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guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I still think Kol should work for FriendFeed. That is all :-)
He doesn't? j/k =) - Micah
Actually, I think Kol basically DOES work for FriendFeed. I think perhaps he should be paid ;-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Yup, agree! - Edward Zwart
Agree totally :) - Roberto Bonini
Gosh, thanks!! :-D I'd *love* to work for FriendFeed, I'm not shying away from that, but alas I don't and I can't see where I'd fit in? I can test, I can support, might be able to do some sort of community manager role (though feel the likes of Tina might be more appropriate for that - I'm sure Tina will kill me for saying that ;-)) but I'm sure they have the covered? But I am out of work!... - Kol Tregaskes
What is this - stackoverflow for HR? - John Craft
Unfortunately a new job will mean no FF any more. It's rare to get a home based role but I was amazingly lucky that my last one (at least for 6 months or so) was home-based and had some slack time. So it allowed me to play around with FF. But that was a very, very lucky, it won't happen again I'm pretty sure. - Kol Tregaskes
But if I can and have the time I'm happy to help out here, I love doing the 'tech support' in the Feedback group for one thing. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol: The above is precisely what I think you should be paid for. I know you love doing it, and would do it for free, but if/when you find other work your presence and attention to the subject would be missed. Thus I think you should be paid for your efforts. (positivity man; visualize whirled peas!) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
And I did think Kol did work for FF for the longest time, BTW. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I do love doing it, hehe. I'm not expert, though, I'm not a dev. I'm more an odd-jobs man, can do a bit of everything but don't really specialise in any one thing. I love the community here too, the people on here are lovely. It's the first (and only) online community I've even contributed to let alone dived in like I have. Hehe. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
If I was paid I'd do a far better job though. :-) It might also be a good idea too as it would mean I'd have to slow down on what I share and concentrate on replying to posts here and everything on FF - I know I share a LOT! I've recently got a "help"saved search created. I've not really used it yet but tweaked it today and have found all these posts from people (mainly on their own feeds and not on any of the feedback or other groups) that are asking for help. So I'm gonna start tracking those too. - Kol Tregaskes
You're doing great work Kol! - Martin Bryant
Should I commence to killing you now Kol, or would you prefer I wait? ;-) - FFing Enigma
Oh, I created a list of my favourite suggestions (from me and others) and any bugs I've found. It needs updating but I am editing the lists and adding to them all the time. Everyone is free to comment on them here: I've tried to add links to the original posts where I can too. They're all quite long lists... more... - Kol Tregaskes
Thank you Abby, Martin! Hehe, yes Helen I do. Tina, better get over and done with now, LOL! It's been nice knowing you FF. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Flippity, yes subbed to that. I've got a few jobs to apply for from today's searches too so gonna get those done first thing Monday morning. Fingers crossed I can get something soon. - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks, Flippity. Things are slowly picking up in the job market but nothing like what it was last year when I was searching. - Kol Tregaskes
I suppose some to-the-point questions are are we getting enough support from the FF devs in groups such as the Feedback group, should they be replying to every support post or should us, the users, be helping out, do you think there are too many groups for support (like my beginners group, is that really needed, for example?) and do you prefer support queries from users over devs or vice versa? - Kol Tregaskes
I'm sure the FF devs are very busy and rely on the users helping out as much as we can. I try and reply to any unanswered queries but there are a few that need some help from the devs that seem to go astray. What does everyone think? - Kol Tregaskes
He IS the community manager :) - Roberto Bonini
BTW, I post these types of questions for not only to get responses from the FF community and get them involved but (hopefully) they also help out the FF devs? - Kol Tregaskes
Kol: I prefer that al of the above happen. A) FF have online support personell ( keeping a handle on things, and escalating issues to devs. B) Devs available when they can be, and during big rollouts (as they were when the beta went into production) and C) users need to help themselves out too.-which brings us back to the guy in A who's keeping any eye on it all and escalating users' ideas to the devs. etc etc. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Roberto: My point exactly ;-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Hehe, thanks Roberto, Jorge. I used to be an office manager for the Bitmap Brothers, they described it by saying it was like picking up all the toys after the children threw them out of the pram, LOL. I really liked that role though as it included creating and maintaining their site, tech support, testing, network admin, some accounting - not just office admin. It was pretty varied and kept me busy. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Rob, someone to be a kinda first-line support type person. - Kol Tregaskes
Well not for long, I need a paid job and fast, hehe. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol, we had a name for that positional one place I worked: Director of Interstitial Affairs. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob, that's a slightly unusual name, LOL. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
