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I like the concierge concept, but I fear it won't scale (think languages alone). That said, something which triggers…
Indeed. "Gizmodo's guide on how to keep naked photos of yourself off the Internet is pretty straightforward, and sta…
Today's Top Stories: H/T to @dkberman, @matthewherper, @kanter, @Amir_Efrati, Steven Erlanger, Neil Genzli…
The John C Abell Daily is out! Stories via @brucery
Think there are no second acts? Don Pardo was fired by Jeopardy in the 70's for being too old. Then he charmed the C…
Jeez. Why is opening links in Word (on a Mac, using Chrome) such an ordeal?!
The John C Abell Daily is out! Stories via @cnni @DavidCayJ
The John C Abell Daily is out!
Should your reading habits be public knowledge?
As someone who thinks very little of Gov. Perry, let me say this is dangerous territory. And what elections are for.
Should comments be quarantined? Should they exist at all?
The John C Abell Daily is out!
Amazon register's 1.75% rate is introductory — true, through 2015. But doesn't that change the equation somewhat in …
The John C Abell Daily is out!
Calling all patriotic militia protecting the Texas border and Cliven Bundy: The people of #Ferguson could use a little help ...
The John C Abell Daily is out! Stories via @darlin
Hey, @Wired - just passing through...
Photo: Great name. (at Pizza My Heart Great America)
Glad to help. Where's the fire? ! @AntonM @Mgkarayan @alex @adholden @zackwhittaker @lhockenson
Unfortunate that the most awesome Bluetooth buds are worthless aboard a commercial airliner.
RT @ATTDeals: @johncabell There's no mysteries with our reliable 4G LTE service! Visit for a signal you can count on today! ^Brodie
Why an I not surprised that Sprint sucks at JFK, too. I mean, who needs a phone at the airport?
The John C Abell Daily is out! Stories via @CNNOpinion @snackfight
.@tcarmody Darkest: One Hour Photo? Which I have to see again to more fully appreciate.
R.I.P Robin Williams #ItsNotYourFault
Is this true? 'The Internet tends to poke fun at BuzzFeed for some of their habits — but for better or worse (this s…
Since clearly I am on a ranting binge today, has Google just completely given up on Voice? It's Hangouts or a Model T?
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