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This happened to me (II was driving) by a dumb cop at a stupid small town parade that also wasn't there yet
WHAT?! Reuters Messenger hasn't already stolen the market from Bloomberg!? How is this possible, @samerfarha?!
'The Fire Phone has reminded me that there’s a difference between good ideas about phones and good phones. A big dif…
The really interesting part: Leading rumored successors to this broadcast gem are (worthy) MSNBC standouts
The John C Abell Daily is out! Stories via @nitashatiku
I can't say why, but I can say I love this place, LinkedIn.
Photo: Empire State Building maintenance, 39 storeys high. (at The Empire State Building)
Empire State Building maintenance, 39 stories high:
Microsoft is notorious for cramming in bloated features, so how it implements unification will be interesting. One-s…
The John C Abell Daily is out!
Does this pressure Google to merge Android and Chrome, and Apple iOS/OS?
To @KevinOlearyTV's @CNBC point: A stylish smartwatch is fine, but for a guy who likes to watch accessorize, still doesn't fly.
At least it isn't a sign that says "Under Contract" #BrooklynBridge
Oh, just that the picture got made and became the highest grossing movie of all time. Until it got bumped to #2 by a…
Loving Jim Cramer riff on Chipotle Mexican Grill's Sofrita on CNBC. I haven't had one yet, but looking forward to one.
Next Big Thing You Missed: Bigger, Cheaper Fuel Cells Will Eliminate Power Outages -
The John C Abell Daily is out!
This Computerized Exoskeleton Could Help Millions of People Walk Again -
Putin: The leader US rightwingers should hate to love -- The Kremlin’s Machiavelli has led Russia to disaster -
'It's more like a stroll to safety" — Art Cashen, USB Director of Floor Operations, on the markets, on CNBC
The trouble with "standardized" tests is that they can be gamed, and welath helps with that:
I used to tell a former team: Some people are irreplaceable (your mother), but nobody is indispensable. Right, Samer…
The John C Abell Daily is out! Stories via @davidfrum
Hate business books? I'm pretty sure you like this one, by @richmoran, a LinkedIn Influencer:
Very saddened by the passing of James Garner. There was nothing about this man I did not love.
Facebook Explains Why It Wants to Be a Retail Store -
The John C Abell Daily is out!
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