an interstice is the space in between things - the crack - The Department of Interstitial Affairs takes care of all the things that slip between the cracks ;-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
OK. Can I express now that I definitely do not want to be called that. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
When I worked in the games industry (yes another story, sorry) they created a new role which the US side already had. It was for mastering games CD, carts, etc. They called it Code Librarian! Well I got ripped apart by the testers (one in particular) and it changed to Conan the Barbarian. All a great laugh, even for me. But thankfully it was changed to Code Supervisor. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Well I've posted a question here: - Kol Tregaskes
Although I once said that Kol deserved that T-shirt, I came to realise at a certain moment that he deserved a bigger gift from those guys. Maybe a bigger T-shirt, some people might say, but at least a T-shirt with a text like: "They wanted to give me their jobs, but I couldn't get my eyes of those wonderful FriendFeed-feeds." If that all is gonna fit on a shirt.... - Ton Zijp
Ton, I was very happy with a t-shirt. It was free and sent all the way from America! I don't receive many gifts but I'm always very appreciative of free presents, help and guidance. This reminds me, I need to sort out a photo of it, it was received a few days ago but my dog covered it with mud almost as soon as I pulled it out of the parcel, hehe. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Ton: Maybe the T-shirt will need one of those new "more" links ;-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Hehe, Rob! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Life-support off back to natural support, what happened to FriendFeed last night? Data centre down? :-( - Kol Tregaskes
yep Bret & Paul said lost power. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
:-( It was bed time anyway for me. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Bump. I would like more people to like this ;-) Perhaps Paul Buchheit or Bret Taylor will notice ;-) (I presume that they do searches on their own names - but maybe not as much as Robert Scoble heh) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Hehe, Rob, easy there tiger. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
lol it worked. a bunch more liked it ;-) (and you never know how often or when someone does checks on mentions of their names heh. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Is this thread still going? It didn't work btw, Rob. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
++ Kol, you need a job anyway, right? Transcontinental Telecommunting support, FTW!!! - Helen Sventitsky is so right, that is a great recommendation for the job, the application thread, I also recommend Kol for the obviously powerful work he accomplished through the creation of echoing feedbacks and a helping userbase, ideas and concepts (tags) overlaying all of featuring the services'... more... - Zu from AOD
(Doh! Forgot about the other non-ff-tutorial posts. Always good topics! ) - Zu from AOD
I try my best. Thanks for the comments. I don't think FF are listening though. :-( But yes I need a job. - Kol Tregaskes
This thread is still going. And I still think you'd be perfect. (haven't seen so much of you lately, I must need to thin out a list! -you're back on top at ffholic) :-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Have you sent in a resume, and made your availability clear? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Nope. - Kol Tregaskes
I've been working on finding a paid job and hopefully I've found something (basically the role I was doing a few months ago in a good location near where I want to live). So not been on here much. - Kol Tregaskes
Well I've written to FriendFeed with my CV. I see no harm in trying. :-) In regards to other work, I've not found one job to apply to since Friday, really quiet atm! :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Kevin Murray
The Circle of Life (revised)
Hah! - Robert Scoble
woops in my haste i dissed flickr. sorry flickr. - Kevin Murray
My wife would agree! - Brian Bufalo
true - sure takes a lot of time if you let it - Mark Conrau
Man it looks like we're sliding down a social-negativity cone - Ymag
So true these days ! - Mike Schmidt
Where's the bathroom? :) - frankiecarl
And the fridge? ;) - stanjourdan
Friendfeed is the center of life! - Ashish
Revised again: Fridge & Toilet Added: ;) - Kevin Murray
Facebook should rather be in a different universe altogether - sofarsoShawn
I agree with sofarsoshawn. take facebook out and its darn close. :) - timepilot
And Twitter would be in the lowest circle of hell ~ but yes,very close; though yes I just tweeted this - sofarsoShawn
LOL - TheHenry
You mean, my life is normal? - Michele Lorito-Chase
exactly - Val Vladescu from IM
And where is this t-shirt? - Louis Gray
Agreed...I want this shirt! - Carlton Hackett
Brilliant - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Nice.... - Danny Bonthuis
Good one! - Gianluigi Cuccureddu
Why no life? - Kristo Magno
why no arrow at least from flickr into friendfeed? - ian kennedy
Ian Kennedy, May be flickr is lazy,so it leaves that work to RSS and facebook Or one can say same about FF? - Ashish
T-Shirt Waiting To Happen! :) - The Pageman
T-Shirt & Travel Mug (in case we actually leave the house) Did it @ Cafe Press: Please note 1) I'm not an artist so I hope you like the organic nature of it. 2) I'm not looking to make any $ on this, any proceeds will be donated to my favorite charity Here is the link: - Kevin Murray
Kevin Fox
Bret: "I really like FriendFeed."
