asks the inevitable question. - Johan Bakken
Johan Bakken
Tal Leming on Web Fonts -
Interesting reading if you're a web or type designer. - Johan Bakken
Johan Bakken
The ten commandments of Dieter Rams -
As good design cannot be measured in a finite way he set about expressing the ten most important criteria for what he considered was good design. Subsequently they have become known as the ‘Ten commandments’. - Johan Bakken
Johan Bakken
I think this Google Chrome ad is fantastic. Truly shows off what's so great with Google Chrome, without showing any screenshots. - Johan Bakken
Johan Bakken
'We're All Gonna Die - 100 meters of existence' -
Simon Høgsberg recently launched his 100 meter wide photo project from Berlin. - Johan Bakken
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