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Anyone a Polaris customer? We're still waiting for the "April Fool's" follow up on this one...
See for context: check Innovative's total-install stats, then check Polaris's. Full article at - RepoRat
Looks to me like Innovative can't win new customers (and is hemorrhaging existing ones) so is resorting to buying them. - RepoRat
Thanks for the links! - kelly
can't go wrong with Marshall Breeding; dude checks his work. - RepoRat
seconding rr, marshall is about the only one i trust when it comes to reporting info on library systems, and a few other things as well. always unbiased and solid info - Sir Shuping is just sir
We're a Polaris customer. We haven't heard anything. I would have assumed this was April Fool's all the way, but that FAQ on the III site is really specific with exactly the questions I'd be asking Polaris. - Greg Schwartz
perhaps if they hadn't hired a Director of Library Futures... - Hedgehog
not an April Fools joke... - jambina
for an April 1 joke, they'd have to get Polaris in on it or they'd get sued out of existence... and I can't really see that happening. - RepoRat
We're about to move to Polaris in 3 weeks. Fun times. - laura x
Even from outside of Libraryland, I quite intimately know this move by III. - Julian
Marshall Breeding writes fast. - RepoRat
My sales rep confirmed it as well. And yes, of course, had it been a joke, Polaris would have to have been in on it. It was posted on their site too. - Greg Schwartz
That looks like a press release, RR. - Andy
Or maybe not. Damn, that dude writes fast. - Andy
Is there a simple explanation as to what this means in libraryland? This is an area I really don't follow or know much about. - Andy
For me, it probably means an RFP for a new ILS vendor contract. Bah. - Greg Schwartz
For us it means we just spent a couple of years making a decision to go with one vendor over another only to find out now that they are about to be the same vendor in the future. - laura x
Bigger picture, it means fewer good options for public libraries and a reduction in competition in the space, both in terms of innovation and pricing. - Greg Schwartz
But it also means that the people I really like and respect at Polaris just got paid. So that's cool. - Greg Schwartz
If (ok, I'll say when) anything happens, it will be years from now. At this point they'll say both products are continuing going forward. They might try to say things like SirsiDynix did when they were going to roll out Rome to replace Unicorn and Horizon (and Dynix) and then fireball the whole thing, pick one ILS, and then try to incorporate the best features from the other ILS into... more... - John: Thread Killer
Early on, pay closer attention to your relationships with sales and support than to changes in the products themselves. The people at the companies with whom you have the most direct contact will not immediately have all the answers, so be nice about expectations of change. I look at the acquisition as III tapping Polaris to lead their public library strategy (which has historically needed help), and Polaris gaining the resources it has needed to more effectively keep its (rapid) growth moving forward. - Julian
Steele Lawman
We don't eat books.
... oops. *looks guilty* *removes scrap of paper from corner of mouth* - RepoRat
*passes the hot sauce* - Kirsten
why the heck not?? - Sir Shuping is just sir
But they are high in fiber! - Andy
After several years of no raises, we might start. - kaijsa
Speak for yourself, Lawson - maʀtha
I have. Long ago. - lris
But they smell so good! - Katy S
laura x
If you come to my library RIGHT NOW you can hear me read stories for Storytime for Grownups.
read David Sedaris! - maʀtha
How did it go? I always wanted to try something like this. - Hedgehog from Android
i'd like something like this. i spend most of my sunday listening to radio programs which do this ... - henry
You should live stream it next time. - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
Keep Calm and Read On with Random House! FREE Downton Abbey Read Alike Poster » Random House LLC Library Services (via Unshelved ) -
Keep Calm and Read On with Random House! FREE Downton Abbey Read Alike Poster » Random House LLC Library Services (via Unshelved )
"Downton Abbey has become an international phenomena. People around the globe are tuning in to see what’s next for the Crawley family For your Downton Abbey fans, we created a Keep Calm and Read On Downton Abbey Read Alike Poster. It suggests great reads for patrons who crave a little more Downton between episodes and also provides amazing Downton Abbey-themed programming ideas. Click Here to Request a Downton Abbey Read Alike Poster. Click to Download a Printable Poster." - Betsy from Bookmarklet
Steele Lawman
The Sergio Rivera-Ayala award for disingenuous self-promotion goes to...