Well, you should! - Josh Haley
That's comforting. I really like FriendFeed, too. - Tudor Bosman
I do, too! - April Buchheit
I LIKE FriendFeed. Damn, miss the Love button ... - Rui Pereira
What is this FriendFeed you speak of? - Johnny
Who is this Johnny Worthington you speak of? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
me 2 - Warner Carter
FFTW - Daniel Dulitz
Carlos Granier-Phelps
Gmail Autopilot - The easiest email could possibly be #web -
Gmail Autopilot - The easiest email could possibly be #web
Show all
"As more and more everyday communication takes place over email, lots of people have complained about how hard it is to read and respond to every message. This is because they actually read and respond to all their messages." - Carlos Granier-Phelps
I have been using a neural alpha version of this for a while - Ben Watson from twhirl
It can handle inter planetary email - TrafficBug
Kevin Fox
It's not very accurate. It said the weather right now is "Fucking ... Alright", when clearly it's "Fucking ... Fantastic." I just don't trust anything on the internet any more. - Cyrus Lendvay
Obama to Address the Nation Each Week on YouTube -
Obama to Address the Nation Each Week on YouTube
Obama: The most powerful social media organizer in the word. - Alex Williams
So awesome. - Clay Newton
bangpound - no joke, it is a little strange isn't it? government moves slow though and this is a good example of how sometimes the smartest thing it can do is be smart about what steps to follow the corporate world in. notice there's no SecondLife version! lol - Marshall Kirkpatrick from IM
f-ing BRILLIANT. - Patricia
What would be a good name for what something that is essentially Fireside Chat 2.0? - Victor Ganata
i can't wait for the comments on his videos to fill up with homophobic anti-semetic nonsensical ramblings. i can think of no better forum for presidential conversation than youtube comments. BRING ON THE GAYNESS LOL THIS SUX! - @baratunde from twhirl
baratunde! you are too right too right. maybe you should stick to conversing with the Pres in more civilized fora, like as his MySpace friend? - Marshall Kirkpatrick from IM
Aww, so no live broadcast to precede the YouTube post? - Glenn Batuyong
this should be interesting, wonder if is already taken. - Thomas Hunsaker from IM
@benjamin Doherty: exactly. - Chris Hollander
Bad idea. Only dictators did that on old tv. - Jorge Martins Rosa
FDR would've done it if they had had the Internet. Or TV. - Victor Ganata
I guess dedalusjmmr must be unaware that Presidents do weekly radio address. - Anika
Will comments be allowed? Will it be available on iTunes like it has been for the past..ohh 6 years? - Mike Lewis from twhirl
I agree Chris. When I was a kid, I used to listen to the weekly addresses. When the WH started putting the text online, I'd just read it. When they started posting the audio, it made it easier to do it on my time. And I like going back through the archives, though it's annoying that the current way the WH posts the address, no longer give short summaries. This will make it even easier to view/listen when I want. - Anika
Certainly beats preempting your favourite TV show. "We now return to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress." - Andrew Smith
What happens to the digitally disenfranchised in these "Fireside" YouTube chats? Is there a plan "B" for them apart from XM? - Melanie Reed
Melanie the WH has been archiving the transcript and audio on for awhile now. The weekly addresses will still be on the radio as they have for the past 80 or so years. - Anika
Anika, Thank you. I was aware of the WH site for some time. But I was concerned that the DD not be left out. It is good to know that these communications will still be radio-accessible. That is all many of these people have or understand. And that's all right. Their need and wisdom are still very vital. - Melanie Reed
I'd love it if Gordon Brown did this, oh wait, no, maybe not. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
that site is actually , not user with dotcom at the end anymore - pb:
Tyler (Chacha)
JarretSlater: It says you can wash the ShamWOW towels in the washer....but wouldn't it soak up all the water?
Good to know I'm not alone on that one. - Yolanda
This was great! Thanks. - Daniel Zarick
Heh. Sent this to my wife of 16 years - that "risk" conversation is one we've had many times ;) - John Craft
What is the name of your Wi-Fi network? -
What is the name of your Wi-Fi network?
The (Holland-based) CoffeeCompany got a lot of publicity recently because they continuously change the names of their Wi-Fi networks to persuade visitors to order more coffee. A few examples: OrderAnotherCoffeeAlready BuyCoffeeForCuteGirlOverThere? HaveYouTriedCoffeeCake? BuyAnotherCupYouCheapskate TodaysSpecialExpresso1.60Euro BuyaLargeLatterGetBrownieForFree - Zee. from Bookmarklet
In my home the network is called LeechNet. And on my girlfriend it's called "chupala gil". - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
You know what? This would make me never visit their establishment again. Ever. - FFing Enigma
Mine is OmgWhoKilledKenny. - Nir Ben Yona from twhirl
Mine is "chupacabra". - Steven Perez
Clever idea, but annoying to customers I'm sure - Tom Mack
Mine is Bitemeorgetoffmynetwork! HAHAH!!! - Paul
Honeypot - Shawn McCollum
yeah sure..and here are my coordinates and this is my login passkey. - Josh Haley
you cannot be serious Josh... - Zee.
