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When someone says “Big Data” think back to this article pointing out some fallacies
Thanks to all who nominated me to #HIT100 Pls excuse belated response, out of country w flaky access to wifi
After a very long hiatus traveling in Euro have finally returned stateside, but only briefly b4 wife’s sabbatical takes us back
At what pt does one finally give up on an email src they’ve had for yrs #Yahoo is falling apart #fail
Supreme Court Waves Off Software Industry: Bad for HIT
Supreme Court Waves Off Software Industry: Bad for HIT -
A Digital Dose of Magic Medicine
A Digital Dose of Magic Medicine -
Oh that is bad “@wareFLO: Extraordinarily bad advice "certify process not outcome" @HIMSS Physician Community”
I'm with the majority “@Forbes: 26% of employees feel guilty using all of their vacation time:”
And it wasn't very good “@LionelREICHARDT: PSFK Presents The Future of Health”
Abt time someone called him out Snake oil “@kevinmd: Dr. Oz testifies at a Senate hearing. He doesn’t fare so well.”
RT @alphabetsuccess: @tom_peters I bang the drum on handwritten thank you notes as well. Stamped, never metered. Perhaps it will become "retro" and catch on.
Good article “@chadterhune: Where are Obamacare rates headed? Anthem's premiums to rise <10% in California #aca
Hopefully ACA puts end to it “@kevinmd: Treating cancer should not be paved in our patients' financial despair”
RT @enteogenofilo: A section of the Lagoon Nebula in the constellation Sagittarius. Image credit: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.
And Bitcoin? “@forrester: only effective way to execute on digitization is to co-innovate w our biz partners - @bussmann @UBS #ForrForum
RT @csmonitor: .@pewresearch confirms partisan acrimony is deeper, more extensive than at any point in recent memory: @G_Slattery
RT @jsonin: Open office hours from 4-6pm today + every Thursday at @goinvo. Pop into the studio, talk about design, walk out w/a free @healthaxioms deck
Can Apple Keep the Doctor Away?
The Need for a New Type of HIE
RT @philmarshallmd: @CastlightHealth shows wide range of cost for same service! I'm sure @dartmouth Elliott Fisher is shocked :)
4 how long have we heard this? “@EricRumsey: Patient-Centered Care Is About To Take Off, by @RobertAllanBear”
Very Cool for this former ocean scientist. Beware though, 1.5hr documentary RT @dcarli: Planet Ocean
RT @rdjfraser: Our funding system shouldn’t hide variation it should highlight it and allow discussion about why it happens and what should be done. #BwtC
Same could be said for most Enter. SW RT @rwang0: QOTD: "w/ @sap u flip it on & costs make u want to flip them off in more ways then 1 CIO
RT @clinappsman: Another good 1“@Jerry_DurhamPT: “@professorfisher: There’s little growth in the comfort zone and little comfort in the growth zone.”#KABOOM”
Point Solutions vs. Data Hoarders: K.O. Match
Point Solutions vs. Data Hoarders: K.O. Match -
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