Au contrair I simply expect bttr that this “@KChinfatt: Exactly the type of feedback that is de-motivating young people! #health2eu
A lot of positives comments abt 2nd aid. Yes, good to see young ppl involved but this app they built is meh #health2eu
#uMotif interesting app for PGHD - but is it yet another data silo, how does it mesh with workflow/EHR? #health2eu
And they want UK sourced data “@smansonsmith: Selling to NHS 6: data & evidence key. outcomes-focused study is very important. #health2eu
That is universal for any industry “@creationjoe: Tips for getting into HC systems - support your offering with results and data #health2eu
Agreed “@michaeljtbrooks: #health2eu @mint_labs Best future tech of the conf so far. Add in operative nav and you're onto a massive winner!”
RT @NasrinZT: Love @tiygahealth is asking ppl abt outcomes. Will be v useful when providers are paid by these results & not on numbers #health2eu @OBH_UK
Are you doing any brain research? If so, you may want to ck out @Mint_Labs they've done some impressive work -powerful #health2eu
Why are so many apps just a collection of tables to rvw - there R so many far creative ways to display info at PoC #health2eu
And oncology! “@lygidakis: I would see @tiygahealth's solution applied in #primarycare. Would be so useful #health2eu
RT @michaeljtbrooks: #health2eu The problem of physicians not embracing online might be our employers. Many hospitals have draconian anti social media policies.
In Africa stealing ph is prob “@mkamensek: Why pink? Men steal ph from their women, this way we know #health2eu”
RT @joyclee: @georgedellal @john_chilmark You've been quoted in my #Storify story "Creating a collaborative chronic care network"
Messy “@HealthLeaders: 3yrs ago, @Steward agreed to keep Quincy Med Ctr open for 10yrs. Now, Quincy to close 12/31”
If clinical trials recruitment is so tough, why isn't Pharma opening their massive advert budgets to promote need for patients? #Health2con
In US, 50% of clinical trials shut down due to lack of patients to be statistical significant
Long day at #Health2con and yet most of audience still here, still engaged. Always a good sign
While #Health2con offers tons of demo opps for start-ups, too many r superficial or just another me too app
Kelsey of NHS: it's not a technology problem, it is a problem of aligning incentives to encourage use, drive value #Health2con
Hope it's bttr than CMS “@boltyboy: MyNHS shows reviews on series of services, more to come #health2eu #health2con
RT @mkamensek: "We are fundamentally committed to free universal health care...We can't succeed without technology..." @Health2eu #health2eu
RT @waltmossberg: Why you should wait to buy the Basis Peak health watch via @LaurenGoode
Not only NSA watching you “@csmonitor: Verizon Wireless tracking 100 million users with undetectable 'supercookie'”
Patient View survey results from interviewing 1.1k patients, over 80% frm euro pts shows nothing new - same issues/needs as US #Health2con
Agreed! “@boltyboy: @JulianeZielonka just no ties.... @gaborgy @HealthEugene @john_chilmark #health2eu
RT @DanaFarber: 10 months post-treatment, Barrett, 71, biked in Beijing & climbed the Great Wall. Now, he's a personal trainer: #pcsm
RT @boltyboy: For @Medexo_gmbh only 33% of 2nd opinions agree with first opinion. 500 cases so far #Health2con #health2EU
Wonder how @iorahealth would do “@janicemccallum: Coordinated care pilot proves more costly, difficult than expected”
Babylon, yes another mHealth #PHR app. Hmm, think that makes it abt 546 similar apps in mkt today. #Health2con
Will they focus on diabetes? “@TechCrunch: Coca Cola Hopes Startup Incubator Is The Real Thing” #health2con
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