I want to call mine "TastyYellowSnow" but I may get some weirdos - Bwana ☠
have you ever war-walked through a city centre? I've seen plenty like "hoth", "bitbucket", "deathfromabove" and a personal fav "fuckoff". - alphaxion
There's a network in my dorm called "BloodyStoolSample". Don't know who it belongs too but it's weird. - Brandon Titus
Jesus. - Zee.
Tina said it all. - Jim #teamFFrank
Resembles something like WiFiMage - MiniMage
The all-time classic thread: - My favorite is "Stoplookingatmyssid". - John Craft
Because we are all out to get you Josh... ;) - Brian Bufalo
I love this kind of back-channel messaging system: at one company I worked people used to maintain IM-type conversations within iTunes by constantly renaming their shared libraries. I notice some people do this here with their nicknames. - Tim Ostler
"WHO FARTED!?!?" - Brad Williamson
Something meaningless and abstract that hopefully doesn't give away any information about me, the router type or the location that might be used by a casual hacker to gain entry. Of course any seasoned hacker wouldn't care about the SSID anyway. - Troy Forster from twhirl
thepasswordisboobs - Benton
And one for the bluetooth names you've seen - alphaxion
I go with a Disney theme. Right now, EPCOT. - Eric - Final Countdown
Scott's HotSpot - scott anderson
There is a network in my area called 'Call 555-1234 for access' - interesting idea... - Yzard
John Cleese
I'm being followed by @thefuckingpope
They'll never expect... oh, nevermind... - Michael W. May from twhirl
Yeah, well @almightygod is following me! :-P - Ordinarybug Heather
+1 for Saint Michael! - John Craft
Fakemodo: Santa Claus' Gmail Account Exposed -
Fakemodo: Santa Claus' Gmail Account Exposed
I would have expected a livelier theme for Santa. - Todd Hoff
Outstanding. - John Craft
Todd, that's the point. Santa is not who you expect him to be. :p - vijay
I've been Naughty, Can I have an Xbox 360 instead of Coal!! :P - Paul
Oldest lolcat ever found! -
Pretty cool. Is it just me, or all of the comments on that site that are in Lolpeak a tad creepy? I read them all in the voice of Carol Kane when she played the Ghost of Christmas Present in Scrooged. It's probably just me. :o) - Paul Reynolds
comments are, like, from another planet! - vijay
Kevin Fox
LIFE: (L-R) SNL comic Tina Fey and Sen. John M... - Hosted by Google -
LIFE: (L-R) SNL comic Tina Fey and Sen. John M... - Hosted by Google
Tina Fey and John McCain in 2004. Weird. - Kevin Fox from Bookmarklet
What is she doing to him? - Rebecca Sun
Kevin Fox
Routing inefficiency. We haz it.
Picture 36.png
(For those non bay area natives, Oakland is 50 miles away from Sunnyvale) - Kevin Fox
This may be one of the reasons I prefer UPS. - John Craft
I have to run to Sunnyvale to pick up a package that was left on a doorstep - Be back later... - Brian Johns
Hey, at least it didn't go through Memphis! - Cyrus Lendvay
I once inquired at the Post Office as to why my movies were taking two days to get back to the Netflix facility 14 miles from my home. The reply? All mail in the northeast goes first to a routing facility in Boston (i'm in southwest CT). - Ryan Kaisoglus
hunter walk
why does clicking on this not work on the iPhone? I just get YouTube's homepage. - Michael Leggett
Barack is Mac, and Pac? - Boing Boing -
Barack is Mac, and Pac? - Boing Boing
OMG he's Bi: Me too!!! - sofarsoShawn
What can't the man do?!!!! - orionstarr
The man uses a mac, this speaks volumes! - orionstarr
Nice, but when will I get my Linux-using President! - James Rishabh Mishra
When they make hardware. - orionstarr
I guess I better get cracking with the hardware. - James Rishabh Mishra
Kevin Fox
eBay Find of the Day: 1963 LeMans Tempest sells for $226,521 - Autoblog -
eBay Find of the Day: 1963 LeMans Tempest sells for $226,521 - Autoblog
The owner had recently died and the seller put the car up for $500. He had no idea what it was worth. Thankfully more than one person on ebay did know its value. Wow. - Kevin Fox from Bookmarklet
i know only about 6 were made, but not worth it imo. it's just the shell and a myth you're buying - Cee Bee
Genuine vintage racers are worth a ton. Another fine story is this Ferrari bought for $26K, hiding beneath another fiberglass body. Estimated value once restored: $2.8 million. - Richard Chen
Susan Beebe
""1. People Submit Tips; 2 Journalist Pitch Stories, 3 People fund Pitches, 4 Stories are Reported Anyone can publish"" - Susan Beebe
Mike Reynolds
It's a runoff (in Georgia). - give til it hurts, people, Jim's a top-notch guy. - John Craft
Kevin Fox
Admiral Nimitz at my Polling Place -
Robert Scoble
If Obama wins I am leaving the country in the morning.