Acquistion suggestion.gif
... wow. Loving the spelling in the subject line. - RepoRat
I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess he's not affiliated with your uni. - Hedgehog
I love how it's from both Benjamin Kahan AND Andy Warhol - lris
It's funny, most people think we read all day, and then we get this guy who clearly thinks we can't read at all. - RepoRat
Steele Lawman
The real question is, how many lightbulbs does it take to change a librarian?
Love this - I shall use it but in reference to publishers...combined with a picture of some of our favourite bloggers with a lightbulb over their heads... - Cameron Neylon
I would love to use it as the epigraph in my reskilling book. May I? - RepoRat
Depends, is it a Brand Damascene bulb? - Pete
None. The librarian will change when the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of change. - awd from Android
RepoRat, of course you may. I might not even be the first to say it, but I was too lazy to check the original light bulb thread. - Steele Lawman
What type of lightbulb? If it is one of those spiffy LED lightbulbs, then the librarian would likely not need to change for at least a decade. - Julian
We're at 1,111 subscribers! What does it mean?
double rainbows! - RepoRat from iPod
Either that there are too many librarians on FF, or that there are a lot of spammers who just like to lurk. - Steele Lawman
Still holding - maʀtha
~Courtney F
Thank god. I don't know that I could be a good librarian without you all.
Or thank cod. - barbara fister
In Cod We Trust - Andy
Galadriel C.
Woo hoo! So glad to see this place!
Yay! hugs all around. - barbara fister
Joe - Systems Analyst
Doing a citation search for book citations. I was importing them screen by screen into Zotero until I got this:
google is evil.JPG
It only gives me that when I click on the "cited by" links. I was clicking on the cited by and then dumping the results, one screen at a time, into Zotero. I guess Google no likey. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
oop- disregard that. it is now not letting me into GS AT ALL - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Copyright 2009 for the We're sorry page. - Joe - Systems Analyst
The original expression in that page? Worth a whole lot. We need incentives for creators, you know. - barbara fister
Do you mean "to protect our users..."? - LibrarianOnTheLoose
That's *very* imaginative, right there. - barbara fister
deleting cookies from FF let me have a captcha and get back in this morning. doing project in dribs and drabs now - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Could you do it in "Private/Stealth/whatever" mode, and/or take turns with multiple browsers? If it's really a cookie thing and not IP address thing. - Meg VMeg
oh, it's an IP address thing, because the bots don't send cookies. - DJF
it didn't let me do multiple browsers yesterday, Meg but it seems to be happy that I filled out the captcha correctly? - LibrarianOnTheLoose
It's interesting that deleting the cookies let you get to a captcha. - Meg VMeg
laura x
Please do not go into public library work if you are uncomfortable around people with serious mental illnesses. Thank you.
Or, as Rochelle said to me once, to work in a public library, you need to know how to safely wake a sleeping drunk - maʀtha
erm ... how do you do that? - henry
i could say all of this about both the music industry and the publishing industry. - Big Joe Silence
Henry--stay at least five feet away and don't touch. Pound on a table, clap your hands, speak loudly. If none of that works, call police or rescue. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Also, training on this should be mandatory (not to excuse rude behavior by library staff by any means). - YvonneM
I have long admired the patience and skill displayed by Oakland Public Library staff when dealing with certain members of the public. & I'm including kids with no home training in there! Our librarians are awesome & mostly unrecognized as such. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
What Mandy said. - MoTO Moca Blend
Steele Lawman
The best "scavenger hunt" assignment I've seen. Of course, it's nothing like a scavenger hunt as we normally experience them. Ignore the scribbling, please.