Why? I thought you were supporting Obama. - Veetrag
Are you implying that a McCain win will ground the airline system? THREAT LEVELS: HIGH! - Daniel J. Pritchett
which country? - Zee.
And if he doesn't, will you leave as well? :-) - Phil Windley
Very confused Scoble? Leaving because you feel confident, worried, unsafe? - ryangraves
And if he doesn't you're cancelling a trip in frustration? =) - Brandon Paddock
the same!! Why??? - obolonskyi
I think you can start looking for a ticket from now. But, I'm not there, so I may not be right, who could say? - Markingegno - Donato
very funny. already ticketed I assume. - Josh Haley
We are leaving for China in the morning. - Robert Scoble
And if he doesn't win you're gonna cancel your trip?!? - Andy Sternberg
where to? - Jim Goldstein
But you'll be back in a day or two. :-) - SeanMc74
you tricked me! :) - Zee.
reason being...? - Caleb Cherry
OK. You're going on an overseas trip anyway, and you're predicting the result - Ian May
he's messing about - he's assuming Obama will win and is leaving the country because he has to anyway - Zee.
we are leaving if McCain wins too. I am voting for Obama. Just having some fun with everyone! - Robert Scoble
a lot of people said that about Sarkozy's election last year in France... And there're still here ;) - Simon Robic
He's of course going to sit down at a table with Chinese communists. So it begins (j/k :) - Christopher Galtenberg
good one - Nikola Filipovic
Jenius! :D hahah... - Markingegno - Donato
If Obama wins I'll have a delicious breakfast tomorrow! - Phil Glockner
A self-fulfilling prophecy with a dash of wish-fulfillment. - Andrés David Aparicio
:) - Alensa
I was also thinking of taking a short vacation to Ensenada -- to celebrate! - Wilma Stoneflint
I don't get it. Are you going out of town? - Tucker W.
why??? this is interesting, i thought u supported Obama! - Junal Rahman
read up Junal - Zee.
Junal we have a trip to China that starts tomorrow. It has been planned for months. - Robert Scoble
ha! Good one! Let's hope! - Craig McCreath
haha, I still don't think everyone understands the play on words of your post :) Have a great time in China! - Justin Levy
I love it!!! - Aisha Boyd
Guess it's time for the Candians to pull out the couch for Scoble!! I think you should give it a chance before fleeing the country the day after election. - Les Zaldor
the real question is: if McCain wins, will you be allowed to get back to the US again? :) - dario
Ok, this was actually kinda clever. I like. :) - Rahsheen
If McCain wins, I'm leaving the country! In the MORNING, TOO!!! :-) Go McCain! Down with Rev Wright's puppet - Rocky Barbanica
Hey Rocky, Happy Rev Wright Puppet Day - Christopher Galtenberg
I think you made that post to get people to come to see what you meant, great job! - Avil Beckford
Say hi to shel. - Oldengrey (Jay)
On the other hand, if Obama wins we can then blame him for all of our problems, since he believes the government should control us. - Paul Dizmang
deep, Paul. exactly what I heard him say... uh, never - Christopher Galtenberg
Dork! Careful, they might through you in a state run start up over there ;) - jamesdkirk
sailing to international waters then turning right around, nice. - adolfo foronda
Leaving not a problem...try getting back in :) - John Nogrady
is this how scoble creates traffic... makes an arbitrary statement without cause or reason... then he reads all of these comments and feels better about his day? I really don't get it. - Caleb Cherry
funny, I'm planning on leaving if Obama loses! - Luis Valdes
really? I srsly thought you were pro-Obama, technology, pro-Net Neutrality, and civil rights. In any case, I respect your choice, just honor it. - Joe Manna
@Caleb, it's a soc-web experiment demonstrating how people don't bother to read comments - Christopher Galtenberg
Who cares? - Karin
You could take a slow boat to China. - Donna Boley
Someone is going to the reeducation camps... - Ben Jackson from twhirl
Robrolled! - Chris Charabaruk
Just in case you were serious :) I sympathize...this election is a loser no matter who wins. - Chris Rossini
It is funny how many thought this was an anti-Obama post. It is not. Also Rocky bet me $100 that McCain will win. I will collect that in the morning too. I love taking money from Republicans! :-) - Robert Scoble
enjoy your time in China! - Nancy Babyak
That's because you're traveling to China in the morning - Jesse Stay
Interesting to see who follows you closely enough to know about the China trip and who doesn't. Clever post Robert! :) Enjoy the trip... looking forward to hearing about it. - Lucretia Pruitt
If McCain wins, were closing the border here in Canada. - Gene Moreau
At least getting back into the country will be a breeze! Obama will remove all border restrictions! :) - Ben
Gregory R
Blacks see hope, doubt in an Obama victory -
Warner Crocker
Wonderful report from a reluctant Obama canvasser:
AJ Batac
they hatin' - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
Would work better with Ken driving and the feline in the passengers seat. - Mike Reynolds
DWP. - John Craft
Oh my goodness. So many inappropriate things to comment! Resisting... - Josh Haley
I LOVE the safety belt! - Alexander von Halem
Who knew Barbie was into furries? - Steven Perez
Kevin Fox
McSweeney's Internet Tendency: McCain's Rejected Robo-Call Scripts. -
"Hello. I'm calling for John McCain and the RNC because you need to know that Barack Obama has not accepted Joe the Plumber's friend request on Facebook. We know he's logged on, because we saw he changed his status on Monday. On Tuesday, he joined the group Art Historians Are Saucy. But he still won't accept Joe the Plumber's friend request. He knows it's Joe. Joe uses the screen shot of the two of them together as his profile picture. That's not a uniter. That's the same old liberal-elite politics as usual." - Kevin Fox from Bookmarklet
"Hello. I'm calling for John McCain and the RNC because you need to know that Barack Obama doesn't use his turn signal when he merges onto a freeway. I mean, seriously, who the hell does this guy think he is? He just goes. It's not even like he attempts to fit in. And I'm not talking lone-wolf maverick style, either. I mean, this is the kind of driving that gets people killed. Much like... more... - Ana
Kevin Fox
Question for those 25 and under: Most answering machines pick up after 4 rings, but pick up after 2 rings when there's already a message on the machine. Why do you think that is?
I know the answer, but, sadly, I'm old :( - Tudor Bosman
...under 25, but had to look it up! - Paul Arterburn
i dont know the answer, which means im definitely under 25 - goutham
I'm over 25, but don't know. I'm really curious to hear what the answer is (didn't have much luck Googling for it). - Shannon Bauman
26 and don't know... - Roshan Vyas
I know, but I'm old, too. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
oh wait - my guess is that most machines let the owner check messages on them by hitting a special code, so it's an indication to the owner that there is a message and it just makes them wait less - Roshan Vyas
I'm way over 25, but I don't remember the answering machines I used to use doing this. They all had a configurable fixed number of rings, which usually defaulted to 4. What you describe sounds like a nice feature. - ⓞnor
It harkens back to the days of when "one-ith by land and two-ith by sea" was the standard for communication. In this case four-ith by "no one loves you" and two-ith by "Bill collectors are calling". - Roger N
if you're accessing your answering machine from a pay phone and it rings more than twice, you know that theres no messages and can save the cost of the call by hanging up after 2 rings - goutham
There's a setting on there somewhere, it's setup that way so if you're on vacation or something it doesn't ring continually pissing off your neighbors. so if you're not there, the first call will go for 4. If you're still not there subsequently, it will only ring 2x. It's a "feature". Seriously these have been this way forever! (36) - anna sauce
I don't even use an answering machine any more. - Morton Fox
Morton, of course you don't, nobody does. Kevin's point (I think?) is that young people probably won't even understand the use case for the feature, since the landscape has changed so much. - ⓞnor
Sad, I completely missed the humor of this post :( - anna sauce
...and the use case involves a pay phone. - Stephen Mack
I have an answering machine on my work phone. We don't have voice mail. There's something sad about that. -
I changed my T-Mo VM number to my Grandcentral number. That way Comverse can't spy on me. - Nick Martin
When my son was 5 (in 2000) he saw a typewriter. He called it a "writing machine". :-) BTW I'm old too. - Melissa Kiser
Thanks for all the comments! Yep, it's usually referred to as a 'toll-saver' feature, so you can call back home to get your messages and still hang up on the 3rd ring if it hasn't picked up, knowing you don't have any messages. Nowadays it's outdated both because of the pervasiveness of voicemail, and because people who call in on their cellphones don't pay toll charges anyhow (though... more... - Kevin Fox
In practice, I've continued to use the 'toll saver' feature as a nagging reminder to check my messages. When I go to pick up the phone at home and the machine gets it before I do it bugs me enough that I'll listen to the messages that are already on there. - Kevin Fox
That's remarkable. I had no idea that you could call your own answering machine from a pay phone. Almost 25 here, but my mom refused to have an answering machine in the house. - Melinda Owens
@Kevin That "tone-generator box" of your mom's is just the kind of 2-factor authentication solution the banking industry has been looking for! (please publish in a trade mag so a telecom manager can discover his latest great idea ;) - Micah from twhirl
i am joe the plumber - by baratunde -
i am joe the plumber - by baratunde
Robert Scoble
Colin Powell just endorsed Barack Obama. Made my morning a little brighter. I'm traveling back to CA today. Lots of fun in NC, I'll miss it.