This is like those awesome "go out and learn something and then tell us about it" assignments that I love. - Catherine Pellegrino
Awesome. Two of my colleagues developed an ethnography of the library assignment that has some of these elements, too. I also do enjoy the NCSU iPod scavenger hunt, which we adapted to use with iPads here. Difference between these examples and the bad kind: have objectives useful to students and don't surprise the librarians with a whole lot of busywork. - kaijsa
that's neat - Marie
I used to give an extra credit assignment where students had to track down the source of a citation in one of the books we were reading. I thought this would help them discover that there were old issues of Rolling Stone in the bound periodicals, but unfortunately, it never worked. - laura x
For the full Debord essay in the introductory quotation: - awd
Also, most of my strolls are journeys yet few of my journeys are dérives. I think I need more dérive in my life. - awd
Happy birthday to Martha, one of the most dedicated librarians I know.
Happiest of birthdays, Martha! - Catherine Pellegrino
Happy birthday!! - Kathy
Aw, thanks - maʀtha
Have a great day! - Stephen Francoeur
Happy birthday Martha! - John: Thread Killer
happy birthday!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Happy birthday, Martha! - Rachel Walden
Do it up big, Ms. Martha! - Derrick
Yes, a happy, happy birthday to you Martha! - Galadriel C.
Happy birthday! - YvonneM
Hear hear! Hip hip! Hooray hooray! Happy birthday! - laura x
Wishing you a fabulous day and many happy returns! - Jen
Hope you have a great day. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Happy Birthday Martha! - VALZ SCARLETTS MAMA
:D - maʀtha
Happy Birthday, Martha! - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Yaaaaaaay Martha! - Steele Lawman
hear hear! - JAson FLeming
INDEED. Happy birthday! - Marianne
happy, happy! - maʀtha
Happy belated birthday, Martha! - Cecily
CECILY OMG!!!!!! - maʀtha
*waves* - Cecily
*tacklehug* - lris
Happy (belated) birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Rachel Walden
Patron I've never seen saw me coming out of the bathroom, without my badge on, and asked me to go help someone else with a printer. HOW DO THEY KNOW??? :)
I was just asked a reference question at the DMV - maʀtha
Good job, Martha. The librarian force is strong with you. - Rachel Walden
And with you, Obi Wan - maʀtha
Drowning in printing questions. Send help. *glub glub*
*tosses Iris a life preserver and a toner cartridge* - Catherine Pellegrino
Iris...making copies....The Irisinator.... - Steven M. Cohen
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Consider: a trashy novels book club at the library. Yeah?
yeah! - RepoRat
hell yeah! - Andy
Taking it to its extreme--participants could wear their housecoats, we'd drink pink Chablis and eat Cheetos and ice cream out of the container. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
That sounds like fun. - Jason P
You'd need to have daytime television playing in the background. - Catherine Pellegrino
^^^ - Betsy
I think I'm gonna do this. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
OMG YES!!! - Katy S from iPhone
YES! - kaijsa
Invite all the smart bitches! - barbara fister
You're forgetting the bon-bons in there ;) And yes. I bet you could also get a few authors willing to Skype or something similar into the meeting. I know quite a few of my friends would be up for that. - Katie
I definitely have librarian friends who would be all over that. I suggest having an Anita Blake week--that always seems to be a sure-fire conversation starter. :P - MontglaneChess
Katie--I'll be in touch with you for sure! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I did a test post on our new website about trashy novels. One of our testers complained that it was kind of "creepy" that a picture of Family of the Year showed up in rotation on that page. This is why we do user testing. ;-p - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
My community wouldn't go for the Cheetos, but I like the idea. But how do you decide what's trashy and what's, well, on my nightstand :) - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
I just checked out an armload of SPEC Kits and told the circ manager I'm studying up to be a better librarian. While I was in the stacks, I found some other gems in the Zs.