While I have little time for, and little trust in, most politicians, Colin Powell is someone I have respected and thought to be a person of integrity. As he, better than most - given his experience - knows what it means to be not only president but Commander in Chief, this is a very powerful endorsement for Obama, and a stinging put down for McCain. - Ian May
Colin Powell's critique of the republican party was perfect. Hope it opens the eyes of some republicans. - Jim McCusker
Jim, I doubt it. I had the pleasure of talking with my very conservative parents Friday night. They like Obama, but they refuse to vote for him because of his stance on abortion and same-sex marriage. For them, the other issues just don't matter, and I am thinking that there are a large number of people that feel the same. - Rob Diana
I think the time for respect of Colin Powell's integrity passed the day he stood in front of the UN with intelligence data he himself didn't trust and pressed the case for war as airtight. The endorsement is better than no endorsement or an endorsement of McCain, but any respect I once had for the man evaporated on Feb 6, 2003. - Dave Slusher
No authentically "very conservative" person could like Obama, as what he embodies is wholly antithetical to conservatism. - eggsy
eggsy, I meant liked Obama as a person, not about what he stands for. - Rob Diana
eggsy: And would say that is a good thing. People on the right have forfeited their right to be called fiscally responsible. So what else is there left that is appealing about being Conservative? - Rolf Schewe
I understand. Personally, however, I fine it difficult to like anything about a person who can deceive as a matter of course. Obama's whole effort is based on presenting an image that bears little resemblance to the truth, because if he were to simply say who he actually is, and what he actually believes, he would not stand a single chance of victory. His tactics are right out of "Rules for Radicals", by Saul Alinsky, whose pernicious brand of Marxism is de rigeur in Chicago politics. - eggsy
eggsy: .... - Rolf Schewe
Wow. What a shocker! - Todd Lohenry
WOW... that is wild! smart boy! - Susan Beebe
Powell's post-announcement interview on CNN is eloquent, humble, and honest. - Todd Harris
I see your tongue in cheek. - Malcolm Gault-Williams
I would be curious to see the evidence upon which eggsy bases his assessment of Obama. - Bren
I blame Bush, Cheney and McCain for tarnishing Powell's image. In any case, he's well-respected by most Americans. - Mike Reynolds
@eggsy - you can't be an "authentically very conservative person" then, as you voted for Bush, not once, but twice - Dave Hodson
The evidence that I rely on to draw conclusions as to the real nature of Obama, and as to his means and methods, is by this time easily found, owing to the fact of close scrutiny by scores of people and organizations. It remains obscured only to those who either do not want to see it, i.e. the old-media, and those who accept as complete the story told by the old-media. Google this: Obama, New Party, Stanley Kurtz, Annenberg Chicago Challenge, Woods Foundation, Bill Ayers, ACORN. - eggsy
Odd, McCain didn't find his endorsement much of a surprise. - Phillip Jeffrey
I can say two things about Rolf Schewe based on his comment: 1) He doesn't know what it means to be conservative, and therefore 2) any criticism of conservatives by Rolf is based in ignorance of the subject. Incidentally, and just as a starting point Rolf, "Conservatives" are members of a Conservative Party, and may or may not be "conservatives", who may or may not themselves be a member of any party. - eggsy
@eggsy: Okay, let's do ACORN. The organization is accused of registration fraud, not voter fraud. The cases of voter fraud that would result from these registrations is virtually nil. Who identifies the bogus registrations? ACORN. However, by law they still must submit them. Who helps to prosecute bogus canvassers? ACORN. Who really suffers from ACORN fraud? ACORN. They pay for bogus work. You've inhaled the smokescreen. - AJ Kohn
AJ, you have missed my point, perhaps I wasn't clear. I have made no statement about the worth of ACORN, nor of anything they do or have done. I meant observe that Obama has purposely obfuscated his association with ACORN, and that this obfuscation is a consistent pattern of behavior for Obama. He has been less than truthful about his relationship with ACORN, just as he has with those of Bill Ayers/Bernadine Dorhn, Rev. Wright, Father Flagher, Woods Foundation, the New Party, Tony Rezko, and even others. - eggsy
Yawn. Nobody cares. 0Bama is just another socialist. - Spencer
Barack Obama, Colin Powell and Peter Simard are much closer to traditional conservative values than the current crop of neoconservative fascists, none of whom seem to have the slightest idea what authentic conservatism is all about. None of the neocons and religious fundies can make even a start on discussing these issues in an informed way. Real conservatives care about limited... more... - Sean McBride
Once again Sean, you seem to somehow connect conservatives and neo-conservatives, and really there is only a very tenuous connection, at best. - eggsy
@eggsy: I see, you like McCarthyism. Guilt by whatever association you can find. It's just as easy to build that for McCain or nearly any politician. - AJ Kohn
@eggsy: Sean *is* saying there is very little connection between true conservatives and neo-conservatives. - AJ Kohn
As I watched Meet the Press I wished Gen Powell ran for President. He has the eloquence of Sen Obama & the experience of Sen McCain. - ChiliMac
I just emailed the video to my undecided friends. Awesome. - Sarah Perez
ChiliMac -- hmm, maybe we will see that in four years. It's an interesting notion, and I wonder if General Powell has ruled that out. - DYKC?™
I don't find it very powerful or surprising that someone who opposes the war in Iraq and stated a barrage of Obama talking points voiced support for Obama. I'd like someone to ask Powell why he thinks Palin is not ready to be President when Biden is not in his right mind and Obama doesn't understand the role of the President or the federal government. - ComicList
@Chuck The Plumber - Sort of like someone supporting Sarah Palin who doesn't understand what the VP does - Bob Schwartz
Bret Taylor - Man in the News: John Maynard Keynes -
A mini bio of Keynes. "As the world reels from a 1929-style stock market plunge and a 1931-style banking crisis, his words are a fair assessment of the dangers we face once again. Keynes, whose life’s mission was to save capitalism from itself, is more relevant than at any time since his death in 1946. His renewed influence can be seen everywhere: in Barack Obama’s planned stimulus package, for example. When George W. Bush said his administration’s plan to take equity in banks was “not intended to take over the free market, but to preserve it”, he could have been quoting Keynes directly." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Keynesian economics was pursued by left-leaning governments in Europe for decades, with disastrous consequences. Maybe some kind of neo-keynesianism might become popular again, but the big-government policies of the UK and certain other countries caused nothing but pain at the time, and those lessons won't be forgotton so easily. - john conroy
@john conroy, "Keynsian" != "Big Government." Keynesian economics are "demand-side," compared to the "supply side" economics favored by our Republicans since 1980 (and famously described as "voodoo economics" by GHWB in the 1980 primaries). True, it puts more emphasis on fiscal policy than monetarism, but that doesn't automatically lead to "big government" when the economy is doing well. - John Craft
... I should have also said, in the interests of fairness, that anyone who ever taught me economics was a vicious capitalist. One of them even worked with Milton Friedman. Still, the word 'Keynes' sends a shiver up my spine I must admit. - john conroy
@ johnconroy, I took all my Social Science elective in Econ in the 1980s. My school featured a lot of young monetarists who look askance at Keynsian economics, and after the 1970s, pretty much everyone did. But a lot of what was done in Keynes' name - Nixon's wage and price controls, printing money by the truckload, etc. - aren't really Keynesian economics. At the end, no model is perfect, and the fiscal and monetary levers should be used together, and with as light a touch as the system will allow. - John Craft
If I remember rightly, one of Krugman's papers that I studied was on the principle that long-term economic growth comes only from the efficiency dividends from innovation and technological advance. He put it in the context of the crash of the so-called 'Asian Tigers', as they were. It's a brilliant paper. (I hope I'm not getting him mixed up with someone else). Obvious implications for current situation - john conroy
At the time when I knew a small bit about this stuff, it seemed to me like an utterly defeated paradigm: both inside and outside the classroom. But... Smith's economics doubtless seemed like cheap garbage when Keynes came along, and we more or less went running back to him (to a good extent). Economics is funny like that. Maybe Keynes 2.0 is on the way. Helluva turnup for the books. - john conroy
But the Cubs will never - NEVER - win the Series. :) - John Craft
10 Lessons Startups Can Learn From Superheroes -
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this is great! :) - Zee.
Applicable to any organization or team, not just startups. Good stuff. - John Craft
This is great. thanks for sharing.. - Lorraine Ball
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