Damn. We write books about EVERYTHING. - laura x
I. Um. Can I use this picture in my classes? - RepoRat
Can I get any of those books on CD-ROM? - Joe - Systems Analyst
I do like the Zs. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
RR, feel free! Is the topic of class that day "Weeding: Dooooo EEET!"? - kaijsa
Lol to Joe. - kaijsa
More like "Sic transit technologia mundi," but yeah. - RepoRat
There is more where those came from. - kaijsa
oh dear cod. - barbara fister
I'm sure it was useful stuff at the time. But books have best-by dates just like dairy products. - RepoRat
^^And some of them about as short. - Rebecca Hedreen
I'm getting a little pressure from above to write a book. I'm resisting, because I don't think I have anything to write about at book-length For The Ages, and I can't imagine putting that much effort into something with negligible shelf-life. - RepoRat
Some topics retain relevance much longer than others. I use older stuff all the time, just not format-specific stuff. They're aging, but nobody can pry The Humanities by Blazek or Angelo & Cross's Classroom Assessment Techniques out of my hands. - kaijsa
I would totally read your book, Dorothea. And if it was no more than collected blog posts I'd still read it. Could you edit a Library as Incubator-inspired collection? - barbara fister
PS: boo on pressure to publish because you have to. Yay for Dorothea being smart and outspoken. - barbara fister
Eh. It's only a little pressure, and I can handle it. That's a good idea, Barbara; whether I edit it or not, I'll certainly pass it to the LaIP folks. I bet somebody'd publish it. - RepoRat
Silly question, I suppose: Is there really a market for the seemingly endless stream of library anthologies a certain editor keeps putting out calls for? I mean, four just this week... As for timeliness, my pre-GUI-OPAC books on OPACs are exactly as relevant now as they were in...hmm, bad example. - Walt Crawford
Now I wonder how many of those the SLIS library has bought... doubt very much it's all of them. The thing is, though, if you're going to write something book-chapter-length these days, it's better off as a journal article. More prestige, more exposure (even if it's not OA). Book chapters no longer exist as writeable things in my world. Journal articles and (*sigh*) books do. - RepoRat
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Awesome day at the ref desk.
shatner printers.jpg
I so want to print this out and hang it in the staff lounge. Except that would involve ... printers. - Catherine Pellegrino
Awesome - awd
Already stolen and hanging above my office printer. We'll see how long it takes for my colleagues to notice. - kaijsa
New dude on campus who just walked into my library (which is over 100 years old and has 20 foot historical murals on the walls): Wow this is a beautiful building -- it makes you feel smarter just to walk in here!
Steele Lawman
This is for RepoRat and Mr. RepoRat. (And anyone who enjoys the funny.) -
This is for RepoRat and Mr. RepoRat. (And anyone who enjoys the funny.)
OK, I love that Galadriel was the first person to like this post. - Steele Lawman
heee! yes, awesome on so many levels :) - RepoRat
also, today's xkcd mouseover is Relevant To These Interests. - RepoRat
Love. - laura x
good. fucking. question. - RepoRat
Heh. Indeed. - maʀtha
btw, showed this to the huz and he LOLed -- he spent the summer studying medical Spanish. appreciate the laugh, 'cos he had his wallet stolen yesterday ergo it was kind of a crappy day for him. - RepoRat
Oh, fie on the wallet thief. I'm glad this gave Mr. a laugh, though. - Steele Lawman
Librarian confessional: I quoted Ranganathan's first law to the clerk at the local comic book store when I was in last weekend picking up a special order.
First. Law. Ever. - Steele Lawman
I quote it at random times too. I quoted in my interview for this job, in fact. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
It's a good pickup line: "Books are for use... and so am I." - Steele Lawman
I teach them in almost every class I do. It's one of those things where if somebody references this and a graduate looks blank, that's VERY bad. - RepoRat
I was picking up the second volume of "Witch Doctor", and he'd never heard of it. He asked me permission before opening it to look through it. So I told him that books are for use. - DJF
I tend to quote the "standing on the shoulders of giants" thing quite randomly. May be my next tattoo. - John Dupuis
I was thinking earlier today about getting the Laws (some or all) as a tattoo - maʀtha
I tend to focus on the first and fourth laws - DJF from Android
also love the 4th law. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
And that one that says robots can't hurt people. That one's important. - Jason P
Ah yes, the lesser known "Ranganathan's laws of robotics" - DJF
5 comes in handy from time to time - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Robots are for use. Every human their robot. It kinda works actually. - John Dupuis
The robot is a growing organism. - Steele Lawman
Favorites are 1, 4, 5 - maʀtha
The Assembly of Robot Overlords is a growing organism. - John Dupuis
It is also my Toto cover band - DJF from Android
Have you seen that video about Toto's Africa song deconstructed? - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I like Ranganathan's Zeroth Law best of them all - awd
Every reader his or her cat. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Man, 2 and 3 just can't get no love in this thread. - laura x
I love them. They just aren't as exciting. - maʀtha
I did quote "every reader his book" because someone borrowed something obscure, but I can't remember what it was. I felt smug for having the book tho. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
This is unrelated to everything else.
So is this - awd
Sorry to threadjack - Jason P
No tweet is an island. - Steele Lawman
Can I have a moment of your time to talk about Our Lord and Savior, Ranganathan? - Andy
Katy S
As seen in the wild.
Whoa! Awesome! Thank you for the picture! (And what is the red sticker, out of librarianly curiosity?) - laura x
Oh, never mind--I clicked to embiggen and see it says new. :) - laura x
We should try for a picture of it in every state. :) - Katy S
Steele Lawman
I gotta find a way to get my library to send me to GenCon next year.
it's gaming! gaming is big in libraries! go for it! - RepoRat
I can imagine the report afterward: "I didn't know the system that well, so I put all my points into Wonkiness, making Carousing my dump stat, which sucked when the main adventure was at an orcish bar mitzvah..." - Steele Lawman
I would read the hell outta that. You should sell it on Smashwords. - RepoRat
Walt Crawford
Bemused by a lita-l thread that began with a question about home pages for public library websites. One of the commenters left the fourth letter out of the type of library in the title...and most comments since have continued with this, nobody apparently noticing. Far be it from me to note the VERY narrow type of library they seem to be discussing.
I KNOW WALT it's driving me nuts every time someone replies. :) - Jenica
those groinal libraries ;) - RepoRat
I find it particularly interesting because the error wasn't in the original post, so somebody either has an email program that doesn't copy the title when you hit Reply or deliberately provided a new title. - Walt Crawford
I once read an article in which the title was spelled like this. I took a screen shot, but I lost it...I'd make a terrible archivist. - Steven M. Cohen
I just get the giggles every time another response comes through. Because we all know how old I am. ;) - ellbeecee
I've started to delete those b/c I can't handle it. - YvonneM
Ahahaha, that's awesome. - Andy
Actually, the error *was* in the original post, but someone changed it, so it's now two threads -one correct and one not. - ~Courtney F
I missed that: by the time I saw the original post, it had already been corrected. - Walt Crawford
laura x
I wanted to try out the city's new cemetary database and map. Unfortunately, the only person I know who is buried there is my godson, who died at eight months. So that kind of sucks. Searching isn't always impersonal.
My like is a hug and a nod at your sentiment about searching. What we do can be very personal and it's amazing that people want to share their lives with us. - John: Thread Killer
I'm about to annoy the crap out of everyone in the library by conducting four tests of the PA System.
"Looking for a student, last name Butts, first name Harry. Butts? Harry Butts? I'm looking for a Harry Butts!" - Andy
Are you doing voices? - Kirsten
"Bueller? Bueller? BUELLER?" - Andy
Hotel Motel Time! You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here! The library is now closing. - awd
Well, that was enlightening. Turns out that if you're in a study room or classroom in the library, you basically can't hear announcements over the PA system. Awesome. - lris
This thread has been helpful to me, in that I am now reminded to use the name "Harry Butts" if I need a test account in some of our new library systems. - Regular Amanda
You cannot hear the PA in the study rooms or meeting rooms of our library. - laura x
At MfPOW the digital-collections folks could neither hear nor see fire alarms. This was deemed a Bad Thing and fixed... eventually. Reasons for delay left to the imagination of the reader. >;-) - RepoRat
Yeah, we'll be having Conversations about this. - lris
Did it sound like this in the study rooms? - Joe - Systems Analyst
Like that, Joe, only really really really quiet. - lris
I have a little speaker in my office because the fire alarm wasn't LOUD ENOUGH. I was not allowed to be in my office with the door closed until they fixed it. - Rebecca Hedreen
Maybe you could work some karoake in there. "All by myseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelf..." - YvonneM
^totally - maʀtha from Android
Steven M. Cohen
Phone call from vendor - "Hi, I'd like to talk to the liberrian, Steve?"
And then? - Andy
Hold all my calls. - Steele Lawman
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